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The Spiritual

Atom Bomb
Rise of the

Supra Being

Michael William Springer

Disguised as a Fast Track Manual

To Raising Ones

Copyright 2015
The Spiritual Atom Bomb Press
All rights reserved.
11,111 words, 33 chapters, 88 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1519546685
ISBN-10: 1519546688

This book is dedicated to all of those who live within the
Human condition, and whom wish to remain sheltered.

The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

33 A Veil Between Two Worlds
32 The Descent Begins
31 A Natural State of Being
30 Amnesia
29 A Normal Reaction to an Abnormal Situation
28 The Imaginary Self
27 The Illusion that Impinged
26 The Plug and the Implant
25 Rebooting the True Self
24 Autonomic Miracle
23 Supra Being, an Infinite Body of Light
22 Mind Tricks
21 Turning up the Volume of Creation
20 The Self Image
19 Flowing with The Conductor
18 Our Mind as a Bio Antenna
17 The Real Time Torrential Flow of the Signal
16 The Rise of the Real
15 Backwards and Unrecognizable
14 More Mind Tricks
13 The Return of Our Self
12 The Fundamental Act of Creation
11 The Anti Force of Entropy
10 A Mass Networked Consciousness
9 There is Enough for One thru Flow
8 Idol Worship and Hate
7 The Mirrored Luminous Fractal
6 Complication Becomes Simplified
5 The Signal Continues to Broadcast
4 Forgetting the Fall
3 This is a Self Cure
2 Side Effects and the Withdrawal
1 Dematerialization of Death,
Connections Restored


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

33 A Veil Between Two Worlds

I once heard a story about some boy scouts and

a counselor going on a trek in nature. The
whole group treks through the forest and up to
a cliff that is partially covered with foliage. The
trail has been worn through to its edge. As the
boys begin to notice this in curiosity, the
counselor says, Ok, stop right here. The
counselor calls to the first boy and says, Boy, I
want you to run down that path and through
the foliage as fast as you can. Then I want you
to jump as far as you can away from the cliffs
The boy immediately locks up with fear and
starts nervously reaming out questions to the
counselor, Well, can I see whats down there
first!? The counselor says, Sure, just mentally
project your Self down at the bottom. The boy
insists, Well, can you tell me what is on the
other side? I mean, Im really scared! I dont
want to kill my Self for nothing you know?


The counselor speaks, Listen, I cant tell you

anything, you just have trust in me and have
FaithNow run as fast as you can and jump as
far as you can away from the cliffs edge! The
boy gathers everything in him and does so on
the counselors command. He leaps off the edge
and all we can hear is an animalistic scream of
terror all the way down. We can guess how all
of the other boys are feeling. The counselor
then says, Ok Jon, your next. Now Jon is
super scared, and he has all kinds of things
running through his imagination. The counselor
could be a psychopaththere could be sharp
jagged rocks where the other boy fell to his
death who knows?
Jon is entirely judging by appearances and
rightfully so, he has nothing else to go by. Or
does he? Yes. Faith in the counselor beyond any
appearances that the mind might be generating
or perceiving. Jon runs and leaps on Faith.
Again, we hear a shrill of terror. Some of the
other boys just cant do it. They cannot get over
their fearful imagination and they will not
budge. The rest of the group demands that they
have some kind of proof that these boys are
alive and well after making the leap.
The counselor says, you know what? Thats
fine. Come on over here to the edge and look

The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

down. The group concludes that this is

agreeable enough, so the rest of the boys walk
up to the edge and look over.
All the eye can see is a very thick net of foliage
that has grown out from the side of the cliff,
blended with the canopy of rainforest tree tops.
Nothing else is seen nor heard beyond that. We
have no ways to put their terrified imagination
at bay. Looking up at the counselor, he speaks
again, Just have Faith that when we make the
leap, its going to be ok. You have my word,
scouts honor.
The rest of the boys understand that the
counselor can only provide them with guidance
and the boys must have ultimate confidence in
what he instructs them to do. However, there is
a battle between this and doubt. The boys think
and discuss, What the hell does this guy have
Faith in? We did not see him make the jump!
How does he know what is hidden beyond
view? They ask the counselor and he says, I
have made this jump before. Down there
beyond our current sight, is a beautiful spring
fed lake with a water fall running into it. All
who have jumped are now celebrating with a
big party and enjoying their Self. Dont you
want this?


They begin to wrap their minds around the

possibility that this is all true. They really dont
want to miss out on a big party happening
amongst a beautiful, pristine, and natural
atmosphere. With this taken into consideration,
they begin to conspire and take action.
However, their imaginations pop back up and
create a block.
One can hear the boys arguing with each other,
Well, what if we die? What if this guy is just
crazy no matter his intentions, and we trust him
and die!? Some of the other boys say, Well,
what if we dont fear as we make that jump, and
it becomes the best experience of our lives? I
guarantee this is how I feel when the counselor
in my heart is telling me to follow in spite of
fearful appearances.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

32 The Descent Begins

As I jump, I begin to discover that I already had

the parachute designed within. Surprisingly an
unseen force sews and stitches it together on
the way down in perfect timing. Just because
something is not understood at first doesnt
mean that it wont get to us. As the mind
relaxes and begins to open, realize that
somewhere inside, something makes sense, feels
right, and is based on intuition. Initiate
sequence and begin. Who we really are does not
need to improve. It is Self-contained. What
must improve is our perception and recognition
of this perfection. As our perception corrects,
our individual world Self-corrects. Allowing our
Self to become One in Spirit through harmonic
resonance is our sealed Fate and Destiny. Just a
few critical shifts in consciousness and our own
world automatically improves. Experience being
orchestrated by the conductor, which is who we
really are as One.



