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Volume 47 Issue 1 - 2010

Hope for Haiti

A pew is revealed beneath the rubble of the Delmas Street Church of Christ building
“May the Lord Think of Me”
Ben Adkins
World Radio Team Leader

Tuesday, January 12, 2010, you

arrive at your church building to get
ready for all of the new Christians
that will meet you there tomorrow.
You are very excited about the recent
growth in the church and the 161
baptisms last month. Suddenly, you
feel very dizzy and out of balance,
much like you are leaning to the
right then seconds later you feel as
if you are leaning to the left. As your
glass of water spills and chairs skip
passed you on the floor, you realize
Ben Adkins, Lucner Pierre and David Heath stand
something is dreadfully wrong. By
overlooking the ruins of Port-au-Prince
the time you have enough balance to
run toward the door, the roof begins
to collapse as the entire building
crashes on top of itself. After you of your broken bones because your in your congregation that have lost
wake from your unconscious state, body has pumped a massive amount their homes or their lives. Comfort
you wonder “What just happened? of adrenaline through your veins to for something like this can come
Am I the only one who made it? What keep you alive and moving to escape only from the Father.
about my family? Where is my little your death. Your goal is to get out I found it difficult to sit down and
girl?” You don’t think about the pain of that building. By moving a large write about my experience in Haiti
piece of concrete in front of you, a following this month’s devastating
glimpse of light shines through the earthquake. Part of the reason was
dust and you can now see a hand of due to phone calls, interviews, relief
someone reaching for you in reply to coordination, etc... to get some
your cry for help. As you are pulled information out as a plea for more
from the rubble, you slowly realize help and to deliver much needed
Members and Non-Members that you have not only lost much food and supplies to the earthquake
of your right leg, but fifty of your victims. Another reason was that it
Check out the newest World Radio friends and family. As the sun slips was so overwhelming to experience
Videos on our facebook page! below the horizon, darkness falls on the aftermath of that tragedy first-
the screams of those alive beneath hand that I struggle now to find the
the wreckage. You wipe the dusty words to express the situation to
tears away during the following
hours as you hear of more families
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Page 2 World Radio News, Issue 1 - 2010

you adequately. You won’t have to I was proud to not only be Christ’s
cover your nose to avoid the smell of ambassador, but also to represent
death, decay and smoldering rubble you and millions of Christians
while reading this, nor will you around the world as I boarded a
have to listen to a motherless child’s plane three days after the earthquake
cry for help. Many images of pain to deliver help and hope to the
and suffering crowd my thoughts people of Haiti. Our rapid arrival
as I share this with you, many too in Haiti was clearly an advantage in
graphic to be appropriate. These buying food, fuel, and supplies for
images, however, are not the only immediate relief. Knowing that we
ones that I see. I see a church full had so many people supporting the
of your brothers and sisters praising work financially and through prayer
God following this disaster with was a huge encouragement to us
Creole songs like “Everything is and the church there. David Heath
alright because Jesus is on our side”. and I spent the week distributing
I see your family in Haiti bowing food and water, meeting with church
their heads in fervent prayer for the leaders, and coordinating with the
victims of this tragedy. military, local authorities and other Crushed and burned, this
People like this understand what organizations to maximize relief child awaits much needed
the Scriptures say in Psalms 40:16 efforts. The night before we were to medical attention in
“... may all who seek you rejoice and leave, I asked David if he was ready Cap-Haitien
be glad in you; may those who love to get back home and he said “Yes,
your salvation always say, ‘The Lord but I don’t think I can leave.” He
be exalted!’” called his wife and told her he was certainly not advising everyone who
The same church building in going to stay in Haiti helping in the wants to give a hug to fly to Haiti; in
which I preached five days after the disaster relief for at least three more reality, this would make the problem
7.0 magnitude earthquake would be months to which she replied “I knew of limited resources worse. My point
irreparably cracked later in the week you would say that.” As Christians, is that we should not surprise the
from one of the many powerful we should be known for this type of world with our love and service to
aftershocks that occurred while we attitude and willingness to serve. I’m those in need.
were there. After I returned, a reporter asked
me, “Why should we care about
those people when we have enough
problems of our own?” My mind
raced with many answers to the
question,) then I relaxed and uttered
the most simple one, “Because we are
Christians. We show love to others
because He loved us first, when
we needed it the most.” I followed
Signs this response by addressing non-
of Christians with illustrations of basic
human compassion, reciprocation
Life etc... but I kept returning to the initial
response. I don’t require a chapter
and verse to tell me that I should
help my brother in his darkest hour. I
know this is my duty because of the
grace that has been extended to me.

