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About, concerned with - in connection with - approximately,around - approximately,about 250

knots - talk about airplanes,

Above, in a position higher than,over - overhead - in excess,O2 mask above your seat,location
Accommodate, to contain - include, house - take,the casing accommodates two motors,
According to, in conformity with,per - following - in compliance with,according to the instructions,
Accuracy, correctness - degree of sensitivity,precision,with an accuracy 0.002mm,
Achieve, to do - make possible - accomplish,produce - ensure,achieve a constant flow,actions
Across, from one side to the other side,from side to side,apply 5V across point AJ - across the
Act ,to have an effect on - to cause a movement,affect - serve as - used as,the spring acts on the
rod - the regulating valve acts as a shut-off valve,Verbs-Vocab.
Actual, that is - true,effective - real,ATA: actual time of arrival,hazards
Actuate, to cause to operate,activate - operate,the motor actuates the valve,
Actuator,a part that causes movement,jack - motor - drive,servo actuator - gear actuator,word
Add,to put more in - to join,increase - join - sum,add oil - add 34 - add 2 plus 4,verbs-vocab
Additional, more of the same,extra - more - further,additional support,
Adjacent to, at a short distance from,near - in the vicinity of - close to,adjacent to the
Aft,at or to the rear of the aircraft,rear - back,aft cabin - move aft,location
After, that follows in time,subsequent to - post - later,after take-off checklist,hazards
Again, repeated - one more time,another time,do step 2 again,how you work
Against, in contact with - in opposition to,next to - touching - versus,the roller rests against its
Agree,to be in conformity with,comply with - conform to,make sure the two readings
Airborne,on the plane - in the air,on board - in flight,APU,
Aircraft,a machine that flies,airplane - plane,aircraft electrical network,
Airframe,all the structure of the aircraft,structure,A and P: airframe and power plant,
Airplane,aeroplane - flying machine,aircraft,B777 - MD11 - Tristar,
Airspeed,speed of the aircraft in relation to the air,Vp,airspeed indicator,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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Allow,to make possible - to authorize,enable - permit,the CSD allows the input speed to be
Alloy,a material made of two or more metals,mixture - combination,aluminum alloy,description
Almost,near a limit or a value,nearly,98%:almost 100%,
Already,before a given time,previously - before - now,make sure the power is already
supplied,how you work
Also,in addition - and,too - as well,the MCDU also provides flight plan monitoring,linking
Alternate,different - another ,standby-backup-secondary,alternate braking - alternate airport,
Alternating,oscillating - changing direction,AC,115V 400 Hertz,hazards
Although,in spite of the fact that,even though,with CAT III the aircraft can land although visibility is
Always,at each time or occasion,permanently - all the time,the engine parameters are always
Amount,a value - extent,quantity - level - price,amount of corrosion,
Annular,in the form of a ring,circular - ring,annular combustor,description
annunciator light,a light that gives data,caption - indicator light,dim - bright - test -amber - green,
Anti-chafe,that stops damage caused by friction,anti-friction,anti-chafe grommet - anti-chafe
Any,one at random - without limit,some - indifferently - it does not matter which, use any approved
Apart,separated from - not in contact,separate - isolated,keep the two sources apart,
Appear,to be or become visible,show - display - come into view,the message appears on the
display unit,
Apply,to put on to - to put into action ,put - comply - follow - exert,apply a layer of sealant pressure - procedure - brakes,
Appropriate,that is correct or adapted,suitable - related -associated - relevant,appropriate tool,
Area,a surface in specified limits,surface - vicinity - extent - zone,damaged area - area of the wing
- 125 square meters,description
Around,on all sides - in rotation,about - approximately,put cable ties around the wire loom around 5 o'clock,location
Arrow,a pointed mark to show direction,pointer - cursor,green arrow,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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As,in the manner - gives a reason - at the same time,like - since - because,it operates as a
regulating and shutoff valve- be careful as it is dangerous - temperature decreases as altitude
As long as,for the same period of time,while - when,the lights remain on as long as the switch is
pushed in,linking
As required,if or when necessary,as needed - as necessary - A/R,replace as required,
As soon as,immediately,when - once,the spoilers deploy as soon as the aircraft touches
Assembly,a group of components,ASSY,next higher assembly,
at,a function word that shows position or time,on - in,at 300 feet - at 6 o'clock - at the airport - at
At least,at the minimum - not less than,minimum,the tank must contain at least 500 kg.,quantities
Attempt,to make an effort to do,try,attempt to start,
Available,present or accessible for use,ready,ground power available,description
Average,a middle value,mean,average time,
Avoid,to keep away from,prevent,shock mounts avoid excessive vibration,hazards
Away,in a different direction,off - far

