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Table of Contents:
Pg. 1 - Note from President
Pg.2 - Education News
Pg. 5 - Dues Update
Pg. 6 - Secretary & Treasurer
Pg. 7 - Homework Tips
Pg. 9 - Communications
Pg. 10 - Award Winners
Pg. 11 - Health, Welfare, Safety
Pg. 12 - Back of the Ballot
Pg. 13 - PTA Conference
Pg. 14 - Ohio PTA & You
Pg. 15 - College Readiness
Pg. 16 - Collection Made Easy
Pg. 17 - Board of Directors

Ohio PTA
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Columbus, OH 43235-4718
(614) 781-6344
Fax: (614) 781-6349

The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

Note from the President...

Greetings Family,
Congratulations to all our new presidents and a big welcome back to
our returning ones! I hope you are ready and excited for a new PTA
I had the opportunity to be part of a group of education stakeholders
who met with Ohios new Superintendent of Instruction Paolo DeMaria
in early August. Mr. DeMaria discussed the new Every Student
Succeeds Act (ESSA). Under the new Every Student Succeeds Act
(ESSA), Ohio will create a plan for how local, state and federal
programs will be aligned to help all of our students be successful. The
other education leaders and I also shared our views on key points
affecting student success.
The Ohio Department of Educations goal is to help all children in Ohio
to be successful. The Ohio PTA Mission is to make every childs
potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and
communities to advocate for all children. As you may have have
noticed, in both the Ohio Department of Education goal and the
mission of PTA, you see the phrase all children. How do the PTAs in
Ohio and the Ohio Department of Education become one family to
make our mission and their goal come together? The answer is PTA
values. As PTA members, we value collaboration, commitment,
diversity, respect and accountability.
Please take this opportunity to be involved in shaping Ohios ESSA
plan by attending a regional meeting or participating in a webinar. Your
comments and ideas can make a difference in achieving student
success for all of Ohios children. As members of the PTA Family, we
can demonstrate our commitment to family engagement and speaking
up for all children. For a list of meetings, webinars and more on ESSA,
scroll down to the article by Jackie Arendt, Ohio PTA Director of
Have a great year. Thank you for all you do for our students!!!
Sheila Ragland
Ohio PTA President 2015-2017

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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

Education News
ESSA Regional Meetings
Ohio PTA board members have been attending meetings and updating workshops to bring you the most current resources on state and federal education
information. Most of our efforts have focused on the new federal Every
Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). One of the key provisions of ESSA is that
families and other educational stakeholders should have input on state and
local education plans.
With the recent passage of (ESSA) and the updated state report card from
ODE, Ohio PTA members have opportunities to engage with local and state
school officials as well as other educational stakeholders. ODEs website
states, The Ohio Department of Education is committed to comprehensive
and collaborative community engagement leading to the development of our
state Student Success Plan. A plan that is deeply rooted in the needs of
Ohios students, educators and communities requires everyones input.

The Ohio Department of Education must create a plan to help all of our
students be successful according to the new requirements under ESSA. The
alignment of local, state and federal programs to create a comprehensive
student success plan will be discussed at a series of meetings throughout the
state. Ohio PTA encourages all members to find a location near you and
attend and be part of the discussion. Ten regional meetings have been
scheduled between August 31 and October 6. Also, ODE will conduct six
webinars on ESSA. For more information on the Every Student Succeeds
Act (ESSA), visit ODEs website on ESSA:
Ohio School Report Cards
According to the Ohio Department of Educations website, the Ohio School
Report Cards give parents and the community a clear picture of the progress
of school districts in raising achievement and preparing students for the future. The information measures district and school performance in the areas
most critical to success in learning. Ohio School Report Cards data shows
educators, school administrators and families where their schools are succeeding as well as areas where they need to improve.
The newest version of the Ohio School Report Card will be released in midSeptember. A new component, the K-3 Literacy Component, has been added
to this years report card along with letter grades on each of the report cards
six components. While no single section of the report card delivers the complete picture, each component measures important aspects that can help parents better understand how their childs school and district is preparing students for success in the next grade as well as in life after graduation.

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The Ohio PTA Voice

Page 3

September 2016

This is a great opportunity for Ohio PTA members to discuss curriculum and
instruction with local school officials. For more information on the Ohio
School Report Card visit:
Jackie Arendt
Director of Education


The University of Akron

Grand Station at Quaker Station
135 S. Broadway
Akron, OH 44325

Sept. 7 | 6-8 p.m.


