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Guestrooms are serviced and maintenance through the ff. service:

1. Maintenance and order cleanliness in all guest rooms, to include
a. Regular cleaning of guest rooms
b. Orderly arrangement of fixtures and guestrooms amenities
c. Installation and replenishment of guestroom supplies and amenities
d. Continuous checking of the condition of guest rooms and facilities and taking corrective
2. Safekeeping of lost and found items
3. Coordination with other sections on matters involving guestroom maintenance and servicing
of guests needs, complaints and concerns. i.e,

Out of order rooms

Processing of guest laundry
Lost items
Safety and security matters
Additional requirements
Other matter

4. Provision for other services to house guest like;

Baby sitting
Request for seamstress
Extra beds, linen, towel, pillow
Provision of facilities like hair dryer, adaptors, transformers
Shoe shine service

The hotel must specify which items can be lent out to guests free of charge and which ones are
subject to charge and low much.
These items must be accompanied by acknowledgement receipt, signed-acknowledged by the
guest upon receiving said items. If said items get lost automatic charges shall be billed to the
account of guest.
5. Attending to other guest needs and concerns


A. According to Number of Beds.

1. Single Room- is a room with a single bed,
good for one person.

2. Twin Room- is a room with two twin, or two

single beds, good for two persons.

3. Double Room- has a double bed and can

be occupied by one or two persons.

4. Double-double- room has two double beds

or 2 queen beds, occupied by two or more
persons. It is sometimes called twin double.

5. Triple room- is occupied by three people,

may have 3 single beds or 1 doubled bed and
a roll away bed or 2 single beds plus a roll
away bed.

6. Quadruple Room - A type of room with four

single beds or two single beds and 2 roll-away
beds; occupied by four persons.

7. King Room A type of room that has one

king-size bed; occupying by two persons only.

8. Family Room- has at least 1 double bed,

plus additional single and or/ or sofa bed,
designed to accommodate one small family.

9. Studio room- has studio bed or a couch

which can be converted into a bed. It may also
called an executive room. It is likewise
equipped with luxury amenities. Some are
equipped with some basic kitchen facility like
microwave, set of china wares and flat wares
10. Connecting rooms- consist of two or
more rooms with entrance doors from the
outside door between them. Guests can enter
the adjoining bedroom without going out of
their room.
11. Adjacent Rooms - it is two rooms that are
in front of each other.

B. According to price, layout and facilities.

1. Economy room- is designed for an
economical rate, usually short of some
standard facilities like air conditioner, television
and other amenities.

2. Standard room- is sold and moderate,

equipped with standard facilities and amenities
like aircon, private toilet and bath, toiletries,
television bed, night table, coffee table and
other basic amenities.
3. Deluxe room- is more luxurious and
spacious, with amenities of superior quality,
sold at a much higher price than the standard
room. All standard amenities are installed but
they are of the more expensive and superior
brand. The interior is also more elegant.
Additional luxury amenities are also set up, i.e.
bath robe, slippers, VCD, mini ref, mini bar
recliner coffee set and many others.
4. Suite room- has a parlor or living room
connected to one or more full sized bedrooms.
It is equipped with luxury amenities and is sold
at a higher price than standard rooms. It is
usually equipped with a bath tub.
Types of Suites
1. Junior suite- is a room with a bed and a
sitting area (usually a small lounge); there may
be a small, separated bed, connected to the
living room or parlor. It is also called a mini
2. Corner Suite located at the corner of the

3. Penthouse suite- is usually located on the

top floor of the property

4. Executive suite- is designed with a top

executive, with facilities and amenities of
superior quality.

5. Hospitality suite- is used for entertaining

visitors; serving a function room or a parlor.

Types of Beds
1. Single bed- a bed approximately 36 by
75 in size.

2. Double bed- a bed that accommodate a

couple or two individuals. It is
approximately 54 by 75 in size.

3. Queen bed- is an extra-long, extra wide

bed, about 60 by 80 in size.

4. King beds- an extra-long, extra wide bed,

with a width 78 and length of 80.

5. California King Bed - its measurement id

72 in. X 84 in. It normally can accommodate
two (2) adults but if it is a family, it can also
accommodate a family (2 adults and 2 children
ages 0-5).
6. Roll away bed- a portable bed, usually
installed for an extra person in the room.

7. Pull out bed- abed that is inserted into a

bed and pulled out when used. It is advisable
for small rooms as it is space saving.

8. Sofa bed- couch that is convertible into a


9. Air Beds - An extra bed that can be

requested by a guest inside the guest room.
The air beds vary in sizes.

10. Water Beds - A bed that is filled with

water. This type of bed varies in sizes.

11. Murphy Bed - A type of bed that can be

folded up into the wall.