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Chapter I

A travel agency is a "One stop" shop. The minute a traveler/tourist thinks of
extensive travel, he or she thinks of a travel agency. A travel agent has to
therefore, add value to the company and to the traveler. A Travel Manager
specializes in "packaging" the required services. Practically all travel agencies in
India are owned by private entrepreneurs and the scope for setting up an agency
is great. This Unit familiarizes you with the operations of a travel agency along
with the required managerial functions. It also tells you how to set up and
manage your own agency. The unit also mentions about the approvals like IATA,
DOT, RBI as well as some of the benefits given by Government to travel industry.
This unit is useful for both, managers as well as employees.
A travel agency is the link between the traveler/tourist on the one side and the
principal supplier i.e. airline, hotel, tourist and transport operator etc. on the other.

It survives on earning commissions for travel services rendered to public on

behalf of the principal suppliers.
The World Tourism Organization (WTO), which is an organization under the aegis
of the United Nation has predicted that the world-wide Travel Industry will double
in size on Dollar terms over the next 10 years as by 2010 AD nearly a billion
people a year will be making International trips. As standards of living rise around
the world and double income families increase, there will be higher disposable
incomes which mean more money for pleasure travel. Some 212 million jobs
world-wide depend indirectly or directly on tourism Industry and it will rise to 338
million in 10 years as per the WTO. It generates $3.5 trillion or 6% of the world
GDP in gross output. All this demonstrates that the potential of this Industry is
A travel agency on the one hand books air tickets, arranges for facilitation, books
hotel, plans tours and itineraries and even arranges foreign exchange and
insurance cover. On the other hand, it channelizes business to the airlines,
hotels, transport operators, etc. and it is for this service that commissions are
paid (varying in percentage) on the total amount of the value of the ticket, hotel
room charges, etc.
Like any other organization if you intend to set up and manage a travel agency
business professionally you must apply the management concepts and functions
not only in planning but also in operations. The management tasks in a travel
agency are related to the nature of business operations and the services offered.

The prime role of travel agency is to provide the purchase of travel to the
customers at a convenient location. It is at these locations that the travel
agencies act as booking agents for airlines, railways, road or water transport,
hotels and/or package tours. They also provide certain ancillary services like
travel insurance, foreign exchange, traveler cheques, procuring of visas and
other travel documentation, permits, airport transfers, custom clearances etc.

We believe that tourism should help improve the satisfaction and experience of tourist.
In every way possible, Vacation & Nightlife Planners PR is committed to the realization
of this vision as we strive to be recognized by organizations and travelers alike as one
of Puerto Ricos most outstanding centre of tourism planning and tours. We aim to be a
recognized and certified program by 2014.

In engaging this vision, the department specifically aims to:

Encourage innovation, research, and quality information exchange within the Tourism
community and among stakeholders in tourism and allied industries.

Foster excellence in all the activities by developing appropriate physical, social and
cultural environments, and by fostering a solid partnership with industry and the wider

Vacation & Nightlife Planners PR is a provider of competency-based expeditions, multitheme










transformation in this sector and relevant to those who aim to pursue a budget quality
experience in the tourism and allied industries.We actively seek the continual
improvement of performance programs and its parts, through sharing of agglomeration
of capabilities, knowledge, resources, influences and information within institutional
structural and reporting arrangements.

1. Provide a high standard of services suitable for individuals seeking relaxing,
comfortable and memorable experiences in the hospitality and tourism industry.

2. Provide the tourist market with the quality personal required by the tourism
3. Produce expeditions and memories that would satisfy each and every single of
the customers.
4. Evaluate current cultural, economic, and social issues affecting the tourism and
travel industry.
5. Participate in both local and regional community service by providing general
lectures, consultation, and training programs.
Chapter II
This chapter tackles about the entire organizational arrangement of the business.
The management aspect suggests a clear and precise identification of duties and
responsibilities, flow of authority and manpower level requirement. This contains the
organizational chart and the qualifications of the people involved the formation of the
business organization, structure. It must be set up aimed at optimum effectiveness. To
attain this, management must be able to plan all activities, for the company to become
dynamic and competitive business over and done with human resource, financial
capability and new technologies.

