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As you've all noticed, the title of this page is Benevolent Magic. Benevolent Magic is intended to
provide a means by which you can alter your physical reality into being more pleasant.
How does this happen? Is this something mental?
No, not at all. It is literally a request. There are Beings that interact with the physical world here
that are totally benevolent. Sometimes they are called Angels. Sometimes they are called Gold
Light Beings because when seen they always both emanate gold light and white light or they
appear themselves to be of gold light usually with some white light and occasionally other colors
as well.
When you say Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer these are the Beings that make the connections
between all Souls of all Beings whether they be human beings, animals, plants, planets, rock,
anything in order to bring about co-operation. There is no forcing.
There is always and only a gentle contact to your Soul whether you are awake or asleep
requesting, "Are you comfortable with this slight alteration" because all Souls of all Beings must
co-operate for you to receive exactly what you ask for.
Now sometimes you will receive only a portion of what you ask for because all Souls are not in
agreement at that moment but some are, so you may receive a portion or another possibility is
that the Souls will come into co-operation over time as they continue to pursue their own lives
and their own needs and as they achieve various needs, thus they will provide permission for what
you have asked for - you see.
This is why a Benevolent Magic may take time to come to fulfillment or Living Prayer for that
I wanted to let you know some of the fundamentals of how this works so that you will not become
enamored with the idea that this is a thought process.
It is not that only, though certainly thought has something to do with it.
You think about what is necessary for your life or what you need or what you would like to see
occur for the world and its population yes, but then also there is a certain amount of inspiration
involved too and inspiration is supported by Creator and acted on by your Soul and interaction
with your Angels or Spirits or Guides, whatever you wish to call them, and thus comes the
inspiration for the exact words for the Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer but if the inspiration is
not present then you think about it only and come up with something you'd like to say in that
Now many of you feel that this is something that is so spiritual it ought to only be said for very
important things and while I appreciate that reverence towards this capacity of Creation, which is
what it is - Creator wants you to learn this now, as I've been taught, it is also a means by which
you can literally yes, change your life but also coordinate your Being - your Soul, your physical
body, your feelings, your Spirit yes, all of you with all other Souls in the most benevolent way
because of the intermediaries working for you and with you and as I've said the intermediaries are
Angels, also known as Gold Light Beings. I hope this has cleared up some points.
So it's important for you to know than, that it's perfectly all right to ask for Benevolent Magic in

simple day to day situations as well. It does not have to be only a circumstance that is life
changing or major as you might say.
It is perfectly all right to ask a Benevolent Magic for something ordinary and every day, as you
might say, something that would give you stress but note that sometimes what is resolved is not
exactly what you've asked for - so allow for that.
Build in a certain latitude in the wording of your Benevolent Magic request or Living Prayer so that
the most benevolent outcome can take place because the most benevolent outcome isn't always
exactly what you asked for.
Sometimes the Angels, or Gold Light Beings, feel that something slightly different would be better
and that's why you request the Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer in the word format we've
suggested because it does allow for that latitude.
So, I thought it might be useful to let you know more about how this works so you do not become
locked into the idea that this is something where you're just saying words.
It is words yes, but it is much, much more.
It is my intention with this web page, Benevolent Magic, to help you to move gracefully and
graciously towards your spiritual destiny to achieve our ultimate spiritual outcome here on this
planet which is benevolence for all Beings.
Goodlife and goodnight.


Now it is time to continue your education on gently influencing the weather and you understand
that the reason I refer to this as gently influencing the weather is that in order for you to interact
with Mother Earth you must get into the state of mind and feelings that you are a portion of
Mother Earth for that is the way she feels about us, I believe.
After all our bodies are largely made up of Mother Earth besides other that we know about.
So - today I'm going to talk about drought. I have spoken about this once before but I want to
speak about it a little more.
As you've noticed, those of you who follow the news or just live in places that are affected by
weather changes, there are changes on the planet.
I believe that some of this simply has to do with the fact that there are so many people living here
now that we require different resources.
I know that one way to look at the melting of the ice caps and the glaciers is to say that there is
something terrible going on. I don't look at it that way.
I feel that Mother Earth knows that we're going to need more water now for our own purposes
and we may need more in the future because of the changes and the evolutions in technology not the least of which is technology that can break down water into its component parts in order
to "burn" it. I feel that this is a very unfortunate development in technology because while we
may feel we have vast amounts of water there is really only so much.
Nevertheless, I am not here to condemn anyone. Let's talk a bit about drought.
In order to welcome rain one must have a benevolent relationship with the sky.
We know that rain comes from the sky and if you've been studying the posts on tornados and
hurricanes you've noted many things I've said about the sky.
Today let's move your relationship along a bit more with the sky.
I'd like you to learn how to do something and that is to welcome the rain physically.
When you have the opportunity I would recommend that - let's say it's raining lightly, not so
heavy a downpour that you can't afford to get wet - alright.
So you go outside, it's raining lightly and raise your right hand towards the sky so that as your
hand goes up that your palm is towards your face or towards the front of your body - you

Then when you raise it you don't have to raise it all the way, just extend it as far up as you can
comfortably. Then start moving your fingers as shown in the video.
(If you're having trouble seeing the video then try this link:
I would recommend for the sake of this homework that you turn - do that for a moment in
whatever direction you're facing - if possible start out facing the north, the west, the south, the
east. You can - if it's not raining where you are and you need rain you see - you can do this.
I would recommend one more thing and that is - try to remember rain as it might have felt falling
on your body and when you reach up with your hand to make that gesture it's as if you're
reaching up and pulling down very slowly. It's important you do this very slowly, that's critical, all
the while moving your fingers and say out loud in whatever language you speak, "Welcome rain"
but when you say that - you're doing all these things simultaneously you understand - when you
say that you must to the best of your ability feel a sense of welcome.
So I would recommend doing this - go outside, stand on the land - I recommend no insulated
shoes - you could wear leather soles if you wish - alright or barefoot would be better but it's up to
you then fill yourself with a feeling of welcome as you might feel if you were welcoming someone
or you felt welcome.
Then raise your arm, make that gesture with your fingers and move in place around in the various
directions or if you prefer just revolve slowly in place counterclockwise - alright - and all the while
feeling and maintaining a feeling of welcome.
Then saying - moving your hand in that way and pumping your arm, as you might say, very gently
- very slowly say, "Welcome rain" - alright.
Now for those of you, as I said, who need rain - okay - and have felt it you can before you start
this and you are working towards that motion but you are welcoming - you understand - getting
into the feeling of welcoming - you can if you wish - try to recall what is was like having the rain
fall on your body but only if it felt good or you can remember it feeling good - then try these
That's your homework. It's a bit lengthy but that's what I recommend.
For those of you who are living in areas where it rains a lot - don't do this - alright.
Now when you have finished your homework outdoors then I recommend that you go back inside
or continue on with your life. This is something to be practiced no more than once a week and try
to do it slowly and gently. That's my recommendation.
If you wish you can add this at the end. When you are done you can close your eyes if the sun is
shining brightly or if not you can have your eyes open - you can look towards the sky and say,
"Thank you and goodlife".
This keeps your relationship with the sky, which is part of Mother Earth on a personal basis.
It is very important to keep it personal and to understand that you are asking someone to bring
the rain and you are welcoming her rain.
Very often in this day and age people like it to be bright and sunny so they can go about and do
their activities but you know - without rain where would we all be. All life needs water.
So, okay - that's what we're going to start with. I may do more on this soon. Goodlife.


As I've said in the past I would like to share with you a means to welcome the sun.
This will be particularly helpful to those of you who are living in areas where there has been an
excessive amount of rain but it can also be used by those of you who simply wish to honor the sun
as an element of life that supports Earth and life here on Earth.
It is not that difficult and might even be enjoyable.
This is what I recommend. The next time you are outside, I think it's best to be outside and when
I say outside I do not necessarily mean that you are out and about in the country or even out in
your own backyard, you can be on a porch though it's best for it to not be covered - in Hawaii that
might be called a lanai - in other places it might have other names or it can be a backyard -

someplace where you are open to the elements, and what you do in the case of welcoming the
sun - you can if you like close your eyes - try not to use dark glasses unless you are very sensitive
to sunlight - that's then alright - then I'd recommend close your eyes and move your face up or
lean back in your chair to where the sun is in the sky - not exactly where the sun is of course
because even then it might be too bright but in the general area - to the left or to the right of the
sun, whichever place feels good for you and just enjoy the suns warmth on your face.
While you are doing that, make an effort to not think so this tells you that given that that is a
normal state of being for people in our time then it might be useful to just attempt to feel the
warmth of the sun on your face, that's all.
If you find yourself thinking, don't get mad at yourself just say: "Okay, let's go back to having no
thought" and focusing only in feeling the warmth on your face and you will of course even with
your eyes closed be able to notice that it is light outside.
Doing this for even thirty seconds will allow you to memorize the feeling of the sun's warmth on
your face. If your arms are bare and the sun is feeling warm on your arms that's alright too.
Thirty seconds, forty five seconds is usually enough - you don't have to time it on a clock - you
can guess. Now after you do that once, maybe twice or three times over a period of about four,
five days that will be enough to memorize that feeling.
Then if you find yourself in a situation where it is raining to an excess, and by that I mean not just
that it's inconvenient for you but rather that there is flooding and that there is urgent need for the
sun to come out, alright, or there is danger - perhaps the levee is getting close to the top because
there's been so much rain in your area - please do not use this if there has not been rain in your
area but there has been rain upstream in the case of a levee, alright, so use your own
discernment when to use it - you can also use it at other times and in other ways but first let me
say what to do.
In the case of too much rain then this is what you do, try to pick a time when it is raining lightly
or in this case if you wish to go outdoors alright, and there is a covered porch, that's alright to do
but it is important to be outside at the very least so it cannot be completely screened in, it be
something where you are outdoors - ideally and the best way to be completely outdoors, nothing
covering your head but if the rain is to hard then you can try doing something under cover or
partial cover.
What to do is even if the rain is striking your face is close your eyes and remember the sun and
the warmth on your face of the sun.
Don't try to remember the warmth on your arms but if it happens to come back that's fine.
Focus only on your face and concentrate only on remembering the warmth of the sun on your face
even though the rain might be striking you on your face, remember to close your eyes.
Do this for about thirty to forty five seconds but if you find that you've been thinking, then stop
and try it again so that you can do it for at least - let's give a minimum of twenty to thirty seconds
of remembering only and feeling to the best of your recollection the sun's warmth on your face.
It's alright to dress warmly in the case of cold rain but your face then needs to be exposed, you
see. So this is all there is to it and go back inside and warm up eh or get in out of the rain.
For those of you who like to understand this, this is what's called welcoming the sun.
You're not commanding the sun.
If you wish - before you go outside but not while you're remembering the sun's warmth on your
face, it's too much to do in that one moment - if you wish you can say the following in a form of
Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer - you can if you like say: "I am asking that the Sun feel
welcome to shine on my house, on me, on my neighborhood, in my place of life and warm and
enrich the Earth with its nurturing light and energy". That's all for the Living Prayer.
You can in the form of Benevolent Magic especially if the situation might be urgent meaning
flooding is a danger or immanent - always be careful though when you go out so you're safe - you
can then if you like before you go out say: "I request that I be safe going out to welcome the Sun
and that the Sun feel welcome as a result of what I am doing and that the emergence of the Sun
remind us that soon we will have the Sun's warmth and the water will recede and we will all feel
safe and comfortable - that this occurs in the most benevolent way for me and results in the most
benevolent outcome":
Now if you wish, you can also use this simply to welcome the sun as a ceremony but to do that it

would be necessary to go outside before the sun comes up, even before first light but if you
choose or if it is running late and there is just a little bit of first light you can still do it.
Just go outside for twenty or thirty seconds - remember that feeling of the sun's warmth on your
face. I hope you enjoyed hearing about welcoming the sun. I feel it is a good thing to do.
Sometime I will explain to you a good way to welcome the moon as well.
Goodlife to you all and Good night.