,away from - go away - keep away,location

Axle,a shaft on which two wheels turn,shaft,twin axle bogie - wheel axle - axle weight,
Back,to an initial condition,rear - aft,QRF: in-flight turn-back - seat back,location
Backlash,play between moving parts,play,flap backlash,
Backshell,a part that contains a connector,housing,connector,
Backup,alternative or replacement,standby - alternate - emergency,backup system,
Bag,a flexible container,container - envelope,put the removed part in a polythene bag,
Ballscrew,an actuator that moves a long screw,screw jack,flap ballscrew actuator,
Band,a long thin surface or material,strap - range,support band - colored bands - frequency band,
Bare,without a cover or protection,stripped - untreated,surface - wires,description
Basic,simple - essential,elementary,basic structure,
Basis,the bottom or support - a first condition,principle - foundation,on the basis of - on an
experimental basis,
Bay,a closed area that contains something,compartment - wheel well,avionics - cargo - landing
Bead,a long thin line of material,strip,sealant - weld,
bearing,a part in which another part turns,,ball bearing - roller bearing - bearing race - bearing
and distance,hardware

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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bearing~surface,a surface that gives support,faying surface - spherical bearing - mating

surface,make sure the bearing surface is clean,
Become,to come to be,get,the brakes become hot,
Before,at an earlier time,prior to,before take-off checklist,linking
Behind,to the rear of - at the back of,aft of,the flight crew life vests are stowed in a pocket behind
the seats,location
Bell,a part that rings to give an audio signal,audio warning,fire bell - bell cut-off,
Below,in a position lower than,under - beneath - underneath,a life vest below your seat,location
Bench,a flat surface to work on a component,rig - table - equipment table,test bench - work bench
- benchmark-,tools
Bend,to turn from the straight,fold - flex,bend the hose for installation,verbs-vocab
Better,with more quality - more effective,improved,first class is better than economy,
Beyond,farther - out of range,further - over - above,overspeed: beyond Vmax,location
Binding,jam - no free operation,seizure - stiffness - hard point,piston - shaft,damage
blade,flat surface of a fan - rotor or knife,cutting edge - cutter - engine airfoil,fan blade - knife
blade - windshield wiper blade,
Blanking,closing a hole or access,stopping,blanking caps - blanking plugs - blanking
Blanking cap,plastic protective cover,cover - protection, put blanking caps on the disconnected
electrical connectors,hardware
Blanking plug,metal protective cover,cover - protection,put blanking plugs on the disconnected
line ends,hardware
Blast,fast movement of air,blow,blast fence - blasting - blast clean,how you work
Bleed,to let a gas out of,tap,bleed valve,
Blood,fluid that circulates in the heart and veins,,body - injury - bleed - bleeding - red - first aid kit,
Board,flat rigid plate,card,printed circuit,
Body,outer structure of a part,casing - housing,valve body - human body,
Bogie beam,item that holds two or more wheel axles,strut - truck,4-wheel bogie,compounds
bond,to connect chemically or electrically,stick - ground - connect together,static - braid - jumper bonding agent - surfaces,how you work
Bonding,connection - adhesion,sticking-grounding,bonding agent - bonding jumper,how you work
Bonding jumper,connection to make the same electrical potential,bonding braid - wire - strap
,static ,hardware/compounds
Bonding strap,wire to connect to the electrical ground,bonding braid - wire ,connect the bonding
strap to the lug,hardware
Booster,a device to increase power or pressure,low pressure compressor,pump - compressor,
Boss,a convex part,pad - protruberance,fuel nozzle,
Both,the one and the other,the two - together,test both fire detection loops, quantities
Bottle,a spherical or cylindrical container,cylinder,oxygen bottle - fire extinguishing bottle,
Bottom,the lowest point,base - lower,the pumps are mounted on the bottom of the tanks,location
Box,a rectangular container,unit - container - rectangular structure,black box - wing box - wing
center box,
Bracket,an angle fitting to hold,fitting ,mounting - support,hardware
Braid,twisted wires,strap - wire,bonding braid - attachment,hardware
Brand,the name of a manufacturer,make - trade mark,brand name,
Break,a stop - to cause to come apart by force,rupture - failure -interruption,structure communication - no-break power transfer,
Breathe,to get air into the lungs,inhale,gas - vapor,
BRG,angle between the aircraft and a beacon,bearing,ADF - beacon -navigation,
Brightness,the level of light,light - clarity,brightness knob - bright/dim control,
Brush,a tool to clean or apply paint etc.,,apply the varnish with a brush - generator brushes carbon brush,tools

