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Anna Hazare the social activist with his team have already undertook so many fasts

and gatherings against corruption. But till now there is no eye-catching steps by
government for anticorruption. According to him corruption which is the hindrance
in development and it should be abolished with return back of black money from
Swiss Bank. Then question is What is Black Money? The money, which is not
earned on right way or in corrupted way is called as black money. Also Baba
Ramadev had took necessary incitation for the same but unfortunately his
movement was not more impressive as comparatively by Anna Hazare. But both of
them are on the way to anticorruption. And also team Anna has prepared to form an
alternate political party for anti corruption. For creating this party the media has
already taken a vital role because they are depicting all anticorruption movements
of Anna and Baba. So camera has helped them to make popular for their activist.
Will corruption totally abolished by including all officers into Lokapal or forming
alternate party? No, Corruption has affected the root of the tree. Watering in the leaf
is not fruitful rather to water in the root. Yesterday I saw a college bus helper
bypassing oil from oil tank of the college bus and sold to a person. So, that earned
money is black or not? Is not it a corruption? Corruption has affected everywhere
such as in home, bus stand, office etc. Giving bribe is same victim as taking bribe.
Although so many leaders of political parties and officers are victimized in many
scams but all this starts from lower level. So it is required to start anticorruption
movement from grass root level rather first emphasizing on top levels. Creating
political image with the name of anticorruption movement in front of camera is just
cheating simple peoples. Large ground for gathering and undertaking fast is not
required to abolish corruption but awareness in the grass root level can make a
positive impact regarding anti corruption.