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1) To strip the bolt, start by holding bolt handle in right hand. Pull back
slightly on cocking piece and then slowly rotate it counter clockwise.

2) This is the ending position of the cocking piece.

3) Using a small flat tip,

depress the retaining pin
at the back of the bolt.

4) Unscrew and remove

the cocking piece nut.

5) Remove the cocking

piece from the bolt, it
slides off.

6) Note the flat part on

the firing pin. Remember
this alignment to the
safety lever for assembly

7) Depress the safety and

rotate counter clockwise.
Note the location of the
pin in the notch of the bolt

8) Note where the pin is

after releasing tension on
the safety lever.

9) This is where the pin

has to be in order to
remove the safety and
firing pin from the bolt

10) Press the safety in

slightly and rotate it until
the pin is in this side
notch and the firing pin
will be released. Be
careful, the items are
under spring tension.

11) Bolt parts.

Reassembly Instructions

12) Place firing spring on firing pin and insert into bolt body.

13) Attach safety, align

pin with bolt body and
press down and rotate
clockwise until pin is
locked into notch.

14) Note pin is aligned in

notch of bolt body.

15) Push safety level down

and rotate further
clockwise until pin is
locked into the lower
portion of the bolt body
(as seen in photo).

16) Rotate firing pin so

that flat aligns as you
noted when you
dissembled the bolt.

17) Slide cocking piece onto firing pin (flat portion will have to align
18) Screw on the cocking
piece nut.

19) Finally depress the

retaining pin and rotate
until it is tight and the pin
is aligned with the notch
in the cocking piece nut.

20) Grip bolt by hand, pull back on cocking piece and rotate clockwise.

21) The bolt is reassembled.