I want to welcome those of you who've recently started reading this blog.
As you can see, it does not contain rants, though I completely respect others who do that.
It is intended to provide you with methods that can improve the quality of your life.
I encourage you to read it from the beginning as it tends to progress and build upon itself.
And now we will begin for today.
Many of you are alarmed with the state of condition of your country.
Some of you look back and say: "Well, it was better then" but in the times gone by when you
were in the past, most of the time when it was better was simply because you didn't know how it
was other places for other people.
One of the biggest changes in your now time is that the awareness of how it is for other people is
so keen it is almost acute. This has caused a great deal of turbulence and discomfort for many of
you and yet the entire purpose is to remind you that if people are suffering someplace in the world
then you can perhaps do what you can, as best you possibly can yes, to help them. However this
does not always and only mean to contribute goods or even money.
Many's the time that a form of Living Prayer can accomplish that goal.
Living Prayer functions because all souls co-operate simply because it is easy to do so.
Living Prayer is about life. It is about now. It is immediate and it is beneficial.
Say you hear of a disaster in some other part of the world then you might simply say: "I am
asking that all those Beings who need help in (then you fill in that part of the country or world)
receive all the help they need from all those Beings who can help them".
Now why do I say Beings? For one thing "Beings" would be Human Beings, yes but they might
also be animals, they might even be plants, they might even be stone. Everything is alive.
Scientists have pointed out to you all that the atomic structure is in motion - particles are
revolving around other parts of the particles and that has a lot to do with a reminder that
everything is alive. All life is sacred. All was created by Creator and all is equal.
I know it's sometime hard to fathom, the idea that the molecules or even the atoms that make up
your hand or your leg or your heart have a life of their own but they do and they were created by
Creator to be happy to do what they are doing in your body or in the bodies of other Beings - not
to be suffering, not too long to do something else but to be happy to do what they are doing.
Sometimes they will be of long duration in something as the particles or atoms in stone are happy
to be that and enjoy that for such a long time.
Other times they are more adventurous and they are in a plant or part of it you see.
Other times they may like to be travelers so they might be water and of course water is in motion
through your body, in rivers and streams, in the sea, in the air, water is always in motion.
So when we say Beings in the Living Prayer, we are including everyone and there is a reason to
say these things like this. Sometimes what you can do about a circumstance in some far away
part of the world or even in some far away part of the country or perhaps closer in your own
community or even in your own home - what you can do in order to do the best possible even
when you cannot do something directly which often happens, is that you can say a Living Prayer
and the energy associated with that will speak to all souls as all souls must co-operate in order for
the Living Prayer to come to fruition even in part.
Now you realize what I'm suggesting and it's perfectly true. The tiniest particle to the largest
Being - whale, elephant yes, human being, dog, cat, bird, bat, goldfish, microbe, atom - they are

all en-souled. If Creator creates them, Creator can create nothing without it being en-souled.
Never forget that.
Does this mean you cannot eat? No, it doesn't mean that because that which is consumed has
chosen to be a Transformative Being - something that starts out life as say, water.
Goes into say an Apple Tree, nourishes and enriches the tree and winds up for a time in an apple.
Someone picks the apple off the tree and either consumes it right then or sends it to market
where someone buys it and someone eats it and that water that once enriched the tree passes
through your body happily and continues on its way.
When you think about it, it's really such a magnificent creation.
So thank the food that passes through your body, yes but also understand that everything is alive
and you'd be surprised how co-operative everything can be.
So when something happens in the other part of the world or in your part of the world and there
is nothing that you can do beyond what you have done or perhaps you've been unable to do
anything and that's frequently the case, then simply say that Living Prayer about that person,
place or thing and that will be a great blessing and encourage and allow.
You know, you might think: "Well, I am just one person. What can I do? What impact will my
Living Prayer have?" but think how many times you have asked somebody for something small.
"Oh can you open the door for me?" because you have things that you are carrying and they say,
"Sure" and they open the door and there's other times when you ask people to do something for
you and very often they will do so.
Living Prayer is a lot like that. You say it and there's an energy that passes through you.
Some of you will feel it and that energy has to do with the energy of blessing and creation and the
creation has everything to do with Creator as you are created by Creator as well and when that
happens, every little portion of everything which is all en-souled responds if they can.
Sometimes you might say to a group of people: "Oh, can you open the door for me? My hands I've got lots of packages" and there might be five or ten people there and one steps over because
they can open the door for you. "Oh, thank you" you say and they say: "You're welcome."
So not every Being, when you say a Living Prayer will be able to respond but many will and
perhaps it will be enough for at least a partial fulfillment of what you are asking for.
Always ask, in a Living Prayer for something that's as benevolent as you can imagine.
Don't ask for harm, it will not happen and ask for what you need or for what you believe others
need. Make it as benevolent as possible and then, perhaps you will find out that good things
happened or perhaps you will never know but you'll be surprised at the satisfaction you feel for
having said that Living Prayer because you have said "Help" for someone else and someone might
just open the door and that's as a result of the accumulated request to the souls of all Beings.
All souls when asked in the most benevolent way will respond.
Some will simply not be able to do what is requested because they are doing other things but
some will respond and it might be enough to at least partially provide what you are asking for.
Give it a try if you like.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


There is an issue going on now that you can help with. Its been a while since Ive given some
True Magic but I feel this is the time.
On this planet there is a sense of urgency by the planet itself and when a physical planet feels a
sense of urgency - in this case because of all of the drilling and so on going on and toxic waste
being shoved inside Earth in places where it shouldnt be, either being dumped or in the case of
fracking to create a way to get the product they want but its really really very toxic - then the
planet gets to feeling urgent that she has to do something urgent to do something about it which
is why very often in places where theres a tremendous amount of fracking going on its raining a
lot - unseasonably so. So, if youre living around there thats why.

So I want to give those of you who are doing the advanced work, True Magic, something to do to
First go out on the land where you do these things.
Then when you stand in that particular spot, make one complete rotation and end up facing
whatever direction feels best to you - okay, this is the next level of the True Magic.
Then where ever you are facing raise your arms up pointed in whatever way feels right to you but
over your head and say these words: I am asking that Mother Earth receives all the support she
needs from planets, suns and galaxies that are compatible with her.
Hold that position for about 30 seconds - dont check a watch or a clock, just make your best
guess and dont count - you want to stay focused on what you requested for Mother Earth.
Then lower your arms to your sides slowly and make 1 more complete rotation and end up facing
the direction that you were when you stopped originally.
Then look down at the ground for, you know, 10 seconds or so then up in the sky for as long as
feels right.
Then make 1 more complete rotation to the left. Then take 6 side steps to the left.
Then rotating to the left turn until you are facing the direction you need to go and walk on with
your life. Thank you for participating, those of you who are doing these things that may help.


Very often when doing different forms of Magic, True Magic, Living Prayer, Benevolent Magic and
so on there are words to say in preparation.
These are the words I most often recommend you say: "I am asking for all the most benevolent
energies that are available for me to be all around me and all about me now."
Sometimes we say it this way: "I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are
available for me now be all around me and all about me now".
And sometimes we even say it this way: "I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that
are available for me now be all around me and all about me."
You can use any version of this but only one of them any time you are going to do something that
needs such energies.
You don't have to use the same version every time, use the version that feels best to you.
If - before, during or after you feel energy come up strongly when preparing to say these words or
in the midst of saying them, pause for a moment until the energy fades a little bit but does not go
away completely.
These are those energies - benevolent beings of light and so on that are coming to support what
you are going to do. So you want to welcome them.
That's why it's important not to rush on and say all the words or they will not be as involved as
they might be if you wait for the energy to fade a bit.
When it fades a bit that is almost like them saying - okay, you can continue.



Grandfather provides an update on Earth changes and transformation and the transformation*
you can do to make it more comfortable and safe and benevolent** for you now.
As always, do this work in a place where you have the least distraction.
No ringers on your phone and no beeps or boops from the phone either. No sound at all if you can
help it.
Feel free to use ear plugs if you need to. This way you can concentrate on what you are doing.
So obviously, if youre in a car, pull over and park someplace quiet. Alright? Goodlife.

*My Usual Procedures:

Here is more about True Magic and also procedures to do it that I recommend:
Know that as a general rule of thumb, as people say, it's important to care about that which you
are performing true magic for. This way you do not have any inner conflicts or feelings in conflict
in your body with that which you are attempting to do. This could not only cause you to feel
uncomfortable but it would generally impact the true magic so much that it may not do any good.
This is what I recommend.
Go outside if you can and as always try not to wear shoes that are insulating you* - keeping your
energy, you understand, from moving into the ground.
If you need to wear shoes try to wear something that is made of a natural fiber - even leather,
that's fine but not plastic or rubber - not an insulating material.
Then go out on the land someplace.
And remember - always to go someplace where you feel safe including your own backyard if that
is a place to feel safe but if you go out in the country or someplace else always do these things
someplace where you have permission - that's important - so that you can feel safe and so that
those who may have some claim to the land upon which you are standing will be comfortable with
your presence.
It's always good to do true magic in a place where there is no conflict - outer or inner.
This way it is more likely to work in the most benevolent way.
You can of course wear insulating shoes to get there if you have to drive there or have to go in a
vehicle of some sort but once you get there put on non-insulating shoes or go barefoot if you feel
comfortable there and then stand out on the land.
*If it is cold where you are then wear what you must and when you say the words or make the
motions do it slower and a little longer in the way that feels good to you.
Those of you who've been doing this for a while will know how long to do things.
If you are relatively new to it then hold each position perhaps an extra 30 seconds and when
you're saying the words say them slowly. That will help if you're wearing insulating shoes.
----------------------------------------------------------------We face north because that is the direction where creation takes place and it is also the direction
where the manifestation of what we are attempting to create begins to take place in our outer
world as well as in our inner world.
----------------------------------------------------------------We turn to the left because that's the way the Earth turns and manifestation is then most likely to
FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2015

Now, I want to give you something you can use today to improve the quality of your life at times.
Sometimes it will make a difference, other times you wont notice anything.
The purpose of this is to create a temporary elixir which is a supportive drink to bring about a
general improvement in your well-being.
It may affect your health in some good way, it may affect your good luck in some way, and it may
affect something else for you.
Sometimes it will be subtle, other times it will be more pronounced but the whole point is to bring
about the more benevolent state of being for you not only in what you feel but in what you do.
So, this is what to do.
You can do this once a day or you can do it once a week in a different way.
Ill give you the once a day form first.
Take a glass of water but it is to be a small glass or it can be a cup, thats fine also and put in, you
know, maybe about 2 or 3 swallows of water. So, those of you who are precise you can put in 2 or
3 ounces of water but you dont have to be precise.
Just figure whatever 2 or 3 swallows of water would be for you.

Then say this: I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me be all
around me and all about me now. Be holding the glass of water when you say that.
Then say, after pausing for a minute or until you feel the energy come up, then say: I am asking
that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with
gold light beings come now and infuse this water with their energy in the most benevolent way for
me now.
If you feel the energy come up just wait until it begins to fade just a little bit but its still strong,
then drink the water down.
If you do not feel the energy come up but you still feel alright then sip the water until its gone.
If you do not feel comfortable at all put the water down and do it some other time or pass on this
- dont do it at all.
It means its not meant for you at this time or meant to do another time in another way.
Now, heres the way to do it once a week.
You say the preamble first then - and for some of you wont need to do the preamble because the
energy will just come up, so anytime you have that capability you dont have to say the preamble
anymore - then youre going to take a full glass of water which can be anywhere from 8 to 12
ounces, for example, you dont have to measure it, just put it into a glass thats that big and then
say: I am asking that gold light beings come now and infuse their energy or transform the
energy of this water so that it has the qualities of gold light and the energy of same.
Then picturing gold light in the water, or for some of you, you might see it there, drink it.
Try to drink it all at once but if you cannot then you will have to stay focused on seeing the gold
light in the water until you can complete it. Do not do anything else in between.
So if it takes you a few minutes, have the rings off on the phone. Be focused only on that.
For those of you who can do it this way it wont be any different in its results, as stated earlier the
other way but it can help you to work on your concentration to be able to do one thing in a very
focused manner and that will help your overall work in this general field.
And what, you might ask, is this general field?
This general field is the transformation of all things to being their most benevolent way of being.


