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Halfren, a county in the state of Halizona, is extremely earthquake-prone. A committee set up by the
governor to study the effects of past earthquakes found that a new technique of using steel
reinforcements in building columns would help reduce overall damages. The findings were put to a
debate at the local town hall, where it was accepted by a majority of the residents of Halfren. The state
government then passed a law making it mandatory to use the new steel-reinforced columns while
constructing new buildings in Halfren. Which of the following function of the law did the state
government of Halizona exhibit in this case?
A) promoting social justice
B) maximizing individual freedom
C) shaping moral standards
D) facilitating orderly change
Ordinances are codified laws that are issued by ________.
A) the President of the United States
B) the state legislature
C) Supreme Court judges
D) local government bodies
The ________ requires that government statutes, ordinances, regulations, and other laws be clear on
their face and not overly broad in scope.
A) procedural due process
B) substantive due process
C) intermediate scrutiny test
D) rational scrutiny test
Libel and Slander constitute ___
A) the tort of outrage
B) defamation of character
C) the tort of appropriation
D) intentional misrepresentation
A closely guarded formula for a recipe protected by a soft drink manufacturer would be considered as an
example of a ________.
A) copyright
B) patent
C) trademark
D) trade secret
A(n) ________ is a charge of having committed a crime, usually a felony, based on the judgment of a
grand jury.
A) indictment
B) information statement
C) arraignment
D) plea
The fraudulent creation or alteration of a written document that affects the legal liability of another
person is called:
Michael opens an online store where people from all over the world can purchase and download iphone
apps. Which of the following should Michael consult to know the rules of trading through his online

Common low of contracts
Objective law of contracts
Which of the following must a promissory note contain to make it negotiable?
A) an acknowledgement of debt
B) an implied promise to pay
C) an unconditional promise to pay
D) a promise to negotiate

If a person employs an architect to design the layout of his or her own home, it would constitute a(n)
________ relationship.
A) employer-employee
B) principal-independent contractor
C) principal-agent
D) agent-independent contractor

Harrison hires an agent to look for a three-bedroom house in Atlanta. Elaine, the agent, finds a threebedroom house within Harrisons budget but buys it herself without informing Harrison. This is an
instance of the agent ________.
A) self-dealing
B) conflict of interest with the principal
C) competing with the principal
D) usurping an opportunity
What is the employer's advantage in offering workers' compensation?
A) The employer need not pay for workers' compensation insurance.
B) The employer is exempt from having to offer paid medical leave.
C) The employer can avoid a lawsuit by an injured worker.
D) The employer can offer lower basic pay to workers
Under a(n) ________ agreement, an employer agrees to hire only employees who are already members
of a union.
A) union shop
B) agency shop
C) confirmed shop
D) closed shop
which of the following is true of a union shop agreement while hiring an employee?
a- the employee must join the union within a certain time after employment.
b- the employee does not join the union but pays an agency fee
c- the employee must be skilled worker represented by more than one union
d- the employee must be represented by more than one union.
An employee who believes that he or she is being sexually harassed has a duty to report the harassment
to the ________.
C) employer
D) law enforcement authorities

________ discrimination occurs when an employer discriminates against an entire protected class
A) Disparate-treatment
B) Disparate-impact
C) Favored-treatment
D) Unfair-impact
Which of the following is a right to which every general partner is entitled under the Uniform Partnership
A) right to remuneration
B) right to free and open speech
C) right to return of capital
D) right to legal action
Which of the following happens when a general partner withdraws from a limited partnership?
A. The partnership must be sold.
B. The partnership is transferred.
C. The partnership is dissolved.
D. The partnership operates normally.
Who among the following elects members of the board of directors for a corporation?
A. The CEO
B. Corporate officers
C. Shareholders
D. Employees
Which of the following is true regarding FDA regulations for cosmetics?
A. There is no law in the United States against animal testing for cosmetics.
B. All substances and preparations for cosmetic use are chemically proven to be free from carcinogens
before sale by the FDA.
C. Ordinary household soap is evaluated in terms of its quality and safety as a cosmetic good under the
D. New cosmetics are released on the market only if they have the "CRUELTY-FREE" label on their
Which of the following is true of an LLC
a-an LLC is governed by federal law
b- an LLC is regarded as a seperate legal entity
c- an LLC cannot hold title to property
d-an LLC's owners are called specific partners
Portman, who runs a computer hardware store, had signed a contract with Stewie Inc. to deliver 125
computer monitors. He was to deliver it by the 5th of August, but by the 3rd of August, Portman could
not arrange for the monitors, as his usual supplier was not available. Portman then decided to go to
another supplier who had a higher selling price rather than cancel the contract with Stewie Inc. as he
believed it was his duty to do so. What of the following moral theories matches Portman's behavior?
A) Kantian ethics
B) utilitarianism
C) Rawls's social justice theory
D) moral relativism
________ are federal agencies that have broad regulatory powers over key areas of the national
A) Independent federal administrative agencies

B) State administrative agencies

C) Law enforcement agencies
D) Cabinet-level federal departments
The ________ is a federal administrative agency that is primarily responsible for regulating the safety of
meat, poultry, and other food products.
A) U.S. Department of Agriculture
B) Consumer Product Safety Commission
C) Food and Drug Administration
D) Federal Trade Commission
Which of the following federal administrative agencies enacts the Clean Water Act?
A) the Environmental Investigation Agency
B) the Environmental Protection Agency
C) the Ministry of Environmental Protection
D) the Association of Environmental Professionals