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May 2009

REFLECTION Apostles would have successors and

Greetings! Let’s take a look at the two that the Christian Church was about to
major events after the Resurrection and be born. Then Jesus was taken up into
draw some conclusions for us in the heaven before them. What follows is
Uninterrupted Prayer Team. I am one of the most important statements in
referring to the Ascension and to the all of Scripture, in my judgment: “While
Descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. he was going and they were gazing
Both historical events are found in up towards heaven, suddenly two
Chapters 1 and 2 of the Acts of the men in white robes stood by them.
Apostles, as recorded by Luke. His They said, ‘Men of Galilee, why do
Gospel ends with the Ascension as well, you stand looking up towards
but our focus today is on Acts. The Acts heaven? This Jesus, who has been
of the Apostles begins with a reference taken up from you into heaven, will
to the days between the Resurrection come in the same way as you saw
and the Ascension, stating that “he him go into heaven.” The account of
presented himself alive to them by the Ascension in Luke’s Gospel includes
many convincing proofs, appearing direction from Jesus for them to go to
to them over the course of forty days Jerusalem and wait for the coming of
and speaking about the kingdom of the Holy Spirit. Undoubtedly they did
God.” When they came together at the not understand what that meant (no
time of the Lord’s return to heaven in clear theology yet of the Trinity), but in
glory and triumph, they asked him if this obedience they went. They secluded
was to be the time when he would themselves in an “upper room,” perhaps
restore the kingdom to Israel. In other the same place of the Last Supper; they
words, they still did not get it! They still probably secluded themselves for two
were focused on a restoration of Israel reasons: to have a quiet place for
to its might as under David; they still prayer, and because there was still a
tended to see Jesus as a political and definite fear of the Jewish authorities,
even military Messiah. It would take the and Roman ones as well. After all, it
coming of the Holy Spirit to show them was only a little over a month since
once and for all the truth and meaning of these authorities had conspired to have
Redemption. Jesus in effect stated this Jesus crucified. The apostles were
when He told them that they would there, some disciples and Jesus’
receive power when the Holy Spirit mother, Mary. While they were waiting,
came upon them and they would be His the Apostles also voted on a person to
witnesses “in Jerusalem, in all Judea replace Judas Iscariot – clearly the
and Samaria, and to the ends of the symbolic importance of “The Twelve”
earth.” That last phrase, “to the ends made this necessary and also was part
of the earth,” clearly indicates that the of the setting of the stage for the
establishment of the Church. Chapter 2 us to live fruitful Christian lives. So,
of Acts begins this way: “When the whether you are a member of the UP
day of Pentecost had come, they Team, or a spiritual supporter of the UP
were all together in one place. And Team, the UP Team is one instrument
suddenly from heaven there came a that the Holy Spirit has raised up at this
sound like the rush of a violent wind, time to have an impact on the next
and it filled the entire house where “Great Awakening” in our nation,
they were sitting. Divided tongues, through spiritual transformation in our
as of fire, rested on each of them. All region. The more we focus on our
of them were filled with the Holy mission now and avoid star-gazing,
Spirit and began to speak in other hoping for the Lord’s return, the more
languages, as the Spirit gave them we are open to the move of the Holy
ability.” The Acts account goes on to Spirit within and through us, and the
state that the Jews, who had gathered in more we realize that we are indeed
Jerusalem from many lands for the important vessels of God’s grace, the
Feast of Pentecost – now and forever more marvelous things can happen.
transformed into a critical Christian
Feast as well – heard the Apostles ON THE LIGHTER SIDE
speaking in a way that they could all “Why my lips stay chapped on Mothers’
understand, regardless of their native Day: So, we had this great 10-year old
language. Peter, as leader of the
cat named Jack who just recently died.
Apostles, delivered the first Christian
sermon, and three thousand Jews Jack was a great cat and the kids would
became Christians on the birthday of the carry him around and sit on him and
Christian Church. So, what do these nothing ever bothered him. He used to
momentous events mean for us today? hang out and nap all day long on a mat
Here are some thoughts for us to pray in our bathroom. Well, we have 3 kids
about: 1) It is very easy for Christians to and at the time of this story they were 4-
fall into the trap of measuring the years old, 3-years old and a babe in
successful Christian life by how much arms. The middle one is Eli. Eli really
wealth we have, how much health, of loves chapstick; I mean, LOVES it. He
wanting the Kingdom of God to be kept asking to use my chapstick and then
fulfilled here and now materialistically as
losing it. So finally one day I showed
well as spiritually. And that was never
the message of Jesus. 2) It is also him where in the bathroom I keep my
easy for Christians to stand and look up chapstick and how he could use it
into heaven, waiting expectantly for the whenever he wanted to but he needed to
return of Jesus – and forget about how put it right back in the drawer when he
much work there is to do for the was done. Last year on Mother’s Day,
salvation of the lost and the building up we were having the typical rush around
of the Body of Christ. Christ will return the house, trying to get ready for church
according to the divine plan; our glorious with everyone crying and carrying on.