We are a Supra Being from another world, or a

higher dimension we might say. We are sent
here in replicating fragmentations as individuals
on an untold mission to help this Being
recognize its Self here on Earth. As we become
aware of our mission, we begin to see who we
really are apart from our preconceived notions
as to what being Human really is. Being
Human is an experience designed as an
extension of the God Force. It is the interface
so to speak that enables us to process the
denser construct of the reality we find our Self
born into. Our mission is to become Selffulfilled, as in filling every fiber of our Being
with our other worldly heritage and thus
experience what we really are.who we really
are an Extradimensional Universal Entity.
We take reign over this dimension thru Supra
This experience we find our Self in is a
descension process. We are not coming here to
leave and ascend, we are here to bring the
experience of ever deeper levels of Love and
Ecstasy, streaming in from a higher dimension
to a lower dimension.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

31 A Natural State of Being

In this other world we came from, we

experienced a complete and childlike bliss,
the natural State of our Being. However it
was not thru the Human experience nor
was it through a physical realm. This is
vastly new territory on the scale of Infinity.
The Human race as a whole is one
pioneering Being giving blossom to a
completely new Creation. This life and
world we live in is the most successful
project ever embarked on, and we are
indivisible with it.
We are incarnated into this world with a state
that is natural to the state we once solely existed
in. When we observe the qualities of a child,
these are the very same qualities that we
exhibited on the plane of perfection. We came
to this plane unscathed. The radical curiosity,
the lack of limits, the INSTANT
CONNECTION, and Universal rapport with


other children proves that we have known each

other for Eternity. The child has it right, who
they are is right, they are in touch with the True
State of Being. This Being projects out onto the
world as if the whole life experience were a
mirror. A perfect and stainless Heaven is
experienced and there is an effervescent light
and ambience to everything. The Creation is
seen through the most accurate lens, which is
through no lens at all. There is a Light in the
eyes that say I see you, I recognize who you are!
I am you! This is why when we look into an
infants eyes; we are literally staring into the
Universe of our Self.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

30 Amnesia

Many Humans have forgotten to participate in

the same way Higher Dimensional Beings do
with each other.. in the Rhythm of Spirit.
When the child grew up further and further into
the illusion and away from their Self, they were
developed along the terrestrial path of what
already existed here on Earth, a massive project
calling in fresh engineers. As I mentioned
before, Earth and where we come from are two
very real, different planes of existence.
Since the child could not notice the gradual
changes in perception as jadedness crept up,
they literally had no choice and are innocent.
We may know of the concept of the frog being
placed into boiling water. The frog will
immediately sense the drastic temperature
change and jump out to survive. However, if we
put the frog into cold water, and slowly...
subtlyturn up the heat, the frog will not
notice and be eventually cooked to death. We


had no choice in the gradual death of Spiritual

perception while coming here to this plane. We
can let our Self go. We are on a mission.
Our goal is developing on the path through our
original nature of pure Spiritual Essence with
our True Self. This is either lost or preserved to
various degrees in the dense fog of the project.
Recognition of innocence becomes more and
more difficult. This is a normal reaction to what
we are embarking on. Remember, we are the
Spearheads of The New Creation where
something that we are doing has only been
done in the physically un-manifest mind of Self.
What we are doing here has already been done
back home, completed to perfection. We are
bringing energy into an unknown land and
establishing it here as best as we can with what
we know. We then dissipate back into the Force
we come from, in order to refresh this
knowledge and come back again. Sort of like
buckets of water out of a sinking ship and into a
raging fire, one after another. This knowledge
of Being is added to and compounded by a
process called evolution. This process takes
form through us and is held here in this plane
by Supra Consciousness.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

29 A Normal Reaction to an
Abnormal Situation

Humanitys problem is not a problem of faulty

technology or an immoral and sinful Creation
of God. If there really is a problem, it is an
identity crisis of not recognizing The Truth of
Who We Are through the eyes of True Self.
This crisis is expected as a natural byproduct of
what we are doing Spiritually. For example,
when one chooses to work out there body, they
are going to rip their muscles so that they can
rebuild them back into a larger form. We do not
say that the muscle is imperfect because it
ripped; it does what it does according to
design. Same here with evolution for a lack of
better words. It expands and contracts getting
more and more evolved over the long run, until
an exponential Light warp arises. We are at a
tipping point in evolution where we finally
become free to be our Self.
I will say this, if the design could have been


made better, it would have. However, there is

no such thing as super-exceeding the perfection
of the Hyper-Efficient Being that we all are.
Nothing in this realm is either bad nor good, it
is whether it is done in Spirit or not. When
Spirit is present, the action that follows has
already been accomplished before manifested,
and done in perfect order and harmony with all.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

28 The Imaginary Self

The Imaginary Self is a result of this

Biomechanical Machine that we possess apart
from its Official Operating Awareness. This
Biomechanical Machine was designed for us as
an extension of the God Force. Apart from us it
is nothing less than A.I. or artificial intelligence.
When Ones force, or who they are is possessed
by this machine, wellwe call them possessed!
They are in actuality possessed by an unfinished
prototypical machine that is still in
development. The Biomechanical Machines are
literally operating from A.I. until the descent is
made and the seat of consciousness is taken
back by the Higher Self . The normal result of
this situation is the imperfection expressed in
this plane thru what is exemplified as the Unawakened Being.
The Imaginary Self thoroughly lacks ESP
abilities because Imaginary Self transmission
through the ether is not directly possible. The


Imaginary-Self manifests in ways leading to our

intuition being cut off. Intuition is the
connecting link between schools of fish and
flocks of birds as they swim and fly in unison.
Now do we see how traffic accidents happen?
Imaginary-Self cuts us off from our Supra Being
of Oneness. It confuses us and it is what drains
our life force leading to the eventual decay rate
of our cells, making ill health and aging
possible. This Artificial Template of Being is
the single source of all death, sexual distortion,
misunderstandings, spiritual issues, ad
infinitum only if it depths were such.
Our intention here is to allow the greater mind
that has completed the mission to take the seat
of what it has created. We are this greater mind
that is rapidly awakening you as you continue to
read this.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

27 The Illusion that Impinged

We have forgotten our true essence to varying

degrees and are participating in an illusion that
is corroborated by the entire planet of our Self.
This illusion or imaginariness is one with the
Imaginary Self as they interface together in a
resultant machine or infrastructure of mock
reality. This reality we find our Self in right now
has been evolving for some time. It is the
outcome of a High Intensity Energy Being
beamed into a void that is currently being given
shape by the mind of God. Its all good, or all
God. Again, what we see and perceive with our
brains to be life as we currently know it, is a
completely accurate and normal result of this
process. The reason that this project still
continues is the Grace and presence of Love. It
is a Holy project and all is perfection, whether
this is perceived or not to varying degrees.
As we continue to have technology and
infrastructure, the Spirit behind all of it reflects
the innocence of a child. The Spiritual
immaturity that we were exposed to is being
gradually wiped away.