see Think of Me, page 4 Issue 1 - 2010, World Radio News, Page 3

“May the Lord Think of Me”
continued from page 3 meaningful, eternal relationships the Lord think of me. You are my
with those affected by this tragedy. help and my deliverer; O my God,
I don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed In a meeting with our World Radio do not delay.”
for living in this great land where we speakers, I asked them about their
are so abundantly blessed, but after goals aside from the relief we are
knowing people like Lucner Pierre, able to give. They told me that their
Bellot Calice and Jean Elmera goal was to “catch” more people for
and witnessing their passion and Christ than they ever have before.
“widow’s mite” generosity, I give a These brothers have proven their
hard look at how I use the resources responsibility and passion for God
I have been given and hang my head. over and over again and I am so glad
The relief effort in Haiti will to see them reach out to the church
take time. Through this process, and their communities as they have.
the church is positioned to be They understand the next verse in
able to provide much relief for Psalms 40: Photos by David Heath
their communities and develop “Yet I am poor and needy; may

Page 4 World Radio News, Issue 1 - 2010

See complete version of Globetrotting at

BARBADOS Bible; radio funds also helped a church in Maceió

Bridgetown with a more affordable smaller market
Mark Selman
• Faithful radio listener met while door knocking; Rio de Janeiro
radio is one of our more effective means of taking Larry Zinck
the gospel of salvation to the world • We continue to be grateful for World Radio; the
more people who can hear the message, the more
BENIN response we will get!
Achille and Christian Todego BURUNDI
• More cordial relationships are enjoyed with some Bujumbura
denominational pastors who listen to us Samson Munahi/Barry Baggott
• Faithful listeners Gérard L. and Marceline K. • Besides French, we have requests for broadcasts
agreed to give their lives to God in baptism in Kirundi and Swahili; Bible courses are being
• Three days of prayer and fasting on behalf of translated into Kirundi to help with spiritual
radio listeners held at the Vèdoko congregation growth
attracted more than 80, among them several • Despite the hard times we live, the church of
listeners Christ is growing well; thanks go to Barry
Baggott for the radio broadcasts on CD and to
BOLIVIA Doyle and Barbara Kee who send shipments of
La Paz French Bible studies
Rufino López/Juan López
• A roundtable program format dealing with topics Doyle Kee
has impacted our audience; some call with • Even as the restoration movement was getting
questions and are mad, and others congratulate us underway in Burundi in 2006, opportunity was
and encourage us to keep on given to have two French radio programs weekly;
The Way of Truth (Chemin de Vérité) is heard
BRAZIL in the capital region plus across the border in
Campinas Democratic Republic of Congo
Allen Dutton • A Burundi Christian, Samson Munahi,
• Jo gave herself to Jesus through baptism coordinates the two weekly programs with
lessons on CDs by Barry Baggett, long-time
Recife missionary in the Ivory Coast and director of
Randy Short French publications in Nashville
• Radio has become very expensive so sometimes • Christians would like additional programs in
we do daily 15-minute programs for our large Kirundi, the local language, and Swahili, the
market (4 million) and other times we air radio regional language of central African countries
blitzes to attract people to our School of the see Globetrotting, page 6 Issue 1 - 2010, World Radio News, Page 5
• The drip irrigation workshop ended with two
baptisms, Chrysostom Samba and Jeudi Yomatha;
we believe that encouraging the community
through simple scientific farming will help in
continued from page 5 spreading the Gospel in CAR and all Africa

