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What is your name?

Where were you born?

What do you do?

Whats your marital status?

Who is your family?

Which are your hobbies?

What are your qualities?

Which is your favourite food?

Which are your likes and dislikes?

Which is your vision in the life?

Why I want to learn English?

Why should I hire you?

My name is Liliana Jaime

I was born in 1992, Medellin

I am student at the CUN, I study hotel and tourism administration

I am in a relationship

My father name is Hernando, he is a free-lance

My mother name is Paz, she is Housewife
My sister is Carolina, she is a Pharmacy Assistant

My sister is Leidy, she is a hairdresser

Travel, dance, work-out, movies

I am kind, intelligent, self-confident, creative, responsible, and honest.

My favourite food is ice cream, hamburger, hot dog

I like to shopping, I like to listening music, I like to cook

I dont like to hypocrisy

My vision is to finish my career, and open my own hotel.

I Want to learn English because my profession requires English and

because I want to travel to different parts of the world

Because I am kind, intelligent, safe- confident, creative, responsible, and