Form of Ownership

The type of business ownership will be a partnership; in which partners pool

money, skills, and other resources, and share profit and loss in accordance with the
terms of the partnership agreement. In the absence of such agreement, a partnership is
assumed to exit where the participants in an enterprise agree to share the associated
risks and rewards proportionately. Complementary skills and additional contacts of each
pattern can lead to the achievement of greater financial results together than would be
possible apart. Mutual support and motivation are needed for the business to last

Organizational Chart



Travel Sales

Von Provido
Travel Finance

Business & Marketing

Travel Manager

Jobtitle: Manager
Name: James Estropia

Maintains staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees;

maintaining a safe, secure, and legal work environment; developing personal
growth opportunities.

Accomplishes staff results by communicating job expectations; planning,

monitoring, and appraising job results; coaching, counseling, and disciplining







procedures, and productivity standards.

Establishes strategic goals by gathering pertinent business, financial, service,

and operations information; identifying and evaluating trends and options;
choosing a course of action; defining objectives; evaluating outcomes.

Accomplishes financial objectives by forecasting requirements; preparing an

annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective

Maintains quality service by enforcing quality and customer service standards;

analyzing and resolving quality and customer service problems; identifying
trends; recommending system improvements.

Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational

workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks;
benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; participating in professional societies.

Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Job Title: Travel Sales Manager

Name: Chelsy Aguilar

Source advertising placements and revenue from hotels, resorts & tourism
related companies for The Entertainer Travel Book distributed in all major

Demonstrate strong prospecting and new business acquisition sales skills in

Tourism industry

Generate new travel client partnerships in line with set goals and revenue
objectives set by Travel Director.

Utilize consultative sales skills to formulate strategic alliances with clients and
develop strong partnership relationships

Possess professional presentation, negotiation and inter-personal skills to

effectively communicate and conduct business relationships at a senior level.

Responsible for contractual agreements together with financial reporting for all
hotel & travel accounts.

Demonstrate initiative, leadership and creativity.

Analyze competitive products and services assist with the development of

competitive strategies

Jobtitle: Travel Finance Manager


collating, preparing and interpreting reports, budgets, accounts, commentaries

and financial statements

undertaking strategic analysis and assisting with strategic planning

producing long-term business plans

undertaking research into pricing, competitors and factors affecting performance

controlling income, cash flow and expenditure

managing budgets

developing and managing financial systems/models

carrying out business modelling and risk assessments

supervising staff

liaising with managerial staff and other colleagues.

Jobtitle: Marketing & Sales Travel Manager

Name: Von Provido

Accomplishes marketing and sales human resource objectives by recruiting,

selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and
disciplining employees; communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring,








compensation actions; enforcing policies and procedures.

Achieves marketing and sales operational objectives by contributing marketing

and sales information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews;
preparing and completing action plans; implementing production, productivity,
quality, and customer-service standards; resolving problems; completing audits;
identifying trends; determining system improvements; implementing change.

Meets marketing and sales financial objectives by forecasting requirements;

preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances;
initiating corrective actions.

Determines annual and gross-profit plans by forecasting and developing annual

sales quotas for regions; projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing
and new products; analyzing trends and results; establishing pricing strategies;
recommending selling prices; monitoring costs, competition, supply, and demand.

Accomplishes marketing and sales objectives by planning, developing,

implementing, and evaluating advertising, merchandising, and trade promotion
programs; developing field sales action plans.

Identifies marketing opportunities by identifying consumer requirements; defining

market, competitor's share, and competitor's strengths and weaknesses;
forecasting projected business; establishing targeted market share.

Improves product marketability and profitability by researching, identifying, and

capitalizing on market opportunities; improving product packaging; coordinating
new product development.

Sustains rapport with key accounts by making periodic visits; exploring specific
needs; anticipating new opportunities.

Provides information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.

Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading

professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in
professional organizations.

Personnel Requirements

Sample Staff Schedule

Benefits for Employee

Government mandated benefits

Employee Compensation
Social Security Benefits and Privileges
Pag-IBIG Fund
Philhealth Insurance Corporation
13th Month Pay
Solo Parent Leave
Paternity Leave
Special Leave for Women (Magna Carta)

Company Granted Benefits

Vacation Leave
Sick Leave
Birthday Leave
Bereavement Leave

Salary Slip Sample