All Cambodia/Kampong Cham Moundou
Bill Singleton/Hang Seng Daniel Feltoing Djonga/Barry Baggott
• There are about 25 gospel ministers and circuit • Prisoners are among the faithful broadcast
riders that share the radio follow-up; all are listeners; 40 are enrolled in French WBS, 24 send
supported by their wives and family thanks for Bibles, and Idriss Koubo (60) and
• New developments from radio are taking place in Doungous Kélo were baptized
Strung Treng Province on the Laos border where • One of the first broadcast listeners, Enock
most speak Laotian Mbaïnhodoum (20), was baptized after recently
• Ten denominational groups of the Svay Riegn receiving his baccalaureate
Province attended the two-day training program; • Over one million people listen twice weekly to our
this group and also one from Soun are very evangelistic broadcasts recorded by Barry Baggot;
close to the Vietnam border and seem to have an 275 are enrolled in WBS and 11 were added to the
opportunity to cross into that nation body of Christ in 2009
• A new congregation began from the radio at
Takeo; they sent a young man to Kampong Cham COLOMBIA
to be trained in the Bible Bucaramanga
• We had 10 baptisms this weekend Ricardo Martínez/Ricardo Moreno
• The program can be heard on Internet Monday
CAMEROON to Friday at 1:00 p.m. Colombian time at: www.
Bertoua; the studies increase with
Paul Thocke many visitors
• Caliste has studied with me and promised to
speak about this with her husband CROATIA
• Stephanie started to worship with us; Roman Zapresic/Stubica
Catholic priest, Basile Mevo has continued to Ivan Tesic
come and we’ve had many studies • Thanks for 20 years of continuous generosity for
• Other pastors have visited: David Louis Barra, our radio programs; while conversion is quite
Bernard Baleka, and Adrian Edoh; Adrien Edoh rare, we have established ourselves as a relevant
and Philemon Ndissara are studying the WBS religious sanctuary in the local community
lessons • Countless letters and phone calls come in
• Seven gave their lives to Christ in baptism response to our daily radio programs; one was a
thank-you note from a third grader on behalf of
CENTRAL his grandma, a listener for many years
Worlanyo Bor/Bertin Kopaulina REPUBLIC
• Mr. Fotollo, a journalist from the national radio, La Vega
used his broadcast time to express appreciation Fausto Piña Bello
for the truth taught on our radio program, for the • Radio was an important factor in the last three
free WBS courses, and preacher training school to baptisms as so many are listening, congregations
help improve people’s knowledge and skills in the are increasing their memberships, and many
Word of God brethren are spiritually stronger
Page 6 World Radio News, Issue 1 - 2010
• I spoke at brotherhood seminars in Costa Rica THE GAMBIA
and southern California where two were baptized Bakau
Isaac Daye
Mao, Valverde • After four years of listening to the Saturday
Prudencio Rodríguez message, Philip Mendy traced me at my house for
• Radio listener Eusebio Luciano was baptized further study followed by baptism
in Jicome; pray that a congregation will be • Brother Friday Adima conducted a three-day
established New Life Behavior Seminar with 23 receiving
• Many listeners are calling the radio program certificates as instructors
• Ana Vázquez, Wilfri Peralta, Flerida Fermín, • Our church planting trip in Pujehun, Sierra
Adison Ventura, Bielka Tejada and Ángel de Leone went very well with World Radio speakers
Jesús were baptized; 36 were baptized in 2009 Maxwell Whea (Liberia), Michael Amara, and
Tamba Kabba (both of Sierra Leone) taking part
Neyba in the campaign; Tamba and I spoke on the radio
Francisco Vásquez in Pujehun
• Brothers Manuel Aquino and Ángel Méndez have
presented two series of programs on Baptism and GHANA
The Distinctive Nature of the New Covenant Ho
• Mr. Endris and his family call the program for Sem Akumia
prayer and they plan to study • Upon their request, I visited listeners on Dodi
• Fifteen teens completed the BCC and 25 more Island of Volta Lake; we anticipate planting a
have enrolled congregation on the Island
• In 2009 we had 13 baptisms and a new
San Juan de la Maguana congregation established
Bolívar Ramírez
• We have a new work with believers in Yabonico GUATEMALA
Guatemala City
Santo Domingo Roberto Álvarez
Federico Martínez • The radio program carries the Word to the
• At our campaign we had 90 visitors and four were homes of about 25,000 families; our objective
baptized; 30 souls were baptized in 2009 for 2010 is increase the number of hearers by
3% by distributing 10,000 calendars with radio
EQUATORIAL information in commercial centers, parks, and
GUINEA public places
Malabo • 2009 ended with 20 souls converted as fruit
Leonardo Bueto Kinson/Jorge Pineda directly from the radio program
• We maintain a single congregation meeting in the
whole country, but the radio program has brought HAITI
massive increase in our weekly attendance; in Cap-Haitien
2009 we won eight souls for God through baptism Lucner Pierre
• Four Christians from different countries living • In 2009 more than 1,000 people came to Christ
in Malabo found the church with the help of due to the radio program
Reflexión del Alma • I am thankful for the brothers that assist me in my
• In December we had two baptisms, the first program: Smith Pierre, Bernard Belony, Calixte
interested lovers of our radio evangelism program Jumenes, and Audain Marcellus
• In 2009 the church became fully registered with • My main congregation has grown to 600 with two
the Equatorial Guinean government worship services

