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Exercise 4:

1. B. Ada kata experiment dan photosynthesis diucapkan oleh pembicara kedua yang merujuk
pada kesimpulan kalau mereka sedang ada di laboratory.
2. A. Ada kata flight 707 diucapkan oleh ornag pertama dan kedua. Orang pertama meminta izin
untuk mendarat dan ornag kedua memberikan izinnya. Dari sini terlihat kalau si orang pertama
adalah seorang pilot.
3. D. Orang pertama bertanya apakah ornag kedua mau mencuci piringnya sekarang (do the
dishes), tetapi ornag kedua mengatakan Id rather put them off as long as possible. Kata pu them
off disini sama dengan membiarkan.
4. B. Ada kata tip dan service diucapkan ornag pertama dan kedua yang bisa mengarahkan kita
pada kesimpulan bahwa mereka sedang di restoran.
5. B. Orang pertama bertanya apakah dia bisa mengambil sepatunya di hari selasa, lalu orang
kedua mengatakan sudah akan diperbaiki hari selasa. Dari sini, kita bisa menyimpulkan kalau si
laki laki itu adalah tukang memperbaiki sepatu.
6. C. Ada nama hewan seperti lion dan exotic birds disebutkan dalam percakapan, maka bisa
disimpulkan kalau mereka sedang di kebun binatang.
7. A. Orang pertama ada mengucapkan kata letters dan orang kedua mengatakan menjawabnya
besok, maka bisa kita simpulkan besok yang akan dilakukan oleh orang kedua adalah menjawab
surat surat.
8. C. Ada kata seat dan act yang menunjukkan tempatnya di theater.
9. C. Ornag pertama bertanya apakah ornag kedua sudha merespon undangan makan malam dari
Bob, lalu ornag kedua menjawab Ill take care of it right away. Kata right away disini berarti
segera. Artinya, dia akan segera merespon undnagan dari Bob.
10. A. Ada kata prescription yang berarti resep dokter diucapkan oleh kedua yang
mengindikasikan kalau dia seorang apoteker.
Exercise 5:
1. D. Orang kedua mengatakan: Is that the one that serves vegetarian food? Pilihan D yang
paling tepat bentuk pasifnya.
2. B. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, he was admitted by the la w school for the fall semester.
Karena kalimatnya berbentuk pasif, maka pilihan yang benar kalimat yang berbentuk aktif.
3. A. Orang kedua mengatakan: Well, I took care of his plants while he was out of town. Kalimat
berbentuk aktif, maka pilihan yang benar berbentuk pasif.
4. B. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, several trees were destroyed. Maka, jawaban yang benar
berbentuk aktif.
5. C. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, I know. She told me that she broke her legs skiing in the
mountains. Dirubah menjadi pasif, broke her leg sama maknanya dengan her leg was hurt.
6. C. Orang kedua mengatakan: They were ridden too long and too hard. Were ridden berarti

