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Buddhia races to marathon record (TOI- 3rd May, 2006), Buddhia Singh has high BP, pulse rate

6th May, 2006), All is not well with Buddhia (TOI- 8th May, 2006), Buddhia can’t set any more records
(TOI- 9th May, 2007), Curb Buddhia from running: Usha (TOI-10th May, 2006), Buddhia to hit track
in Garden City today (TOI- 27th May, 2006), Becoming prodigy? It’s no child’s play (TOI- 28th May,
2006, “Can’t run” (photograph of Buddhia swinging in a cradle at a park in Bangalore), all the above
published in TOI and also visually displayed to viewers on NDTV and other TV channels, the 4 years
old Child prodigy the Indian Sports Icon Master Buddhia Singh of Bhuvaneswar performing a
Herculean task of running a long distance of 65 Km covered in slightly less than 7 hours at the rate of
9.28 Km per hour a fete by itself.
That is all and then the story of the Child’s takes an abrupt turn with the intervention of many other
characters responsible for it. And the media quits from the scene finding there would be no benefit to
continue with any further news about the kid. And now the matter will be at its worst with his coach
reaching the heavenly abode.

Neglecting Master Buddhia Singh from providing any further official assistance to carve his future
glorious, is one classic example to prove that our nation as a whole has no interest in improving our
sports by paving a golden path to win laurels and medals at any International arena in future

In India there are some more Buddhias who hail from rural areas and whose talents are ignored and
unrecognized. The valuable treasures are found only by exploration. And the Sports Talent is such a
valuable treasure which needs to be explored to find it. But when this treasure is found with out any
effort, it is unfortunate it is neither taken care nor recognized. To quote few talents such as Buddhia
there is a 2 years old child Udhip Arshit Bhayan from Shivasagar district, Assam who swam 1 Km
length in a Joysagar pond on 19th November, 2006, a 6 year old girl Dela Urs of Mysore who broke 31
Mangalore tiles in one minute on 31st December, 2006, a 5 ½ year old girl L.S. Shivasri who like
Buddhia Singh has covered a marathon distance of 29.4 Km in 169 Minutes recently on 25th February,
2007 at Chennai.

These Child prodigies are there not only in the field of sports but also in the field of music like
Master Agham Shingar a 5 years old boy from Amritsar declaredmaking news as the youngest Tabla
Player and a 5 years old Child Encyclopedia Pragati Natwar Bhattad of Bangalore who has a very
high IQ and a professional dancer too.

The diamonds are beneath the Earth and found raw and they shine only when they are trimmed and
polished. In general the real talent with dedication, determination, patronization and faithfulness is
found in rural areas and the classic examples are the Rawalpindi Express P.T. Usha, Shanti of Doha
Asiad, Buddhia himself and many more including late Sri Dhayanchand, Sri.Dara Singh and many
more and difficult to mention. The Fishermen of Goa, Kerala, Bomabay or Andra, they swim the
oceans and is it beyond any ones’s imagination to find a Gem in them to trim and polish?

It is all a sinsere patriotic effort is required to fill the gap of International Gold Medals and that
should come mainly from the Government and the Ministry as they only have the access and Power
for any action though it is Democratic Country OF the people BY the people and FOR the people. But
the Government Of the people donot inforn any of the activities carried out BY them as they carry no
much importane FOR the people.

Boasting of IT boom, Richest Indians in the world, India on top of Globe, a mighty country with
nuclear power, Launching satellites and rockets, India an attraction for foreign investors, an Indian
bought all the steel companies in the world, Miss worlds and Miss Universes are Indians and not
enough do not hesitate to claim the achievements of Americans addressed as Indian born American,
e.g. American Astronaut Mrs. Sunita Williams looks nothing but a big irony at the same time leaving
our poor children constantly below the poverty line without providing any sort of resource and
privileges to make them competent and exhibit their skills.

The rich are becoming richer and richest and the rest are standing where they are. If considered even
many important Educational Institutions in India are an example to show that the poor are not taken
care, because most of such institutions in India are accessible only to the children of the rich and not
to others.

Even have a look at some of the advertising agencies who instead of using their intellectual caliber to
get fine ideas in advertising the product simply and effectively choosing a common man as a model
they get celebrities to the job saving their energy supported by the huge amount invested by the
manufacturer because at the end of the day the money is any way extracted from the pocket of the
customer, benefiting a Film or Cricket star.

Sports manufactures like NIKE have to give chance to Children like Buddhia to advertise their
product as Buddhia is no less to any Sports Celebrities in India known to the nation and the world.
What else NIKE wants the child ran a marathon of 65 Km in les than 7 hrs and he is photogenic too
wearing NIKE Sports shirt during his practice and some photo sessions to the press. This would
enable the child to carve his future either as the best sportsman or else develop career in any other
professional way. Why making already the rich sportsmen still rich and let these other sportsmen and
children be given a chance.

After all it is to be realized that only that product which has no quality and recognition has to go for
advertisement on a very big scale otherwise simple advertisements are enough to make it a big deal.

Any how we lost the next Asiad games but one ray of bright hope given by the minister to invest the
amount to raise the poor is satisfying if put really in practice. Leaving the Gems like Buddhia aside
instead of providing them with proper training and polishing to shine and bring glory in the athelitic
field in future we keep quite and cry leaving the milk in the dish for the cats to drink and repeating
the same slogan Millions of Indians but not even One to get a Gold medal!

The Rich and the Government have to recognize the talents of the children like Buddhia and
encourage such child prodigies assisting them with financial recourses and amenities which they are
deprived of. Also the people of India have to look forward to the possible ways to reach to them and
help them and so I am on the process too.

Uma Maheswar Nakka