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0 Entrepreneurs Background

The definition of entrepreneur is described by an Irish economist of French descent,Richard Cantillon

where the entrepreneur is someone who coordinates and believe that the risk of the business will give profit.
Everyone have role model who teaches us how to best run the business. There is an entrepreneur who
inspire me most. The entrepreneur is Ananda Krishnan, who inspire me most and become my role model.
Ananda Krishnan full name is Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan. His nickname is TAK or A. Krishnan.
He born on 1st April 1938 at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His parents were Sri Lankan imigrants. He
is 78 years old. His ethnicity is Sri Lankan Tamil and his origin is Sri Lankan. Ananda Krishnan is a smartest
Malaysian businessman. He also known as philanthropist. He is currently estimated to have a net worth
about US$11.9 billion. He studied at Vivekanada Tamil School in Brickfields. Then, he continued his studies
at Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur. In 1959, Ananda Krishnan attended the University of Melbourne,
Australia as a Colombo Plan Scholar for his B. A (Honours) degree majoring in Political Science and
Economy graduate. Ananda Krishnan acquired Masters in Business Adminisration (MBA) at Harvard
University and graduated in 1964. Ananda Krishnan has 3 children. First two children are from first marriage
while another one is from second marriage. He has two daughters and a son. Three of them are not
interested to take over their fathers business. Ananda Krishnans business conducted by some caliber
professional individuals.
The first entrepreneurial venture of Ananda Krishnan was Malaysian Consultancy MAI Holdings Sdn.
Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, in 1964. He start his business as an oil trade. In 1968, Ananda Krishnan established
Exoil Trading, which purchasing oil- drilling concessions in various countries. Ananda Krishnan has a close
ties with the nations leaders and corporate officers of the petroleum industry in Asia. He become successful
in his oil trading business include the oil market speculation in the United States. Then, he went into
gambling sector in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. He also study farming in Australia. He runs a Hollywood
Cartoon studio which is at California and Manila. Ananda Krishnan also makes a series of investments in
private companies from Hong Kong to the Channel Islands. He is also investor in the gambling business in
Malaysia. Ananda Krishnan also founder of Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd in 1984. He is the Chairman and CEO of
Usaha Tegas Group Holdings Bhd. He has 70% share in Usaha Tegas Sdn. Bhd. Ananda Krishnan started
diversifying into Multimedia arena, in the early part of the 1990s. He also has other business interests and
develop it.

There are some factors that lead Ananda Krishnan to the creation of business. Firstly, Ananda Krishnan
motto is diversity. He is a man with vision. This is because Ananda Krishnan has a vision and mission to
diversify his business which was he get involved in multimedia industry in 1990 and developed other
interests such as in entertainment, satellite, power, shipping, oil, telecommunications, lottery gaming and
property. His business has spread around the world, mainly in Southest Asia and Europe. He navigates the
world in multimedia empire with two satellites includes two telecommunication companies which are Maxis
Communication and MEASAT Broadcasting Network Systems .His innovative thinking is also one of the
factors that lead him to the creation of business. This is because Ananda Krishnan involvement in
multimedia sector. Ananda Krishnans bold and risk taking is the factors that lead him to the creation of
business because he has the bravery to invest in multimedia sector on that time even there is no big scope
in multimedia in Malaysia.

2.0 Companys Background

Ananda Krishnan is a founder of Usaha Tegas Sdn. Bhd. He is the Chairman and CEO of Usaha Tegas
Group Holdings Bhd. Usaha Tegas Sdn. Bhd is manages solely by Ananda Krishnan. Ananda Krishnan
investment described by Usaha Tegas Sdn. Bhd company. His company conduct as a consulting
organization with interest spanning into some sectors. For example, communication sector, broadcasting
sector, media sector and energy. Board of advisers which choosen by Ananda Krishnan based on their
experience and professional background running those sectors. He owns interest in Tanjung Public Limited

Company, an investment holding company with subsidiaries involved in Gaming ( Pan Malaysian Pools),
Leisure ( Tropical Island), Power Generation (Powertek) and Tanjung Golden Village (TGV).
He started to diversify into Multimedia arena in early part of the 1990s. His aims is to get hold of the
biggest communication company, Maxis Communications. Maxis Communications is Malaysias largest cell
phone service provider boasting over 11 million subscribers and generating estimated revenue of $8.9
billion. Maxis Communication expanded Ananda Krishnan net worth. Maxis has acquired Aircel which is
Tamil Nadus largest cell phone company and has spread to around the India. Besides that, Maxis is also
under negotiation to buy over and expand Indonesian cell phone company. Ananda Krishnan has 46% of
shares in Maxis Communication Bhd. Ananda Krishnan is the owner of Malaysias largest cellular phone
company and 70% his stakes increased up compared to British Telcom and AT & T. Ananda Krishnan also
own stakes in Aircel, Axis and Sri Lanka Telecom.