Montgomery County ESC

200 South Keowee St.
Dayton, Ohio 45402-2242

Sept. 8 | 6-8 p.m.


The Loft at Pickwick Place

1875 N Sandusky Ave.
Bucyrus, OH 44820

Sept. 14 | 5:30-7:30


The Toledo Club

Centennial Room, 1st Floor
235 14th St.
Toledo, OH 43604

Sept. 15 | 6-8 p.m.


Cuyahoga Community Colleges

Jerry Sue Thorton Center at Tri-C
2500 E 22nd St.
Cleveland, OH 44115

Sept. 19 | 6-8 p.m.


Community College
Norton Culinary Lobby
1005 N Abbe Rd.
Elyria, OH 44035

Sept. 28 | 6-8 p.m.


United Way of Greater Cincinnati

2400 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1478

Sept. 29 | 5:30-7:30

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The Ohio PTA Voice

Page 4

September 2016

ESSA Meetings (continued)


Zane State College - EPIC Center

10015 Brick Church Rd.
Cambridge, OH 43725

Oct. 5 | 6-8 p.m.


South Central Ohio ESC

522 Glenwood Ave.
New Boston, OH 45662

Oct. 6 | 6-8 p.m.


Report Card summative rating, disaggregation requirements, required report card indicators
Federal funding options and flexibilities
Academic content standards review process
School improvement overview

Sept. 9 | 4 p.m.
Sept.16 | 10 a.m.
Sept. 23 | 3:30 p.m.
Sept. 30 | 3 p.m.

Students who are homeless/McKinney-Vento Act


Students in the foster care system


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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016


This Ohio PTA dues increase took effect on July 1, 2016 for the 2016-17 school year.
The Ohio PTA dues increase amendment passed at the Ohio PTA Convention on April 9,
2016. This means that the total Ohio and National PTA portions due to Ohio PTA will be
$4.75 per member as shown in Article V of the unit bylaws below.
*Article VMembership and Dues
Section 3. Each member shall pay annual dues in the amount of $ ________ to this local
PTA/PTSA. For each individual, these annual dues shall include Ohio PTA dues ($2.50)
and National PTA dues ($2.25).
All PTA units should check that their dues are at least $4.75. They should also review their
budgets to determine if the unit can absorb the dues increase amount or do they need a unit
dues increase to cover the new Ohio portion and to maintain sufficient dues revenue. Once
your PTA Board makes a financial determination, your PTA should proceed with one of the
following options:
1. No amendment is required to the units PTA Bylaws
The dues amount currently stated in the units bylaws is a sufficient dollar amount ($4.75
or more) that covers the Ohio PTA dues increase and any revenue loss can be absorbed by
the unit budget.
2. An amendment is required to the units PTA Bylaws
The dues amount currently stated in the unit PTA Bylaws is not a sufficient dollar amount
to cover the $4.75 per member that must be submitted to Ohio PTA for the state and national
portions or does not provide the needed revenue to the unit.
Check your unit PTA Bylaws Article on Amendments to see how many days notice are
required before your unit is able to vote on the amendment.
If you have enough time to give notice before your next general meeting, give notice to
your membership for an amendment to the bylaws for the purpose of a dues increase.
At the next unit PTA general membership meeting, present the dues increase amendment
to the general membership. Once the amendment has passed by a 2/3 vote, submit the
approved amendment to the Ohio PTA Director of Bylaws at
If you do not have enough time for notice or do not have a general membership meeting
scheduled in time, check your Bylaws Article on General Membership Meetings for
information on calling a special meeting or changing the date of your scheduled general
Give notice to your membership of both the dues increase amendment and the special
meeting date or new regular general meeting date. Make sure you are giving the required
days notice for both the amendment and the meeting. Remember, if you are calling a special
meeting for the purpose of a dues increase amendment that is the only business that can be
conducted at that meeting.
At the special meeting or rescheduled general meeting, present the dues increase
amendment to your membership. Once the amendment has passed by a 2/3 vote, submit the
approved amendment to the Ohio PTA Director of Bylaws at
If you have questions or need help, please contact Cindy Schanz, Ohio PTA Director of
Bylaws at or your District Advisor. Programs and
events focused on the vision and mission of PTA ensure success to the work we will
accomplish together, centered on advocacy, family engagement and achievement for all
students. Please check the Ohio PTA website at often for updates!
Thank you for all you continue to do for Ohios students!
Cindy Schanz
Ohio PTA Director of Bylaws and Standing Rules
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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