see Globetrotting, page8 Issue 1 - 2010, World Radio News, Page 7
Christopher Otsieno
• Radio is a very powerful tool to take the Gospel
continued from page 7 to people in their own languages and for many
older illiterate people; three were baptized after a
Hinche family study with listeners
Bellot Calice • My live program where listeners ask questions
• The radio waves of Super Continental now cover has brought many to the Lord and restored
almost all of Haiti each Saturday at 5:00 a.m. and families and marriages
Sunday at 1:00 p.m. • A preacher who listens to the program invited me
• In Montegrando we started a new work at the to speak in his church
blind village; I started to study with a Baptist
Church in Jacob Wilson Barno
• In Tomassique we have an assembly with 24 • Twelve called expressing the ways that the
members; in Cerca Cavajal we have a new program has blessed their lives
assembly established - they are all listening to • Because of the program, I was invited to Koptega
my broadcast Secondary School to preach the Gospel to the
• The Hinche church is collecting funds to buy our youth
rental place for worship services; I sold two parts • Kipsang was baptized at Sang’alo Nandi District,
of my land and plan to sell my house to help buy Kipsang
the place
Ezekiel Ngososei
HONDURAS • An average of 40 calls are received weekly
Tegucigalpa • After discovering that I am the radio speaker, I
Rigoberto Vargas was given a chance to greet a funeral gathering
• Thanks for all the support received from World and then was invited to start the Lord’s church
Radio in 2009 there
• The radio is still a leading tool for announcing
INDONESIA our local assemblies, workshops, youth camps,
Jakarta and many others; over 95% have a radio or listen
Steve Cate/Daniel Setiabudi to that of their neighbors
• Products of the radio program, Yoshua (36) and • I baptized 10 souls at the Kaplelach youth rally
his fiancé Damilia, were baptized • As a result of this radio, there will be a church
planting at the land rehabilitated by the East
ISRAEL African Tannic Industries
Joseph Shulam Joseph Maiyo
• Pray for Udi, Shaul, Adam, Danny, and Ammikam • Lazarus (Kesses) invited us to have a family life
who work on program production and materials meeting in his house attended by 30 families
that present a sane biblical view of our faith in • Ten called and others sent short messages
Yeshua as our Messiah and the Savior of the praising the program for its good council and
world; pray for Hannah and Elizabeth who encouragement to youth and families
produce wonderful material and man the program
correspondence Charles Cheruiyot
• Pray for the Lord to bless every hearer in Israel, • Radio is one tool that is bringing unity across the
Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the Ukraine world since people we could not have reached on
foot are getting the messages and are responding
by accepting Jesus
Page 8 World Radio News, Issue 1 - 2010
• The church in Kenya demonstrated the love of daily at Baraka FM - 4:00-6:00 a.m. and 9:00-
God by sharing with the famine victims of the 10:30 p.m. with us paying for the extra time
worst drought in recent years • Three were baptized because God used me to
• In 1968, the church started in Kenya by help a woman with a distressing difficulty that
missionaries from the U.S.A.; congregations she encountered while traveling
marked the 100th anniversary of Thomas • Mustafa Karenga, a constant World Radio
Campbell’s 1809 unity statement by sharing how listener, was baptized along with his wife
God has blessed their congregations since the • Four youth were baptized at camp in Sondu
church was established • Ten were baptized in Kisumu when a
• A lady was baptized in Eldoret denominational group became the Church
• At the funeral of brother Peter Andhoga, radio of Christ Nyakachi; another denominational
speaker in Kisumu, the Lord was glorified as group became the church last year in Western
mourners gave testimony of how Peter blessed Kakamega
their lives every time he was on the air • Seven policemen have been baptized through the
radio program
Kisii • The World Radio ministry is appreciated at the
Simeon Ongiri Moi International Airport where this month I was
• One of my finest radio listeners, Nyakundi asked to lead prayer for the 6:00 a.m. passengers
Keboga (79), walked for two and a half hours to • Our evangelistic mission to Pap Onditi, Nyanza
study with me and later was baptized Province (830 km. from Mombasa) resulted
• Naphtali Ogega, lover of the radio program and in ten baptisms and a denominational group
formerly a Pentecostal preacher, and those from removed the signboard to say “Church of