Ananda Krishnan launched Malaysias first communication satellite (MEASAT) in year 1996. Then
following second satellite was launch through Binariang Satellites Systems Sdn Bhd. MEASAT currently has
2 communication satellites navigating the earth, and offers 30 television channels and 16 radio channels.
His satellite TV operations now include Indonesia, India, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam and Taiwan. He is also
planning to launch TV channels to provide to the Indian market and is revising the agreement between Astro
and Indias Sun Network. TV services presenting Web-based interactivity are also in the proposal placed by
Ananda Krishnan offers movies on the bigger screen which has a string of multiplex theatres in Malaysia.
More than 800 movie titles his entertainment company holds . He also owns the world's largest Chinese
language movie library, Celestial Pictures. Furthermore, he owns a part of which is an interactive
branch of Hong Kongs major broadcasting and also Shaw Brothers registered films. Ananda Krishnan
produced childrens cartoons at the Philippine Animation Studios in Philippines.

3.0 Achievements
Ananda Krishnan is Malaysians second richest man. Ananda Krishnan has quietly initiated a number of
deals that have left observers very puzzled but earned him a reputation of being an impeccable timer of
markets. Past two deacades, he successfully maintained his second place. He was in seventh place which
in the list of richest person in South East Asia.

Now Ananda Krishnan, as he is known in business world and he is in the midst of a mega-asset sale that
is concealed in secrecy and has everyone guessing about the intent of the deal. The 78-year-old tycoon is
nearing a sale of $3 billion (RM9.1 billion) worth of power assets to a government company, according to
sources, and is said be eyeing the sale of a satellite operator for around $500 million (RM1.5 billion).
Ananda Krishnan thought that learning is worthy in 1996 on the private sector, to sponsor higher
education makes the Malaysian government began to shift toward greater dependence. Usaha Tegas has

channeled much of its giving through three foundations. Each foundation directed toward one of Malaysia's
three main ethnic groups. Malaysia Community Education Foundation carried out first, which benefits
Malaysians of South Asian descent. In the early 1990s, Usaha Tegas companies gave it $8 million according
to a company press release. There is a program that helps underprivileged but high-achieving graduates of
Malaysia's more than 500 Tamil Schools which the program known as Project Ilham. Today, the primary
schools which educate children of half the ethnic Indian population and constructed under British rule. The
project help these pupils to continue to excel during their further studies at non-Tamil secondary schools,
where the language and cultural differences have sometimes restricted their performance. Krishnan himself
is of Tamil descent because his grandfather was a Sri Lankan who came to Malaysia to work as a colonial
An education fund which focused on Malays were run. The education fund known as Harapan Nusantara
in year 2003 which using 300 million shares of Maxis, worth $26 million at the time, and provide it with
another $26 million in cash contributed by Astro, Maxis and Tanjong. The twinning programs at private
Malaysian universities which attend by 100 students a year was sponsored by the fund. Curriculums also
run together with universities abroad since 2004. Harapan Nusantara got another $1.3 million that year to
send Malay managers to attend executive programs at Harvard Business School.
Ethnic Chinese groups was given contribution. In year 2003, Usaha Tegas started the Yu Cai Education
Foundation with a grant of $6.6 million. That year the foundation spent $1.3 million to set up a Chinese
traditional studies department at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman is a
private university which is campus in Petaling Jaya and in other place.