Imagine the Soul of a Hyper Efficient Being

backing our infrastructure as One world
undivided. Combine this with the intelligence
of the Human mind. The result? Full blown
creativity, innocence, lack of judgment, radical
curiosity, and the passion to connect and work
together in the Spirit of Harmony.PLUS all
of the Supra Being qualities yet to be further
revealed. This is what we are involved with,
what we chose to participate in. This is our
We have the innate potential to make things
evolve a lot smoother. A lot more blissfully. A
lot more Light-Heartedly. We have everything
we need, yet the perception of an intelligent
cooperation that naturally flows between us was
hijacked and had been turned elsewhere.
The child had not fully developed in their
Earthly experience enough to effectively
communicate to an adult that there Spiritual
perception was becoming jaded. The child does
not know this jadedness, they have not
developed their awareness to see this nor would
they have been able to spot it in the another due
to lack of recognition. We are truly born into a
world that is alien to us, a new frontier. We
never did have any familiarity with this dis-ease
of perception. Only until the illusion started to

The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

impinge upon the Spirit, this is when we

became indoctrinated or enculturated into
society, and formed the Imaginary Self. We
began to lose touch with our Nature Essence,
our True Religion, and our body as a Temple.
As one gradually gazed into the void, they lost
the Spirit of how to live. As the intellect began
to only recall and remember death, one to learnt
how to survive, pretend, and defend as the life
force that dissipated away from our body
became more scarce.




The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

26 The Plug and the Implant

The True essence of our Self that should have

been preserved and cared for was molded out
of misguided intention. The misguided
intention was to shape Ones experience into a
plug that fitted neatly into the infrastructure
that was here. We didnt ask for this shaping
neither did we design the infrastructure. It was
here before we came along.
Eventually the energy of this plug was
harvested away. The plug was conditioned and
created through academia, TV, internet, radio,
news, reality shows, all of mass media,
government, and single mostly religion. As
the masters walk, they know no religion and
speak what you currently read. Masters that
once walked had their message distorted in an
effort to create an image of God supposedly
outside of our Self. We were frozen into a
limited concept, thus rendering God powerless.
An Imaginary Self was thus created and
implanted into our way of being. The limited
concept was harnessed by those in power to
redirect our Infinite energy into their Imaginary
Power Structure, thus giving it an illusory life.
The human body and mind had been


conditioned and genetically altered through

programs that enabled an Imaginary Matrix Like
Reality to exist at the expense of our
The larger amount of life force preserved and
protected, the mightier the tasks involved in
developing this worldly infrastructure apart
from Self. This is why you have this book in
your hands. As you have experienced life so
far, you intimately know that there were
intentions to create an intellect that no longer
formed to the fully present State of Joy. It was
done by keeping us tuned into anything but the
real mission. Joy was programmed out of the
majority. If we traced all of this evil intention in
the world down to the root. It was a single error
in the omnipresent consciousness of God. This
evil that existed was inanimate and could only
harm by blinding One. Our power lies in
opening our eyes.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

25 Rebooting the True Self

Following our Heart is like a Hyper-Efficient

Linux system where every resource is already
there in place and inherently secured by design.
Following our inner power is similar to the
hydro-fuel cell car that never needs fossil fuel,
an outdated, inefficient, and limited resource. It
only needs water which is abundant and Selfcontained. We only need Spirit. Shedding the
Imaginary Self is like the butterfly shedding its
chrysalis; One does not need to operate through
limitation that has over served its purpose.
Changing the paradigm in Ones mind is like
changing the operating system of a computer to
Linux. It is like switching over from an
unnecessary quantity of data that is inherently
flawed and unstable over to an ever so
necessary quality of being that is Eternal and
Self-sustaining. It is time for an upgrade from
an analogue system and way of thinking to a
system and way of thinking ran by light.
We had a society ran by this error of not
recognizing who and what we are, and that is
fine. We have great infrastructures in place, yet
things were not ideal for us collectively. Now
we are being guided to recognize our Spiritual


essence and return back to it.

During this process of returning back to the
Source, we are beginning to notice a Spiritual
torrent of highly creative ideas pouring through
our mind. It is unlike anything else we have
experienced. The deeper/higher part of our
Self is reprogramming the lesser component of
our Imaginary Self on a neurological level.
Every fiber of our Being is currently being
cleansed. This Over -Soul is withholding all
judgment the lesser component has learned,
back for us in order for it to re-recognize and
re-internalize the truth of who we are in this
plane of existence. We are becoming
energetically immune to any physical
contaminates, thus bringing our biochemistry to
an optimum state for a Spiritual Revolution in
Mind, Body, & Soul.
Every action, thought, and feeling is inspired
from Truth into the physical world in which our
body and mind exists in. We are immediately
beginning to notice the results of an ongoing
transformation. Keep in mind, following the
Spirit is a nonlinear process that takes in the
macrocosm of the whole unit, or multiverse
into consideration, as well as present moment
existence. This may not make sense to the
microcosm of the Imaginary Self due to it

The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

innately feeling disconnected through a

programmed experience that is beyond
comparison to the whole. As we are beginning
to open up to an intricately connected network,
we may notice this nonlinear process currently
being brought into our conscience.
The intelligence we exist within and are an
intricate part of, the intelligence that we are, is
restoring the collective perception of Humanity
to a state of Heaven here on Earth. It may or
may not be using the existing structures that are
in place, whether on a Microcosm, that Being
old belief structures of our mind, and/or on a
Macrocosm, the old structures of society. All
that is worthwhile is being built upon. Ways
that are destructive to our perception of Self
and thus the planet are naturally being shed
As our Heart progressively leads us, we start to
notice all former knowledge being put to the
wayside. The beginnings of a solid Truth are
currently being awoken inside of us. The deeper
us is working its Self from the inside out, up
and thru our intellect. All old and limiting
patterns are being washed away leaving only
behind what is originally here. Our originality
exists and emanates in and from our True Self


and any worthwhile personality characteristics

we have co-developed with Love remains. This
process is awoken in us now. Think of it as a
perceptual upgrade from the engineers and
architects of the Collective Consciousness, then
lay that thinking to rest and continue to remain
open as we follow along.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

