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Research Paper Outline/Prospectus

Annotated Bibliography:
The Collected Poetry By Senghor, Translated by Dixon
Selected Poems of Langston Hughes
Selected Poems Claude McKay, Dover Edition
The three books above (copies from NYU Classes, will serve as primary material where I
will choose most of my poem selections from)
Selected poems of Lopold Sdar Senghor, By Irele
This will be used to offer more selections of poetry by Senghor
The concept of negritude in the poetry of Lopold Sdar Senghor, By Sylvia Washington
A fierce hatred of injustice : Claude McKay's Jamaica and his poetry of rebellion, By James
Claude McKay, By James Richard Giles
Langston Hughes, By James A. Emmanuel
The art and imagination of Langston Hughes, By R. Baxter
The five books will be used for further ideas and outside views on themes of negritude,
writing styles, etc.
Kara Walker : narratives of a negress, By Kara Walker
Kara Walker : a negress of noteworthy talent, By Kara Walker
Kara Walker : pictures from another time, By Kara Walker
These books will serve as references to Walkers different art works including some
Tentative Websites:
These websites will provide images of Walkers artworks and some biographical
-The concept of Negritude shown through Senghor, Langston and McKay
-Similarities between experiences (Senghor-Africa, McKay-Caribbean/Harlem Renaissance
Langston-Harlem Renaissance)
Negritude and Africa

Brief summary of where I left off with Senghor on last paper

Poem 1 & Analysis
Poem 2 & Analysis (number of poems used not finalized)
Brief transition/connection to Kara Walker introduction to Walker
Connection of Walker to Senghor
Conclusion of Senghor and Africa

Caribbean & Harlem Renaissance

7. Transition from Senghor to McKay introduction of McKay
8. Poem 1 & Analysis
9. Poem 2 & Analysis (number of poems used not finalized)
10. Context with Harlem Renaissance
11. Connect to Walker art work (1-2 pieces)
12. Conclusion of Caribbean & McKays Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance
13. Transition to Hughs introduction of Hughs
14. Poem 1 & Analysis
15. Poem 2 & Analysis (number of poems used not finalized)
16. Connection with Walker art
17. Conclusion of Hughs Renaissance
18. Main points on Negritude/different viewpoints from different parts of the world
19. Relate to today and Walkers intention

-Formation on Negritude/diff movements Irele (25, bottom of 31 return to kingdom)
-Negro particular way of living (47, return to)
-being black is trying to become human (return to kingdom, 2)
Kara Walker
Kara Walker bio (55 in kara walker, 11 in pics)
White Power
-kid white man power of black women slaves (14,57,30)
-black woman sex with swan (leda & swan-rape) (76,84)
-use as prop/fountain (60)/consumption (30)
-black support white (70)
-white devil (65)
-white takes black voice (88)
-black woman waiting to chop (19,85)
-black man cries (23,78)
-black w/ white dreams (42)
Black Power
-black women nurture (14,54)
-killing slave master (14,61)
-freeing one another (14,39)
-go forward (23,79)
-Negress definition (12)
-the hierarchy of slave mistress (20,80)
White Power
-humanity and stereotype individ and group (49, return to kingdom)
-Snow in Paris (12, collective poetry)
-totem (14 collective poetry)

-Africa (102, selected poems blue)

Black Power
-black woman (105 prose and poetry)
-black woman commentary (85, return to)
Claude McKay/Caribbean
White Power
-The dominant white (24 in pdf)
-boyhood in Jamaica
-boyhood in Jamaica colonized (28 mckay giles)
-struggle peasant (fierce hatred 59)
-america (30 pdf and website)
Harlem Renaissance background
-info (11 harlem ren)
-mckay (32 in harlem)
Black power
-if we must die (43 in pdf)
-black solidarity (68 fierce hatred)
-home to harlem (110 giles)
-light vs dark (189/78 fierce hatred)
-critics blacks (95 mckay)
-art/propaganda (95 mckay)
-hughes and art (102 mckay)
Langston Hughes
-hughes harlem ren (51 in harlem ren)
white power
-slave on the block (164 how to write)
-black in art movies not a movie (230 pdf)
-ballad of the landlord (238 in pdf and 74 in hughes by emanuel)
black power
-the negro artist and racial mountain (58 & 126 how to write, 137 in emanuel)
-I too (275 in pdf, 101 how to write)

-Irele negritude more than past (28,124 return to kingdom)
-To know is to live (39, return to)