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Every Runner will have his or her Character Type listed as an attribute at the top of the text box.
There are 10 types, each giving the Runner a particular set of abilities.




Draw an initial hand of 4 cards from either deck.

Ability: Interface

Each turn has 6 phases:

//Legwork: Use your Netrunner to either:

Raise the E-Sec of one of your Operations or Locations by his/her Power (to
the printed value max) or
Lower the E-Sec of any one Operation or Location in play by his/her Power
(to a min of 0).

Draw: 3 cards.
Straighten: Refresh used cards.
Shopping: Spend EB to put cards into play. use equipment to move it
between runners and/or stash
Legwork: Form teams. Use special abilities to alter e-Sec/m-Sec.
Action: Each Team make 1 HIT per opponent and/or unlimited RUNS.
Damage Control: use special abilities. Discard down to 8 cards. check
for victory.

Ability: Street Deal

Ability: Authority

//Shopping: Use your xer as you are paying for an Op. Lower the cost of
that Op by your Fixers Power (minimum 0.)

//Any (Response): Use one or more teamed Cops you control and target
an opposing non-cop non-skirmish Runner that is being used to produce
an ability or effect. If target Runner Power<the total Power of the Cops who
are busting: Runner=Busted;
Runner=used and cannot be straightened until his/her controllers next
straighten phase;
The ability or effect being produced by the busted Runner is cancelled.
If target Runners Power>=Power of Cop(s) used: trash Cop(s) as though
they had lost a battle. When using teamed cops to bust a Runner, you must
use all Cops on that team.

//Legwork: Use your xer and target an Op controlled by your opponent.

Lower the cost of running that Op by your Fixers Power (minimum 0) until
end of turn.

//Action: Use one or more Cops you control in this battle and target an
opposing Runner in this skirmish. If target Runner Power lower<total Power
of the Cop(s): Runner=busted
If the target Runners Power >=Cops used: trash the Cops as though they
lost a battle.



Ability: Medical Tech

Ability: Charisma

//Any (Response): You may use one or more of your Med-Techs to

prevent a Runner from being trashed if the total Power of the used MedTechs equals or exceeds that of the Runner. The saved Runner is used
but remains in play.

//Legwork: Use a Rocker you control and Lower the M-Sec of any one
Operation or Location in play by his/her Power (to a min of 0).

Ability: Resources
//Any: When using a Location to produce EB, you may use a Corp to
add his/her Power to the EB produced by that Location. (Maximum 2 x the
Locations printed EB, no matter how many Corps are used.)

//Action: Use your Fixer and target an unused Runner you control (who
is not in the current Hit, Run, or Skirmish). Lower the cost of using that
Runners LR by the Fixers Power (minimum 0) until end of turn.
//Damage Control: Use one or more Fixers you control to look through
your trash pile and nd an Equipment or Cyber card with a cost no higher
than the Fixer(s) total Power. Put that card in your hand.

//Damage Control: Use one or more Med-Techs you control to straighten

(un-use) any Runner who participated in a Run or Hit this turn. The total
Power of the Med-Tech(s) must equal or exceed that of the Runner to be

Ability: Family
//Any: Use a Nomad you control to add half of his/her Power (round
down) to any other Runners Power until end of turn.
Any time a nomad joins a team the legal team limit for that team increases
from 4 to 5.

Ability: Combat Sense
//Action: Once per Hit, Run, or Skirmish, Raise one of the Solos stats (SR, LR
of Def) by his/her Power until the end of the Hit, Run, or Skirmish.

//Any: Use your Corp, divide his/her Power in half (round down) and
convert it to EB.



Ability: Credibility

Ability: Jury-Rig

//Damage Control: Use one or more Corps you control to look through
your trash pile, nd a Location with a cost no higher than the Corps Power,
and put that card in your hand.

//Legwork: Use your Media and raise target Location or Operation M-Sec
by this Medias Power until end of turn. Can exceed the printed value on
the targeted card.

//Response: Use one or more of your Techies to prevent an Equipment

or Cyber card from being trashed. Total Power of the Techies must >= cost
of that card. The card stays on the Runner/Location it is attached to, or it is
moved to the Stash if the Runner/Location must be removed from play.

SKIRMISH breakdown:


EXAMPLE OF PLAY mid-game between 2 players named Neo and Johnny

When a HIT is declared, an opponent can assign any ready team to Defend
it. The Defender always gets the rst action, then clockwise in the case of a
3 or more player battle) until all players decline to take any more actions.

If you beat the opponent team calculate:

Neos Turn

YourRemainingOffense=YourOffenseTotal OppDefenseTotal

// Draw: Neo draws 3 cards - any combination from either deck

// Straighten: Johnny straightens any used cards

Then the Skirmish resolves.