I want to share something with you today.
There is an issue that effects some of you and may affect more of you as time goes on.
It is in the nature of sensitivity, and some of you are Sensitives now, that you may at times know
something or have a vision that something may happen.
The issue is this.
Sometimes you will get a vague uncomfortable feeling about speaking of these matters - even
though you know you must - even if your vision, if frightening, could alarm some peoples.
Always remember this: Knowing something could happen, might happen or will happen before the
fact does not mean you caused it.
This is a real issue that comes up sometimes for Sensitives, Visionaries, and Psychics - yes you
too. It can come up at times for Mystics.
And even occasionally for Teachers and other members of the social science community.
Your visions or your perceptions when revealed are intended to influence* but not to make these
things happen, if frightening.
Rather, to stimulate spiritually and in other ways to bring about a more benevolent outcome.
So share and be of good cheer.
Everyone is gradually moving towards a capacity to be more sensitive to each other, to themselves
and in ways that will bring about, ultimately, a more benevolent world.
*All people are very much more spiritually creative now and can literally cause change in a
frightening vision or prediction with a surge of energy and feeling or their own spiritual practices
so their knowing about your vision can support transformation of this possibility even if it is a
probability. Such transformation may soften the affects or even may transform the whole situation
so it doesnt happen.

Granted, sometimes it is not always good to share your visions, so do so only if you feel moved to
do so.

It's time now to further your education. Some things have been spoken about, written about and
even movies and theatre productions fictionalized but the word telekinesis meaning - to move
something without touching it - is real. It is not a trick though Illusionists have turned it into one
for the sake of entertainment.
It was always and only designed to help others, to serve, to - yes - rescue and to assist.
While I'm not going to teach you how to do it here as it is something that primarily has to do with
an absolute devotion and dedication to being in service to others and the desire to have loving
spirit support and natural energies from earth support, it is ultimately something that comes upon
you that you can do.
And here for starters I want to say - If you can do this please do it only to help and to be of
service in the most benevolent way.
And don't be too shy to let others know - not necessarily by saying out loud - I can do this, I can
do that but to let others who need the help know that it can be done.
Many a quiet place where there is quicksand - someone has happened across them and having no
other object has been able to help the person through the use of drawing them out of the sand.
I am not saying that this happens often but it has happened many times and in the past before
there was radio and television and smart phones and all of that there was a quiet spoken word
that if someone needed help then call on this person, call on that person and this is still known in
various places around the world.
I have been privileged on more than one occasion to help out in such a way, not with quicksand,
usually to support life in some way that would involve motion.
Moving up, moving forward, moving this way, moving that way and someday I will tell you more
about these things though I have begun to speak of it a little bit here on these blogs.
I will just allude to one thing that occurred many years ago when living in Arizona.
One day out by a small airport I saw a plane flying overhead. Nothing to think about really - a
small plane, single engine and the person apparently having fun it being a summertime.
I was thinking: "Oh, he's doing aerobatics." Rolling the plane and doing things like that.
There were no other planes nearby so apparently he felt it was alright.
Then he was flying not far from my car where I was parked. I was parked in a quiet place that had
a small but big enough parking lot for oh perhaps 40 cars if it was to be crowded.
All of a sudden the plane is flying directly towards me and at a steep angle and it is getting so
close that I can see the pilot and he's speaking in an excited way into the microphone and he's
getting so close now I can see that his eyes are wide. There is something wrong with the plane.
Suddenly I feel a surge of energy at the top of my head and raise my right palm up and feel some
slight resistance, so I know to push up.
And the plane coming in at a very steep angle, 45 degrees.
It is almost in contact with the parking lot and suddenly does something that I cannot explain.
I felt it was as if there was a flash of light because there was a moment of not seeing, just a split
second - and in that split second instead of the plane crashing into the pavement which by all
scientific expectations it would have done - meaning it did not look possible for anything else to
happen - suddenly the plane is going up at the same angle it was coming down.
I felt another volume of energy pass through me and there was a strong heat in my chest and
abdomen which I identify with the feeling of love and I felt spirit nearby.
The small plane made a long slow turn over the airfield. It just had one landing strip where planes
would land or take off - just one - and it made a gentle landing.
I didn't go over and talk to the pilot.
I thought he might have enough on his mind and perhaps would be calling friends and relatives
and maybe even paying a visit to church or to some other place to give thanks.
I drove away from the airport feeling like I had been blessed.

Yes, I had been blessed because I was able to serve in a way that was totally unexpected and that
I was certain that at least one life had been spared.
If you have thoughts like this and are not looking for pats on the back and vain gloriousness then
keep spiritual practices and that which I teach here in mind. It is not typical to ever be known
doing work like this but it is something that happens from time to time.
I have chosen to speak to you about these matters but this is because I am getting older and I do
not have too many students. I just have a few.
Enough though and therefore I've chosen to share a few things with you here - not necessarily
this time teaching about how to do it but with certain landmarks to recognize it.
Don't try it before you know that it works but if you're ever around a situation where it's clear that
there's going to be harm or hurt or people are in great need or animals then you can try
something only if you feel the rush*, only if you feel that spirit energy that comes with that
warmth, that love or that knowing that it is there to serve in the most benevolent way.


Learn now - your body knows how to do this but you will have to co-ordinate your bodies wisdom
with your mind - learn now to Touch Walk. You can do this.
Touch Walking will help you to find your way in life, to feel the Earth under your feet and to know
many times - do I go this way or do I go that way. What is the best way for me to go?
Where are my opportunities? What is my physical path that is the most benevolent for me?


There has been a request and I will address that over the next couple of postings here.
For today I'd like to suggest a way for you to experience, if you like, a change in your experience
of your body and thats that many of you have shown some interest and I know more of you also
have that interest in communicating with life forms other than human beings - plants, animals,
Earth, elements - and that can be done.
In my experience I have discovered that one of the ways that is most benevolent to begin is to
first become physically aware of your own body.
What I recommend for starters is that you take either hand or both hands - place your palms on
your chest and just allow yourself to feel not only yourself - your hands yes - touching your chest
without moving, just laying there but also go into your chest and feel your hands touching your
chest - you see. That's an important transition.
Then remain in your chest and if you're left handed use your left arm, if youre right handed use
your right arm - then migrate inside your body - feeling your body on the inside you see - and
move your shoulder around.
You can lie down or sit down when you're doing this or if you prefer you can stand up.
Move your shoulder around and while you're moving it, feel your shoulder from the inside just the
same way you felt your hands touching your chest - meaning you felt something on your chest you understand.
After you move your shoulder around a bit and feel on the inside of your shoulder then move your
shoulder feeling gradually down your arm and move your elbow around a bit and feel your elbow
from the inside out if you can. Be conscious of your arm, you see.
Then move your sense of feeling down your arm to your wrist and move your hand around a little
bit at the wrist - being inside and on the surface is fine too - of your wrist.
Then move your consciousness - your feeling yes, inside your hand - you see - and move your
fingers around a little bit.
The next thing I want you to do - and it would be good to have done this beforehand and that is
to have an object near you. I recommend a piece of wood. For those of you who do not simply
have a piece of wood there, it is fine to use a table or a chair but I strongly recommend that it be
a table or a chair without any metal in it. This would suggest perhaps an antique or something old

but for those of you who do not have that, then even a hardy stick would do - something wood
you see.
So then what you do after being in your hand yes, and moving your fingers around - you could
feel your hand yes - then I want you to touch the piece of wood and continue - you're going to
stay in your body - but continue your extension of feeling into the wood so that the wood actually
is part of your physical body in that sense.
You move into the wood while staying in your body because you need your sense of touch you
see, and you're in the wood. Notice the change of density.
You have been in your physical body and you have felt quite naturally your physical body the way
it feels but when you touch the wood and you extend into the wood you may notice a change of
density. That's what I'm looking for - see.
Now if you just have a twig or a stick you can try this again sometime with some larger piece of
wood if you want to but you don't have to - and you can even touch some piece of wood around
the house and see if it feels alright.
There are some pieces of modern furniture or objects that do not have nails or metal in them.
Now there is nothing wrong with metal but I feel that it is better to do this with wood at this time
and I'll explain more next time. That's your homework for this stage for those of you who'd like to
begin conscious awareness and communion with other species.
FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2009


Do you know that there is an awakening going on in people around you? It's not always obvious is
it because you do not see them, most of them, when they are just waking up.
Have you noticed how sometimes when you wake up that there is a disorientation because you've
been dreaming and the world of dream which is another world altogether and then you're waking
up and there is a moment when you don't know who you are or where you are.
It is very much like that around you now.
If you live with others you sometimes have the opportunity to see them in those moments and
while you may be amused and being able to identify with those moments in yourself, and perhaps
you all laugh about it, there are vast many others - the people in your neighborhood, the people
you meet and many people all over the Earth whom you don't meet.
This waking up situation in the moments of confusion is happening now all over the planet.
This is why many people that you will meet will momentarily seem to be so distracted.
Not just because they are thinking or doing something but at other moments.
For those of you who live in cities this might be something that happens in an elevator or it might
be something that happens at a bus stop. For those that live in the country it might be a situation
where you come upon a person who appears to be thinking about something but who may be
momentarily having a situation where they have forgotten why they are going somewhere, what
they are going to do and the purpose for their being where they are in that moment.
It doesn't mean that they are crazy, alright? Many of you can identify with this right now.
It's almost like a secret isn't it? You get up to go into another room to get something and you
promptly forget why you went in there.
This isn't something that happens only to the old, it's happening to people all over the planet.
This is because identity is in a bubble right now and very often your personal identity - who you
are, what you want, where you're going, why you're there is in a bubble that you get up and leave
when you go from where you are just a short distance away.
It's as if the bubble suddenly remembers: "Oh, I must go with my being" and rushes to meet you
and you may remember why you're in that other place or you may not.
This is actually part of the waking up phenomena.
Waking up is not about sleep and the waking world. Waking up in this sense means you are
beginning to remember who you really are and where you are really from and what you are really
doing on Earth and how long you will stay on Earth and what you will do on Earth.

You will find that within the next 20 years this phenomena happens so much to so many people it
becomes a regular subject of discussion.
Doctors and scientists will move past the point of identifying it as forgetfulness into simply saying
it's a phenomena, we don't know what it means - alright?
So I feel duty bound to reveal to you that what it means is simply you are waking up and it is a
passageway. So what to do about that? More next time.


Now last time I spoke about waking up. This is what to do when you begin to have that
phenomena I spoke about last time - alright?
First it's very important to begin to use your other hands and your other fingers.
I'm sure you don't know what I'm talking about but the fingers* on your feet have the great
capacity to connect you to the Earth in a moment to moment basis.
So, for everyone who can walk about safely and comfortably and even for those of you who must
use canes or crutches to walk about it is of great value to walk about on the Earth barefoot.
Not just because you can, as a child might run out in the grass and enjoy the feeling of the grass
on their feet which is very good, but also because you can shift your sense of touch - or expand it
is another way you might look at it - so that your body is very sensitive.
How to do that?
Begin in a simple way. Many of you will have tender feet because you're not used to walking
around on the earth or having your bare feet touch the grass or the sand or the dirt or the
ground. First find a place where it's safe to do that - someplace in the shade or someplace cool so
you won't get injured - preferably not on stone or concrete but if that's all there is available then
make sure that it is cool.
Reach down and touch it - alright - or ask someone else that is with you and doing this with you if
you cannot bend over easily and have them check.
As a last resort wash it down but I think it's better to just find it in the shade.
Then if you're walking on the ground or the sand that's where you'll be.
Bring an object with you however - something with contour. Something that has form and shape
and it isn't something that is breakable or something that you couldn't live without - alright? It
could be anything - perhaps a plastic bottle with the cap attached - alright? Something like that.
Something you can afford to lose - meaning if you forget about it and it's left there for a time it
wouldn't be a problem.
You can be standing or sitting whatever you wish to do - if you're in a back yard that's fine and
make sure that it's safe for you to walk around that yard first of course - scan about.
Pick up the bottle and close your eyes and move it around in your hands touching it, you see.
Getting used to the sense of touch.
Of course you know how to do that but this is to remind your body that this is what you're doing.
You're not just thinking and moving, you're feeling and moving. There's a little difference there.
Then you can open your eyes and put the bottle down on a table or whatever you have.
Then get up, you're barefoot you understand, and step out onto the lawn or onto the dirt or onto
the sand or wherever you're stepping onto and touch whatever you're stepping on.
Now naturally if you were walking barefoot without having done so very much you'd be very
conscious of what's under you but you'd be nervous because your feet are tender.
So it's alright to pay attention to what you're stepping on and you will notice a heightened sense
of your physical awareness.
So move your feet in such a way as your forefoot and your toes are coming down first and then
you can bring your heel down. This is just exactly the way you touched the bottle or whatever
object. You picked it up and you felt it with your fingers.
So you're going to do the same thing feeling the ground with your foot fingers - or your toes eh?
Reach the ground and touch with your toes and move slowly. You can pay attention to where
you're putting your feet. Move around on the lawn or move around on the dirt or on the sand -

wherever you're walking paying attention to putting your toes down first and the ball of your foot
down first.
Your foot is actually meant to do that. It seems like it's meant to put your heel down first but
that's not true. It's meant to put your toes and the ball of your foot down first.
That's why you have those muscles there.
Your physical body has been built - created alright - provided to you by Creator in its form and
also created by Mother Earth with her contribution to mother and father and your time of growing
in mother - the form of your physical body is not an accident, not a happenstance of nature or
science. It is all intended to be exactly the way it is.
So put your foot down that way and feel what you are walking on before you put your heel down alright?