his congregation are now 33 adults meeting at Christ”; we returned for a funeral and 11 more
Riamogo Church of Christ; six were baptized were baptized
• From a feeding program started for the poorest
children in our church, five parents were baptized LIBERIA
• From the preaching at my mother’s funeral, one Buchanan, Bassa County
couple, Patrick Naomi Oyaro were later baptized; Maxwell Whea
months later my oldest sister, Teresa Moraa was • A seminar was held for pastors who have been
baptized in Inkora our key listeners
• Teresa wanted to start the church in her home • A mother and her son (Mandeh and Bob Jeezay)
so we held an open-air campaign; 11 souls were were baptized
baptized, some that I never believed would • At the Totota Church of Christ seminar we had
become Christians; one was a lady who heard three baptisms
me preaching over the radio and now over the
microphone Monrovia
• Teresa’s husband, Christopher Masago was Maxwell Whea/Sammy Yarkpawolo
baptized; they offered land to construct a church • Decontee Mcgill and James Jaymen were baptized
building for the Nkoora Church of Christ at the Smythe Road Church
• Because of the AIDS pandemic, we have started • Radio listener George Saydee is interested in
a feeding program for a few children and I have having the church in his home town in Maryland
preached a lot more on the radio about caring for County near the Ivory Coast
the orphans; thus, I have been invited to schools • The church plant mission in Pujenhum, Sierra
and many places to pray for the children and give Leone, was successful with over 1,000 enrolled
a message of comfort in WBS; Isaac Daye and I spoke on a call-in
radio show on “Who is Christ?”
Morisho Mutupeke/Michael Mutai see Globetrotting, page 10
• My prayer has been answered for two sessions Issue 1 - 2010, World Radio News, Page 9
Esteban and Leonel Valle
• Puestos los Ojos en Jesús (Eyes Fixed on Jesus)
continued from page 9 began transmission in November 2009; Mike
Kellett and Ben Adkins (from White’s Ferry
Weala Road Church) held a campaign and spoke on the
George Tengbeh program
• Radio listener and academy student Mantay Mahn • Audience acceptance has been good for the
(23) was baptized 30-minute Saturday program
• Seminars for denominational pastors led to two
conversions, the last one being Harrison Toe NIGERIA
• God’s moving through radio messages brought Awka, Anambra State
atheist Wooven Johnson to obedience Christian Nwachuckwu/Ebenezor Okafor/
Raymond Owumere
MALAWI • The program has remained a blessing to churches
Blantyre in the states of Enugu, Imo, Ebonyi, Anambra,
Yunusa Mataka Delta, Edo, Kogi, and Abia; two listeners
• In Islamic Lilowonde, a Muslim woman was were baptized in Enugu State
baptized • Awka listener Pius Nwaji left the Reformed
• The seminar in Rwanda about Church Planting Church of Nigeria to embrace the truth in
Multiplication through the Bible Discovery baptism; Constance Obierika was baptized
System Method attracted brethren from 18 • Yaknan Dashie was baptized in Ifite Awka
African countries and the U.S.A. • At Iboji in Kogi State, a man and his wife were
• Henry Shamu, a group village headman, calls his baptized from the program; Ebenezer Okafor
other subjects to listen and share the program; a recently baptized three people as a result of
villager was baptized evangelism and radio
• Northern Malawi, in the District of Karonga,
was hit by an earthquake that left three dead and PAPUA
thousands homeless; this along with drought and NEW GUINEA
locusts has put us in a hopeless situation Lae
Jab Mesa
MALI • My prerecorded Sunday radio sermons are aired
Bamako at 7:30 a.m. and repeated at 7:30 p.m.; many
Peter Ofori/Audence Théra/Naomie Dembélé/ Christians in the rural areas appreciate the Lord’s
Salomon Togo Word on the air and the Seed is being planted
• Because of the flooded Niger River, Fanta • It was worth the sweat and knee aching from the
Dembele and Sitan Coulibaly were baptized in two-hour drive out of Lae, three-and-a-half-hour
a hotel pool; flooding killed 25 and left 2,000 walk up the river bank, and mountain climb for
homeless 900 meters to worship with the 150 members of
• Sidi Diallo was baptized on the church’s the Puic Church
Friendship Day • The 1st Morobe Provincial Youth Camp was
highlighted by its organization with classes taught
MEXICO by youth; 129 youth from Waria Valley braved a
Torreón week’s walk to Wau to get on a PMV to Lae, and
Gabino Rico from Tami Island came 24 who paddled a day
• Thirty people called the program wanting to know and walked a day to the gathering of 330 which
more about God through Bible courses, CDs, and resulted in five baptisms

