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Kunal Chawla

620 Peachtree St NE, #1913, Atlanta, GA 30308

Phone: 404-825-7278

Result driven, self-motivated Software Engineer proficient in the field of Computer Applications, Internet
Technologies and Information Security. Skilled in all aspects of software development - requirements analysis,
effort estimation, technical investigation, software design and implementation, testing and debugging.
Available to travel and/or relocate starting May 2010.

Academic Achievements
 Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Aug 2008 – May 2010
 Attained Master of Science degree in Information Security.
 Gained expertise in Advanced Internet Applications, Mobile Applications and Services IP
Multimedia Subsystems, Applied Cryptography, Network Security, Computer Networks.
 Sardar Patel College of Engineering (SPCE), Mumbai, India 2004 – 2008
 Attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with specialization in Information Technology.

Work Experience
 Georgia Institute of Technology, GT-RNOC May 2009 - present
Graduate Research Assistant
 Built converged application on NGN networks using J2EE technologies at the IMS lab.
 Used Asterisk software based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to provide PSTN access, Fax Services
over SIP and integrated Asterisk with Drupal to provide Click-To-Dial service.
 Georgia Institute of Technology, Computer Science Dept. Jan 2009 – Apr 2009
Teaching Assistant for Mobile Application and Services
 Assisted Research Scientist Russell Clark in teaching Mobile Application and Services (class of 40).
 Neebal Technologies (, Mumbai, India Jan 2007 – Oct 2007
Teaching Assistant & Software Developer
 Taught C, Java and Data Structures.
 Developed various standalone tools in Java for the purpose of online tests.

Technical Skills
 Programming Language: Java, J2EE, J2ME, C/C++,Python  Toolbox: MATLAB
 Databases: MS Access, Oracle 9i, MySQL  Asterisk Software based PBX
 Web Technologies: JSP, JPA, JAXB, PHP, JavaScript  Platform: Windows, Linux, Android

Project Experience
 Voicemail Zimlet: Developed a zimlet (widget for Zimbra Email & Calendar) for Georgia Tech Telephony
services using J2EE technologies. This involved building a proxy for the voicemail server which handles user
authentication and session for voicemail management over HTTPS.
 Conferencing Via Calendars (ConCal): Developed a conferencing system using SIP servlets, Asterisk
which calls the attendee instead of attendee calling the conference bridge.
 FollowMe: Developed a GPS application for Android mobile phones which shows your real-time location as
well as real-time location of the one you are following.
 Secure Distributed File System: Developed a SDFS using Java. The authentication of clients was done
using OpenSSL. The files on server could be encrypted using DES/AES algorithm.
 Video Streaming over Bluetooth: Built an application using J2ME which streams live video from one cell
phone to another cell phone over Bluetooth.
 An Optimized Distributed Web Proxy Server: Designed and implemented a multi-threaded web proxy
server based on ‘Boss-Worker’ multi-threading model using PThreads. Communication with the servers was
optimized by sharing memory segments when server and proxy were on same machine. An RPC server was
also implemented to implement the image compression functionality intelligently.
 Tweaking BitTorrent to reduce Inter-AS Traffic: Research project on BitTorrent to reduce inter-AS
traffic. This project was implemented on BitTornado (Python).
 myBuzzGuide: Developed an iPhone application that will serve as an interactive campus assistant to
students who are new to Georgia Tech campus. This project also involved developing a RESTful web service
serving as a backend for the iPhone application.

 Available on request