24 Autonomic Miracle

Visualize the Human body and begin to notice

how a lot of it operates and functions
unconsciously. It does this in perfect harmony;
the beating of the heart, the breathing, the
organization of cells, and the orchestration of
their duties down to the minutia. Looks like an
advanced machine that is truly Self-tuning and
regulating right? This physical presence that we
experience has the backing of the Universal
Self. This is a Spiritual reality that is a Selfsustaining and perfect intelligence. This
massive Supra Being knows exactly what we are
thinking and cannot help otherwise because this
knowing is what it is. It is its nature and its
Being. It does not know anything else but a
perfect orchestration, a perfect Love. It does
not know judgment and never will. So we have
an idea of some of the aspects of this Being of
Lights nature. Our nature.
To the degree that we truly Self Recognize, will
be to the same degree that this regulating factor


of perfection will be expressed out into the

mirror of physical reality we experience. The
circumstances and conditions of life will be
accurately reflected back to us as the inherent
perfection that they are. Instead of the person,
group, or nation being a free radical that
chaotically operates out of disharmony, we
realize that who we are is an innate part of this
whole organism or Being. We are naturally
regulated through perfect harmony. This Flow
is something that the Imaginary Self could
never create or mimic. It does not have the
capability to even recognize or know anything
beyond separateness and a division of power
that was once interconnected. Thus the
Imaginary Self knows true power not and can
only harness a diminishing counterfeit.
Imagine a super highway. There are thousands
of cars driving around on it. They are coming
from every direction in what appears to be a
non-linear and totally chaotic mess. Now
imagine if it were impossible for these cars to
hit each other.
Like a bird out in nature flying through trees,
limbs, and other obstructions with the most
perfect of ease. Ever seen a flock of birds
spontaneously move in direction as one? No lag
time, no thinking, no mind. Only Flow is

The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

present beyond this point. An unseen

intelligence is in operation simultaneously
between all God Force Units.
This is the same Flow that is stopping the
words and thoughts, redesigning and
reorganizing them, and starting the world on
another trajectory. This Self-organization is part
of the Forces nature. We belong to this. Ever
wondered what the unused part of our brain
capacity might be made for? We are designed to
function in expression like a perfectly
orchestrated dance. Life will be pretty much
lived on auto pilot with the mind being freed up
for more advanced pursuits.
So we have this fluid basis of harmony that is
impossible for its disintegrated parts to run into
each other, thus making them integrated and
whole once again. We also have by outside
appearance what looks like chaos and
disorganization. When chaos is aligned with
Supra Being intelligence, it begins to take on
form through Self-Organization. Take a minute
and research Cymatics. This is where they play
certain sound frequencies and sand begins to
spontaneously organize into symmetrical shapes
and patterns. Things now begin to make sense
to the logical aspect of our mind. However,
when One approaches it with the use of logic


vs. the intelligence of the Spirit, the form will be

limited to the degree that the observers
perception is limited. The chaos will not begin
to vibrate in tune with Universal Intelligence
and will remain a construction of chaos. This
notion is not very far from the similarity of how
cells in a perfectly healthy body correspond
with each other. All to sustain the whole Being
directed by the Intelligence of the organism. As
our point of unified consciousness takes seat in
our body comprised of cells, must we tell the
cells what to do to keep the body alive? Is our
mind totally freed up to experience another
reality versus the molecular reality of our body?


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

23 Supra Being, an Infinite

Body of Light

We are the cells of a Supra Being. As cells

we can operate unconsciously on autopilot
to do what we need to do to thrive. A Whole
Reality comes into view, a way of being that
is grander, a way of being that would be like
taking a Human blood cell which is fully
intelligent and conscious to a degree, and
graduating it to a Human Beings
consciousness which is fully intelligent and
conscious to a greater degree. Then go
something beyond that (Supra) that takes
consciousness of the humans as One
experience in Kind throughout, then
beyond that takes consciousness of us and
beyond that Infinitum. We are graduating
to a larger way of Being.
In their natural and healthy state cells do not
have any other knowledge besides that of
which they all are. They are different working
aspects of the same organism! Am I going to


amputate my leg, give it a label that identifies it

with having nothing to do with me or even
being a leg for that fact? Do I then blame the
appendage for my Self not being able to walk,
putting all responsibility for walking on it? I
separated it from me and lost all knowledge of
what it is to me. The leg is obviously a part of
the whole, my body. Through a whole
experience, I accept others as Universal True
Self and as One in fundamental Being with me.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

22 Mind Tricks

When someone wrongs us, we are responsible

for bringing the Self that we all partake in out of
that person. Know that the Imaginary Self is a
distortion of the True Self. It is a lifeless proxy
that is animated by the energy of a spiritually
imprisoned being that does not know what it is
doing. This dis-ease of perception is just that,
we do not care who it is coming from, whether
you, me, or them because dis-ease is dis-ease
whether in you, me, or them. It must go at all
costs. To attack a person is to attack our Self
and tighten the chains even more. We are
energetically mirrored all the way down to a
single thought.
If the Imaginary Self is projected onto to us by
another physical being whether close up or at
an unseen distance, it will distort our thoughts,
feelings, and emotions. This is the nature of
what is projected. The mind will then interpret
the distortion to be coming from within, thus
fooling the beholder unless we are aware of this
process. So say that One is lost within the


Imaginary Self, thus feeling its nature of

insecurity. This insecurity will block the
projection of our True Self from consciously
connecting with another physical being. This
lack of connection will then link to any
unconsciousness in that being, bringing out a
corresponding Imaginary Self Reaction. For
example, if we beat our Self up inside and
radiate this lack, another unconscious being will
pick up this frequency. Unknowingly for some
reason they could have feelings of hatred for us,
and unconsciously act it out on us. Both beings
are innocent because in reality they are the same
Love being divided and distorted by a shared
opposition that does not even exist in reality.
To stop this cycle, One can determine the
response they get by immediately holding their
Minds Eye onto the Original Template of
Being once they sense the Impinging
Distortion. We do this by blanking out our
mind and emotions and stopping our thoughts
like in meditation. Thus we are disengaging any
distortion. As we are doing this we realize it is
the only escape. Pursuing the Imaginary Self
directly with our intellect is fruitless because it
mutates like a virus. Our attempt at success
proves fruitful as we let the thoughts and
feelings of the Imaginary Self fall thru our
fingers like sand. We surrender the Imaginary

The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

Self. Now that it is done, the projected error in

consciousness has unraveled and fallen apart,
leaving the other person at a loss to why the
urge to attack us just fell apart. Our Imaginary
Self has been rendered powerless. We just held
our ground. Another words we held our own
Universal Ground through all Beings as One
Master. These are the real Mind Tricks of
harnessing The Force. Our state of being or not
being will determine the outcome of our
interactions with the rest of our Self. We are
One with the entire evolution of Self that the
other person shares with us. All conscious
points representing Self are responsible for the
entire Evolution of Humanity on a whole, or
rather its own Self as Supra Being. If any Being
wants to encounter Heaven sometime within
Eternity, they are going to have to create it.
Would One want to keep facing the same
problems over and over? Possibly life after life?
The amount of my Self that I am liberating is