Secretary and Treasurer Tools for Taking Office

As secretary taking office, a few simple steps should be followed to make it
a smooth transition as well as lay the groundwork for a successful term.
> Review duties as outlined in your Bylaws, Standing Rules and job
> Verify the completeness of files and records received from the outgoing
secretary, including the permanent files.
> Study the Ohio PTA Incoming Officers Guide.
> Attend a secretarys workshop.
> Work with the membership chair to maintain an accurate list of PTA
> Make sure you have a copy of the Bylaws and Standing Rules with you at

As treasurer taking office, a few simple steps should be followed to make it a
smooth transition as well as lay the groundwork for a successful term.
> Make sure that the books have undergone a financial review before accepting
> Check all files and records received from the retiring treasurer. Ask about any
missing records immediately.
> Become familiar with the duties of the treasurer outlined and any references to
finances and budget in your Bylaws, Standing Rules and job descriptions.
> Attend a treasurers workshop.
> Secure the signatures of new officers authorized to sign checks and file them
with the bank.
> Check on bonding and liability insurance.
> Study the Ohio PTA Legal and Financial Management Handbook.
> Study the National PTA Money Matters Guide on the National PTAs
Cindy Schanz
Ohio PTA Interim Secretary/Treasurer

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Page 7

The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

Supporting Your Childs Education Homework Help Tips

As the new school year begins and our children embark on a new school
year, the dreaded word homework begins its whisper as soon as your
child steps off the bus or drops his/her backpack at the door.
Parents and families play an important role in the homework process.
Together, families can help children develop good study habits and
attitudes that lead to becoming lifelong learners. Remember that your
job is not to do the work for them, but to provide support,
encouragement and ask questions that help them arrive at the answers
Why do teachers give homework? Teachers use homework:
To help students understand and review the work that has been
covered in class.
To see whether students understand the lesson.
To help students learn how to find and use more information on a
To teach responsibility and routine.
Ways of supporting your childs efforts in homework:
Balance other demands on your childs time school activities,
sports, chores with expected time for homework.
Recognize your childs learning style: some students function better
with frequent breaks, some in an active environment, and some in
absolute quiet. Discuss these issues with your child, possibly
experimenting to find the right timing and setting for completing
Encourage your childs resourcefulness and problem-solving skills.
For example, if an assignment has been forgotten, ask questions such
as Is it posted online somewhere? Who could you call from your
class to get it? or Have you searched your whole backpack?
Set up a family routine of healthy eating and sleep habits.
Participate in back-to-school night, parent-teacher conferences, and
open house; and read all communications coming from school.
How much time should my child spend on homework each night? Most
educators agree:
For children in grades K-2, homework is more effective when it does
not exceed 20 minutes each school day
Older children, in grades 3-6, can handle 30-60 minutes a day

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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

For kids in middle and high school, two hours of homework may be
However, homework time and strategies can vary from teacher to
teacher and school to school.
Some things to ask about homework:
Your childs teacher can tell you, usually at back-to-school night, how
much time he or she expects students to spend on homework.
Your childs teacher may have a website or other resource that posts
homework assignments. This allows you to keep on top of any issues
before they become problems.
It is important to know how to handle homework if your child needs
to be absent. Make sure you and your child know and understand this
policy for each class.
For more information, search homework at (Source:
California State PTA, August 2016)

SimplyCircle is proud to be a member benefit provider for Ohio State PTA.

