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Inspired by the book titled The Battle For Sanskrit of Shri Rajiv Malhotra, Veda Samskruti Samiti
has initiated the action to investigate the real strength, importance and role of Sanskrit in Veda
Sanskrit in the Indian Society.
It is unfortunate that envious foreign agencies and blind Indian followers of western culture, with
the help of various baseless, contradictory and mischievous theories, are trying to establish that
the Vedaas are of only recent origin. But our countrys archeological inventions in and around
Bharatavarsha are proving time and again that the Vedaas and Vedic Culture are the oldest among
all the scriptures and cultures around the globe! It is also unfortunate to observe that some
unscrupulous elements, with a view to defame the Veda Samskruti, are spreading the gossip that
Sanskrit literature is political and not sacred; oppressive and not liberating; and the language is
outdated and dead. But they are forgetting the fact that our Sanaatana Dharma is the real guide for
better and homogeneous living of the society at large, even today!
In order to dispel all misgivings of the above nature and show the real strength of our Veda
Samskruti inherent in our Sanaatana Dharma, this effort of organizing a day-long National Seminar
on Preservation and Promotion of Sanskrit and Samskruti is initiated with the cooperation of 13
(Thirteen) like-minded Organizations, involved since long in the task of preserving our Indian
Culture and the Divine Language Sanskrit. It is heartening that we have got good response from
famous Authors and received as many as 60 plus Articles in Sanskrit, Telugu, English and Hindi
languages for presentation during the Seminar and publication in the proposed Souvenir!
This historic event has the blessings of Maha Mahopadhyaaya Pujya Swami (Dr.) Tattvavidananda
Sarasvati Maharaj of Brahma Vidya Kutir. Major credit of the success of this event goes to the
sincere efforts coupled with involvement of the representatives of various prestigious
organizations besides our own Veda Samskrutis numerous selfless Volunteers besides Sri
O.Krupalu, Founder of GITA SAMSKRUTAM for successful publication of Souvenir and efforts of Dr.
MM Rao ,Founder of SACRIFICE for associating Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan , New Delhi.
While the SCIENCE IN SANSKRIT and a 1000-Item Exhibition planned in connection with the
Event in question, by SAMSKRITA BHARATI, and Book Exhibition by some of the group
organizations, is expected to be highly educative, the HARIKATHAA in Sanskrit covering the
Theme Jagadguru Adi Shankara by Dr. (Smt.) Uma Maheswari would be the highlight of the Event.
Last But not the least, I am Grateful for the untiring efforts of Dr. T.S. Ramakrishna, FounderSecretary of ESWARA as the Convener and Coordinator and Sri. O.Venkata Ramanayya , Organizing
Secretary of this Mega Event . Om Tat Sat.
A.H.Prabhakara Rao,
Veda Samskruti Samiti.(NODAL AGENCY)