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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Bubble,a small quantity of gas in a liquid or solid,ball of air,air bubble - gas bubble,
Built-in,that is an integral part,self-contained,BITE: built-in test equipment,word building
Bulkhead,a separation between two compartments,partition-wall,aft pressure bulkhead,
Bundle,a group of wires attached together,loom,wires,hardware
Burn,to use fuel to give heat,combustion,fuel - skin,
Burr,a cut line that is not smooth,rough edge,remove all burrs,damage / deburr
Bus bar,an electrical/data distribution point,,hot bus - essential bus,
Bushing,a cylindrical lining or ring,bush,shouldered bushing - threaded bushing ,
Butterfly,a double clack valve,throttle,butterfly valve - butterfly nut,
cable tie,a plastic strip to attach wires,clamp - tywrap,loom - harness - bundle,hardware
cam,a part that moves a roller etc.,,camshaft,
can,to be capable of - a metal container,be able - canister,the engine can produce 10 t of thrust oil can,modals
cancel,to prevent or stop operation,clear - stop,cancel the audio warning,
canister,a cylindrical container,housing - can,fuel pump,
cap,a plastic cover to close a hole etc.,plug - cover - blank - stop,blanking cap - cap the
capacity,the maximum quantity that can be held,maximum contents - volume,the tank has a
capacity of 350 liters,
careful,with attention or care,attentive - prudent,be careful,care - carefully
carrier,a company that transports passengers and cargo,airline-operator,international carrier carrier frequency,
cart,a small vehicule,GPU,ground power cart,
cartridge,an explosive device,squib,fire extinguisher cartridge,
casing,the outer structure or container,case - housing - body - frame,compressor casing,
catch,to intercept - to stop movement,grasp - latch,the filter catches particles - door
cause,to make occur,result in - lead to,sudden movement of the surfaces can cause injury to
caution,data about a risk of damage,alert,master caution light,cautions
ceiling,the upper surface of a compartment,,floor - wall - cabin -operational,
centerline,a line that is the same distance from the sides,longitudinal axis,aircraft centerline engine centerline - runway centerline,
chafing,wear caused by friction,rubbing - fretting,loose fittings can cause chafing,damage
chart,a diagram or table,graph - curve - map,tire inflation chart - navigation chart,
chocks ,blocks of wood or metal put under the wheels,wheel chocks,chocks in place,
circuit breaker,a safety switch ,CB - breaker,open - close - trip,
clamp,a device that holds a part in position,strap - tie,V-clamp,hardware
cleaning,the removal of dirt,scouring - stripping - blasting,solvent - cleaning agent,how you work
clear,to remove an obstacle - without obstacles,erase - cancel - free,clean and clear of unwanted
clearance,the clear space between two objects,nominal distance - authorization,gap - play tolerance,
clevis,open end of a connection,fork end,attach the spherical bearing to the clevis,hardware
clockwise,in the direction of the hands of a clock,CW,tighten - turn, counterclockwise -location
closely,with care,carefully - thoroughly ,inspect the parts closely for any damage,
close-up,the action to put a/c back to its initial state,return to normal,set-up - removal - installation
- close-up,installation and removal
clothing,what you put on your body,clothes - garments,protective clothing,
clutch,a device to engage and disengage a gear,gear,automatic clutch - gear wheel - engage,
coat,one thickness of material applied,apply-layer,one coat of primer - top coat,
collar,a short cylindrical part,ring,shear rivet collar,hardware
come on,to start operation for a light,illuminate,the MASTER CAUTION light comes on,actions
complete,to go to the end of an operation or procedure,finish - end - entire -total - all,procedure

