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Paper TwoArguing a Position

For Paper Two, you will argue a position about an issue or topic that is important to you.
You must limit your argument to a single thesis, and your thesis must be an assertion (see
p. 364 in WIP). You must provide evidence to support your claim from outside sources,
and you must address the counter-arguments to your thesis. Your goal with this paper is
not necessarily to persuade me to agree with your argument, but to show me that you can
reason and write in a logical, coherent manner.
Some examples of acceptable theses:
Graduate students at Oregon State University should not pay more than $200 in fees
because of their low-income levels.
Most primetime television shows are not suitable for children under the age of 12
because of explicit sexual content and unrealistic depictions of men and women.
All students at Oregon State University will have cheated in some format by the time
they graduate from college because of pressure from home, the university itself, and
Choose a topic that you have an interest in and that you want to write about. Your essay
will be much better if you care about what you are writing.

4-5 pages, Double Spaced, 12 pt. Font

Include a clear thesis statement
Include a Works Cited page with a minimum of 3 sources. Only one Internet
source, please. You must refer to all 3 sources within the paper. USE MLA
Address the counter-arguments to your thesis.
Conference Draft due Thursday, January 29, IN CLASS