task is to live each day for Him, now, on The older boys were fighting over the
earth. 3) Christians can get so caught toy in the cereal box; I was trying to
up in disputes about the operative gifts
nurse my little one at the same time I
of the Holy Spirit – a major controversy
among some denominations – that we was putting on my make-up. Everything
can almost forget about the ongoing was a mess and everyone had long
GIFT of the Holy Spirit, His presence forgotten that this was a wonderful day
with us and within us as Comforter and to honor me and the amazing job that is
Counselor and the One who empowers motherhood. We finally had the older
one and baby loaded in the car and I was crazy he would tell her to take a few
looking for Eli. I searched everywhere days off. So, she hung upside down on
and I finally found him in the bathroom. the ceiling. A co-worker, a blonde
He was applying my chapstick very (sorry), asked her what she was doing,
carefully to Jack’s …rear end. Eli and she explained it to her. A few
looked right into my eyes and said minutes the boss came in and asked her
‘chapped.’ Now, if you have a cat, you what she was doing hanging from the
know that he is right – their little ceiling, and she replied that she was a
bottoms do look pretty chapped. And, light bulb. He told her the stress was
frankly, Jack didn’t seem to mind. The getting to her and to go home and
only question to really ask at that point recuperate for a couple of days. When
was whether it was the FIRST time Eli the co-worker started to follow her out,
had done that to the cats behind, or the the boss asked her where she thought she
hundredth. And that is my favorite was going. She replied, ‘I’m going
Mothers’ Day moment because it home, too; I can’t work in the dark.’
reminds us that no matter how hard we
try to civilize these glorious little PRAYER MOBILIZATION
creatures, there will always be that day Please pray for: Heather, cancer (5
when you realize they’ve been using children, lives in Texas)…Catherine
your chapstick on the cat’s butt.” Evers, whose father recently died…
Brandon Brown, two years old, very ill…
MORE ON THE LIGHTER young man, Chance, recently accepted
into LUC Boys’ Ranch, doing well so
SIDE far…fruit from the April “Spiritual
A tough old cowboy counseled his Legacy” meeting…Ron Beckman,
grandson that if he wanted to live a long health…Shannon, direction…Ozarks
life, the secret was to sprinkle a pinch of Legacy initiative…Lilly Smith who has
gun powder on his oatmeal every taken an Episcopalian assignment in
morning. The grandson did this Springfield and Kermit Smith who has
religiously to the age of 103. When he retired…spiritual fruit from the various
died, he left 14 children, 30 National Day of Prayer initiatives here
and around the nation…new respect for
grandchildren, 45 great-grandchildren,
the sanctity of life in government and
25 great-great-grandchildren – and a 15 around the nation and world…all area
foot hole where the crematorium used to churches and ministries…prayer group
be…Puns for fun: To write with a initiative coordinated by Cindy Thomas
broken pencil is pointless; a will is a of SDC…Jacqui and Eric, whose
dead giveaway; those who get too big wedding will be this year…all people
for their britches will be exposed in the here and around the nation suffering
end; when you’ve seen one shopping financially…the poor, hungry, displaced
center, you seen a mall; a lot of money is and persecuted around the world…John
tainted – ‘taint yours, ‘taint mine; the Burton and family, who recently moved
dead batteries were given out free of to Detroit for a new ministry…little
Matthew Burton, born to Mike and
charge; when fish are in schools, they
Christy in April…all needs, spoken and
sometimes take debate…A lady urgently unspoken.
needed a few days off of work, but she
knew that the boss would not allow it.
She thought that maybe if she acted
GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER and Lord of all.”…”Spirit of the living
From the chairman: “The Global Day of God, apart from You we can do nothing.
