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The Impact of Books on My Life

One might see books as a mere compilation of pages bounded

together in a mediocre cover with each page filled line after line
with monotonous words.
However, one might see books the way I do, as a whole universe
within itself, where the words are feelings and where pages can
simply be flipped to travel to a different world altogether. When I
read, I dont just observe the formations of the ink on the crisp
paper, but I am indeed transported to the world created by those
A very fascinating quote that I once read said, A person who
doesnt read only lives one life whereas the person that does,
lives a thousand. Honestly I couldnt agree more.
Each time I open a book I dont just read the story, I become a
part of the adventure, and share the joy, the problems, the
sorrows and victories with the characters.
Books are my escape from reality where I inherit the problems of
the characters in an attempt to forget my own.
Usually when Im nearing the end of a book, Im filled with dread
because I know once I turn over the last page, it will mark the end
of a beautiful, captivating and phenomenal journey and I must say
goodbye to my friends who thereafter will only live in my
memories. But do you know the best part about books? Its that
you can always go back to the first page and relive the whole
experience with the same excitement and enthusiasm.
Each book that Ive read has contributed into making me the
person I am today. In my opinion, if a book hasnt impacted you, it
has failed its purpose as a book.
Each book has great amounts to offer if only you are willing to
acquire it. I encourage everyone to put an effort in becoming

familiar with the experience of reading. It might just change your

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