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American World War 2 Propaganda posters -Nelson Zuniga


1.) Having these now or winning the war, Which means more to you? C.
R. Miller
This artwork is all about emphasis. Miller puts two very important
option on separate ends of this poster and in the center in bold letters
the question which forces you to make a decision. During this time of
war everything was very scares so when the public brought meat gas
and canned goods it usually meant there would be a shortage for the
troops. Miller used this to help spread a conscience thought on how to
help win this war.
2.) Be with him at every mail call Hiller, Lejaren
This artwork had a lot of unity and contrast. Hiller used dark
color and fading background to show the significance of v mail and it s
connection to the troops and there loved ones. V-mail during this time
was very important since it lighten the load of letters being to sent to a
single bag rather then 3 saving space for more military equipment.
3.) Bits of careless talk are pieced together by the enemy Dohanos,
This artwork has a lot of texture and unity. Dohanos use of
texture in this poster shows how hard the enemy works to try to piece
together any bit of information careless soldiers let loose. It shows
unity by having the connecting piece of the puzzle to form a coherent
statement further proving why careless talk is dangerous to give to
nazi soldiers.
4.) Your pen an enemy weapon? Watch what you write Unknown
This artwork mainly focuses on space and focus. This unknown
artist uses a 3d space to show how dangerous what you can kill ally
troops if every intercepted by the enemy. The focus of the pen thru ally
helmet help proves this point even further added along with the red
text showing the deadliest of intercepted mail and how valuable the
lives of all soldiers are to people.
5.) Food is a weapon. Dont waste it! Unknown
The use of contrast and color in this photo to show the dismay of
current wartime situations and the importance of food not being

wasted was the highlight of this piece. Food was very valuable at this
time since we were at war it was hard getting supplies to the troop and
even at home since it was dangerous to transport so every last grain of
food was important.
6.) Help them keep your war savings pledge Casper Emerson Jr.
Emphasis on the words help them incites emotion to help
fellow countrymen and woman to buy war stamps and creations of
ammo and supplies to fighting soldiers in this world. The use of space
by Emerson shows the stamping in the foreground leading off to
background feeding the guns created such a sense of depth.
7.) Our carelessness their secret weapon Unknown
The way this unknown artist used his color scheme to depict the
fires and the how evil the enemies are is very deep. The use of space
to show how massive the fire is and placement of the head to depict it
was all the enemies plan was used to entice young American to make
sure the forest stays alive and continue helping the cause of war by
instilling fear of the enemies.
8.) Save waste fats for explosives. Take them to your meat dealer
During the times of war supplies get very scarce, I dont
understand how food fat is used for explosives but this poster shows
how important it is to take to your local meat dealer and help win the
war. Koerner use of 3D space to show the missiles flying towards you
was on to illicit not to be wasteful in this time of war. This artwork also
shows a lot of movement by the dripping of liquid fats and the
explosion in the background to see the missile moving forwards
towards you.
9.) Heres a war job for you Railroad workers urgently needed Treidler,
Treidler use of movement in this poster to show trains and tanks
heading to allies in war showed how important it was to have a job
working the railroad to keep them in good condition to continue the
supplies. The emphasis of words at the top of poster shows the need
for workers and making sure the public can do everything they can to
help win this war with no hiccups.
10.) Doing all you can, brother? Buy War bonds Sloan, Robert S.
Sloan emphasis on the wounded soldier with the words doing all
you can brother was used to instill guilt to fellow citizens into buying
war bond to help fund it. War bonds were needed to purchase supplies
and equipment to help win the war. The use of space Sloan has in this
poster shows in the background how grim the situation is and hope

necessary it is for everyone to be doing there part to help your fellow

countrymen in this war.