Prayer has seen millions of Christians Transform Your Church into the image
unite in a day of repentance and united of Jesus Christ. Release Your power to
prayer. On May 11, 2008, believers bring healing to the sick, freedom to the
from 214 nations once again united all oppressed and comfort to those who
over the globe. The echoes of mourn. Pour Your love into our hearts
desperate prayers for transformation and fill us with compassion to answer
sounded from stadiums, open fields, the call of the homeless and the hungry
community centers and private houses. and to enfold orphans, widows and the
These prayers have the power to elderly in Your care. Give us wisdom
transform our world and to fill the and insight for the complex problems we
nations with the glory of God. On May face today. Help us to use the
31, 2009 (Pentecost Sunday), God is resources of the earth for the well-being
again calling the nations from the North, of all. Holy Spirit, we need Your comfort
South, East and West to embark on this and guidance. Transform our hearts.”
prayer journey with Him. God is moving
in His awesome power and He is SPIRITUAL LEGACY
challenging us to be part of this journey. On April 22, Pastor Howard Boyd
It is a journey that is not about us, but coordinated a meeting of about 50
about a world in desperate need for His people from the Ozark Mountain
glory and compassionate love. May He Country region – people who are and
hear our prayers, forgive our sin and who desire to be spiritual influencers.
heal our land.” Following are a few The spiritual energy of any region can
prayers to unite us in this global effort: be divided into three primary initiatives:
“Our Father in heaven, thank you for Prayer, Caring, and Sharing. And each
loving the world so greatly. You gave of these initiatives exists at three levels:
Your only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on Individual, Cluster (groups) and City-
the cross for our sins so that we could Wide (or community-wide). The group
be reconciled to You. We are grateful to prayerfully identified what God is
call You Father and to be called Your already doing – that is an important
children. Nothing can separate us from perspective, beginning with what God is
Your love. Thank You, Father, for doing rather than on what needs to be
adopting us into Your family because of done, and then building from there.
Jesus Christ our Savior.”…”Lord Jesus What the participants discovered was
Christ, You alone are worthy to open the that God is indeed doing much within
scrolls of history, for You were slain and each initiative and at each level. And
have redeemed us to the Father by Your this is another confirmation to me of the
blood. We confess that You are the power of prayer for our region, including
Head of the Church and Lord of all the faithful prayer of the UP Team. In
heaven and earth. May people from fact, more then one person identified the
every tribe and language become Your UP Team is crucial in this process – so
followers so that Your blessing brings congratulations on your commitment to
transformation among all peoples. Let prayer! The meeting ended with a
Your kingdom be established in every charge to each person to ask the Lord
nation of the world so that governments where we go from here. If you would
will rule with righteousness and justice. like to become involved in future
And may Your name be great, from the meetings and in one or more of the
rising of the sun to its setting. Jesus initiatives, please contact Pastor
Christ, You are the Savior of the world Howard Boyd at (417) 335-2424.
who could be Mothers and do not want
From an unknown author: “Before I was WEBSITE
a Mom: I made and ate hot meals, I had Would you consider donating a small
unstained clothing, I had quiet amount toward the development of an
conversations on the phone. Before I UP Team website? This could be very
was a Mom: I slept as late as I wanted helpful to us and for recruitment of
and never worried about how late I got others. My son John is a website
into bed. I brushed my hair and my developer and he will do one for $495.
teeth everyday. Before I was a Mom: I If enough of us donate a little, we can
didn’t worry whether or not my plants get this done. Mail them to me at 1582
were poisonous; I never thought about Talking Rocks Road, Branson West, MO
immunizations. Before I was a Mom: I 65737, and I will forward them to him.
had never been puked on, wet on, spit
on, chewed on, or pinched by tiny CONCLUDING EASTER
fingers. Before I was a Mom: I never STORY
held down a screaming child so that Edith Burns was a wonderful Christian
doctors could do tests or give shots; I who lived in San Antonio, Texas. She
never looked into teary eyes and cried; I was the patient of a doctor by the name
never got gloriously happy over a simple of Will Phillips. Dr. Phillips was a gentle
grin; I never sat up late hours at night doctor who saw patients as people. His
watching a baby sleep. Before I was a favorite patient was Edith Burns. One
Mom: I never held a sleeping baby just morning he went to his office with a
because I didn’t want to put it down; I heavy heart. He saw Edith sitting there
never felt my heart break into a million with her big Bible and earnestly talking
pieces when I could not stop the hurt; I to a young mother sitting next to her.
