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TERM 4 2016


Design Plan for ERP Implementation in TAPMIs Admission

Course Name: ERPL

FAS Group No: SA8

Name of the Students
Adharsh R (15F402)
Anvish V (15F407)
Nikhil Pratap Singh ()
Saibdeep Kaur ()
Vaibhav Saini ()


The following document takes forward the work of previous teams who
performed planning of TAPMI Admissions ERP. This document defines the
As-Is Process that is existing currently in the system of TAPMI Manipal
Admissions process. As-Is Process defining the current system without
ERP implementation is flow-charted. Following that a To-Be Process is
defined with respect to the idea of an ERP implementation in the
admissions department. GAPS have been identified with respect to the
current idea of ERP implementation after comparing it with the selected
ERP vendors product- Ecole CampusLabs ERPs Admissions Module.
Re-engineering the process was not advised as the current process is
almost in alignment with the current ERP module. The GAPS identified
were not of substantial manual work and can be managed with simple
tools like Mail Merge and Excel.
Project Scope:
The process of advertising the admissions process of TAPMI, Manipal in
various communication channels wasnt considered in-scope of the ERP
Location scope:
TAPMI Manipal campus
Business scope:
Designing the admissions for PGDM, BKFS and HCM programs are in the
scope of this implementation. Admissions for distance learning program
are not handled by this Admission department and thus, are not included
in the implementation.
AS-IS Process:
--------------------------------------------------------------TO BE Process:
Application Form Management
Initial step in admissions is floating the registration form in the TAPMI
official website. This is done manually and the backend of the form is
mapped to the Application Form Management Module.
The entries are then collected and are consolidated in the ERP. This list
can be viewed from front end with all relevant details.
In addition, payment confirmation of application fees can we viewed
through this module.
This will need customising the current ERP layout of Ecole as there is a
payment status function is only available in Student Admission module.
This needs to customised to view the application fees status

After the deadline, the final list is obtained and can be viewed through the
front end of the Application Form Management ERP system

Post Receiving Entries

A short-listing criteria is designed by the admissions team. These criteria
can be set-up in the ERP module and can be fed in the system.
Both qualitative and quantitative filtering can be performed in this
method. The final shortlisted list can be viewed in the front end.
Selection Process
This part of the module handles the scheduling of candidates.
How many interviews/WAT per day can be defined so that scheduling can
be done efficiently.
Re-scheduling the process based on availability is not possible in Ecole, as
the mail, calls and the ERP arent integrated. This has to be done
Allocation of professors for admission process is not possible in Ecole, but
wouldnt take much time to do manually. This is because there will be
more external constrains.
Ecole ERP handles consolidating all the city lists after the process ends.
The scores are entering manually into the ERP.
Students Admission
Ecole displays the list of the selected candidates after setting up the
selection criteria and the list can be exported and displayed in the official
TAPMI website.
Communicating the result to selected candidates is not handled by Ecole
and has to be done manually.
Receiving the caution deposit fee is monitored by Ecole and the accounts
team and admission team can co-ordinate the whole process.
Admission lists (List A,B,C etc.) can be generated based on the fulfilment
of caution deposit within the stipulated date and displayed in the website.
This process is not possible in Ecole and hence has to be done manually.
Receiving the tuition fees is monitored by Ecole and the accounts team
and admission team can co-ordinate the whole process. Based on that
Admissions can be finalised and the student profile can be created. This
can be done using Ecole ERP modules
Withdrawal Process

Checking for withdrawal requests is not possible using Ecole but

cancelling the admissions based on AICTE rules can be performed using
Ecole ERP module. Based on that the student data can be given to the
PGP office.