Offering an online platform for all of your PTA communication
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Customer Support
Karen Wolowski, Customer Relationship Manager, is available to answer all
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A Member Benefit Option
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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

As the Director of Communications for Ohio PTA, it is my
responsibility to engage units and councils in exploring, executing,
and actively using social media and other communication tools to
increase membership by promoting the mission of PTA throughout
the state. Know that I am available, as are all Ohio PTA Board
Members, to educate, encourage, and assist PTA leaders as needed.
The Ohio PTA Communications Committee is currently comprised of
five members Elise Skolnick, President Sheila Ragland, Presidentelect Susan Hans, Immediate Past President Lisa Mack, and the
Director of Communications. If you are interested in serving on the
Communications Committee, please email a brief paragraph about
why you would like to join the committee and what skill(s) you will
The Ohio PTA Facebook page provides a wealth of information that
can be shared on unit and/or council FB pages. https://
We have an active Twitter page, so feel free to retweet any of our
Connect with us on LinkedIn and check out our timely information
Follow us on Instagram for our latest activity and event posts.
And subscribe to our Membership Blog for the latest membership
tips, advocacy hot topics, and other important parent news.
I reside in the Northern Ohio area. As part of the District 11 Field
Service Team, I am ready, willing, and able to provide a
communications workshop (and any other workshop) with
reasonable notification. Please utilize the tangible resources
provided to you by Ohio PTA and National
PTA and the human capital available
through Ohio PTA Board Members.
Have a positive, productive PTA school
Venezuela Robinson
Director of Communications

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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

Congratulations to Ohio PTA FSP Award Winners

2015-2016 !!!
Effective family engagement is not a one-time program or the choice of a
good school but rather a set of day-to-day practices, attitudes, beliefs and
interactions that support learning at home, at school, afterschool and during
the summer. The FSP award was developed to measure sustained effort of
engagement over a course of the year through the participation of activities
that are directly related to the National Standards of Family Engagement:
1. Welcoming All Families
2. Communicating Effectively
3. Supporting Student Success
4. Speaking for every child
5. Sharing Power
6. Collaborating with the Community
At the Ohio PTA Convention we recognized the largest number of recipients
to date. Congratulations to the following awardees:
*Jennifer Babcock*Joanna Barnard*Ellen Bertrand*Sharon Bomba*Kelly
Bowser*Debra Bush*Julie Clum*Becky Conroy*Lisa Cormack*Becky
Cozzens*Molly Darnell*Shana Devouchek*Meg DiFilippo*Lesa Droe*Claudia
Ferrini*Katherine Fidler*Amy Havelka*Kayla Johnson*Amelia Kaylor*Karen
Keyser*Tracy Knierim*Kerrie Kruichuk*Mark Kurz*Nicole Linden*Lori Long*Heather
Losneck*Lisa MacAleese*Jill Mader*Mark Miller*Allison Nicholson*Barbara
O'Callahan*Denise Olszewski*Rachel O'Malley*Delicia Ostrowski*Kristie
Patton*Amy Pendleton*Jen Petrasek*Robert Ragland, Jr.*Linda Read*Cynthia
Rossman*Michelle Saluja*Phyllis Scalzo*Holly Schafer*Julie Shaffer*Ann
Simon*Rong Song*Susan Strandberg*Deb Trebisky*Laura Ulmenstine*Candice
Utterback*Patricia Voisinet*Andi Whitaker*Kellie Williams*Joe Young*Leslie
Ziegler*Heather Zirke*
*Jackie Arendt*Crystal Beck*Judy Calloway*Lisa Catalano*Heather Ekechi*Michelle
Hilcu*Jennifer Marsh*Beth Pace*Joy Lotts*Stephanie Procter*Robert Ragland Sr.*
Alison Rees*Tandra Rutledge*Cindy Schanz*Lauren Suter*Kelly Walker*Lisa


*Michell Adam*Pamela Bonnett*Christa Cook*Sandra Graham*Jeanne GroetzShockling*Amy Krogh*Maria Lang*Lisa Mack*Emily Ortalano*Dana Paul*Sheila
Ragland*Angela Revay*Kristin Saban*Shari Schrembeck*Marla Speeth

To get started on next years award, see & download form.
Pam Bonnett
Director of FSP


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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