Page 10 World Radio News, Issue 1 - 2010

Lima Basseterre
Tomás Parrillo/Rodolfo Casas Randolph Prentice
• A new congregation began in Santo Domingo in • We made some booklets with teachings
north Lima; a family of radio listeners has visited concerning the church to present to some St.
• Through the radio program, families still Vincentian visitors to the worship services
recovering from the earthquake in Pisco two • In the wake of the Haiti disaster we are thankful
years ago were helped with clothes, medicine, for the radio to help us step up our evangelism
and funds for the roof of a partially-constructed
church meeting place; María Ramírez was SENEGAL
baptized Dakar
• The radio program now transmitted through Arnold Dzah
Family Radio 105.1 FM. reaches two million • Good response came from the local campaign
people in northern Lima and bringing visitors to • While evangelizing in Elinkine and Sedhiou
the new congregation (southern Senegal) over 300 people came to
• IBI students are being trained to give Bible watch the films on Creation and Jesus; the
studies on the radio Ghanaian-dominated congregation needs a
French-speaking preacher
PHILIPPINES • The effectiveness of the radio program cannot
Baguio City/Cabanatuan/Dugupan/ be over emphasized; to better reach Senegal,
San Fernando/Tarlac we need an additional radio program in Wolof,
Daniel Oliva Dioula, or Serel languages
• Joint efforts in preaching the Gospel through the • A Muslim university student wants to study
radio with follow-up of personal teaching brought because his understanding of Jesus Christ is
15 baptisms different from what he hears on the radio
• Evangelistic efforts through the radio and
personalized teaching are going on at Tuba SIERRA LEONE
National High School in Baguio City Bo
• Five radio listeners were baptized in Dagupan Michael Amara
City and two in Tarlac City • Upon hearing the gospel message by courtesy
of World Radio, Mohamed Kuyateh, a former
Lamare Bayog Muslim, was baptized
Jonard Sotillo/Rolando Entese • Three souls were added to the new church at
• The Gindoy, Cobillo and Malaque families attend Sama Lugbu that now boasts of having 19
a Saturday Bible study in Kanipaan Zamboanga members; World Radio broadcasting in our
del Sur where we have most of our listeners; community has brought a rebirth of souls through
God’s Word over the radio has touched those baptisms in Bo and its sister congregations
weak in faith and encouraged them to return to • WBS has planted the church in Pujehun, 46 miles
worship from Bo