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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component,part of an assembly,part - item,maintenance manual,

compound,something made of two or more materials,sealant,apply,
conduit,a protective tube,pipe - sheath - shroud,routing - wiring,
consist of,to be composed of,comprise - made of,the assembly consists of seven parts,
control,to give signals that cause something to operate,command - signal - order,control the
ailerons - flight controls,hazards
controller,a device that controls,computer - unit,pressure - temperature,
cool,moderately cold - to remove heat,remove heat - cold,the heat exchanger cools the bleed
cooling,the removal of heat,refrigeration,brake cooling fan,endings
copper,a red metal,Cu,wiring,
core,the center part,heart - center,metal core - core engine,
cotter pin,a flexible pin used to stop movement,safety,remove and discard the cotter pin from the
could,it is possible,can - may ,sudden movement could cause damage,modals
counterclockwise,in the opposite direction to the hands of a clock,CCW - anticlockwise,loosen turn, clockwise - location
countersink,to make a beveled hole for the head of a screw,make flush,countersunk screws,how
you work
cover,to put on top - a protection,protect - hide - conceal - protection,cover the area with a coat of
primer - dust cover,
cowl ,engine nacelle panel,fairing,fan cowl, cowling
cowling,all the engine nacelle panels,fairings,engine cowlings, cowl
crack,a narrow break,a thin opening - structural damage,hairline cracks - growth - depth length,damage
crank ,the bent part of a shaft,motor,crank the engine - crank handle,
crimp,to press together to connect,swage,crimping lug,
crimping,connection of electrical wire under force,,crimping lug - crimping tool,how you work
cross-beam,item of structure across the cabin ,,the seat rails rest on the cross beams,compounds
crush,to cause damage by weight,squash - flatten,crushproof - do not crush components,
curing,chemical process,drying,curing time - at ambient temperature - bonding agent sealant,how you work
cut,to divide into parts with a sharp tool,incise - incision,cut the lockwire - sharp objects can cause
cut out,to remove,cut and remove - isolate - rupture,cut out the damaged section of the rail,
cutout,a hole in a panel,feed-through,feed the cables through the cutout,word building
daily,with a frequency of 24 hours,every day,daily check - daily flight,
damp ,a little wet,moist - wet,cloth ,description
damper,a cylinder that absorbs shocks,snubber - shock absorber,yaw damper - landing gear,word
dark,with no or little light,deep - without light,dark blue - lights out,description
data,technical information,inputs - information,data processing - DFDR,
deadband,frequencies that are not used,beyond limits,frequency - range,
debonding,separation of layers,delamination,debonding of composite materials,damage
deburr,to make an edge smooth,remove sharp edges,deburr the rough edges of the panel,how
you work
decrease,to make or become less,reduce - diminish,decrease the speed,verbs-vocab
de-energize,to stop an electrical power supply,cut off - turn off - remove electrical power,deenergize the aircraft electrical network,verbs-vocab
deep,a long distance below the surface,,deep crack - deep groove,description
defective,that does not operate correctly,faulty - inoperative,defective part,description
deflate,to release the pressure from a container,,tires - escape slides - masks,verbs-vocab
delay,to make something later,behind schedule,delayed flight - time delay,
delete,to remove data ,cancel - erase - remove text - clear,delete the number - line - information,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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dent,a concave impression made by an impact,impact damage,inspect for dents on the leading