Health, Welfare & Safety (HWS) in Your PTA

As we know, PTA is the oldest and largest child advocacy association, committed
to improving the education, health and safety of all children. So when you think of
health, welfare and safety, what comes to mind? The span of topics is broad and
may include any of the following:
healthy eating
physical activity
substance use prevention
digital and online safety
allergies, asthma and other medical conditions
Think about how these topics and many others relate to your school, district,
community and beyond.
So, how does PTA fit in?
First, does your PTA unit/council have a HWS Chair? Or maybe a committee
focused on student and school wellness? If not, these are great starting points for
PTAs to get involved in working towards a healthy future. Engage your parents
and school staff to review current HWS-related activities, events and policies.
Which ones are seeing positive results? Where is there room for improvement?
What are some new ideas and initiatives to explore?
Put those thoughts into action! Consider inviting a speaker to a PTA meeting, such
as a firefighter who can provide fire safety tips to families. Sponsor a fun run,
collaborate with community groups to host a health fair, or coordinate a workshop
on teen driving. Keep members up-to-date by communicating health and safety
information at PTA meetings, in newsletters and on web/social media sites.
Everyone can benefit from helpful reminders about good hand washing practices
during flu season!
Be sure to check out the Ohio PTA website at The Health,
Welfare, Safety tab can be found under "Programs. The Health, Welfare and
Safety Handbook, a useful tool to get you started or to improve what you are
already doing, is located under "PTA Resources. Here youll find additional ideas
and programs, including those through National PTA and from Ohio PTAs state
partner groups.
Lastly, share your stories with Ohio PTA at Wed love to hear
from you! Your experience may be featured in a future newsletter article or
workshop. We can learn so much from each other, and together, well make a
greater impact on the well-being of children and youth everywhere.
Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy school year!
Lisa Catalano
Director of Health, Welfare & Safety
Advertising in this newsletter does not imply endorsement by Ohio PTA

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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

LOOK at the BACK of the BALLOT!

According to the Ohio Secretary of States website, voters throughout Ohio in the
November 2016 election will elect:
Electors for President and Vice President
U.S. Senator (1)
Representatives to Congress (all 16 districts)
State senators (even-numbered districts)
State representatives (all 99 districts)
County commissioners (2 each to full terms)
County coroner
County engineer
County prosecutor
County recorder
County sheriff
County treasurer
Justices of the Ohio Supreme Court
Court of appeals judges
Common pleas court judges
County court judges
County clerk of courts
Members of state board of education (some districts)
Members of state and county central committees of political parties
As you know, PTAs as 501(c)3 non-profit organizations cannot endorse or
campaign on behalf of any individuals on the ballot. However, each unit can vote to
endorse specific issues and hold non-partisan voter information evenings on
candidates and issues.
Many school districts will have operating levies and/or capital improvement bonds
on the upcoming ballot. Where are they on the ballot? They will be one of the last
items on a possibly lengthy list of ballot questions. Ohio PTA members should
actively advocate within their districts to educate voters on local issues and ballot
language. Visit National PTAs website for election guides:
Also, National PTA has partnered with Nonprofit Vote to promote National Voter
Registration Day on September 27, 2016. Units should use this day to highlight the
importance of voter registration and voting. The more PTA members who register
and vote; the more visible PTAs mission and values are to legislators and local
Finally, on November 1, 2016 Every Kid Votes through Studies Weekly will be
holding a mock election. There are a series of weekly classroom lessons leading up
to Election Day.
Unit and council presidents will be receiving an email outlining information on this
and Ohio PTA encourages all schools to participate in it!
Jackie Arendt
Interim Director of Advocacy
Advertising in this newsletter does not imply endorsement by Ohio PTA

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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

You are cordially invited to the 2nd Annual

Ohio District 10 PTA Conference

at Nationwide Arena on Sunday, October 2 nd, 2016

at 12 PM!

Check-in begins at 11:30 AM

Leadership Training 12:00-2:45 PM
No-cost Blue Jackets Educational Programs
2:45-2:55 PM
Columbus Blue Jackets Fundraising Program
2:55-3:05 PM
EverFi Future Goals Hockey Scholars
3:05-3:25 PM
Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Pittsburgh

EverFi will be a feature speaker at this conference to discuss a tool

for implementing STEM curriculum in schools.
Sign-up by going to the and click Register Here!
Questions? Please contact Leah Cover, Group Event Specialist
at 614-246-3976 or

Advertising in this newsletter does not imply endorsement by Ohio PTA

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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

Ohio PTA and You.The Sky is the Limit!

