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Elton de Luna assigned separate managers for operations, sales and marketing, human resources,
and finance which resulted to improvement in the farm productivity from 75% to 90%
He earned his masters degree in entrepreneurship to help him better manage the business and he
is a member of the National Federation of Egg Producers in the Philippines.
Although the price of eggs was governed by supply and demand, the business was able to sell
eggs at a higher price most of the time.
The business has acquired technology such as automatic feeders and automated cages with
conveyors which made egg collection and feeding more efficient.
Elton claimed that Sunny Farms eggs were fresher because they were collected and packed on
the same day and sold within four days.
The National Federation of Egg Producers of the Philippines had enumerated the challenges faced
by the Philippine egg industry which include low per capita consumption of about 100 eggs per
year, increased volume of imported eggs, a low farm gate price, high cost of production due to the
high cost of raw materials, and high medication cost.
The poultry industry was beset with challenges including climate change. At temperatures higher
than 277C, there would be lower oxygen consumption, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood calcium
level, feed intake, bird weight, and egg production.
The high temperature and relative humidity of the Philippines made it a favorable climate for
disease organisms to grow and so the eggshell quality, shell thickness, and interior quality of eggs
deteriorate more rapidly.
Lower tariff rates and elimination of quantitative restrictions in terms of volume of imports under
the trade liberalization policy prompted the increased importation of poultry meat.
There are large competitors like the Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) Philippines Corp. and
Golden R Agro-Industrial Venture Corp

ST Strategies

Quality control of eggs

-Eggs produced by Sunny Farm Enterprises are proven fresh which gives the farms edge above
its competitors. If egg production undergoes quality control, the farm would be sure to keep the
eggs freshness making them known to more customers

Egg Production Innovation

-Elton has a masters degree in entrepreneurship and he can apply that degree in the farms egg
production. He could innovate new ways in relation to entrepreneurship which he can combine
with ideas for egg production giving him another edge above the farms competitors.

1. Efficient set of systems in factory and headquarters
2. High quality products
3. Inexpensive products
4. Employees work on time, perform jobs efficiently and rarely complain
1. New competitors
2. Competing company was started by previous employees
3. Mindset of most people is that JamboJuice is for kids
4. Competitors have different approach of marketing
5. Agricultural and/or environmental problems

SO strategies

Proper management in the use of equipments in factories and headquarters

-Since there is availability of efficient set of systems in factory and
headquarters, there will be a high chance for new advancement in these
systems which will increase production of JamboJuice.
Utilization of the employees performance
-Employees are great advantage because of their behavior. Since they can
work efficiently, they can productively publish or broadcast advertisements
and promotions, especially online, which may contribute to more sales.
Trend of healthy lifestyle
-Considering the currently popular lifestyle, they can make new
advancements in their product, such as making new flavors or making juice
from real fruits, and in this way they can satisfy the needs of most people
who are health conscious.

WO strategies

New management control

Improvement of marketing approach
Availability of new agricultural technologies for improvement of the quality of

ST strategies

WT strategies