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What is a presumptive architecture and why should an architect be aware of them?

A presumptive architecture is a family of arrchitectures that is domainant in a
particular domain. Presumptive architectures are similar to reference architectures.
Reference architecture is a family of architectures that describes an architectural
solution to a problem and it is usually written down as a specification. Presumptive
architectures succeed because the architecture is a good match for the common risks
in the domain. For example, IT often face concurrent access to share data, shifting
business rules, and long-lived data. A tired system is a good match for those problems.
One tier handles the user interface, another handles the business processing logic and
another stores data to a transactional(and often relational) database.


What kind of problem does architecture-indifferent design undoubtedly lead to?

With arhitecture-indifferent, developers dont pay enough attention to architecture. It
has some disadvantages. A system can degrade over time into an unsuitable
architecture whan the team of developers lack a shared architectual vision. For
example, developers may try to increase the speed of system via making different
changes. After some time. The complexity of the system will rise, and developers wont
be able to effectively maintain it.


What is the main difference between architecture-focused design and architecture

In aechitecture-focused design, developers deliberately choose an architecture that is
compatible with what they need their system to do. In architecture hoisting approach,
developers design the architecture with the intent of guaranteeing a goal or property of
the system.


Even when an architect uses architectural hoisting, it is possible that the system quality
will suffer. How can that happen?

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Ain architecture-hoisting an architect designs architecture only for the properties of the
system or for particular goal. After some time property of the system may change and
chosen architecture in the beginning, may wont be suitable to the new properties and
the system may suffer.

What is an Enterprise Architect?

Enterprise architects are developers who are responsible for the whole enterprise or for
many applications. They do not control functionality of only one application will affect
to the overall enterprise.

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