Welcome everyone! A new school year is upon us and I hope that you have a
Membership Committee in place for your unit along with some campaign ideas to
make your recruitment process stand out! As a state, we ended the 2015-2016 year
with 64,075 PTA members. It is very important to watch that number grow over the
2016-2017 school year. Stay tuned for some surprise incentives during the year!
During the course of your Membership Campaigns, questions may arise from
families or individuals such as, What are the benefits of joining PTA? If I cannot
volunteer, can I still join? Below is a short list of questions and responses to help
you present your case for why joining PTA is so important each year.
Why should I join PTA?
PTA allows you to:
Help create new student programs in your building
Connect with other parents
Have your voice heard and stay informed
Makes your school a better place for students to learn and grow
If I cannot volunteer, can I still join?
YES! You do not have to volunteer to be a member of PTA. By joining PTA
you show that you support the programs and family events that your unit offers
to students of your building. You also show that you support the education and
well-being of all children and are lending your voice to advocate for all
Does my membership expire?
Yes, each person needs to renew his or her membership each school year.
Be prepared to explain where the cost of your membership goes and to differentiate
what your unit provides to families. You are going to be asked questions from all
audiences; parents, grandparents, community members, etc. Try to keep the
responses personal to each audience as to how they can help benefit PTA with their
support and/or time. Emphasize the sense of community and family engagement
PTA brings. Do not forget about the T in PTA. Contact Teachers and Staff to join
your PTA units and to help you recruit members. Meet with your Principal to make
sure that you have a strong working relationship in your building and that he or she
understands your goals for the students this year.
Please remember that at the annual Ohio PTA Convention in April, a dues increase
was passed. This now means that the portion of dues sent in to Ohio PTA to cover
Ohio and National PTA dues is $4.75 per member. Should you have any questions
about the amount, please do not hesitate to contact me! Please consider joining our
monthly Membership Conference Calls as we exchange ideas about different topics
each month. Dates and times are listed at Your input is always
appreciated so please let me know if there are specific topics you would like to
discuss. Thank you all in advance for the time and commitment to strengthening
your units and your membership!
Angela Revay
Director of Membership
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The Ohio PTA Voice

September 2016

Ohio PTA Supports Ohios College and Career

Readiness Standards
We dont know what the jobs of tomorrow will be, but we do know our future
depends on a strong workforce and todays schools must prepare our kids to be
part of it.
Ohios College and Career Readiness Standards mean:
Deeper, richer, more relevant instruction for your child
Clearly defined learning goals for each grade level that build from year to year
A focus on key knowledge and skills, including communication, collaboration,
critical thinking and creativity.
Ohios College and Career Readiness Standards matter because:
Theyre part of an overall update to the way our schools ensure all students
achieve including more professional development opportunities for teachers,
updated instructional materials and technology, and more useful assessments.
They provide all students with hands-on experiences and opportunities to
experiment and try new approaches.
They help prepare your child, and every child, to navigate a fast-paced, superconnected changing world.
Did you know that PTA has free resources to help you support your childs
A. The PTAs Parents Guide to Student Success is available in two languages
(English and Spanish). The guides, written for each grade level, include highlights
of the standards, ideas to support learning at home and questions to ask your
childs teacher.
B. An updated guide to explain the new Ohio State Assessment Tests, available to
help parents understand the need for aligned tests for Ohios Career and College
Readiness Standards.
Both the Parents Guides and Ohios State Assessment Guide are available online
at and

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The Ohio PTA Voice

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September 2016

The Ohio PTA Voice

Page 17

September 2016

Your PTA Board of Directors




Interim-Jackie Arendt

Jeanne Groetz-Shockling

Pam Bonnett

Bylaws & SRules

Cindy Schanz
330 329-6335

Jackie Arendt

Lisa Catalano

Venezuela Robinson

Linda Read

Angela Revay

District 3
Lois Monroe

District 11
Debbie Tidwell

District 17
Carol Beasley

District 7
Dana Paul

District 12
Maria Lang

District 18
Shannon Weber

District 10
Terry Hickey

District 13
Rebecca Gawsyszawski

Sue Owen
Jeri Gookin

Sheila Ragland
Susan Hans
VP Leadership
Interim-Venezuela Robinson
VP Field Service
Lisa Weaver
Interim-Cindy Schanz

Immediate Past President
Lisa Mack

Vacant Advisor Positions: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 19. Vacancy: Director of Advocacy

If anyone is interested in serving on the Ohio PTA Board of Directors, contact Venezuela Robinson at Job descriptions and an application are posted on the Ohio PTA website.
Advertising in this newsletter does not imply endorsement by Ohio PTA