The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

21 Turning up the Volume of Creation

Therefore every Individualization of Self

innately knows what to do to create perfect
harmony. I am guided by a perfect intelligence
that is in synchronization with everything in
existence. I am built for the God that sustains
and creates my Self in real time. We are built for
our Self. Our joy comes in the fact and knowing
that this loving intelligence is in command and
further carries us to experience a progressive
realization of our own Universal Character.
Imagine todays present world. Visualize it as an
Expanded Being with a personality. It would
seem to have many splintered aspects of Self
pitted against each other.
What if we were to turn up the volume on the
Infinite organizing factor so to speak? Imagine
all of the aspects of this personality beginning
to flow like cells that have not been exposed to
any reality other than perfection. No toxins, no
foreign or alien contaminates. No diseased ideas
and their physical manifestations. No oxidants,


free radicals, or heavy metals. These cells

innately know exactly what to do for their
individual paths while simultaneously all Being
on one path.
We are becoming aware of all the
interconnected parts, as a whole and Self
Governing Supra Intelligence flows within,
creating a state of Bliss and Rapture. How does
such a world look? We all exist as One Self in
perfect synchronization. Remember, this is
putting an unquantifiable percentage of unused
capacity into force. An unquantifiable amount
of intelligent capacity that has been cut off
from awareness through the Illusion of Life as
we know it. I am not even going to call it an
illusion because with an illusion, it has to be
remotely somewhat similar to the real thing.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

20 The Self Image

Imagine being a duck all of our life. We do the

things ducks do until we are told that we are
Human, and that we have the powers of a
Human. However until we break the ducks
spell, we will never do what is required to
activate our powers, which is believe in our Self
Image as a Human. The Self Image we were
programmed with was vastly different from
Supra Being. An Unquantifiable amount of our
life capacity and span had been harvested away
towards something that was parasitic and did
not live. So maybe a virus? How could
something that was an evil intelligence even
exist on its own accord? This means that
through Imaginary scripting, an error of
perception in our Self Image, we were
inefficiently throwing away an unquantifiable
amount of our Spiritual energy and resources.
We had conspired together to build an entire
civilization around this inefficiency. Someone
out there? No. Someone in here that is now
awakening even more, knowing and believing in
who we really are.



The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

19 Flowing with The Conductor

Imagine a conductor whom is orchestrating the

most beautiful song. Imagine every part of that
orchestra playing in perfect harmony with each
other guided by the conductor. The music is out
of this world isnt it? However the operation
itself takes place right here on Earth. The music
resonates bands of energy from an unseen
Heavenly realm that is not of this world. This
world is where it is played though.
One must be projecting the Heaven of our
Souls out into illusion of physical reality and
overcoming any unheavenly conditions. We
follow The Conductor which is Ones Self, for
we REALLY do not know what we are doing
apart from this.
As this happens more and more, perfect health,
happiness, and harmony are the result. There
will be no doctors, no police, no governments,
no weapons, and nothing but the necessities
that are already present in perfect abundance.
With this foundation, we create and build
lavishly, in perfect harmony with the very world
that sustains our physical existence.


It is not that we must do something now. We

must first be in the reality of who we are, and
then Heaven will take care of it Self just as it
takes care of nature, Hawaii, the solar system,
and the beating of our hearts. We have gotten
this far and now it is time for an exponential
dimensional warp.
By building up to the point of breakdown, we
stand face to face with the very threshold that
leads to breakthrough. Our entire body of
experience expresses its Self, neurotransmitters
and all, for a completely maximized and blissful
reality of cooperation. Think this is not real and
possible? A far-fetched ideal? Abandon thinking
and know in our Heart that this is real and
possible.this KNOWING is the key. A
prerequisite for knowing is BELIEVING.
What else do we have to believe for us? Do we
think that even the most sinister Being would
destroy it Self? Not unless it was disintegrated
in character, thought, and even all the way
down to the cell.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

18 Our Mind as a Bio Antenna

The mind is a receiver that can be finely tuned

and ran accordingly to an intelligence that it
cannot yet comprehend. It may never
comprehend this intelligence, for to
comprehend this intelligence might just limit
the experience of it. The brain is a tool directed
by us and is not us. Most of us now have an
idea of who we are. We know what our real
heritage is as we allow it to be revealed to us IN
REAL-TIME by the Torrential Flow of Spirit.
As we searched to the ends of the universe, it
imploded back onto our Self and thus we finally
took Self Responsibility.
Just imagine all of the possibilities waiting for us
as we come home to them. It could very well
seem difficult. How are we going to create
something seventh dimensional when we are
third dimensional? Identify with our seventh
dimensional Self. Its that simple. Can we take
the current divided Imaginary Self that created
the problem and find the answer? No, because
then there wouldnt be a problem. An answer
from a dimension other than this one is
constantly streaming in like sunlight through a


chemtrail in the sky.

Again, the imagination can only take us to the
edge of the cliff. It cannot give us the
experience of making the jump and splashing
into the pool of Heavenly Creation that is
beyond our physical five senses. As we leave the
intellect behind, letting it slowly drop into the
chasm between imagination and direct
experience of The Real, we are coming to
know these possibilities as they are revealed to
us. True possibility lives in our reality.
The human mind is a receiver that tunes into
higher realities. It does not gather static
information from low level realities in an
attempt to piece a higher reality together. This
latter way is the Road to Hell, not to the next


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

17 The Real Time Torrential

Flow of the Signal

We cannot go on living through the past as we

cannot lift ourselves by our own bootstraps.
The mind cannot lift its own experience to the
next level by using present level gathered ideas
based on a Divided Self Image. In order to
make it to the next level, something must be left
behind, and it is precisely thisWe have no
idea for the path is disclosed in a present
moment, Real Time Torrential Flow of
Intelligence. We all have been advancing up
until this present moment, and anything born
from this moment is our experience.
As we look at our energies directed towards
advancement in the physical world, it happens
exponentially. We see that in the world, there is
nothing wrong with the creative Force. It was
the perception of Force that we had in error
and thus collectively created accordingly. We
were so wrapped up in this external reality and
trying to make it better that we ended up pulling
the beam out of our Spiritual Eye, and we let
the vision of a completely different reality flow


into being. When the Spirit became right,

everything fell into place.
The next phase of evolution is happening on an
exponential level that is much faster than
anything we have seen before. Like a thief in
the night. Instantly. As we turn that evergrowing quest for making things better outside
of our Self inwards, we start making things
better within our Self by tuning into the Signal
from the Inner Space Being. The outside
experience, the physical experience, takes care
of it Self at a rate we could never have
As the beam from the Signal is projected
through the third eye, it shines and projects
back a totally different reality to our own Soul.
This is the reality that we were running to the
ends of the universe to find, it is finally right
here for us to see it, to recognize it again and
return to the home that we always had waiting
for us.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