YourRemainingDefense=YourDefenseTotal OppOffenseTotal

// Straighten: Neo straightens any used cards

// Shopping Phase: Johnny pays EB and plays some cards to the table.

1) All players Calculate their Teams Offense and Defense totals.

TargetSecurityTotal=Msec + (current Esec x 2)

YourOffenseTotal=(sum of the SR for all your un-used Runners

+ their Cyber + Equipment involved in the battle) + total of all
purchased LR (on Runners, Cyber and Equipment).

TargetStashTotal=(Msec:5 x #stashcards)+(Esec:(5x#stashcards)x2)

// Shopping Phase: Neo pays the cost in EB to play the OP I Want That
Prototype and lays it down on the table.

//Legwork Phase: Johnny pays twice the cost in EB of Neos OP IWTP,

making it his target for the turn. In addition to now being able to RUN it,
Johnnys netrunners can now lower the e-SEC, and Neos cant. Johnny
assemble a team, uses some unused and unteamed runners to lower the
M-sec and E-sec of the OP

YourDefenseTotal=sum of all the Def on your unused Runners,

Cyber and Equipment in the battle.
2) If YourOffenseTotal>OpponentDefenseTotal
{trash all Opponent Runners with no Equipment}
{trash all Opponent RunnerEquipment;Runner+cyber=used}
{trash all Opponent TeamEquipment}
3) If YourDefenseTotal<OpponentOffenseTotal
{trash all YourRunners with no Equipment}
{trash all YourRunnerEquipment; YourRunner+cyber=used}
{trash all YourTeamEquipment}
It is possible for both teams to be trashed in a Skirmish.
If you did not beat your opponents defense, but your team was not
trashed either, this is considered a TIE. Your team returns used, and may
not attempt any other Runs or Hits this turn regardless of movement and
vehicle capabilities.

Neo buys some other stuff. Cards come into play unused, so if Neo buys a
runner, that runner can team, act, etc. this round.
If YourRemainingOffense>TargetStashTotal
then {Trash cards_in_Stash;Ops Points=+(3 x #of_cards_in_stash)}
If YourRemainingOffense>TargetSecurityTotal
then {Trash Location_Operation;
Ops Points=+TargetOpsPoints}

// Legwork Phase: Neo uses Meat Grinders (Rocker, POW 5) rocker skill
to lower the OP M-sec by 5.
Johnny decides to use Jimmie Blitzs (Media, POW 5) media skill to raise
the OP M-sec by 5.
Cursing, Neo uses his Spider Murphys (POW9) netrunner skill to lower
the OP E-sec by 9.
Johnny has an unused Runner with netrunner skill, but he cannot use a netrunner to raise an Opponents OP, so the Netrunner just sits back and watches.

If your attacking team fails to beat the Security Total on a Hit or Op, then
the TargetSecurityTotal is used against YourRemainingDefense.

Now Neo states teams (no more than 4 runners per team unless one is a
Nomad). He teams 4 runners: 3 x Race Chapels (Solo, POW3) and 1 x
Y.T. (Solo, POW 8)

If TargetSecurityTotal >YourRemainingDefense: team suffers the same

effects as though they had lost a Skirmish.

(Note that although Neo has dedicated to his OP, there is nothing to say
that he is commited to RUNning the OP.

If TargetSecurityTotal<YourRemainingDefense: team suffers the same

effects as if they had tied a skirmish (return used regardless of movement
and vehicle capabilities and may not attempt any other Runs or Hits this

// ACTION Phase: Neo look across the table and see that Johnnys
runners cant stop him if he blows up Johnnys Location: Wallys World
O Weapons.
Neo decides to HITS Wallys. Assuming that Johnny does not have any
dirty tricks (mostly Events) Neo trashes Wallys, and gain its OP point (5)
and denies Johnny the location.
Neo has used all his resources so he cannot RUN IWTP. It stays on the
// Damage Control: Neo discards down to 8 cards and checks to see if he
meets any of his victory conditions.

Johnnys Turn
// Draw: Johnny draws 3 cards - any combination from either deck

// ACTION Phase: Johnny declares a RUN on the OP and successfully

defeats its Total Sec (M-Sec+(E-Sec x 2). He now trashes the OP, scores its
Op Points (15), and executes any of the OPs card text abilities if desired.
if Johnny had any unused teams/runners left, he could perform a HIT on
other opponents or more RUNs on his own OPs in play...
// Damage Control: Johnny discards down to 8 cards and checks to see if
he meets any of his victory conditions.