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My Relationship with the Earth

By Alice Quach

Earth, our friendship is compelling with utmost sincerity. My soul sings along within the
soft memorable melody of the trees; my heartbeat synchronizes with each inkling of rain the
earth offers pours down to mankind. I perceive the Earths beauty as divine, graceful, and
dynamic; yet like mankind, there are many perceptions of Earths natural imperfections that I
view not as appealing. I walk the Earth with the softest, serene footsteps, yet I have felt the
treacherous footsteps of other individuals. Since the beginning, humans have been linked within
nature and it has become a part of our daily lifestyles up till now. I feel that the Earth is being
neglected. No matter how largesse and altruistic Earth can be, mankind is too selfish to give the
same treatment back. We only continue to focus on our own needs, neglecting how scared nature
is resulting in unintentional pollution, global warming, and extinction, as well as other negative
environmental factors. Negative consequences continue to overtake any positive that nature
gives. From the viscous oceans, to the verdant luscious forests, and to the broad horizons of the
graceful sky, the view nature offers incites me with pleasure when I see such beauty. Aside from
that, my feelings are mixed towards the animals living on this earth. From the elegant sea
creatures to the every creatures leaving footprints on the Earths surface, I feel sorrow, yet joy,
the view of their splendid physical appearance, and their dazzling movements are very
astonishing to see. Yet, mankind has taken away our precious animals natural habitats, and the
freedom of living naturally. We have created artificial homes where they shouldnt belong such
as aquariums and zoos, where they are enslaved to become mankinds source of entertainment.
We enslave for them for the fun, torture, use, and kill only for our source of satisfaction. Seeing

such evil dominancy of human beings brings only sorrow to my eyes. I do care for the earths
well-being, I feel its suffering, and it drives me with the passion to want to heal its wounds. I
want to be able to give back to nature as much as nature has given us. Unfortunately, one person
cant impact our worlds environmental crisis positively, as much as I wanted to handle this
situation independently; billions of individuals harmful actions encounter my efforts to heal
Earth. The influential spread of environmental clubs, organizations and associations is part of the
main key to helping us balance the earth back again. The ways of how the natural world and its
components works remain foreign to my knowledge. I understand the climates of areas, the
causes of natural disasters, but there is yet a huge spectrum of knowledge in nature for me to
acquire. Even with the lack of prior knowledge in how the natural world works, The Earth has
sphered around me since day one with all its beauties - I can sincerely say I do love the earth,
even the thought of someone littering a tiny piece of paper provokes my thoughts of picking it
up. Every little action can lead up to significant crises that can harm the environment as a whole.
One of my significant experiences with nature was the first step I set foot on Huntington Beach
in California. I was always holed up in my room, or walking in the campuses of my schools, so
this experience set up the whole perspective of nature for me. I was very young, maybe around
seven. The beach became my favorite place to go of all times. The moment I stepped afoot in the
sand, it consistently wanted to draw and engrave my figure in its various sediments. The sand
was pretty outrageous to me, I have never interacted with any ponderous surfaces. There was a
faint boundary between the sand and the ocean. It was amazing for me to realize that the ocean
waters in the beach were the links to all the oceans in the world. (Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean,
etc.) As I stepped on the damp, sediments of nature, I realized how sturdy sand can be when
water is absorbed into it. Already looking at the vast, navy blue ocean, I felt so overwhelmed.

Just viewing the aspects of the horizon astonished me, how little I was compared to the ocean it
was already swallowing me whole. To even think that every breath I took, there was the active
swimming of various sea creatures below the viscous surface of the ocean; there were serene
winds that brushed against my cheek softly, and made my hair flow freely. As I slowly descended
into the shallow depths of the ocean, my skin quivered within the contact of the prominent saline
waters. I knew the oceans were so dominant around the world that the feel of the ocean was
breathtaking. It was also the first time I have ever seen the sunset. The bright, warm citrus glow
illuminated the whole sky and sparked off of the waters. This was the base of how I started to
relate to Earth in a special way. I had become a fan of water, I loved interacting with the oceans.
My favoritism of water had grown stronger whenever I went to visit the Niagara Falls in Canada
later in 2012. I loved the feeling of being enveloped by water formations, the smell was fresh and
cool. I was in a tour where my family and I had traveled in a boat to venture the aspects of the
Niagara Falls. There was no way to avoid getting wet, the water was so dominant that it wasnt
possible to not get splashed. The feeling of being near a towering waterfall that could drown you
in any second was scary, but it was so thrilling to even be near one. It felt like I was holding
hands with nature, but at the same time the grasp could slip if I were to drown. All I could hear
was the continuous rough sounds of the water splashing in the water and rocks, like the sound of
the TV whenever theres an error and all you get it gray and white sizzling lines. To even think of
being a few feet from being splashed by the overwhelming waterfalls that were formed 10,000
years ago was amazing. Experiencing nature has expanded my views of the earth significantly.
There has been many advertisements that have affected deeply how I think about the earth, and
thats good because it should spread a positive influence around the globe to make smarter
choices. There is a powerful advertisement called Farewell To The Forest that expresses the

dangers of trees in our environment. The message is that, a tree may be safer in the city than in
the rainforest. That indicates human interaction in the forests have been so consistent and
harmful that cities, where less trees are killed, would be safer in them instead. The purpose of
this is to change the thought of trees being safer in cities, and rather have them belong safe in
their natural place. Advertisements are a strong way to influence and persuade people in
emotional, or logical ways. The movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella both
show the friendly human interaction in nature and how peaceful and serene they can be together.
Overall, as long as I breathe, I value the earth with all my heart because nature spheres around
me every day, nature is the reason why Im living, why I can enjoy and experience what the earth
has to offer around various parts of the world, and why I continue to think of all the beauties in
nature in different aspects.