16 The Rise of the Real

When Christ says that we must die first in order

to live, he is talking about the Imaginary us
that must die: the Imaginary Self along with its
power, hunger, and separation. As this
Imaginary Self is shed like a chrysalis, we are
born back into the stainless reality that we all
came from as a new and advanced form without
limits. We are well on our way to utilizing these
finely tuned and calibrated organisms of
intelligent design to the max. This Universal
Antennae that we call our mind is our
instrument of perception. It is not the
originator of Creation; it is a receiver of
Creation, and an expression of the Creation.
The next time we look at another Human in the
eyes, I want us to see the Spiritual Being beyond
the physical appearance. Look into them and
recognize, I know my Self. Just as if we are
looking into a mirror and seeing our Self,
because in reality it is just that. Regardless if we
can see the person and they cannot see
themselves yet, we will be calling out to their
Spirit to rise up from deep within. Looking past
the old image that disintegrates the perceptual


Force, we penetrate deeply into the Spiritual

backing of True Self and speak to this. When
we do this from our own recognition of the
Force within, we too will recognize each other
as we recognize our Self throughout all.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

15 Backwards and Unrecognizable

Imagine everything in the world as we know it

is backwards. Imagine that we all collectively
think we are heading to our doom, and right
when we get to that point a curtain is pulled
from in between projector and experiencer.
Every last thing that we had done as a race both
individually and collectively that was not in line
with Spirit was unrecognizable. God never had
any comprehension that we are anything but a
pure and innocent student. We are inherently a
Being of an alter dimension coming to this
planet to find it Self in physical reality.
We have no idea what is in store for us all as a
civilization. We can have the most sophisticated
understandings that make the best sense.
However, they will never be enough to make
sense of something that is not of the minds that
created the sophistication in the first place.




The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

14 More Mind Tricks

Think about the martial arts and Spiritual

practice of Aikido. When we give evil for evil as
it opposes us, we fall by our own energy. If we
come out of the offensive and give Love for
Love, it will be transformed by its Self. Our Self
can never be pitted against its Self. Does this
make sense?
The world of our perception is a mirror of our
own energy, or lack thereof being reflected back
to us. When we give evil any belief or attention,
we give it form with our power to create. It is
then reflected back to us through our
experience. Evil is experienced by giving it
recognition. When we do not recognize evil,
when we look past it and stay positive so to say,
another reality comes into view. This reality is
where True Power is harnessed. Developing our
perception like this is pretty much like learning
how to play an instrument instantly through a
consciously downloaded program.




The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

13 The Return of Our Self

Christ speaks about not resisting evil. Christ is

an awakened Master right here on Earth. Christ
is an aspect of God, synonymous with our Self.
As we wake up and realize who we are
throughout the entire body of Christ, the Self of
all Creation comes back into perception. When
ones perception is crystal clear, we do not see
criminal or prostitute. We begin to see
another in kindness, they are kind of just like
we, yet hidden behind imaginary pretense. We
begin to see and understand Beings that dont
know what they are doing or who they are. All
Masters are living and experiencing this exact
reality and acting through it as if it were real.
Whatever you do unto one of the least, you do
unto me for Christs sake!
We are orchestrated by the intelligence of the
Universe or The Father. We may think of the
miracles Christ performs and cannot come up
with any thinking about them that makes sense.
These are not miracles. They are just normal
working aspects of the Heaven we are tuned
into. Let me explain. When we observe the
atom, it changes form or appearance based on
what we want to see. Being that our intentions


and expectations modulate the wave-particle

duality that we are experiencing, expect nothing
less than our Self finally returned because we
are here.
Faith, intention, expectation, and will are the
initiating factors of organized Creation. We
share the same creative potential as our Creator
because well, uh yeah.we are the Creator.
OOPS! The Imaginary Self is going to be pissed
for letting this One go! Wait...Isnt that the
Imaginary Devil? I mean Devil..Oh Christ!
Hes US! Whos US? Jesus? No way! We are
imagining things.
Looking at appearances was the same thing as
looking at what WAS already created, its energy
slowly dying and passing away. Focus on the
living, effervescent, and real-time torrent of the
intelligent life. We now realize that there is a
living voice inside of us that comes from the
higher dimensions of Self and doesnt know
any other. These dimensions are of the Light
where darkness has never been experienced.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

12 The Fundamental Act of Creation

The perception that I speak of, looking past

appearance and following by Faith, is the
Fundamental Act of Creation. This is our
birthright. This is who we are in Self Operation.
The works that I do, ye shall do and greater
works, Ye are living gods of the most high.
Looking past any remnants of negative
impressions, we now realize that we are of God
and not The Imaginary Self. No longer will The
Imaginary Self ride the back of our Spirit and
purport to be us. This is the game of an old and
burning world that is soon to give way. Could it
be possible that we are beginning to transcend
the limitations that held the real us back from
expression? As Christ walks on water, the God
participates in the active Force that creates and
sustains the water molecule. We are one with
the water that holds Christ up. We are
conscious of the power of our Self. Life is
directly and obviously expanded with the
conscious commands that we Self-initiate.




The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

11 The Anti Force of Entropy

Our mind is of The Spiritual Creation, not a

recirculation of dead memories. I would relate
this recirculation of non-living ideas to what is
known as the Anti Force of ENTROPY. It is
a breaking down of energy and effluxion. A
breaking down of the real-time, torrential Flow
of Loving Intelligence. Energy gets stronger
the more it is simplified and unified. A Supra
Being gets stronger the more that it pierces
through the illusion of what appears to be a
force against its Self.
Imagine an exponential fragmentation and
division of Being. Despite the chaos, it is all
held in place on a whole to different degrees
and qualities of organization. Quality being
based off of the degree of Universal Intelligent
Force used in its own Self Formation vs.
Imaginary Self Formation. There are many
degrees and shades in between.
Truth in the forms of memories, ideas, and
notions based off of recorded history, whether
as far back as twenty thousand years ago or as
far back as two nanoseconds ago, are NOW on
a slower plain of existence for us. These very
same degrees are akin to the different degrees


of Heaven and hell or the aging we experience.