Now last time we started walking in a different way. Some of you have walked this way before and
if you have and have noticed things then you can help your friends who are trying these things
out. The reason I'm suggesting to walking in that fashion is because you are waking up eh. Now
after you have tried what I recommended in part 2 then I want you to try something else.
When you find yourself at home again or wherever - alright - and you have that experience where
you get up and go someplace or where you suddenly walk someplace and then you forget why you
went there, and you will have that experience, then go back to where you were if you can and
take your shoes and socks off and sit down or stand where you were.
Socially speaking this may not work in all situations but it may work at times - and standing there
barefoot where you were try to get as close to where you actually were as possible or sitting
where you were barefoot see, then you may remember because you will be perhaps in that bubble
of identity. And if you do not remember then get up.
Try to get up the way you did before or move somewhat the way you did before and walk that
path again to the space where you noted before that you didn't remember why you had moved
into that area.
So walk that route again in the way I recommended in part 2 where you put your toes down and
the ball of your foot down first. Walk along like that, feeling the floor or the ground under your
feet. You may be aware that is perfectly safe and you don't have to pay attention to where you're
going - perhaps there's carpet there or perhaps it's ground that you walk all the time and it's safe
- but this time walk it that way feeling the ground or the carpet under your feet - paying attention
in that fashion.
You can look at it but it's just as important to feel it with your toes, the ball of your foot and the
heel of your foot when that comes down and walk it again like that. You might remember why you
got up or why you moved suddenly into that space in case you had a moment of forgetting.
This is a very good way to consciously move towards waking up because it's something you can
use that is physical.
During the waking up process where you are moving from your identity on Earth, who you are,
your name, what you do, your activities, all of that - when you move into being who you really are
in your expanded state beyond Earth as an old and wizened soul - which you may very well be you need to have more than your mind because your mind will remember who you are on Earth
but it'll only have fleeting moments of awareness of who you are beyond Earth when your mind
begins to function in your Earth conscious way moving from dream world to wakeful world - you
So your mind needs help and help is right there in the form of your physical feeling because when
you are dreaming - when you're at the deep levels of dreaming you are with your teachers, you
are in your soul form because your body is resting but your body does need to rest - your soul
does not need to sleep.
The soul is your immortal personality. It travels, staying tethered by a cord to your physical body
so your physical body does not get frightened and can rest and sleep but your soul travels and is
with your teachers and your guides and looks around the universe touching base with old friends

and becomes its wizened self but it lives in a world that is so far beyond our physical Earth lives
that our minds cannot cope with this and that's why we need those moments of waking up and
that slight confusion that comes with - who are we.
You will be able to use now with this touching with these other fingers, with these other hands yes with your feet - you will be able to use something beyond your mind.
Yes, your mind but also your physical feeling as a means to move from who you have been taught
to be on Earth and you will be able to do more through feeling.


I have something brief to announce today. I don't want you to be alarmed but we are in a period
where we are overlaid with another world. This is not causing harm to our world but you will very
likely experience certain effects - some of you I'm sure have already noticed these effects.
You may be extraordinary sleepy or tired. You may find that you have to sleep more than you
expect or that you get sleepy at times of the day that are unexpected and that you might need a
nap. Please build that into your schedule so that you are able to sleep and sleep in comfort and
safety. This is important.
It is not a time now to be making that long highway trip - alright.
If you can, if you find yourself in a situation where you are making a long drive, try to drive during
the daylight hours where you are likely to have as much visual stimulation as possible. Don't, if
you can help it, drive at night.
This is just going to continue now for about 4 more days and then that time will be over.
As I say it is not a danger to you or to the other world but it is a moment of closeness to another
world that is not similar to our own. That's why some of you may see things or when you're taking
photographs you may have things show up in the photos that you might think are some form of
error in the picture but it isn't. What you're seeing are things that are there.
So - I may say more about this later.
Don't be alarmed by it but if you're concerned you can say this living prayer.
You might say: "I am asking that all my beings who are available to protect me - light beings,
Deities and others be near me now that I may feel insulated and protected in the most benevolent
Now remember, it is not a dangerous time and most of what you will see, if you are sensitive to
see it, will simply be other life forms that really have no connection with our world and are not
harmful. Most of them will not be aware of us in our world but some will and if they are aware
they will pause - you might see something moving that will stop and then it will move again.
So - if you don't see it it's alright.
As I say get extra sleep where you can, try to drive only during the daytime and if you must drive
at night make sure you have the opportunity to take frequent breaks.


Have you ever had that experience where you looked at something or someone and they looked
startlingly familiar or in the case of an object you thought it was one thing and then when you
looked again or refocused while still looking at it you realized it wasn't.
But then the very next day or very soon thereafter you saw the person, place or thing in fact that
you had thought you had seen before.
Now I know that sounds complicated but I believe yes, many of you can identify with this
experience. I'm bringing it up now because I want you to understand that there is something
going on here and more and more of you are going to have this experience. You are experiencing
a variation of what is known as precognition.
This is a skill I believe we all actually have but it is latent in most of us and I want to suggest to
you that if you are interested in this experience that you try to make a note or when you have the
opportunity write it down - what happened and what developed.

Don't assume that this is necessarily going to complicate your life or that you're going to see
some horrible things that are going to happen before they do.
But on the chance that you suddenly get an image completely out of context with your daily life it might be say, a plane in trouble or some other thing that looks like a problem then this is what
to do. I strongly recommend this because it will make you feel better and - who knows, it might
improve the quality of life for others that you don't know and may never meet.
So - if you get a vision and it's possible these days then this is what to do.
First say: "I am asking that all those people and beings in that..."(and then you mention whatever
you saw there) "...experience the most benevolent outcome from that experience that is available
for them now". You say that and if you feel any energy you wait until it passes, then do this.
Imagine gold light above the top of your head.
For those of you who feel energy, I'll have something for you in a moment but if you don't feel
energy then imagine gold light above the top of your head - the very top. Then breathe in, take a
breath and imagine that you're pulling that light in through the top of your head.
Don't pull it in too far - meaning don't pull it down to the bottoms of your feet or anything, just
pull it in and after you've taken that breath - just a normal breath - nothing huge and deep blow
in the direction where you had that vision - no matter what direction it is just blow very gently the
gold light - you understand.
You're using your active imagination here - blow the gold light towards that vision, not firmly, very
gently. That's all.
Now for those of you who feel the energy above the top of your head - as long as it feels
benevolent and by now you know what that feels like do the same thing.
Just breathe in through the top of your head and blow very gently in the direction where you had
the picture - make sure there was a picture eh - and again blow very gently in that direction.
Now let me say a little more about precognition.
The reason this is happening to us all is that it is in our natures when we are born to care about
each and every one here on this planet.
Because of our cultures much of this caring is trained out of us and also sometimes because of our
experiences in life but now I have been taught and I believe that we are coming back into our true
natures and one of the first ways this reveals itself is a caring and a desire to assist people we
don't know and have never met in this life. But perhaps we do know them.
Perhaps we care about them in other lives. Even if that is not the case it is in our nature to care.
So, give these things a try. I'll say more about precognition as time goes by.


And now, I must tell you something. I have been guided for some time now that I must go and
visit Melbourne, Australia. I've been guided that I'm needed there - and in the course of the
teaching I've received over many, many years I do not question these things.
I do not require that my teachers explain why and prove it to me.
All I know is that I've been guided to visit Melbourne.
I don't know how I'm going to get there. I'm not sure how I'm going to pay to get back but I
know that I will be going, I simply don't know when.
I feel it's important to share this with you because it is in the nature of mystical work and
shamanic work that one is often guided by one's teacher without explanation.


I want to say a little more about the situation of human encroachment. There are many of us here
on Earth and we all need to live places - I know that, I live near the water myself.
We must recognize that our world has held together as long as it has because of balance.

Not only our own balance which we must demonstrate on a daily basis being both spiritual and
mental - and then of course there are also our feelings self and our physical self as well as being
inspired and instinctual yes - but because of all other forms of life here.
I know some of you are musically inclined and you know what it sounds like when there are
instruments missing from a band or singers missing.
It doesn't sound right. Sometimes the feeling is downright uncomfortable.
That's what's going on here now and there gets to be a point doesn't there when someone playing
the triangle, beautiful though it may be, is not enough to carry the tune for the whole orchestra.
We are that triangle.
We have beauty in our human culture, we have joy, we have much happiness but we also have
tragedy. We have troubles and we have challenges and much more.
What helps us to continue to exist here? Yes Creator, yes spirit - no question about that.
Our own resources, what we can do and invent, all of that and yet - it is ultimately balance.
And that balance has to do with all other life forms including animal, mineral and vegetable.
These life forms are essential to the balance of Earth.
This Earth was created not only for us and regardless what it says in books of value and
philosophies that I respect - I believe and I have been taught that this Earth was created equally
for us all - not for only one species.
I believe we are here to learn that not because we haven't understood it in previous lives, not
because our spirits in their total being don't understand it, not because this is some kind of
nursery school for people who are slow to evolve but rather because we may someday have a gift
given to us and that is the gift of the great teaching.
Those of you who are teachers out there - you have had those magical moments when your
students get it or even individual students get something and you see the magical expression in
their face. They understand it and their whole life changes as a result.
Someday, I believe, we will be presented with that in order to be able to teach and experience the
joy of the teacher working with students. In order to do that we will need to know just exactly
what to do, how to do it. We will need to have patience which we are all here to learn.
We will need to be able to know when to correct, know when to praise and to know when to be
kind which is vitally important.
I am hopeful we will all get there and in order to get there we also have to learn how to be good
students. One of the things I've been able to learn in this life is lessons from animals, lessons
from plants, lessons from stone as well as the lessons I've received from spirit and of course
human beings. In my experience this form of balance is so vitally important.
So - lets allow the sea beings to have their home in the water, lets allow the plant beings to have
their home in the soil in the land. Lets allow the air beings to have their flights in the sky.
Lets allow the earth beings to live underground and lets live in balance with them all.
How do I know that the guidance is correct?
I know because of the trust that has built up between me and my teachers over many years.
Also I know because the energy that comes through in those moments of teaching is so clear, so
benevolent and so loving. This is not something vague and indiscernible.
This is something physical - I can feel it and especially when I feel it in the places that I have
come to recognize as the places of wisdom, love and truth for me than I know it is so.
I'm sharing this with you because many of you are on your own personal mystical or shamanic
pathways and you, if you have not already discovered those places for you and those energies
that you recognize and love - you will in time. So - I'm sharing this with you today not only to
inform you of the next place I am meant to visit but also to let you know how I know.


Now I have spoken about this before but it is time to share a little bit with you. For those of you
who can go out to the woods you may have more opportunities to use this but for those of you
who cannot go you can still do this in the park sometime or someplace where there are animals
that are free - not pets. It could frighten pets and that's not a good thing to do.