dikendarai, berarti sama dengan bentuk aktif the riders worked the horses too much.
7. C. Orang kedua mengatakan: I though it had already been ordered. Kalimat berbentu pasif,
maka jawabannya berbentuk aktif.
8. B. Orang kedua mengatakan: Their car was left in the airport lot. Was left in the airport lot
sama dengan parked their car at the airport.
9. D. Orang kedua mengatakan: The other student appointed Mac student representative. Kalimat
berbentuk aktif. Appointed bentuk aktif dirubah menjadi was chosen bentuk pasif.
10. D. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, it was. And when this happened, the inhabitants were paid
by the insurance company. Maka, jawaban yang benar yang berbentuk aktif.
Exercise 6:
1. C. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, and then she had the taxi driver wait at the corner. Jadi,
yang menunggu adalah cab driver. Cab = taxi.
2. B. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, it was great. I got to hear Jane play the harp. Jadi dia yang
mendengarkan dan Jane yang memainkan harp.
3. B. Orang kedua mengatakan: Not really, because she made them go to bed early. She made
them = the children were forced.
4. B. Orang kedua mengatakan: He is tossing the ball to his young son. Tossing berarti saling
oper bola, menerima dan melempar.
5. A. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, she directed her students to attend it. She directed her
students = the students were told.
6. C. Orang kedua mengatakan: The floor manager sent him back to the supply room. Jadi, yang
menyuruh adalah manager, dan yang disuruh adalah the clerk.
7. D. Orang kedua mengatakan: The librarian had them reserve the books for two days. Them
disini merujuk pada students. Reserve = on hold.
8. D. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, and the board elected Tony chairman for another year. Yang
memilih the board dan yang dipilih adalah Tony.
9. C. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, the judge called the defendant a murderer. Called = said.
Murderer = criminal.
10. D. Orang kedua mengatakan: Congratulations! Youve been appointed to serve on the
committee. Disini, kita tahu bahwa si pembicara pertama yang akan masuk di komite.
TOEFL Exercise (Skills 4 6):
1. C. Ada kata stamp dan padded mailing envelope diucapkan oleh orang kedua.
2. B. Kata hand in sama dengan turn in.
3. A. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, he had the attendant check the oil in his car. Jadi yang
mengecek adalah attendant dan yang dicek adalah marks car.
4. C. Orang pertama memesan burger dan fries, berarti ornag kedua adalah a clerk in a fast food
5. B. Orang kedua mengatakan: Additional copies can be printed as needed. As needed = if

6. B. Orang kedua mengatakan: He required them to buy two books. He = the professor. Them =
students. Buy = purchase.
7. D. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, and the Doctor told him to return to the office to see him
next week. Return = come back. Him = Jim.
8. C. Orang kedua mengatakan: Not yet, but Ill get it done in the next half hour. Get it done
disini merujuk pada pertanyaan orang pertama: have you sent ,,,? Sent = delivered.
9. A. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes. Mary replaced sue in that position. Mary yang menjadi
presiden kelas yang baru.
10. B. Kata were analyzed = evaluated. The panel = committee.
TOEFL Review Exercise (Skills 1 6):
1. D. Angry = mad.
2. D. have allowed her to stay up late = does not have to go bed early.
3. B. Ada kata gas diucapkan oleh ornag pertama, berarti di gas/service statition.
4. D. Si pembicara kedua memberikan pilihan pada ornag pertama.
5. C. urged = encouraged.
6. B. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, I heard it was stolen. It disini merujuk pada Robs car.
7. A. Orang kedua mengatakan: May be, we should get the large one instead of the small one.
Should disini menyarankan.
8. A. Orang kedua mengatakan: Well, first they were greeted by the receptionist. Greeted =
9. B. Orang kedua mengatakan: Yes, and then he made the tourist come to the station. Kata he
made disini sama dengan was forced.
10. D. Orang kedua mengatakan: That seems like a terrific idea to me! Kata terrific =
1. In 1864 Nevada enter the United States as _______ thirty-sixth state.
(A) in the
(B) to be the
(C) was the
(D) the
Jawaban: D. Ada th diakhir six yang menunjukkan urutan. Untuk menunjukkan urutan harus
ada the didepan katanya, seperti the first, the second, dan lain lain.
2. Bob Stephenson, a biologist in Alaska who studies the Canadian lynx, a type of wildcat, has
learned ______ from studying their tracks in the snow.
(A) how lynx hunts
(B) lynx hunt how