Figures on annual giving out of the three operating companies, which was $6.2 million for the year
ended Jan. 31, 2009 was provided by Tanjong. This figures also included $4.1 million for education,
especially undergraduate scholarships in Malaysia. Other funds went to 20 Malaysian health care groups
focused on life-threatening diseases and to other groups.
Philanthropy at industry education and the arts was aim by Satellite broadcaster Astro . It's awarded
annual scholarships ranging from $2,300 to $44,000 to Malaysian media-and-broadcasting students,
coupled with offers of job placements at the company or its affiliates since 2004. The students that
performing arts and humanities was targeted for a special undergraduate scholarship. The company also
sponsors short courses in screen writing, acting and directing for 48 students per year. Other Astro

programs offer awards for Malaysian makers of short films, contribution for theater groups and dance
troupes, and funds for advancing craftsmanship in batik textiles.
Cell phone operator Maxis excel for technology training. The company sent 18 high-achieving candidates
from 2005 to 2009 for full-ride scholarships covering postgraduate studies at Harvard, Oxford and other
universities abroad. About 38 Malaysians to study at home or abroad last year was offer the undergraduate
scholarships. Candidates studying abroad, who received up to $44,000 a year, were required to join Maxis
after graduation. Since 2005, the program was expended more than $14 million by Maxis.
A series of Maxis programs addresses Malaysia's digital divide by promoting it and communications
technology skills among youngsters upcountry through activities such as the Maxis Cyberkids Camp. The
five-day program shows how to better use computers and the internet was for 13- and 14-year-olds and their
teachers. Then, the program can spread their skills to classmates after they get back to school. This and
other programs have reached more than 8,200 school children and teachers from more than 1,300 schools
across the nation since 2002. According to Maxis. "Krishnan's foundations cut across ethnic and religious
lines, which is very important for Malaysia," says Fernandez, noting that most givers focus on a single
group. "He's more pluralistic in his approach. Ananda Krishnan company which is Maxis Communication
Company has won Gold- Communication Networks. The company also received Putra Brand Icons awards
in Putra Brand Awards 2013. Not only that, Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA)
Chairmans Award 2009 was awarded to Astro. In 2010 and 2011, Astro also was received the Gold in the
Media and Entertainment category for the Putra Brand Awards.
Ananda Krishnan was an original investor and help to get built the Petronas towers, which designed to be
the worlds tallest buildings. He helps Dr.Mahathir to built the Petronas Twin Tower. He invested and
convinced Dr.Mahathir.
There are some success factors of Ananda Krishnan business. Ananda Krishnan is a humble and
maintain low profile person. This is because he is well known to maintain a low profile for a person of his
status and he hates public exposure. He lives a simple life but his success always makes him to be in the
media attention.
Besides that, he is bold and risk taking character because he make important decision which is remove
Maxis Bhd from Malaysian Stock exchange in order to privatize the company to provide the global market.
He have the bravery to invest in multimedia sector even there is no big scope in multimedia in Malaysia on
the time. Last but not least, his motto is diversifying because has a vision and mission to diversify his

business which was he get involved in multimedia industry in 1990 and developed other interests in
entertainment, satellite, power, shipping, oil, telecommunications, lottery gaming and property.

4.0 Why do you admire him?

There are a lot of reasons why i admire him. First of all because he is a successful entrepreneur in
Malaysia. He well known as smartest businessman and also philanthropist. Moreover, Ananda Krishnans
goal and prescient mission is to diversify, as a successful entrepreneur. He diversified into various
businesses which start from his small scale betting operations into oil trading, communication sector,
multimedia and also real estate industry. Diversifying helps him to build his business profitability. His vision
also to maintain and create job opportunity for the community. It is also another of his business strategies
which reduces risk for himself. His concept of diversification basically is an alternate source of revenue
generation in the event of any tough times. Diversifying has already increased Ananda Krishnans
companies by providing new products and services terms of scale and scope. Ananda Krishnan has the
quality of being innovative.
He has invented new goods and services which give benefit to the consumers. For example, he had
decided to launch 2 MEASAT satellites in space. This enable any Malaysian subscriber to use the services
which provided by Maxis to communicate with anyone in the world. Maxis offers best communication portal
in terms of broadband, wireless technology and video call services for everyone. As we all know, Maxis was
a public listed company. Now it has been privatized by removing it from the Malaysia Stock Exchange.
Ananda Krishnans reason was to facilitate into the overseas market. According to the Chairman of
Binariang Group, financing to debt over equity will enable Maxis to expand outside Malaysia. When the
company has stablize its profit, Ananda Krishnan also plans to return Maxis back again to the Malaysia
Stock Exchange. Since he has obtained completely all the shares, he had planned to expand Maxis into
countries such as Indonesia and India in order to achieve a greater flexibility. Furthermore increasing the
stock rate to a higher value.
Ananda Krishnan applies collaboration in his business strategy which is another principle. He
collaborates with global industries to provide services. Cooperate allows him to diversify his businesses
develop. This also can make healthy relationship between two countries with government support. Ananda