This is what I recommend. First find a tree that you can lean up against when no one else is
leaning against it - that's why it would be helpful to go out into the woods.
Then feel yourself ease into your arms and then down into your hands as I described before. After
that stay in your body but move into the tree and notice the change of density.
Be focused only on the tree - it's alright to close your eyes if you need to. Feel the treeness as
part of you. If there are leaves then feel the leaves and the sun perhaps shining on them or the
elements interacting with the leaves or perhaps they are needles or at this time of the year
perhaps even branches without leaves anymore. Focus enough on the tree that you and the tree
are one - then wait.
You might soon hear the sound of someone moving through the woods - stay focused on the tree.
If you like you can have a friend nearby but if this is the case they must also know how to do this
work so they do not frighten animals away.
Then when the sound gets closer stay focused on the tree but open your eyes. Try not to move at
all, so when you begin this thing you must be in a comfortable position and a safe place to sit okay - and open your eyes slightly.
Perhaps there will be a deer or a squirrel or a bird nearby. Close your eyes again and then open
them slightly if the sound gets any louder.
Let me explain what's going on. While this homework is geared in the invisibility work you are not
invisible to yourself and for the most part, not to others but what happens is that you become a
portion of a life form that is in complete balance and at ease with the world around that form of
life - in this case being a tree.
The woods is best because the tree will probably have been welcomed into the land and grown
naturally rather than having been planted by human beings.
But there is an invisibility of a sort and that means that you and the tree becoming so much like
one being it is possible that some may not see you, some human beings may not either for they
will see the tree and not you. Don't do this though to fool human beings for you cannot be certain
if that will work and you can never be certain as to their reaction when they do notice you - but do
this only to experience a greater closeness with plant world and animal world.
If there is an animal that might frequent the woods that is dangerous such as a cougar or a bear
try not to go there. So make sure you know your territory. But you might have a chance you see,
to see creatures in their natural world and because you are attempting to blend with the natural
world in that way they might honor your attempt and allow you to see them.
I may say more about this topic in time but for right now I am just saying remember your true
nature. As a physical being on this planet you can learn to be a portion of nature rather than
separate from it.

When one finds oneself in the following circumstance it can be difficult but it must be considered
One of the things we've been able to do on this planet for our whole lives, as well as our
ancestors, has been to think whatever we want to think.
Granted, in regimes in the past and some even today peoples thoughts - even those - are
enforced up to a degree but generally speaking we can think what we want to think.
Those times are changing and not because of some regimentation.
They're changing because it's important to realize our own capacity for creating now.
Have you noticed - if you have a thought that is a fear or a worry there is a reaction in your
physical body now? Almost immediate - almost bordering on if that thing actually happened.
So - now we have to recognize something. Because that is so there's another possibility.
Now it is time to consider what we want and need in the most benevolent way for ourselves and
others and not in that sense make it fantastic or sci-fi like but make it real, believable and

In the past we did these things as meditations or even prayers and hoped and wished that things
would get better and perhaps even worked towards that end but now it is possible and I want you
all to try this at your convenience.
I want you to imagine, not in the kind of detail that involves dollars or whatever your currency is
but I want you to imagine your life getting better in some benevolent way that does not involve
the manipulation of others.
So this could be the acquisition of some property, something that improves the quality of your life
- perhaps a better job - in short I want you to imagine being with that property, being in that
better job - you understand. I want you to imagine it to the degree that you can feel yourself
walking around in it, being associated with it.
Say it's a new couch - sitting on the couch or laying down on it - whatever you want.
If it is a better car imagine yourself driving it but feel yourself in the car holding the steering
wheel, moving the shift lever, turning the turn signals - like that.
Just do this once - don't make a habit of it - whatever it is that you want or need and you will find
that your opportunities to move in the direction of your desire will be more available to you.
As I say don't make it something unbelievable like flying like superman - something like that but
rather make it something that is attainable. I'm recommending you try this not just as an
experiment but as something that is unlike worry.
It is manifestation technique. Now I know a lot of you have tried these things in the past and gave
up - try again. What's the harm? It's worth an effort eh. Make it fun and then watch your life.
That's what I recommend. Just something pleasant for today.


Now, right now is a time when our sequence in time as we have known it is shifting to another
phase. This shift will be completed in exactly 30 days after this blog is posted.
It's important that you know this because you will have moments when you will see, not out of
the corner of your eye but in front of you or just slightly to the left or right - most likely to the
left, a impression of the space - what you are seeing, what's there - it will become mottled for a
moment and then reform in exactly what was there before.
It would look almost as if a drop of water was put on a water color painting that hadn't set yet
except that the colors won't run together. So it will become somewhat blurry you see and then it
will reform exactly the way you were seeing it before.
I'm letting you know about this now so that you won't be frightened when it happens.
It's important to understand that this is not a bad thing.
It's not going to happen when you're driving or when you're operating heavy equipment.
It's not going to happen when you're working in the kitchen where you need to be alert around
the tools and foods that you are working with.
It will only happen in those moments when you can pause, relax and just happen to have your
eyes open. It will always happen when your eyes are open though there will be moments when
you are asleep - deeply when it will happen.
You might even wake up in those moments and for a moment you will feel completely disoriented
even if you are in the place where you normally sleep with the people, places and things in place
as usual but then after a moment you will realize where you are and go back to sleep.
This is no longer a precursor. This is an actual connection that is taking place in a solid way - not
just for those who have the capacity to view the future - meaning the sensitives, not just for those
who have woken up as some people might call it but for everyday people no matter where you
are, no matter who you are, no matter what you do. Man, woman, child - it makes no difference.
So if you'll know this is going to happen it won't frighten you, you see.
Please spread the word around a bit if you would. It doesn't have to have a name - it simply has
to do with connecting to a more benevolent future version of Earth.
Now - what are some of the results going to be during and after this connection takes place.
You will experience within you on the feeling level a sense of familiarity with people that you don't
know and have never met and that people that you do know - there will be a sense of complete

forgiveness of any trials and tribulations you have had between each other even in the case of
extremities - violence - there will be a sense of forgiveness there. You will find a common ground
where you never thought you could.
I want you to understand that this is something that is going on because Creator, angels, guides,
our immortal spirits and souls have chosen this moment for this to happen.
It is my privilege to be able to pass on this knowledge to you and I do so humbly.
I simply want you to know that it's happening now and I am hopeful that you will be able to enjoy
the experience, appreciate its value and enjoy in the increasing benevolent benefits of it.
I will say more about this in time.


Did you know that lenses, yes all lenses, acquire even when we are not using them?
Of course we understand that the lenses in our eyes acquire. We see things and thus they are
acquired. Not only are they acquired in terms of our perception but also in our consciousness for
visuals are stored aren't they - often brought back up again.
Not always necessarily viewed the same from person to person but present and occasionally
omnipresent - but what about man-made lenses - binoculars, glasses and other types of lenses.
Do you know that even when you are not using them that they also acquire?
They may not acquire with the same consciousness of a human being nor do they have memory
retention so there's no need to worry about that but they can acquire to the degree where they
might need to be cleansed.
Here's how to do that. For those of you who are already working with energies as many of you are
then this is what I recommend. That place where you feel that benevolent energy the most
breathe in through that part of your physical body and then with your right hand - whether you
are right or left handed matters not - with your right hand and arm hold the lens or the device
holding the lens such as binoculars or glasses in such a way as the lenses are pointing away from
you - meaning not directly at you or the best way you are able and exhale with as much force as
you feel comfortable doing - not very hard but blow out with some gentle force while exhaling out
through your right hand and arm that is holding the object with the lenses.
Remember always when you are doing this to aim your right hand and arm holding the object out
through a window - meaning towards a window if you would that goes out and up away from all
human beings and all human activity.
If you are outdoors and you are in a big city then you can simply aim it up, not down.
If on the other hand you can aim it in some direction away from human activity or places where
human beings might gather then that is what to do.
It will be dissolving in space quickly enough but there is no point in unintentionally throwing
energies that may be uncomfortable towards anyone though most likely, and I will build that in
later on in this post, that will not occur.
Do you know, doing that clearing once with that benevolent energy will clear the object
completely? Now after you do that hold the object to you and notice how different it feels.
It feels better doesn't it?
Now for those of you who do not know how to work with energies or have not begun doing that,
though I've given instructions over time on my Benevolent Magic blog and this one and also as
you may or may not know or recall one thing builds on another with these two blogs of mine, then
this is what you can do if you like. I recommend you say the following living prayer.
You could say: "I am asking that all my lenses including the lenses of my eyes and retention of my
mind be cleared and allowed to come to the point of complete comfort for me when I use them
and that this comfort allows me to experience, view and perceive in the most benevolent way".
Now - you understand that living prayer is attuned for you as a person because this is something
you might do for yourself but you understand it is in the nature of living prayers that light beings
will co-ordinate and support them and that also all souls on Earth of all beings will co-operate
insofar as they are able and comfortable to do so. I have spoken about this before and thus you
will find that it will improve, most likely, your experience of these lenses and I might add because

of the way this living prayer is worded will probably improve the experience of those lenses should
others use them in the case of binoculars or telescopes for example.
Well I thought I'd pass that on to you today because it is not something that is largely or widely
known, though some of you perhaps are aware of it. Still, it's good to share these things isn't it?


Greetings. I have on occasion been critical of sorcery.
I want you to understand something clearly.
My definition of sorcery here, when I refer to it on this blog unless I say otherwise, means magic
done with intent to harm but I am not condemning those who are sorcerers who conduct
ceremony, magic and other benevolent practices intended to be blessings to all beings.
I wanted to make that clear because it came up recently and I may have hurt some peoples
feelings by my definition and I want to clear that up.
There is a great deal of magic that can be done without people's verbal permission and it will work
because if it is benevolent you see - for all beings then souls invariably give permission.
One thing that must be released however and you cannot have an attachment to it - and this goes
for all who study here - one cannot be attached nor in any way inflict revenge. If you want the
magic to work dependably and regularly you must let go of revenge or anything like it.
I know that's not easy. Sometimes it's very hard and sometimes it seems totally justified but you
have to decide - do you want to try to revenge?
The trouble with revenging magic is that it almost always filters back in some way to that
individual conducting that magic or worse yet has a tendency to filter out into the community at
large in some mildly or even major destructive way - to say nothing of revenge and then the
continuing action of action and revenge which we all know is not correcting any problems.
So - all of you out there who are learning about magic, understand - you must let go of revenge and all magic I will instruct here will have everything to do with benevolence for all beings regardless.
In this way the outcome is almost guaranteed to be benevolent.
And in that sense why do I say almost.
There are some things - beings you understand, not necessarily human beings - and also some
human beings and beings in general that may have to go their own way - and those who do magic
regardless of what title you go by have to accept that.
We after all, cannot know all things and regardless of the magic we do we have to accept that it
will work most of the time when it is benevolent to all beings but if it doesn't work there is
something we do not know. Maybe many things and perhaps some other outcome is needed or
Creator sees that that is the best way at least temporarily to have that outcome.
Keep these things in mind as you read, study and practice what I have to offer here and
remember - wisdom does come with experience but you can assimilate and sometimes learn from
the experience of others. I am hopeful you will learn from what you read, study and practice here
and that you apply it benevolently for yourself and others.


There is an echo happening now from our past to our future to our present. We have a choice.
We can either respond to the past, we can respond to the future or we can act in the present.
This is what I'm talking about. In the past we can imagine, to say nothing of think about, all kinds
of reasons why we should be mad at this, that or the other person to say nothing of entire
cultures and groups but if you feel into the present and look around - see people as they really are
- not imagine them as you've feared them - there are changes going on which cannot be stopped.
These are spiritual changes Creator has encouraged in our hearts.
The animals have been giving us messages of this and Mother Earth as well.
Here's what we can expect.

We will find sometime in the next 2 weeks that someone that we would never have guessed does
a kindness for us - one that we can clearly see is attributed to them and we will be really almost
astounded in that moment. We would never have guessed that this person would ever do anything
kind for us. This is the physical evidence I'm speaking of.
It is to let you know that things are changing and things can get better.
I have some simple homework for you. It is not really a Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic.
It is a simple statement. I'd like you to say with feeling once or twice a day for the next 3 days
anytime you want to - make sure you say it out loud - don't say it with irony, don't say it with
insincerity. Say it like the performer at the very least if you cannot summon optimism for yourself.
Imagine being a performer on a stage and needing to convince the audience that what you're
saying you truly mean - and this is what to say: "Things can get better." Just like that! That's all.
It is important to do this because it acknowledges not only the possibility but helps to prepare you
for that unexpected favor from that person or even more than one from persons.
It is important for you to know this so that you can respond in kind when the opportunity presents
itself. Don't be convinced by the News however well-meaning as it is broadcasted or written things are changing and things can get better.