(C) how hunt lynx

(D) lynx how hunt
Jawaban: A. Dibutuhkan noun clause connector yang berfungsi sebagai object dari verb has
learned. Dipilihan A, hunt seharusnya ada s karena lynx disini singular.
3. ______ lay eggs, but some give birth to live young.
(A) Although most insects
(B) Most insects
(C) Despite most insects
(D) Most insects that
Jawaban: B. Dibutuhkan subject.
4. Author Sraah Jewett established her literary reputation with Deephaven, a collection of
sketches ______.
(A) with rural Maine life
(B) that life in rural Maine
(C) about life in rural Maine
(D) life in rural Maine
Jawaban: C. Dibutuhkan preposition yang bisa digunakan untuk menjelaskan tentang koleksi
Sraah Jeweet dan Deephaven.
5. By means of various types of wind tunnels, ______ simulate most of the flight conditions to
which an airplane is subjected.
(A) which aeronautical engineers can
(B) aeronautical engineers can
(C) the ability of aeronautical engineers to
(D) aeronautical engineers, being able to
Jawaban: B. Dibutuhkan subject.
6. ______ planes in flight between airports, air traffic controllers rely on radar.
(A) Tracked
(B) Track of
(C) To track
(D) Of tracking
Jawaban: C. Dibutuhkan keterangan karena s dan v dalam kalimat sudah ada.
7. The operating principles of the telephone are ______ they were in the nineteenth century.
(A) the same as today
(B) the same today
(C) the same today as
(D) today what the same.
Jawaban: C. Polanya the same as. Bisa juga the same as.
8. Steel magnate Andrew Carnegie used part of his wealth _______ more than 2,500 public
libraries in English-speaking countries between 1881 and 1919.
(A) helped in building
(B) helped him to building

(C) to help build

(D) his help in building
Jawaban: C. Kalimat sudah memiliki s dan v. DIbutuhkan preposition to bila ingin
menambahkan verb.
9. Not until 1949 _______ Canadas tenth province.
(A) became Newfoundland
(B) did Newfoundland become
(C) Newfoundland did become
(D) Newfoundland became
Jawaban: B. Kalimat diawali kata not until yang mengindikasikan pola inverted s dan v.
10. Paul Samuelson revolutionized _____ by presenting his students with the most
advanced economic thinking at an introductory level.
(A) to teach economics
(B) the teaching of economics
(C) teaching that economics is
(D) economics is taught
Jawaban: B. Dibutuhkan object.
11. The term bell-letters is used to denote literary forms that contain _____, such as
drama, poetry, essays, and novels.
(A) artistic, creative writing
(B) writing that artistic, creative
(C) artistic, creative, and writing
(D) them is artistic, creative writing
Jawaban: A. Dibutuhkan object. Articstic, creative writing adalah noun phrase.
12. Open-pit mining follows the same sequence of operations ______ mining: drilling,
blasting, and loading and removing waste and ore.
(A) where underground
(B) that underground
(C) underground
(D) as underground
Jawaban: D. Ada kata the same yang diikuti oleh as: the same as.
13. ______ in cases where special oxidants are used, fires are the result of a fuel rapidly
combining with the oxygen in the air.
(A) There are
(B) Even though
(C) How
(D) Except
Jawaban: D. Dibutuhkan kata depan.
14. Maya Angelous widely acclaimed autobiography, I know why the Caged Bird sings, is a
moving and ______ of her childhood in segregated Arkansas.
(A) an account that is often humorous

(B) often humorous as an account

(C) often humorous, the account
(D) often humorous account
Jawaban: D. parallel moving dan humorous, untuk menjelaskan account.
15. ______ to study element 104 because only a few atoms of his substance can be isolated
at one time.
(A) The difficulty
(B) Why it is difficult
(C) It is difficult
(D) Even though difficult
Jawaban: C. Dibutuhkan s dan v pada independent clause.
Written Expression
16. Common salt occurs naturally in pure, solidly form as the mineral halite and in widely
distributed deposits of rock, or mineral, salts.
Jawaban: B. dibutuhkan bentuk adjective: solid agar bisa menjelaskan noun form.
17. The term metabolism refers to the chemical changes which by living things transform food
into energy.
Jawaban: B. Susunannya by which.
18. Materials that of clay are among the most ancient manufactured articles and have played a
vital role in human civilization.
Jawaban: A. Seharusnya materials of clay, tidak perlu that.
19. Yogurt contains a higher percentage of lactic acid than another fermented milks, and it is rich
in B-complex vitamins.
Jawaban: C. Seharusnya other karena milk dalam bentuk jamak yang merujuk pada jenis
20. Canada is made up of ten provinces and two territories, with governmental powers being
divided between the federal government or the provinces.
Jawaban: D. between . and .
21. Before the formation of labor unions, individual workers had almost not voice in determining
their wages, hours, or working conditions.
Jawaban: B. Seharusnya no voice.
22. A good exercise program helps teach people to avoid the habits that might shorten the lives.
Jawaban: D. Seharusnya their lives karena merujuk pada people.
23. Each stanza of a poem has a repeatable pattern of meter and rhyme and is normally division
from the following stanza by a blank line.
Jawaban: C. Seharusnya bentuk verb 3divided karena kalimat berbentuk pasif.
24. Depending on many factors, including climate, mineral content of the soil, and the