Pagadian City Koidu, Kono

Feliciano Blen Tamba Kabba
• Tracts translated into the Cebuano dialect include • One WBS student was baptized with WBS
our assembly schedules, home Bible studies, and covering more than five chiefdoms
radio program; hymns are also being translated • After radio lessons on the crucifixion and
• Our avid listener, Dionisiano Aldaya, has been baptism, two souls were baptized
attending our regular assembly; radio reaches
those in far-flung normally unreachable areas
see Globetrotting, page 12 Issue 1 - 2010, World Radio News, Page 11

program, about 20 in San Juan

continued from page11 Jinja
Robert Waibi/Grace Nyanga/Maanda Wilson
• The radio programs from John have moved
Isaac Daye
listeners to call and thank us for helping them
• World Radio and WBS sponsored a church
have a chance to read (hear) the Bible
planting mission to Pujehun (pop. over 150,000),
one of the least developed predominantly
Muslim districts which is home to the notorious
Dallas/Fort Worth (Latino)
Kamajors, the civil defense forces that fought Mike Eppinette
alongside the government during the civil war, • A Latino bus driver in Dallas requested all of
who are believers in voodoo, charms, and sorcery the radio programs on CD to play for his Latino
• Among the 11 converts, four were Muslim clientele all day long on his route because he
says it’s the best presentation of the truth he has
SOUTH AFRICA ever heard
Cape Town • At least 11 new study groups have started
Jim Hyde/Dereck Beukes
recently; two weeks ago we had 10 baptisms
• We are continually amazed by the outreach of
radio in and outside of Cape Town; nearly all the Sixto Rivera
Saturday seminar participants are contacts from • Martin Burrola was added to the Lord’s body
the World Radio program after asking if we could plant a church in his
• A new, exciting outreach is weekend seminars town of Alvarado
with denominational leaders in the rural areas;
a Biblical Research Library on CD and an James Nored
introduction to a book of the Bible is presented • Two families (five people) from McKinney were
with a challenge to use the materials to get their baptized after hearing Sixto Rivera’s World Radio
congregations into the Word of God Hispanic broadcast; a new church may form
around these families
Essotèna Nyemanta Bulawayo
• We are studying with nine apprentices at a Velaphi Mlangeni
dressmaker’s workshop • While visiting Binga we witnessed a very strange
• Among the students attending Centre Bible cultural religion of an old lady smoking dagga
Study (CBS) are denominational pastors, two of (similar to marijuana); at Lushonkwe in Gwanda
which were church founders we witnessed a husband using a razor blade to
open his dead wife’s womb wife to remove her
Tsevié dead baby to bury them together in the same
Akalo Komlan/Adjayi Inoussa
grave - people need the Gospel to be freed from
• The son of co-speaker Akalo Komlan was
such terrible cultural practices
• Mrs. Lucy Tshuma (89) came out of the waters
of baptism singing!
TRINIDAD • The results of the radio program are excellent
Port of Spain/San Juan
with Christ-centered discussions with Dr. Daniel
Mahasse Bissoondath/Wendell Parris
Gwini, Isaiah Machingura, Linus Ncube, and
• Our call-in feature has been very successful; 35
Velaphi Mlangeni
baptisms came in 2009 as a result of our radio
• There were 205 baptisms in 2009!
Page 12 World Radio News, Issue 1 - 2010
The Moment of Awareness
Randy Kirby have decided to dream big and KNOCK and ASK you
WFR Elder to join us in an effort to build an endowment that would
help secure radio programming for the future. This will
Can you remember a moment in allow World Radio to reach more countries that are not
your life when you became aware of currently hearing the GOOD NEWS. “How then can
some new information that changed they call on the One they have not believed in? And
how you viewed reality? We all have how can they believe in the One of whom they have
those memories that are permanently not heard? And how can they hear without someone
etched in our minds that were life preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they
changing because of a new awareness. are sent? As it is written “How beautiful are the feet of
Moments such as a birth, a death of a those who bring Good News.” Romans 10:14
loved one, a job change, a move, or Beginning in 2010 our goal is to raise 10 million
a major illness or life event that cause us to reevaluate dollars over the next 10 years so an awareness of Jesus
life itself. and His saving grace can be brought to millions more
I cannot imagine a greater moment of awareness who have not heard the GOOD NEWS. Our desire is
than the moment we become fully aware of how lost to secure consistent future funding that will ensure the
and hopeless we are without Jesus. We have ringside expansion of World Radio to those who have not heard
seats of such moments as we read the Gospels and the Gospel.
witness the life changing events on the fateful Friday of In order to have the boldness to ask you and God to
Christ’s crucifixion. For three men, a Jew from Cyrene, bless this effort, there are some serious questions that
a common thief, and a commander of 100 men, their had to be answered. First, is this a responsible and
unexpected moment of awareness forever changed their effective work? A moment of awareness that answered
lives. this question for me came on a trip to Venezuela to visit
At 9:00 a.m., Simon was seemingly at the wrong place our brothers and sisters in that country. At every stop
at the wrong time, forced to bear the burden of a man men and women came to us and thanked us for World
destined to death, only to discover it was his burdens Radio, confirming that it was through hearing the Good
that would ultimately be lifted. News and learning of the locations of local churches
At 12:00 noon, a thief condemned to die a terrible on the radio that their faith journey began. That story
death and to be buried in a common grave suddenly has been repeated countless times around the world
found himself next to a Savior and received instead a and the Kingdom is ever expanding because of your
promise of a home in paradise. involvement. Secondly, can we do the work in a cost
And at 3:00 pm, a hardened soldier who stood at the effective manner? The leaders of this work have taken
foot of hundreds of crosses and witnessed countless seriously the responsibility to be good stewards of God’s
deaths, for the first time saw life in a new and hopeful money and message. Forty-six years is a long time for
way as he proclaimed, “Surely He was the Son of God.” any work, and is a testimony of how God can use a small
These men had their moment of awareness when they church in a small town to exhibit His power though our
saw Jesus for who He really was, and the veil of this weakness.
world was pulled back to reveal eternity. We would love to share the story of World Radio
Maybe, it was not as dramatic, but the time and place more personally with you. Ben and I would love to
that Jesus was revealed to us did dramatically change come visit you and your church family. Always know
everything for us - our past, our present, and our future. we would love to have you visit us. From all of us at
Being involved in bringing the Good News of Jesus World Radio, thank you for your prayers, your hearts for
to someone else is also a monumental moment. World the lost, and for your willingness and desire to reach as
Radio’s mission to reach every person with the Gospel, in many as possible with the Good New of Jesus.
their native language, has grown for over 46 years thanks For more information, please contact Randy Kirby
to faithful partners who have the desire to reach and save or Ben Adkins at World Radio, 3201 N. 7th St.,
the lost. However, the financial resources necessary for West Monroe, LA 71291 or call - 318.396.1000 or
this work are becoming more difficult to secure. So we 318.396.6000. Issue 1 - 2010, World Radio News, Page 13
Haiti - The day the earth shook
Sandra Chowns continue to do over the next days, months, and years
Accountant for World Radio in order to help them rebuild their lives. Plans are for
David Heath to stay in Haiti for three months in order to
On January 12, 2010, the earth continue the work that must be done and to keep us all
moved with such force and fierceness informed of the progress of our relief efforts. He will
that the city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti coordinate between Ben Adkins here in the States and
was mostly leveled. On that same day, our World Radio speakers there in Haiti. Please add him
World Radio speakers who live and to your prayer list as he will be away from his family
work in and around Port-au-Prince during this time.
were able to get the message out that We offer prayers of thanks to all of you who have
they were alive and ready to go to already sent funds, and to those of you who will do so
work. Because of those contacts we were able to send in the coming weeks and months. Once again, we are so
two of our men, Ben Adkins and David Heath, who were grateful for the way you step up and reach deep into your
on Haitian soil by Saturday, January 16. Food, water, wallets to give so that others can be blessed. WFR Relief
and supplies were distributed immediately. Beyond has worked closely with our World Radio Speakers for
the physical needs, people needed to hear that someone over thirty years in Haiti. Our Mission has been to teach
knows and cares about their struggles. Ben and David and proclaim the greatest hope that any of us can ever
were your arms to hug the hurting and your hands to wipe have, which is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who
away the tears. They were your mouths explaining to the gives hope to all of us to live in heaven with Him for an
hopeless that thousands upon thousands of prayers were eternity.
being sent to the Father from all of you, our World Radio How can I help? Your financial support is what is
and Relief team members. The Haitian people send their needed most at this time. We have been using funds to
love and thankfulness for all that you have done and purchase supplies for distribution in the country, which in
turn helps the recovery of their economy.