Have you ever noticed on waking up from a dream, a vision of violence from that dream - or even
when going about your life a sudden vision of violence?
Sometimes it might even show up in the form of what reminds you of a cartoon.
I want you to know that there is some process going on here.
It is not just something that is being done to you.
Rather it is a specific process that your spirit wishes you to participate in, as I've been taught.
All over the world now we are conscious of how much violence there is from one human being to
another and sometimes even involving animals.
We are even shocked sometimes when we hear the things that animals have done and from my
experience and interaction with animal spirits as well as animals themselves I can tell that it is not
something that they feel comfortable participating in and yet, they are participating to a degree
because they feel overwhelmed by the tension in the world.
Sometimes, granted, emanated by human beings but other times literally being released by the
We have all, before we come here to Earth, have had at least one life where we have mastered
some principle of spiritual experience - meaning a life of spiritual mastery - not necessarily about
all things but about at least one thing - this is what I've been taught and this is what I believe.
There is a reason for this.
You know that this planet and our society can be a great challenge to live in.
Sometimes it is not so present in our lives and other times it is more present.
This preparation to have a life here has been so that when we are exposed to such tensions or
challenges that we have more than what has been provided for us in this life to fall back on as a
soul. This is what often allows us to get through such situations and appreciate how we have
made it through because of such loving preparations before this life.
Now, to get back to what I want to begin here.
You have the means and the capacities, just like the animals I referred to, to help that tension
release but while the animals have been trying to get our attention that this tension exists we can
now say to them or think - thank you for behaving in these unexpected ways towards human
beings, you have gotten my attention and now I will act.
What I'm going to recommend that you do here is to release tension from yourself and next time I
will give you suggestions on how to release tension from the land and possibly even from those on
the land near you but for today I want to say this.
If you have such a dream or if you have a moment of some kind of vision of violence that may not
even be something that looks like human beings - as I say it might have cartoon like qualities -

then this will always tell you that this is not something associated with your life but is essentially a
means to allow your physical body to, in that moment, feel that tension.
This is not done to cause you harm but to alert you to something you can do.
First, this is what I recommend you say in the form of a Living Prayer.
You might say: "I am asking now to be insulated and protected from harm in the safest, most
loving and benevolent way for me". Then you wait.
Many of you will feel a sense of benevolent energy present with you.
Wait for a few moments for it to settle in. If you do not feel such energies or you're not sure, then
wait about 2 or 3 minutes, then you can proceed if you wish.
After that time if you're still feeling the tension in your body or there is the memory of it, this is
what you can do and you can say this out loud if you wish but if there are others around and you
do not wish to say it you can either whisper it softly or you can think it.
Say this: "I am now releasing the tension within myself or in my proximity that I feel" but while
you are saying this - picture the sun in the sky wherever you are.
You might be indoors you see, you might have woken up from a dream - as I say, you might
simply be on and about your business somewhere.
If you're operating heavy machinery or driving or something that involves mechanisms then wait
to do it later but if you can - pause a moment. Picture the sun in the sky and simply, after making
that statement that I just mentioned, blow very gently towards the sun in the sky.
Now, you will most likely feel the tension in your body ease.
The sun you see, has transformative capabilities. We know this scientifically simply because of the
suns effect on the Earth but the sun itself cannot take on harm because it is always radiating light
and heat and energy. Still, simply by blowing towards it in the sky - before that energy goes very
far it will be transformed into something more benign - often completely benign.
Now, this is what to do next.
If you have the opportunity and if you haven't been able to do it then the next time - because
perhaps you were sleeping or something and you're in the bed or perhaps you were driving or
operating machinery - next time you're outdoors in the sun - meaning outdoors in the day even if
it is a cloudy day, glance towards the sky - don't look directly at the sun but glance in the general
direction of where the sun is - just a quick glance - if you have dark glasses on then it's safer but
just a quick glance because you are engaging the idea of the sun as well as the physical presence
of the sun on your body and if you can - stop. Perhaps sit on a park bench or stand someplace
comfortably and blow your breath towards the sky.
Try to blow it in such a way as it is not being blown in the direction of buildings, people or
anything like that - even trees.
Just blow towards the sky. You will find that you may be able to direct your breath towards the sky
without tilting your head back too far.
If you can do this you will feel, after a little while, a very gentle but perceptible release of tension
in your own body.
This is something that can help you to release tension in your own body in general though and I
will say more about that next time but after you release that tension - then relax.
When you blow, try to blow gently - alright. You don't have to release a big puff of air.
Now I will continue this next time for those of you who wish to do more besides releasing your
own tension.

Sometimes when we are in the world we see things that are there yes but other times we cannot
see no matter how good our vision is because we need to feel. Sometimes we can feel things that
are there that cannot be seen. Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about that.
You all know what it's like to get a bad feeling about something.
Sometimes you think - it's a thought, something I was thinking about but other times you're quite
well aware that it's the environment you're in or perhaps it is some danger in the area.

Feeling Spaces is about knowing where to go - when.

Here's some homework. I'd like you to find a place - anyplace - it can be out on the land, it can be
in your own home, it can be anyplace you like.
Keep your eyes open, it's not a close your eyes thing but feel the space in front of you.
Don't if you would - reach out with your palm forward.
Reach out with your left arm and the back of your hand forward and touch the space.
Now what are you doing. You're not actually making physical contact that you can feel - what
you're doing is checking to see how you feel in your body.
If you feel calm and comfortable walk ahead but as you're walking you don't have to hold your
arm out in front of you. Walk ahead a step or two, then stop, then feel the space in front of you.
What you're doing is - your body is reacting to the energy in the space that is in front of you.
As I say you can practice this out on the land somewhere, you can practice it in your own
apartment or house but when you do, turn in different directions and if at any moment you get an
uncomfortable feeling in your body then withdraw your arm and retreat until you find a space you
can walk towards that feels comfortable or neutral.
I'm just introducing you to this subject today because it builds on other work I have exposed you
to. I'd like you to get used to doing this with your arm at first because after a while you won't
have to put your arm out. There's another way and we'll talk about that next time.


Last time I spoke about Feeling Spaces. This time I want to suggest that you do the exact same
homework except I want you to feel the space from your solar plexus.
In that sense - run an extension of yourself - meaning feel, not with your solar plexus but run
something out from your solar plexus. Here's what I mean by that.
Sit down for a moment and look at the ceiling wherever you live and relax, put your hands at you
sides and while you are looking see if you can feel anyplace on the ceiling with your solar plexus.
This amounts to reaching out from your solar plexus to touch something - you see.
Now you're not going to be able to make the same kind of physical contact that you would - say
touching something with your hand or foot but you might after you try this a few times feel some
kind of sensation - okay.
Next you do the homework you did last time.
Run that extension out from your solar plexus and notice the direction that you're walking in does it feel good - then walk a little bit that way.
If at any moment it feels uncomfortable, stop and turn slowly - I recommend turning to your left
in a counterclockwise fashion until you feel a direction that feels good - then move in that
Now you can see that this is homework designed to help you to become aware of your
surroundings on a feeling level. It's very easy - and many of us have been conditioned - to talk
ourselves out of our feelings. Very often feelings are referred to as emotions but emotion is a
mental word that describes something vague and not particularly palpable.
On the other hand feeling, meaning a physical feeling, is crystal clear to us all.
We have all touched things and we have all had physical feelings in our bodies.
So it is up to us these days to learn how to use our feelings so that we can move or travel, you
understand, in the best direction for us wherever we may be going and arrive by whatever route
we take in the safest possible way.
The purpose of Mystical Man is to teach you how to get wherever you're going in the safest
possible way.
It may not always be about physical travel but ultimately it is about travel whether that travel be
growth of the mind, body or spirit or whether it be about feelings or instinct - this is all part of
your training.


Imagine a deer in the forest. The forest is dense but it is possible to move through it.
There are leaves on the ground - it is towards the time of Fall.
The deer is within your view - perhaps 50 yards away. It is quietly eating.
You have not moved nor are you actually physically present - you are only there in your
imagination. Suddenly for no apparent reason, the deer runs away. What happened?
This is an instinctual reaction. It is my intention to help you to become safe in a world which is
often not safe - how to do that. I've been building on this training for some time.
Today I want to support your training by providing a little more.
Now I'd like you to imagine being that deer in the forest.
It doesn't have to be any particular deer that you've seen or known or that you have been near.
Just any deer you can imagine being.
Feel your legs on the ground. Feel your deer body.
Notice the heightened state of alertness you have.
You can eat, you can chew, you can be amongst other deer but always there is a feeling around
the outside of your body of an awareness. Not exactly a prickly sensation but an awareness.
Suddenly you have the urgent need to move quickly in a specific direction - now here's where
human beings and animals differ. A human being might think about it, might rationalize why but
you as the deer immediately move off quickly in the direction that physically feels the best.
This is something I'd like you to try as a meditation or as a visualization because it's important to
recognize the physical feelings in your body that occur when you feel the need to move off in
some other direction.
I know sometimes you won't be able to do it and you'll just have to move through whatever it is
that is frightening your body but if you know what the feeling is then you will be able to prepare
yourself in some way or be more alert. This is the training I offer you today.
Now there's a part 2:
Suppose you cannot move away rapidly like the deer from something that feels dangerous, then I
recommend you do this. First, quickly say to yourself the following Living Prayer: "I am asking to
be insulated and protected from harm now in the safest and most benevolent way for me".
After you say that to yourself - try to say it out loud - you can whisper it but if you cannot say
anything out loud or even whisper then think it to yourself.
After you do that then request that as much gold light and benevolent energy be with you as you
can comfortably assimilate. You may feel a shift.
Some of you might feel a sense of being physically bigger.
This is a good feeling because it creates an actual stimulation of a signal to others that whatever
or whoever is approaching is big and/or potentially frightening.
It doesn't necessarily scare people because human beings, as I say, might rationalize - well what
might it be - and wait and see but it could very easily create a field effect that generates a
reaction in human beings or possibly even animals and for those that pay attention to their
reactions they might move off and you might be safer.
This is something that I feel is important training for you all in the world in which we live.
It cannot be used as some kind of an offensive system - meaning like a weapon because there are
checks that I've managed to put into place to keep that from happening.
However it can be used to increase a safety zone around you when moving through a situation
that may be dangerous or may be nerve racking in some way.
Remember this is not something you can do very easily when operating machinery, nor do I
recommend it for planes in flight and so on - as some instruments might be delicate.
Generally speaking it is safe to do if you are say, ten or fifteen feet away from such instruments or
more but if you are operating the plane yourself then you may wish to consider some other means
of generating safety.
This is what I recommend for you in your homework today.
For those of you who may be interested I have also compiled a book called Techniques for
Generating Safety which you can obtain at



Have you ever had an experience with your cat or dog or even a cat or dog that you may know or
are passing by - will they ever come up and very delicately touch you - sometimes with their
nose, more often with their tail or some other part of their body - it is very delicate and it is not
meant to be a more aggressive encounter.
There is something special going on here. Sometimes an animal that is a pet or even one that you
are around a great deal will perform such a touch.
There is even the occurrence for those of you who are sensitive to it that this can even be a spirit
animal - perhaps one that you have known or one that simply has a sense of affection for you
may also make such a touch. It will be very light but it will definitely be physical.
What are these things about?
Animals including animal spirits have an awareness of how very influential they are in our lives.
We often need help - I do, you do, we all do - and sometimes help from another human being, no
matter how much we appreciate that, is not enough. Sometimes we say to the sky, the walls, our
world or God, "Help, I need help" and sometimes it comes in this form.
Oh yes - it is wonderful to have a dog or a cat or other pet to be affectionate with, to have them
be affectionate and loyal with you - oh yes. That can be very wonderful but I'm referring to these
very special occasions when they touch you very lightly.
Very often what that means is that point of contact on your body would be good for you to touch.
Take note of the next time it happens but only when they touch you very lightly and then back off
or go on about their life.
Touch yourself in that same spot if you can. Perhaps it is a very small spot and a single finger will
work - or two fingers but if it is a large spot then use your hand.
I would recommend using your right hand but if you can't reach then try using your left hand.
Of course sometimes you won't be able to reach, so you will just have to wait for them to touch
you again - but try putting your hand or finger on that spot and just see what happens.
Sometimes it can be very calming, other times even more so - genuinely relaxing and even other
times some feeling of discomfort you have might lessen to a degree or more.
This is another wonderful thing that animals, especially our pets, do for us and I wanted to share
it with you.