permanency of surface water, wetlands may be mossy, grassy, or covering with shrubs or trees.
Jawaban: D. dibutuhkan bentuk past participle covered with.
25. In many areas of the world, people need clothing for protection the weather.
Jawaban: D. Seharusnya for protecting from the weather.
26. Hoocer Dam in Nevada is a multipurpose structure that provides flood control, hydroelectric
powerful, and drinking and irrigation water.
Jawaban: B. Seharusnya bentuk noun: power karena hydroelectric berbentuk adjective.
27. Physiologically, the period of adolescence is marked by active growth, especially in the
skeletal and muscular systems and in a certain vascular tissues.
Jawaban: D. Seharusnya tanpa article a.
28. Free nitrogen is chemically inert and combines with other elements only since very high
temperatures or pressures.
Jawaban: C. Seharusnya tidka membutuhkan connector. Bisa digunakan under.
29. Sawfish are shark-like fish have saws of cartilage set with two rows of teeth on their
Jawaban: A. Dibutuhkan connector karena s dan v sudah ada. Seharusnya which have.
30. The decade of the 1920s was significant in Georgias history because of the rapidity with
what agriculture declined in the state.
Jawaban: C. What seharusnya diganti dengan which agar sesuai dengan maknanya.
31. Although usually living on or under rocks or on coral reefs, marine snails have been observed
in a great various of habitats.
Jawaban: D. Seharusnya a great variety.
32. In the field of acting theory, controversy arises over the question of whether is acting a
behavioral or a mental process.
Jawaban: C. sehaursnya whether acting is..
33. Short-wave radios that can receive and transmit signals are used by pilots, the police, and
amateur operator.
Jawaban: D. Seharusnya operator dalam bentuk jamak: operators, agar parallel dengan pilots dan
police. Police bentuk jamaknya tetap police.
34. Because silk is the strongest of all natural fibers, ranking in strong with the synthetic fiber
nylon, its delicate look and fell are deceptive.
Jawaban: B. Seharusnya bentuk noung: strength karena muncul setelah preposition in.
35. The Red River, so named because of the red-colored sediment it carries, it is one of the main
branches of the Mississippi.
Jawaban:C. Subjetc sudah ada: Red River, berarti is saja.
36. Floyd Bennett was a pilot for two of the Arctic expedition of the 1920s and the first pilot to
fly over the north pole.
Jawaban: A. Karena ada kata two berarti expedition dalam bentuk jamak: expeditions.
37. To those who favorite free trade, the revival of barter can suggest nothing less than a disaster.
Jawaban: B. Dibutuhkan verb: favor.
38. In the United States, about 75 percent of the total tomatoes crop is processed into juice, caned

tomatoes, sauces, pastes, and ketchup.

Jawaban: C. Seharusnya tomato.
39. Todays nuclear fission fuels are the remnants of which used to be a much more active
mixture of radioactive and fissionable materials two billion years ago and earlier.
Jawaban: A. Lebih tepat menggunakan what.
40. Petrography concerns primarily with the detailed description and classification of rocks,
whereas petrology deals primarily with rock formation.
Jawaban: C. Connector whereas tidak tepat disini, tidak sesuai dengan makna kalimat.