Serving God, Serving You . . . A Priority of Love

 Carolyn Jo Gower him asking the readers of his letters to pray for him. “I
Donor Relations urge you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the
  love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to
Here at World Radio there has been such an outpouring God for me.” (Rom. 15:30-32 NIV)
of love since the earthquake in Haiti. Our forever family in Haiti needs our prayers more
Many World Radio Donors have called than ever. Remain faithful in prayer as we encourage one
concerned about the World Radio another to keep on keeping on, because without prayer
Speakers and all our brothers and for Haiti there would be no hope. Your calls have meant
sisters in Haiti. This is so revealing so much as we join our hearts in prayer together for the
of your “Priority of love”….love for hurting in Haiti. I’m here for you, please feel free to
Christians that you have never met. contact me:
Our concern for others sometimes Phone: 318-396-1000 or 318-396-6000
leaves us feeling so helpless. We Address: 3201 N. 7th St,
lament, “All we can do is pray.” But West Monroe, La. 71291
when we look at the example of the apostle Paul, we find E-mail:

Page 14 World Radio News, Issue 1 - 2010

J. B. ‘Jack’ Skipman
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Conley, Jr.
Smitty, Shonnie & Sydney
(adult children of Mary E. Smith)
Mrs. Chestine Alexander Edna Lewis Mary E. Smith
Scott Nelson Donna Prince Margie Stephenson
Levi Benson (2-month-old baby) Ray Lewis Gary & Pam Stephenson
Donna Prince Donna Prince Jim Strickland
Buster Blakey Roy Lewis Mattie Gray Bird
Irene Wall Donna Prince Kate Humphrey Tackett
Virginia Broxton Abe Lincoln (Instructor Sunset SOP) Mrs. Gladys Bennett
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Bob Brandon Anna Thompson
Mike Bryan Sonny Longdue Kenny, Cindy, Daniel & Sophie
Scott Nelson Donna Prince Westmoreland
Paul Carter Deryl Love Lola Mae Plunkett Tripp
Joe & Brenda Waugh Irene Wall Scott Nelson
Jerry Casserino Kathy Martin Gail Walker
Donna Prince Mrs. Joan Bowling Mr. & Mrs. William H. Smith, Jr.
Adelaide (Dolly) McWhister Mr. Dewey F. Weaver, Sr.
Charles Conley, Sr.
Irene Wall John & Phyllis Grigson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Conley, Jr.
Janice Norrell Bobby Leigh Williams
Mary Catherine Cook Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Conley, Jr.
Nell Spigener
Scott Nelson Paul & Clara Williams
Janice Otis
Margie Daniel Mr. & Mrs. Floyd M. Perryman Graham R. Williams
Scott Nelson Duke Rainone Durant & Elsie Worley
Travis & Janie Sayers Lucille Rainone Graham R. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Smith, Jr.
Jim Reeves
Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Telford
Paul ‘Dixie’ Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd M. Perryman Living Tributes
Vernon G. Regenauer Melissa & Bruce Anderson
Butler’s Landing Church of Christ
John & Marcia Kirby Russell & Loraine Mabry
Irene Deats Norma S. Regenauer Mary Eppinette
Donna Prince Mary Donson
James Remedies’ SISTER
Jason Freeman Scott Nelson Mike Eppinette
Ken & Ruth Steele Ladies for Christ Bible Class at Elliott
Katie Vandever Rich
Hartzell Geyer Kenny, Cindy, Daniel & Sophie Carolyn ‘Jo’ Gower
Bob Geyer Westmoreland Ladies for Christ Bible Class at Elliott
Cora Oakley Gilmer Merritt Robertson Andrew Mabry
Linda Hicks Scott Nelson Russell & Loraine Mabry
Billie Hilliard Mr. & Mrs. Floyd M. Perryman Emily Mabry
Nancy Campbell Mr. & Mrs. William H. Smith, Jr. Russell & Loraine Mabry
Leland Howard Gary & Pam Stephenson Ina Masters
Lanelle Howard Paula (Riley) Saenz Kenny, Cindy, Daniel & Sophie
Mrs. Reba Isham Ladies for Christ Bible Class of Westmoreland
Mr. Charles Isham Elliott church of Christ Willie McLerran (90th Birthday)
Dorothy Jones Kenny, Cindy, Daniel & Sophie
Barbara Sandifer
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Bryan Westmoreland
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Smith, Jr.
Lorene Jordan World Radio & WFR Staff
Ruth Schreier Lucille Rainone
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Stanley Donna Prince
Mr. & Mrs. Don Yelton
Jack Lawhon Mr. F. A. Schubert Mr. & Mrs. David H. Heffington
Marie Lawhon Mrs. Madeleine Schubert Issue 1 - 2010, World Radio News, Page 15
U. S. Postage
Monroe, LA
An Outreach of WFR Church of Christ Permit No. 1064
3201 N. 7th St. , West Monroe, LA 71291

Change Service Requested

“How to Reach the Masses”

Sam and Clayton Hartline recently visited south India World Radio speakers are a special group of servants who
where they were able to see the World Radio work alive receive no salary for their work, but take full advantage of
and well. The following is an excerpt from Sam’s report the airtime that is purchased with your support to preach
of the work in India: the Gospel (simple, full, and free) to the people in their
“Over one and a half billion souls live in India and communities and countries. Literally millions of people
the impact we had is just a drop in the bucket to reaching are able to hear the Gospel that is preached every day
these masses. We spoke in 15 cities and villages in Andra around the world because of what you do in supporting
Predesh, the largest state in India, where the population the ministry of World Radio
is over 90 million. We were impressed with the devotion,
humility, service and hunger for truth that was evident
among the brothers there. We arrived in India to help
and observe the ongoing work of brother Asee Darla,
World Radio Speaker - South India. Asee, joined by
nearly 500 preachers he has trained, has been helping the
flood victims of India while sharing the Good News of
Jesus. After two days of studying the Word with a group
of Hindus, 15 decided to follow Christ. We will never be
the same after making the trip to India to aid the work of
God. It was clear to me by the thousands of responses
that the World Radio work has a significant impact in
reaching the masses of India.” - Sam Hartline (Minister
at East Side Church of Christ, Albany, Ga.)
When we see brothers who are so excited about Sam Hartline, minister at East Side Church of
opportunities to serve our Lord, it is very encouraging. Christ, Albany, GA and Asee Darla,
Asee is a fine example of this kind of excitement. What World Radio Speaker in India
a worthwhile work to support through this ministry. Our