Do you know that there are some animals on this planet that are able to teach by more than
example. They are able to provide sounds that are meaningful to us.
We as human beings get used to the idea that there are other beings on the planet - we have all
gotten used to that. We see the animals that we know and love and we also see other animals
that we just have to get accustomed to whether we like them or not - and of course there are the
birds and the fish and all others that we live amongst.
I have said here for some time and in print as well that the animals are not here to learn anything
- this is what I've been taught and this is what I believe after years of experience.
They are here to teach - yes by example but there is more. Some animals can actually make
sounds that are not for them.
Today I will give you such an example that is a sound meant exclusively for the use of human
beings. This is the sound: "eeeeeeeeeyaaaoooooo." [Pronunciation: e as in seed, y as in yes, a
as in ah, o as in zoo.]
This sound is provided by a being - you understand a type of being - that is very popular on Earth
and that is the cat. The house cat, as we call them, make this sound to us.
It is largely misinterpreted as being meow but in fact there is no m.
If you listen to it when a cat says this to you, this is an actual suggestion that the cat is giving.

It is not simply because they cannot make the m sound - there is no m sound.
Do you know - they do not make this sound to each other. For those of you who have lived around
cats and have noticed them interacting with each other - they do not make this sound to each
other. They might glance up, look at a human being and make that sound.
Now why are they giving us that message? Those who live around cats know that cats will often
take on energies, especially for a beloved human being that they live with, that can only be
described as some suffering or aspect of disease or discomfort that the human being is either
going through or could go through with some harm to the human being.
To a degree the cat can transform that energy into something more comfortable but there is also
the fact that sometimes they will take on something and it will cause the cat to get ill.
This is not always the case, of course, why cats get ill but it is sometimes the case - and I might
add that dogs and other creatures that live with us do this as well.
Cats however, are able to give this message.
Some of you have actually had the experience where a cat will stop and stare right at you and
make this sound. Of course, many times it's like talking to a young child isn't it - that's our
reaction - we don't know what that means.
"What is it dear? Are you hungry? Do you need to go out?"
In short, we go through the guessing game - what does it mean - and while it might be simply
that the cat would also like something to eat and would also like to go out that's fine but it's not
that exclusively. There's more to it than that.
Eeeeeeeeeyaaaoooooo is a sound that is meant for us to make out loud and it will reduce our level
of stress in our physical world.
It can actually be used before a stressful situation if you know one is coming up.
If you say the sound out loud about 4 or 5 times or more if it feels comfortable or reassuring then
it will help to head off a degree of the impact of the stress upon you.
Sometimes you can be doing other things and say the sound and it will be calming.
I'm not sure if it could be used safely when driving a car or operating machinery but I feel it can
be used in the middle of the day - say on a coffee break.
You can say it quietly but my feeling is that it is important to say it out loud in some way even if it
is almost a whisper. The physical sound seems to help. I have tried it and it does work.
So - I'm not saying it's a cure-all but I am saying that when we begin to make the sound
ourselves and use it in our lives and memorize it for ourselves - I think you'll find that most cats
do not say, "eeeeeeeeeyaaaoooooo" to you anymore unless they feel that you have forgotten to
say the sound, you're in a stressful situation and if you just say the sound now - you'll feel better.
Now, don't take this as a reason to not to check to see if the cat needs to go outside or needs
something to eat. It's just something I felt I'd pass on to you at this time because it's a beautiful
example of how animals teach.


Some of you may have noticed this comment and my answer in the comments section of More On
Instinctual Training, Part 2.
I was unable to make actual links in the comment section so I thought I would reproduce it here
and perhaps you will be able to actually use the links which are in order if you care to study more
about long touch and long vision which are actually posts that are background material for the
instinctual training.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More On Instinctual Training, Part 2":
I came across your blog for the first time today, and am drawn to share with you a 'game' I
sometimes play. In order to sharpen my intuition, I will throw my awareness around a blind corner
I'm approaching to detect if anyone is there.
Needless to say, I'm walking when I do this, not driving! Usually it comes to mind to do this when
I'm in a hurry and don't want to run into someone. I seem to have a high level of 'success'.
Posted by Anonymous to A Mystical Man's World at Friday, November 17, 2006

Greetings Anonymous Writer. Thank you for your comment. It does allow me to add some
correlation. I appreciate you speaking of your experience. I do have some experience that is
One of them comes under the loose application of a form of long touch and here are some titles of
posts where you can find material of interest along the lines of long touch and long vision as well.


I began this talk last time on Benevolent Magic. Today I want to talk a little something about
instinct and your instinctual body. I have spoken about these matters before but I will speak
Your instinctual body is made up of your physical self, your feeling self and your spiritual self.
It is not really a portion of your mind though you will use your mind to understand it and that's
why I'm writing about it.
For now I would like to say that homework is useful. Here's some homework.
Utilizing what you've built on before, now I'm going to recommend that you try something very
gentle as a refresher course.
Stand in a room where you are familiar with the surroundings.
Ideally, it is to be a room without furniture or at least with as little as possible but if you cannot
change the way the room is then move very slowly when you are doing the work - and by very
slowly I mean just barely.
Close your eyes and ask yourself first: "Am I ready to do this?" If you feel, not just think, if you
feel a sense of - yes - then with your eyes closed move - if you like - in any direction.
As practice be aware of what is in front of you, and by the way make sure there's no one else in
the room. It's alright if there is the beloved pet in the room but not one that might get underfoot.
It is best to do it without another human being in the room.
Move very slowly forward, perhaps there's a chair there in your way or a table.
You will know with your eyes closed just about how far you will go before you touch it.
Move very slowly because you will probably contact that piece of furniture soon.
Then what you do once you contact it with your legs or body, then open your eyes, turn to your
left and go back to the center of the room or where you started.
Turn around a few times. You may or may not realize where you are.
Again, move very slowly - if you feel a sensation that something is in front of you - stop - this is
with your eyes closed you understand - don't proceed any further - it might be a wall or a chair or
a table or something else.
If you feel the sensation fading, then wait and move forward again very slowly - make sure this is
a room without any hazards - alright. If you feel that sensation again, stop and wait.
If the sensation does not go away or only slightly lessens - open your eyes and see where you
You can do this practice for a time. I will say more about the instinctual body as time goes on.
This is a refresher course and I want you to become aware that I will speak on this kind of thing
much more in the future especially as it correlates to our relations with animals and what we can
learn from them.
We all are human beings and we have a great deal in common with the animals.
The animals know all about instincts - we are made up of the same stuff they are.
The reason they do not have difficulties - like we do - with their lives is that they are not here to
learn anything. We are here to learn but they are here to teach.
It will be my intention to incorporate the animal capabilities in the most benevolent way in our
instinctual training in the future. More on that soon.



Now let us continue from last time. Last time we stood off at a distance yes - and felt the tree
without touching it. Today we will do more.
This time I would like you to approach the tree - don't touch it just yet - just approach it but get
within a capacity to touch it - meaning just be - say a foot or two away or be able to approach it
and touch it.
Try to do this at a time when other human beings are not touching the tree - that's really
important. So if you need to bring a friend who will ask other human beings to keep from touching
the tree while you are there, explaining that you are involved in a spiritual growth function or
some other polite reason, that would be best.
Now, if you do have a friend there though it would be best that they be a little distance away - ten
feet would be good at least and not in your line of sight.
Now this is what to do - when you are standing near the tree move your shoulders a bit, alright,
move them around. And by the way for those of you who may not be able to stand - might be in a
wheelchair for example, that's perfectly alright.
You don't have to stand to do this but if you can, move your shoulders around.
Then the arm that you use to touch things, alright, be it your right or left - move that arm around
especially near the shoulder. After that flex your arm at the elbow.
Then after that move your hand back and forth and around flexing it at the wrist.
This is all to bring your attention within your physical body. Again as I said last time I don't want
you to go out of your physical body - you must stay in contact with your physical body to do this.
Then this is what to do - when you feel a distinct sense of being in your physical body - meaning
you're moving your hand around, you're moving your arm around - and then you can relax that
motion. Reach out and touch the trunk of the tree.
This is what you do - extend your sense of touch - don't go out of your body just extend your
sense of touch so that the tree becomes as if a portion of your own body.
By allowing the tree to be an extension of your own body this is a much greater intimacy between
you and this other form of life.
Some of you will have a pronounced feeling of a change of density as your sense of awareness of
your own physical body down through your arm and into your hand and thence into the tree takes
Make sure if it is comfortable that you keep your hand, or fingertips if that's more comfortable, on
the tree. Then allow your feelings to move throughout the tree - don't push your feelings you
understand - your physical feelings - don't push it anywhere.
It may not go much farther than where you're touching the tree but for some of you it might go
down into roots. For others it might go up into the tree - into branches or leaves or needles.
Just let what happens happen.
Don't at that point try to get a message - don't ask for a message and simply be as receptive as
If it doesn't feel comfortable to do this with the tree then break contact immediately.
Step back - say, "Goodlife" and go on to another tree but since you will possibly have been
working with this tree - for those of you who could approach a tree - then it is alright.
The tree will have some familiarity with you but for those of you who were at a distance and could
not get closer to the tree, as mentioned last time, then you will have to go to a different tree that
you can approach.
After you have completed this and hold your hand on the tree for as long as you like, up to two or
three minutes is fine, then break contact with the tree - pull your hand back you understand - and
only put one hand on the tree - not both - pull your hand back and wait a moment.
Don't step back immediately - wait a moment and then see if you get a picture, an image, a word,
any inspiration.
If you don't, don't worry about it. You have already had a spiritual experience by extending into
another form of life that is safe for you to touch. Some of you might have an experience later in a
dream but for this moment after breaking contact with the tree, move back slowly.

After you get about six to eight feet away from the tree - face the tree and say: "Goodlife" and
"Thank you".
This training may allow some of you to receive some wisdom or a vision from the tree.
If the wisdom or the vision is uncomfortable you do not have to take it on - simply let it go.
Don't be concerned that you will be leaving some portion of yourself in the tree, that will migrate
out of the tree shortly after you break contact - that's why you stand near the tree for a moment because there is more going on here than may meet the eye.
For you see - when you touch the tree and move into the tree - extending, you understand,
yourself into the tree - the tree also moves into you.
That's why you can feel the change of density because it's an exchange. So not only will you be
receiving the portions of yourself extended into the tree when you stepped back from it that short
distance but the tree will also retrieve the portions of its being that it has extended into you.
This is a technique we will use many times in the future for some of you do have the capacity and
if you've been reading Benevolent Magic blog and Mystical Man blog you may have had some of
this training already either in the comments area or in the posts themselves.
Regardless, it is something you can do to contact other forms of life and perhaps receive
messages from them.
One word of advice here which is absolutely critical - never do this with a human being - there's a
reason. The reason is that it could confuse your own body as to what is you and what is the other
Of course you often contact other people physically but you do not make an effort to extend into
their bodies in this way.
This kind of thing is possible but only in the closest possible relationships - it's not something you
do to get closer in a relationship but it is something that can be done in the closest possible
relationships. I may say something about that here someday but it is unlikely for now - that
training is very advanced indeed and requires significant safeguards which I have already put into
place for some of you who may accidentally do this.
Now, if you get a message or a vision remember that it is to be considered something that is from
the tree. It may not be specifically for you, it might simply be for human beings at large.
If however - it feels personal then it is worth thinking about or considering and checking with
other sources you may have, to confirm whether it is in fact personally true for you or meant as a
general message for all. Give it a try, see how you like it.
We'll do more along these lines before too long.