depth,the distance from the surface down,,measure the depth of the hole,descrpition
design,to plan - to make for a purpose,make to/for - plan - conceive,the alternate system is
designed to operate in an emergency,
despite,even though,in spite of - although,despite the failure,linking
device,an item with a specific function,unit - equipment,monitoring device,
digit,the numerals 1 to 9 and 0,unit - number,hundreds - tens - digits - digital,
dim,to reduce the brightness of lights,turn down - reduce the intensity of lights,lights - bright,
dirt,material that is not clean,dust - contamination - grease - pollution,remove all dirt - the surface
must be dirt-free,description
disable,to prevent operation,de-activate - inhibit,an inhibit signal disables the function,
disagree,not to be in conformity,discrepancy - difference - error,signal disagree ,
discard,not to keep,scrap - throw away -destroy,remove and discard the lockwire,actions - verbs
display,to put things in view,indicate - show,parameters - screen,actions
disregard,not to give attention to,ignore - not take into account,disregard this message. It is
ditching,emergency landing on water,forced landing - forced landing on water,ditching valve,
downstream,in the direction of the flow,below - lower point in a fluid system,downstream of the
drift,movement away from the correct position,deviation - difference,drift angle - 2drift,
drill,make a circular hole by rotation,,drill new holes with a 24 dia.bit,how you work
drip,to fall in small quantities,leak - flow - fall in drops,fuel - water - oil,
drive,to transmit movement or energy,actuate - motor - transmit energy / movement,the motor
drives the outflow valve - constant speed drive,
drive out,to remove a bolt etc. by force,,drive out the bolts with a mallet,word building
drive train,universal joints and drive shaft,transmission,,
drop,to move down,fall - decrease,the pressure may drop,actions
dry,to remove any liquid,,dry the surface with a clean lint-free cloth,description
duct,a large pipe for air,line - pipe,air conditioning duct,
due to,function word that shows the cause,because of - as a result of,the contactor opened due to
an overvoltage,linking
dustfree,that does not have dust,without dust,store the equipment in a cool dustfree
environment,description - word building
each,all objects considered one by one,every - all,each hydraulic system has its own
ear,part of the body used to hear with,,protect your ears when you use pneumatic tools,warnings
early,before the usual time,in advance,early in the morning - too early, late
eddy current,current induced by alternating the magnetic field,,NDT - inspection - cracks,
edge,the line where two surfaces come toether,side,leading edge,location
either,function word that shows a choice,or - either or,either 1 or 2,quantities
elbow,the middle of your arm - a union at 90,,elbow union,warnings
embodied,applied,incorporated,the SB will be embodied in June,word building
empty,without contents,,drain the tank until it is empty,description
end,a limit in time or space,tip - extremity,disconnected line ends,location
enable,to make possible,allow - permit,a manual override enables the valve to be opened in an
energize,to supply electrical power,turn on - provide electrical power,energize the display units,
engineer,a person with a technical function,mechanic - technician,ground engineer - flight
engineer - aeronautical engineer,
engineering,technical design and solution of problems,technical department,send the report to the
engineering department,
ensure,to make certain,assure - make sure - check,the controller ensures a constant cabin