The only thing that goes against Entropy are
SUPRA CONSCIOUS Beings following the
real-time torrent that flows through them.
Any Being that had its experience temporarily
and painfully destroyed by Entropic Hell, are
the entities that believed in the Imaginary Self,
partook of it, and acted from it versus thru it.
We have the capacity to realize that its not the
will of our brain or the Imaginary Self that must
do the job of Being. Realize that it is the
passion of the creative torrent the pours in and
thru us, as our Self. This is the Everlasting
Eternal Life. This is the very way of Being that
accelerates and amplifies every molecule and
atom in our body to higher, truer, healthier,
more euphoric, and more ecstatic..STATES


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

10 A Mass Networked Consciousness

Realize that we are intricately connected to this

planet of ours through a Mass Networked
Consciousness that partakes in our beliefs about
it. Do we remember the wave-particle duality I
spoke of, how the form changes and is held in
place by our beliefs? We realize our Self, and
then orchestrate in it and through it as a
constant companion of Creation. Right now we
are unconsciously living what seems to be a
paradox of Being an individual, and at the same
time Being One with it all. Actually it isnt a
paradox. Being a cup of water scooped up out
of the ocean of consciousness, we are still
ocean. Being a Human that is on the brink of
extinction due to its behavior, we are still a part
of the Universal Way of Being that will literally
save our experience. It is Being broadcasted in
from another dimension within our Self. It is
not a paradox, just different floors of the same
building, or different dimensions of the same
Contrast the feeling of constantly creating and
Being in the Flow vs. driving our Self to do
work that consists of moving around the same
dead inanimate objects or ideas out of fear and


insecurity. Heaven constantly flows, spiraling

between Rapture and Ecstasy. This is what I
am about.
In order for creative energy to nourish, it must
be circulated. It is given while being received. If
the Flow of receiving were to stop,
simultaneously the Flow of giving would halt.
This is the same process of disconnection from
the eternal efflux, and thus it is Entropic. If we
were to visualize the creative energy, we would
see that it ramps up in a circular and upward
motion sort of like a cork screw or a double
helix DNA strand. The creative energy that we
are of and express does not flow from one
source and then dissipate somewhere else. If
this were to happen, our interconnected
intelligence would cease.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

9 There is Enough for One thru Flow

What about already manifested energy that is

not being circulated, but is cut off from Flow
and stored in fear? This is the semi-living,
looped-physical energy that is competed for in
this world. Sort of like fruit that is picked from
the tree and is dying within time. When it
comes to Soul Peace, this is the finite energy
that is not enough for an Infinite Being. Why
would one fight and compete over stale and
fixed forms of energy? There is an Eternally
fresh and Infinite supply within the realm of
ideas and Creation flowing through us now.
I see examples of truly successful peoples
Flow. No matter how much I try to mimic,
their Flow is my Flow, and my Flow is our
Flow, and our Flow flows in harmony as part of
the whole Flow. One must look past all of the
doubt and into Ones very own core. It must be
found within. This is True Original Creativity.
True Original Creativity is highly synergistic
with other true original creative energies all
operating in harmony to sustain the whole. This
whole then flows with ease as One Being. So
paradoxically speaking their Flow is our Flow.
As our perception becomes clearer, our purpose


and Flow is becomes evident. Step by step,

moment by moment, we are led to manifest real
world results in a State of Bliss.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

8 Idol Worship and Hate

Looking in the mirror of reality and disowning

our innate abilities by projecting them onto
others who have already realized them is idol
worship. Idle worship comes from seeing our
own unexpressed power in perception Being
expressed through others, and making a very
calculated mistake in the process:
That is her and I am me. I do not have what he
has so I must resist and hate him or bow down
and worship her. Thus The Imaginary Self is
empowered as an artificial cage that traps the
perception of Supra Being within two
temples.the illusionary notions of Love and
hate. How do you make the choice between
Love and hate when you are OMNIPRESENT
Love? Where can hate even exist for you? If
hate is something that is made up in the
imagination, then pretend that when we are
looking at that Self Actualized individual having
a blast, it is our Self being free from the illusion.
If we see any imperfections, own them as
unconscious aspects of our Self that need to be
brought out of judgement and into the Light.
Something in our Heart yearns for freedom; it is
not us that we block, not our brother, not our


mother, and certainly not this writing.

Out of not knowing our Self we thought we
chose to resist, however this projected out as
the illusion of otherness which mechanically
bounced back its own resistance to Self and Self
destructed like a comet smashing into a mirror.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

7 The Mirrored Luminous Fractal

When we each begin to start allowing our Self

to be expressed like a Mirrored Luminous
Fractal, the same energies felt for our Self will
be directed back out and felt for others, thus
activating freedom of Self-expression in every
One. An awakening of Universal Supra Being
simultaneously happens at all points of
The Mirrored Luminous Fractal concept or the
reality that is at the very core of Creation is seen
proliferated throughout nature in the form of
Sacred Geometry. Life is an Infinite Fractal that
emanates from one simple Source and then
proliferates out from there into the complexity
of Creation. This complexity is able to rearrange
its Self back into a perfect and simple form by
mirroring the originating Sources ideas.
Looking back in through Human eyes alone at
the process of Creation seems extremely
complicated and erroneous and our result in life
was a reflection of this. When someone gets
hurt by another, they may develop a complex
that overlays the mirrored luminous fractal of
their Self. This complex will end up hurting
others out of reaction. We would think that this


complex would only attack the original person

that hurt them in the first place. The way that
their complex reacts shows something about it.
Even the complexion unconsciously recognizes
the omnipresence of Self through all entities
and responds accordingly. The military
industrial complex all the way down to The
Imaginary Self Complex is not who we are. So
why even recognize it as a part of us? We are
conscious individuals, the spokespersons of the
same Self. Ever been around someone talking
badly about another and even though we could
not hear, we felt they were talking about us? In
energetic reality they really are talking about me
and that person as one Self. Our Universal
Recognition picks this up even though it was
unconscious. However we know that it was
only a complexion, and not coming from the
Supra Being within.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