Krishnan work together with an American geologist, Tom Cantwell to receive rights to drill in Indonesia,
Philippines, Sri Lanka and the North Sea, in his early days with Exoil Trading. This collaboration aims to
create a flexible expansion for Exoil Trading globally. Apart from Exoil Trading, Ananda Krishnan also bided
to buy over Singapores No.2 cellular Company, Singtel and Australians No 1 Telecommunication Company
Telstra by striking a joint venture with Hong Kongs PCCW another telecommunication company. Australians
Telstra did not agree to the collaboration strategy but it does not discourage him in anyway.
Ananda Krishnans dreams is creating a regional media empire, which could deliver broadband services
in other countries. He has entered into a collaboration strategy with the worlds biggest cellular service
provider, Vodafone. Vodafone is a cellular phone company which has already started operation in Australia
and New Zealand. In order to gain competitive edge against its challenger Telstra. Ananda Krishnan has
also made another business collaboration strategy with Indias Telecommunication group, Aircel by obtaining
74 % of its stake.

5.0 What can you learn from this entrepreneur?

Ananda Krishnan is a great leader to his employees. He has been proved as a charismatic leader. For
example, Ananda Krishnan manage his company and his employees effectively. Ananda Krishnan is also
known for his dynamism, and strong conviction. He has bring excitement and adventure in performing his
job, take his employees and the community attention by applying his creativity and innovativeness. He also
leaves some of the decision- making privileges to his employees. He employs the right people for the right
job. Today he is able to manage all his business from any part of the world due to his trustworthy
employees. He has set specific goals for all of his employees and leading them towards a focused working
Ananda Krishnan as a leader has the capabilities to influence an individual in his organization as he
rewards them suitably for performing their best. He maintains a professional and socially responsible image
in order to accomplish his goals and adopt the interest of the society. He also maintains relations within the
government sector in order to create awareness about his service to the society. A close friend of Malaysias
former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Ananda has the ability of applying his conceptual and
decision making skills. Not only that, he has ability in identifying problems and resolving for the benefit of the
organization. These skills have also directly involved the external environment, namely the Malaysian
community. For an example, Ananda Krishnan decided to privatize Maxis and promote the company globally
for its investment benefits. His actions give benefit to his community. This makes the name of his country
Malaysia hypes and also as a successful Malaysian.
Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. An entrepreneur would require most of the management
skills. An entrepreneur should be able to take risk to diversify his business. Proper planning and leadership
qualities are important for an entrepreneur to make decision, leading, influencing and managing their
employees for accomplish the organizations mission and vision. One should be able to identify and resolve
problems and apply analytical and conceptual approach to the decision making process. An entrepreneur
should be able to create and deliver valuable business strategies, which would enable the employees of the
organization to work towards achieving their specific targets. For example, Ananda Krishnan would analyze
everything before do something and makes correct decision.
Entrepreneur should be creative and innovative thinking. Therefore, these skills are important and
enable a businessman to create more business. This can give more job opportunities and render decision
making easier. Entrepreneur should also create opportunities to cooperate with other organizations. This
approach would help to take business to a higher level with increasing profit. This is because Ananda
Krishnans involvement in multimedia sector. Ananda Krishnan believes that in a technology advance world,

which ensure continued succes. It is become important for every organizatons and companies to think and
admit innovative.
Besides that, influential entrepreneur which is Ananda Krishnan has been a backbone for development
in Malaysia. This is because Ananda Krishnan is Dr. Mahathirs close friend. Ananda Krishnan was the one
who influent and assured Dr.Mahathir on built the Petronas Twin Tower and some other projects to develop
Furthermore, Ananda Krishnas strength lies in his ability which he take advantage of new technology
discoveries and make it work in his way. For example, Ananda Krishnan get involved in multimedia industry
in 1990 and developed other interests such as in entertainment sector, oil-drilling sector, satellite, power,
telecommunications, lottery gaming, shipping and property.
Finally, an entrepreneur should also be responsible for any action that performed. All of these skills can
be attained by constant and continuous practice. Implementing the skills will lead to become a successful
entrepreneur as the smartest entrepreneur Ananda Krishnan in the business world.