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TO: Activ8 Employees

FROM: Matthew Boyd, Local Manager
SUBJECT: Sensitive Clientele Information Released to Public via Social Media
DATE: 9/2/16

Recently it has been brought to my attention that multiple employees have acted
out of vulgar humor to comment about one of the companys regular clients
lifestyle and how he acts within the store and to employees. These acts are to be
dealt with by the companys code as I have been told to do so by the Vice President
herself. It is written within our companys contractually agreed upon code of
conduct that no one may relinquish sensitive information about our workplace and
environment that might tarnish our reputation or more importantly a clients.

The actions to be taken will be handled in the week to come as I have requested
the employee files to review of the individuals who carried out the prohibited acts.
These gestures will not be taken lightly and will be dealt with swiftly and within
accordance to natural procedures associated with the company and with our
integrity and duties in mind.

While there will consequences for these individuals, this memo is to remind those
who did not do these things of our companys code of conduct, and for those who
did, for them to understand this is their first, only and final warning of what has
occurred. No more of these instances will be glanced or accepted, and, naturally,
any employee that would wish to act against our conduct will have to be let go from
our work force in order to comply with our beliefs.

Please keep the good work, however, everyone, as a new sports season is quickly
approaching and our local shop is the highest in regional sales. Outside of these
events, I am extremely happy with everyones cooperation effort and attitude in our
place of work. Lets not let anyones ideas get out of hand within or outside of our

Thank you and I will see everyone after this weekend.

Matthew Boyd

Activ8 Sports Manager

(555) 555 - 5555

--Activ8 Sports
123 Sports Lane
Cleveland, Ohio 28213
(704) SPORTS8

September 2, 2016

Mr. James Johnson

456 Home Court
Cleveland, Ohio

Mr. Johnson,
It has been brought to my companys position that specific workers
within our business have recently used social media to take it amongst themselves
and have abused social media rights to post derogatory comments about you. As
Activ8 is a family company with specific values and morals, we will not be taking
these uncouth gestures lightly. Said employees are having their due process put
into motion right now, but I will have you know, our policies explicitly imply actions
to release an employee who would relinquish sensitive information to the public of
business relations or affairs. We not only value ethics and morals, but our
relationship with you as a cherished guest and customer and friend. We ask that
you take into understanding the youth of these employees, as you might know who
some of them are or you might not. As the local manager her at the Activ8 Sports
store I thoroughly apologize for these out right uncalled for acts of immaturity. We
ask for patience and consideration as the finality of this situation unfolds in the days
to come and we will keep you updated as our investigation into the situation
becomes closer to a total collection of evidence and a decision is made. Thank you
for the support you have always shown to us. Please come by the store at your own
convenience as we have some new products I am excited to show you a generous
offer towards.

Matthew Boyd