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Much Ado About Nothing scene breakdown

o Act 1
o Scene 1- We open on a carnival in an Indian village. The
villagers are participating in various carnival activities like
a merry go round, food stalls, and candy vendors. Signora
Leonato, Beatrice and Hero enter the scene and receive a
message that Don Pedro is returning to Messina. As the
messenger leaves, a ringmaster enters and tells the family
that tightrope walkers and karagam dancers are
performing. The revelers proceed to all dance until Signora
Leonato tell them of Don Pedros arrival. Don Pedro and his
entourage enter the scene in a triumphant flourish.
o Scene 2- Signora Leonato welcomes the conquering heroes
to her home and invites them to stay. Benedick and
Beatrice have a verbal sparring match as everyone else
looks on. As the rest of the entourage leaves, Claudio is left
staring at Hero as he expresses his love for her. Heros
maid Margaret enters the scene and quickly whisks her
away as Hero looks longingly back at Claudio.
o Scene 3- Don Pedro, Benedick, and Claudio enter and
Claudio confides in Benedick about his feelings for Hero.
Benedick ridicules him and goes off on a monologue about
his aversion to marriage and all things related to love. As
they move away, Signora Leonato, Beatrice and Hero enter
and Leonato chides Beatrice for her unwillingness to get
married. Beatrice fires back with why she will never get
married and that Hero should make sure her wishes are
respected. As the light fades, Don Pedro proposes that he
woo Hero in Claudios name and then entrust her to him to
which he happily agrees.
o Scene 4- Don John, Don Pedros brother, is in a deep
depression and is comforted by his wife Conrade. His
lackey, Borachio, enters and tells him of the intended
marriage between Claudio and Hero. Don John is then
resolved to ruin their marriage.
o Scene 5- Signora Leonato throws a masquerade ball and
Don Pedro succeeds in wooing Hero for Claudio.
o Act 2
o Scene 1- Don John and Borachio convince Claudio that Don
Pedro has betrayed him and wooed Hero for himself. He
believes them and goes into a depression. Benedick tries
to reason with him but he leaves. Don Pedro comes in
looking for Claudio and finds Benedick instead. When
Beatrice enters, Benedick exits in a frenzy and Don Pedro

convinces Claudio that Hero has agreed to marry him and

everyone celebrates. Don Pedro, seeing how Beatrice and
Benedick, interact, devises a plan to make them fall in love
with each other.
o Scene 2- Con John and Borachio devise a plan to ruin the
marriage which involves Borachio wooing Margret.
o Scene 3- Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio see Benedick
and proceed to talk about Beatrices love for him.
Benedick believes this and when he sees Beatrice he thinks
that she is in love with him.
o Act 3
o Scene 1- Hero, Margret, and another gentlewoman Ursula
enter the scene and they see Beatrice. They start talking
about Benedicks love for Beatrice and she believes
them. Beatrice dances and expresses her profound joy.
o Scene 2- Benedick enters, deeply in loves, and proceeds to
write a love letter to Beatrice. Don Pedro, Leonato, and
Claudio enter and seeing Benedick in such a state proceed
to ridicule him. He claims he has a toothache and
headache and leaves the scene with Leonato.
o Scene 3- Don John enters and seeing Don Pedro and
Claudio sets his plan in motion. He persuades them to
come to Heros window and see than she his unfaithful.
When they go, Margret and Borachio are in the window and
she is mistaken for Hero.
o Scene 4- Two night watchmen enter inebriated and are
chastised by Verges, a constable. They herald the entrance
of the Dogberry, the lead constable. Dogberry warms the
night watchmen to be vigilant throughout the night. They
arrest Boarchio and Conrade after hr reveals his plans.
o Scene 5- Marget and Ursula enter into Heros room and
wake her up. They prepare her for the wedding and the
women all dance together. Signora Leonato comes in and
ushers them towards the wedding ceremony.