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ARINIG GUIDANCE FOR TOOL AND TEST EQUIPMENT (TTE) EQUIVALENCY ARINC REPORT 668 PUBLISHED: January 24, 2003 ANA DOCUMENT Fstreany SEE uA OND snaPOL8, MARYLAND 2404 This document is based on material submitted by various participants during the drafting provess. Neither ABEC noe ARINC hes mace any determination Whether these materials could be subject to valid claims of patent, copyright or other proprictary ‘gis by third parties, and no represenvation oc warranty, express ot implied, is made in this regard. Any use of or reliance on this Gocument stall consiizute an acceptance thercof “as is” and be Sibject this dissiimer Copyright®2003 by AERONAUTICAL RADIO, INC. 2551 Riva Road Annapolis, Maryland 21401-7465 USA EQUIPMENT (TTE) EQUIVALENCY Published: January 24, 2003, Prepared by the Airlines Hlectronis Engineering Committee Report 658 Adopted by the Airlines Eleetonic Engineering Committee: December 6, 2002