For some time now, beings on Earth - not humans, have been attempting to teach Earth humans
the wisdom that they have been saving. This is not wisdom that they need for themselves but
rather wisdom retained exclusively for us.
There is only one way to receive it though - short of a benevolent contact - meaning perhaps in
the form of a vision or an inspiration. The nice thing about this, that I'm going to share with you
though, is that it might get some of you out into the woods in some benevolent place or perhaps
simply outside to contact nature a bit more closely.
For today I'm going to suggest a tree. It is not too complicated for most of you.
This is what I recommend - go out somewhere outdoors. See if you can find a tree that is not
overwhelmed by human contact - so ideally it might be in the forest someplace or it might simply
be in a place that's not very accessible by most human beings - perhaps on the side of a hill.
You can grasp by my suggestion that it does not require that you touch the tree - as a matter of
fact that may not even be desirable. As long as you can see it however - and while you can look at
it through a telescope or binoculars or some other magnifying instrument it is important when you
are attempting to contact the tree that you are looking at it just with your eyes and if you wear
glasses or contact lenses you can have those on as well.
So even though you might look at it through a magnifying instrument, if it is far away, when you
are looking at it to make contact set aside the magnifying instrument.

Now this is what to do - if you can get close to the tree get no closer than six feet from the lowest
bough. If the boughs are not that low to the ground then get no closer than ten feet to the trunk
of the tree.
Then this is what I recommend, it might take a moment but it will be worth doing.
First I want you to look at the tree and say: "Goodlife".
If there are people nearby but not too close alright you can say in a whisper, "Goodlife" but make
sure you say it with your eyes open directed towards the tree.
After that imagine yourself being inside the trunk of the tree and imagine flowing up into the tree,
into the boughs, into the needles or the leaves that the tree has.
It is alright to do this no matter what the weather even if it is a dormant time for the tree it is
Then if you can, feel the sunlight - or perhaps it's at night then feel the moonlight on the boughs
of the tree - the branches that is you understand - or on the leaves or needles.
See if you can feel it - stay in your body because you'll need your feelings and see if you can feel
a sense of contact. Some of you might get a message, some of you might see a picture, some of
you might have a sense of physical feeling - we'll say more about that next time but for now make
contact in this fashion.
It would be best to do this with an older tree - one that has been on the planet, growing on the
surface you understand, for a long time so that it may have some wealth of experience in
interacting with human beings - perhaps even at a distance but there will also be interaction with
other forms of life including spirit.
Oh yes, trees are well aware of spirits - their own and others and it is within the core of their
spiritual being that they retain these messages for us all. I'll say more about this next time.


You've noticed haven't you, our love affair with cows. Of course cheese um-hmm - yes and milk
and ice cream - all these wonderful things that we sometimes take for granted but you know cows are more than that.
In recent years they've become a popular symbol and over time have developed an image like an
icon but have you ever looked at a cows eyes - they are feelings itself.
Do you know, as I've been taught, cows directly reflect the feelings of Mother Earth and cows are
here, aside from the great benefit they provide for us - yes, cows are here to show Mother Earth
how much she is respected and loved and to show us how much we respect and love Mother
There is a time now - happening right now that allows us to experience much more in the way of
instant knowing. Instant knowing is only occasionally a thought, yes, a couple of words - an
inspiration perhaps and under that inspiration that is poking up like a plant in the spring - under it
is a vast reservoir of knowledge and wisdom.
We are all learning now what our feelings mean, how they can be interpreted and how they can
best benefit us.
If you wish to have a lesson, next time you have an opportunity to look a cow - not a bull but a
cow in the eyes it might be something worth doing.
Glance at the cow and notice the expression, for they are very revealing in their feelings, in their
eyes. Then relax for a moment and feel as much as you can - love and kindness in general.
When you feel it open your eyes again and see if you can glance at either another cow or the
same one and look at the expression in their eyes while you are feeling those feelings.
You will get a nice feedback there.
This is not a talk today designed to fire you up to save Mother Earth or to save cows though that
is something I believe is at least in the back of our minds and perhaps at the forefront of our
hearts. It is rather a gentle reminder how very often the creatures that are around us reflect so
very much the true nature of Mother Earth's personality.


As I have been saying for some time - now that Earth needs to look after herself now - to move
her body, to move certain things of her own for herself, to check on her condition - so it is up to
us with our good works applied benevolently through the use either of Benevolent Magic or Living
Prayer or other prayers and other methods to look after the surface dwellers - the visitors if you
like - on Mother Earth.
I know we like to think that Creator does all of this for us but I believe and have been taught that
Creator wants us to learn how to look after all beings for ourselves.
That's why we're here - to learn Creator's ways in the most benevolent way, I believe.
So my feeling is this - it would be good for us to get into the habit every day of doing some
benevolent gesture or perhaps a Living Prayer - whatever is your style of service to support life
Consider the animals - so many different species. Consider the plants also - so very many species.
It might be something to consider saying a prayer or a Living Prayer always requesting that the
most benevolent energies be available for you during that prayer and when you feel them to
pause with whatever you are saying because the energies come in and support what you are
saying and when they are there they do not speak but you feel it as energy you see - to let you
know that they are there - that they are working to support what you are requesting.
So while the unspoken energy is there, pause until it begins to fade a bit which means that it is
taking the action - alright - that you have requested in the best and most benevolent way possible
and then continue with the words and if you feel the energy present again - pause again.
If when you say it you do not feel the energy at all then just say the Living Prayer or your own
prayer slowly so as to allow the energies to resonate with it when they are able.
I'd recommend that you pick a species of animal or plant and say a prayer for each one once a
day - by this I do not mean over and over again.
I mean pick say, a dandelion one day - just for example or say - a cat or a dog - any kind another
day or pick say - horses or pick butterflies or pick cedar trees - something like that and every day
say something for one species. Try to just make it one species per day.
Of course if you wish to say something overall you could just say for example: "I am asking that
all species of all beings on the Earth be insulated and protected from harm and that all those
attempting to harm any species also be insulated and protected from harm".
There's a reason we say it like this. The purpose is not to cast blame here for sometimes the
reason that beings do harm is not purposeful, not intentional.
It is just something that happens in the course of doing something else and other times there is
no intent to attack specifically - it has to do with a drive or need of a being or a type of being.
Casting blame only creates more problems.
I find that it is much better to say, in my case, a Living Prayer that addresses a situation of all
beings who are alive and allows all future living beings to be beneficially welcomed as well.
This is my process, you may have another.
Whatever you choose keep in mind that Mother Earth needs us I believe - to look after all life on
Earth now.
So lets do the best we can and if you happen to see a creature or have many reminders of certain
plants around - pick those first to say your prayers and if you don't wish to see that creature or
you don't wish to see that plant then you can say this Living Prayer as well:
"I am asking that all those (then fill in the name for that creature or that plant or that type of
person if you like) be insulated and protected from harm and that all those attempting to harm
them also be insulated and protected and that each does not see each other nor hear of each
other and that this lack of contact further insulate and protect and allow benevolence for all


I cannot really tell you how important it is to assume the impossible can be done.

I do not mean to consider that it may be possible - that something heretofore considered
impossible might be done but really to take in as a belief that the impossible can be done.
This does not mean that terrible things can be done - it means that things that we have
considered in the past or have been brought up to believe cannot be done, really can be done.
It boils down to permission. What we have taken away from us when we start to grow up - and
even when we are little children is permission - don't do this, don't do that, that's just your
imagination. All of these things that are very well intended by the adults or parents or
grandparents and even friends that we grow up with.
Many of these intentions are well grounded so that we will be safe - at least in the eyes of those
around us but how often is permission taken away, and of course we wish to please these people yes, how often is permission taken away when simply by allowing that it may be possible - certain
solutions could be derived.
If not at a tender age then maybe someday when one grows up.
I'm not here to blame anyone but rather I am mentioning these things because when I was
younger I had some things that were also taken away but there were other things that were
I was fortunate enough to have parents that allowed me to imagine and such imaginings have led
me to having perhaps, greater permission to assume the impossible can be done.
I grant that when I started my work at the very beginning that I didn't believe that any of these
things could be done.
That was conditioning that I received as a result of my life up to that point but once I started
having results and I had the evidence of my own eyes and other senses I came to it quickly perhaps not as quickly as I would have liked but I came to it fairly quickly that the impossible can
indeed can be done.
I will be addressing the "impossible" more on this site - and while I have begun many of these
topics on Benevolent Magic I will carry on with further lessons here and try to advance your
capabilities as much as possible.
For all those of you who are ready to embrace them - I salute you. For others who are not sure I
welcome you to consider the possibilities.


Now that you've tried or have found your place to pull yourself towards - lets do something else in
that vein.
I'd like you to pick a place on the land that is closer to you.
Again, it is not to be something manmade, not to be a human being, not to be an animal but
simply a place on the land.
Always try to make it someplace where there is nothing manmade including - for example - an
electrical wire in the air going from one place to another between you and the thing you've picked
- to the best of your ability as far as you can see - just someplace in this case blank on the land
but that you can see, that is not too far from you. It can be - oh say a hundred yards away or as
close as 75 feet away but you don't have to measure it, just make your best guess.
Then I'd like you to do the same exact homework as last time.
Imagine a rope or a connection between you and that place and using your solar plexus - pull. The
intention is not to pull the land towards you but because it is an immovable object to pull you
towards that.
There is a reason to do this and I will say more about it in time but that's your homework for now.
I will say this last thing. I believe that there was a time in the past when there were people all
over the Earth that knew how to do these things. Now there are just a few of us - I can feel that
I'm not the only one.
I want to pass these things on and since I have not many apprentices at the moment I'm
nominating you if you want to participate.
I'm not going to reveal anything dangerous here.

I have from time to time had critics who have honestly, genuinely and from their hearts suggested
that this is not a place to reveal such things and I agree that it can only be done here gently and
with heart. So I will merely lay the foundations as I have been doing here.
Know that the homework I've given in this last post here and this one today can only be used for
benevolent things and I assure you, safety mechanisms have been put in place to make it possible
to only use it for that which is benevolent.
So, practice on the land and practice with good heart.
There is reason, there is purpose, there's love and there is yes - co-ordination involved here. Coordination of a different type that is designed to enable you to interact benevolently with the Earth
in ways that she uses, as I've been taught - in balancing and ordering and in interacting with all
parts of herself.


There was a time in the beginning of my career when I had doubts.
No matter what I was able to do I would - even after having been trained and having
accomplished it well - I would have doubts. I would question what had happened.
Now as time has gone on and I've been trained to do many, many more things and have the
evidence afterwards of having been involved in these creations I no longer have much in the way
of doubts.
In fact I feel comfortable when observing the physical results - such as inviting the rain or even
deflecting from this place or that place in the world some event of proportion.
Excuse me for being vague but I have been taught to do some things involved with the natural
processes of Mother Earth and have been taught how to know, with physical evidence, when it's
alright to request that this happen and when it's alright to participate in the motion of something
one way or another - by this I mean I have on occasion been able to reduce through influence
with Mother Earth the power of an earthquake or move very gently a storm - so that it would miss
Along these lines it is easy afterwards to say - did I really do that - and I have found that over
time I'm more aware of having participated in it.
Now I'd like to bring it to your attention, more of the steps in accomplishing these things and to
also let you know that you also will have doubts because we have been trained to believe that we
cannot do things - that the impossible is all around us and that we are just trying to get by as
best as possible.
In my experience we can do a great deal - even an individual.
I am an individual and I have been taught how to do many things.
I have encouraged you over time to try this, to try that. Many times these are all steps towards
benevolently influencing - now I will suggest that you try something else.
Be alert to the fact that I'm not suggesting this so that you would actually accomplish what it is
I'm suggesting - this is simply another step in your training if you wish to participate.
I'm going to recommend that you put your gaze on an immovable object.
It must be something that is - in its own right - solid and a portion of Mother Earth.
So this means that it cannot be something manmade - not a building for instance.
It can be a very large old tree which does not necessarily have to be alive but it must be well and
firmly rooted to the ground. It can, and this would be better, be a mountain or a mesa or even a
hill. If so then it would be best that you are either at the base of it or even at some distance from
it but can see it. It is not to be the moon or the sun or a star in the sky - it must be something on
the land.
This is what I'd like you to try. I'd like you to look at it and then with the solar plexus, if you know
where that is - I think you do, I want you to pull. Don't pull the object towards you - rather
imagine a cord or a rope if you like between you and that object and pull with the idea that since
it is an immovable object you see - pull in such a way as you can feel yourself being drawn
towards it.
You have to do this from your solar plexus, not from your belly button but from your solar plexus.

Thats all. Just do it once. If you feel like it and if you feel comfortable you can do it twice.
Now this isn't to attract yourself to anything but it's a step towards homework and I'm going to
suggest that you try it now. I will say more about this next time.