never knew that something so small She had the habit of introducing herself
could affect my life so much; I never in this way: “Hello, my name is Edith
knew that I could love someone so Burns. Do you believe in Easter?”
much; I never knew that I would love Then she would explain the meaning of
being a Mom. Before I was a Mom: I Easter, and many came to know the
didn’t know the feeling of having my Lord. Dr. Phillip’s head nurse, Beverly,
heart outside my body; I didn’t know had first met Edith when she was taking
how special it could feel to feed a her blood pressure. Edith began by
hungry baby; I didn’t know that bond saying, ‘My name is Edith Burns. Do
between a Mother and her child; I didn’t you believe in Easter?” Beverly had told
know that something so small could her that Easter was all about egg hunts,
make me feel so important. Before I dressing up, and going to church. Edith
was a Mom: I had never gotten up finally led her to the Lord. When Edith
every ten minutes, in the middle of the went in to see the doctor, she asked him
night, to make sure that all was okay; I why he looked so sad. He gently told
had never known the warmth, the joy, her that her lab report had come back
the love, the heartache, the and that she had terminal cancer. She
wonderfulness, or the satisfaction, of said, “Why, Will Phillips, shame on you!
being a Mom; I didn’t know I was Why are you so sad? Do you think God
capable of feeling so much, before I was makes mistakes? You have just told me
a Mom.” Please pray for all Mothers; that I’m going to see my precious Lord
please pray for all who want to be Jesus, my husband, and my friends.
Mothers and can’t; please pray for all You have just told me that I am going to
celebrate Easter forever, and here you Phyllis bought some Easter lilies for
are having difficulty giving me my ticket!” Edith. When she walked into her room,
A few months later Edith had to check in Edith was in bed with the big Bible on
to the hospital and she asked if it were her lap. She had a sweet smile on her
possible to have women around her who face. When Phyllis went over and
needed to know about Easter. People touched her hand, she discovered that
began coming into her room to hear her Edith Burns was dead. Her left hand
share. Patients and staff began calling was on John 14: “In my Father’s
her “Edith Easter.” There was an house are many mansions. I go to
exception: The head nurse, Phyllis. prepare a place for you. I will come
She considered Edith Burns to be a again and receive you to myself, that
religious nut; she had been a nurse in where I am you may be also.” A
an army hospital and seen and heard it finger of her right hand was holding the
all. She had been married three times, place in a passage of Revelation 21:
and she was hard, cold and did “And God will wipe away every tear
everything by the book. One morning from their eyes. There shall be no
Phyllis had to give Edith a shot; Edith more death, nor sorrow, nor crying;
smiled and said, “Phyllis, God loves you, and there shall be no more pain, for
and I love you, and I have been praying the former things have passed
for you.” Phyllis told her that she could away.” Phyllis lifted her face toward
quit praying for her. But the love of heaven and, with tears streaming down
Edith finally softened her heart, and she her cheeks, said, “Happy Easter, Edith;
became a Christian. One day Phyllis Happy Easter!” She then left the room
came in and Edith asked her if she knew and went over to a table where two
what day it was. Phyllis replied that it student nurses were sitting. She said,
was Good Friday. Edith replied, “Oh, “My name is Phyllis Cross. Do you
no, for you every day is Easter! Happy believe in Easter.”
Easter, Phyllis!” On Easter Sunday,

Please don’t forget to send in your form indicating your status with the Uninterrupted Prayer
Team. It is very important for us to know where we stand as we move ahead in the beginning of
our 8th year of the UP Team. If for some reason you did not receive one, please contact Anita
Prochnow at (417) 336-7055 or You may certainly also
contact me with questions or input: or (417) 331-1028.

At the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast on the National Day of Prayer, the guest speaker, Gil
Stricklin, the founder of Marketplace Ministries, delivered a powerful message. He
based his comments on Psalm 12 and made three points: 1) Our fervent prayer should
be for God to create in us radical hearts for Christ, including total death to self and a
daily renewal of our spiritual lives. 2) Our fervent prayer should be that God will raise up
a radical remnant in our communities, our churches and our nation. To be part of that
remnant we must have that radical heart for Christ, and we must pray, must regularly
have quiet time with God. 3) Our fervent prayer should be for God to fulfill His radical
purpose for the USA and the world. If we “walk by faith and not by sight,” we will know
He has a perfect plan.

God bless you, and peace to you and yours. Bob Burton