6 Complication Becomes Simplified

Taking our viewpoint and aligning it with the

Source would definitely simplify the process of
Creation for us, as this is the way of Truth. The
Imaginary Self looked back in via the physical
mirror of reality because that was the only
viewpoint that existed to it. It judged and
manipulated the already expressed parts of the
Source it Self, and then from this point, it
created complication throughout the system.
The Imaginary Self was the Self lost in the
mirror. It is time to recognize who we are and
act from it. Where the Imaginary Self tapped
the flow of expression from the Originating
Source, this is where limitation took place, and
illusion spread throughout the system of
Creation. Through our way of Being is where
the Imaginary Self tapped the Flow of
expression, and now its tapped out. We are
infinite intelligence that knows exactly what it is
doing, and we have recognized this. Take the
macrocosm of the Self affected by a
Imagination Virus and compare it to the
microcosm of cancer cells. If a person feels like
an individual that is cut off somehow from the
rest of Its Self, it will be energetically expressed
via belief and emotions. On a fractal basis, the


notion will refract through the system all the

way down to the cells that make up the body.
And in turn, a cell will mutate. The human body
is a finely tuned, calibrated, and delicate
instrument. We have all heard the miracles of
how it operates. If just one cell or one
mechanism in the machine were off, it could
not express harmony. Same with the body of
the True Self. When something like this is made
aware of, one begins to understand that the
human body is created & regulated by an
unseen creative Force. We partake of this Force
that backs the physical body through our deeply
held beliefs. Our thoughts are now originating
from our Self and no longer the illusion. The
mind is a cell within Supra Being. We have the
exact copy of this macrocosm in us as the
microcosm. Same with the cells in our body for
the better. They are an exact Energetic Mirror
of Our Mentality. Healthy Supra Being Aligned
Mind corrects us down to the cellular level. This
manual is a signal from the Supra Mind to us as
cells so that we may access this grander state of
being to thrive as a Confederation in Unity.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

5 The Signal Continues to Broadcast

The Signal is life giving and it sustains us. The

energy recirculates and is ramped up at each
go around and amplified. This was quite the
opposite case of the dark energy vortex.
Societies have built up and fallen all throughout
history because they reached the limits where
Heaven and Earth met. The Earth must be left
behind and they did not understand this, and so
they continued to try and experience Heaven
via their intellect and their towers of babel
collapsed, figuratively and literally.
In the universe there is energy, and there is
what energy is not. The stuff that energy is not
is constantly pressing against what energy is and
consuming it voraciously without recirculating
it, thus ramping it down to a lower vibration.
This was our destruction. Our mission is
smashing the Mirror of Entropy and integrating
back into our wholeness
The Signal is our only chance to grow in spite
of Entropy. This is our salvation so that we may
continue to exist in better and better planes of
reality versus our experience being demolished
and dissipated into deeper levels of hell. What
we read comes in loud and clear, and what we


hear in our Heart rings true to the cascading

torrent of energy. In this lifetime we
successfully keep ourselves in constant tune
with the Signal and play out our wonderful
destinies, because they will be nothing less than


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

4 Forgetting the Fall

I am a Being of Light and I recognize this, we

remember our Spiritual heritage to recreate
Heaven in the physical realm and enjoy every
bit of what we are now expressing. The whole
dichotomy of good and evil that we may have
believed in was all happening here on this
physical plane, which is fully sustained by what
is real, good, and true.
We are all intelligent, and fully in control. We
are the Master and as we experience this reality
the rapture comes, in an instant, in a flash, like a
thief in the night and great is the fall of the
illusion. It is so great, that we do not even know
that it happened nor would we remember it if it
did. It is exactly like waking up from a bad
dream and forgetting the fall.



3 This is a Self Cure


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

All evil can do is exist on this page being

described as the beliefs of who we are not, and
leave untouched what we have been led to
believe we really are, a Supra Being. Negativity
no longer has any power to keep us from this
realization of Masterhood. Understanding this
notion is paramount to tuning into the Signal
and unceasingly following it without question
until the new way of life is internalized. We are
woken up from within to be the only known
experience to project back out onto physical
reality. This is the reality that is amiable to our
beliefs via intention. This is the workings of
Faith. This is a Self Cure. The Spirit knows
exactly how our body is to be tuned. Taking
every system into consideration, homeostatic
balance is thus maintained.




The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

2 Side Effects and the Withdrawal

Our body is obviously capable of these
balanced states even though Imaginary Self
driven science cannot fully adjust this
mechanism of ours without throwing off other
systems, i.e. side effects. These effects were
designed to strengthen the Imaginary Self by
tuning our physical machine to the low
frequency infrastructure. They could not
replicate the real time, Self Regulating torrent
of the Spirit with their dead knowledge and
practices meaning this:

As we are beginning to comprehend the

withdrawal of our consciousness from the
Imaginary Self, we realize the importance in
forgetting any mistake we have made on a
go forward basis. Our forgiven and thus
released energy is now able to precede us as
it paves the way towards a reality that is
better than we can possibly imagine.



1 Dematerialization of Death,

The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

Connections Restored

As we attempted to kill off what was evil inside

of us or outside of us, it only gave it more
illusory power that is no longer recognizable to
Self. Realizing the only thing we could do was
stop resisting by coming to a fundamental
understanding. Evil was only an illusion with
absolutely no substance but the substance that
we poured into it with our beliefs, energy, and
One must see if they are having Faith in the
Imaginary Self and thus making it real or Faith
in what is real and thus creating our own
Reality. By looking past and no longer
recognizing the perception of evil or sin,
we allow true perception to flow into being and
atomically and automatically rearrange our
reality to reflect Heaven in this holographic
projection that we all intricately share here on
This is our world by birthright so that we may
discover our Supra Being and enjoy the
experience. To the degree that we collectively
realize who we are, a new world will emerge in
accordance to the quality and the power of the
synergistic thinking created and shared. We rise


to a structure that is fully internal and guided by

the Spiritual Self. It is being disclosed to us in a
progressive and real time torrent of information
that is none like the linear information we
collect here on Earth. The most important thing
for us to do in the entire Universe is this
Gaze past outer experience and appearance.
Look deeply into our Self and follow the world
that is speaking it Self into existence through
every Beings Heart. Experience the inner and
witness outer appearances mirror accordingly.

By looking past what is, it becomes what

Upon realizing that we can Master the
Imaginary Self due to unification in power, we
drop the rule of the Imaginary Self within our
experience. As a result of this individual
experience Being experienced collectively, we
drop what we are not from the world entirely.
Disharmony is what caused destruction in our
world, our Spirit knows the exact harmony we
all need. It is a System of Intelligence that
interconnects us all as we follow it and have
Faith in it.


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being




The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being

We made the Jump as One.

Ground Contact Made.
Christ Activated.


The Conductor and Orchestrator of our Experience.

Michael William Springer
Circa 2012


The Spiritual Atom Bomb - Rise of the Supra Being