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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entire,with all its parts,complete - all - whole,the entire task,quantities

entry,insertion of data or place where you go in,input - inlet - entrance,logbook entry - entry
equal,with the same value, same - identical,50 miles is equal to 80 km - three squared equals
nine - equally spaced,description
erase,to remove data or indications,cancel - clear - suppress,erase the message,
even,flat - balanced - without irregularity,smooth - regular - steady,2-4-6-8 - an even finish,
exceed,to be more than,go beyond,limit - reach - the temperature must not exceed 85C ,verbs
excess,more than is correct,excessive - too much,excess weight,
exercise,to put into action,use - apply ,exercise care,
exert,to use force,apply,exert only hand pressure,
exhaust,location where gas goes out of an engine,outlet,exhaust nozzle - APU exhaust,
exit,location where persons go out,way out - outlet,emergency exit ,
expand,to increase in volume or dimension,grow - inflate - extend,the material expands as the
temperature rises,
extend,to increase in length,deploy,flaps - slats - gear,actions
extinguish,to stop a fire,put out,extinguish the fire,
extract,to remove by pulling,pull out,extract a pin - insert,
eye,a hole - organ of sight,spherical bearing - you use it to see with,rinse your eyes - eye end,
fabric,textiles,cloth - material,seat cover fabric - cotton - wool - synthetic,
failure,when an item can not operate correctly,fault - malfunction - rupture,multiple failure - system
fairing,aerodynamic panel,casing,wing tip - belly ,
fairlead,device to guide cables,cable guide,flight control cable fairlead,
fall,to go down,drop - decrease,the passenger oxygen masks fall,
farther,at or to a larger distance,further - more,do not drill farther than,
fasten,to attach or connect,secure - tighten,fasten seat belts,
fastener,a device to attach two parts quickly,QAD,quick release fastener - turn 90,hardware
fault,incorrect operation,failure - malfunction,CFDS - repair the fault,
faulty,with a fault - defective,inoperative,replace the faulty part,
faying,where two surfaces touch,mating,clean - anodize the faying surfaces,
feature,to have as a characteristic,comprise - include,the circuit features a time-delay,
feed,to give fuel - water - air - electricity etc.,supply,the tank feeds the engine - feeder pin - feeder
tank - crossfeed valve,
feel,to touch with your fingers,,feel the pipe with your fingers for leaks - artificial feel,
fiberglass,light synthetic material made of glass fibers and resin,,fiberglass panels,
field,a limited or specified surface,area - zone - airport,magnetic field- airfield altitude,
file,data records - a tool to make smooth,dossier,data file - your file,
fill,add fluid to the top of a container,,fill the water tanks,verbs-vocab
fill-out,to write data in a document,fill-in - write information on a document,fill out and sign the job
find,to examine something so that you know,discover,past: found, actions
finger,the ends of the hand,there are five on each hand - plunger,finger tight, finger pressure
fire fighting,action to stop a fire,fire protection,fire fighting equipment, compounds
firewall,a panel to stop the movement of fire,heatshield,engine firewall,
firing,an explosion to open a cylinder,discharge,extinguisher bottle firing, endings
first,before all others,1st,first class - last,
first aid kit,emergency medical equipment,,first aid kits contain basic medical supplies,
fit,to attach with precision,install - adjust,fit the bracket with four screws,
fitting,a small part used for connection,bracket,attachment,
fix,to make stable or operative,attach - secure - repair,the plate is fixed with four screws, actions
fixture,support or test equipment,jig - cradle,assembly fixture - test fixture, tools
flange,flat attachment surface,,mounting flange - casing flange,hardware
flap,a flat panel that moves,door-panel,trailing edge - carriage - track - asymmetry - extension retraction - handle,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

Page 8

flare,rounded movement or shape at end of pipe,bellmouth,flare is when the pilot pulls on the
stick just before touchdown,
flat,with a continuous surface ,plane,flat surface,description
fleet,group of aircraft of the same type or airline,,fleet of planes,
floor,bottom surface of the cabin or compartiment,,cabin floor panels - floor protection,
flow,continuous movement of a fluid,stream,fuel flow - airflow - flow chart - liters per hour,
flow chart,schematic of a procedure,diagram,troubleshooting - yes/no,troubleshooting
flush,to clean with water - not protruding,rinse - level with surrounding surface,flush the toilet make sure the door is flush,description
foam,light synthetic material used to fill and pack,,seat cushion foam,
foil,very thin metal sheet,,aluminum foil covers the glass wool blankets,
fold,to put one part of an item on top of another,bend,fold the mask - folding seat - folding table the folds of the escape slide,Verbs-Vocab.
fold-out,an A3 format page,double page,schematic - drawing,
follow,to come later - to comply with,go after - comply,follow me - following,
follow-up,study of the development of a situation,monitor,technical follow-up,word building
foot,12 inches - end of the leg,,29 000 feet ,warnings
footwear,what you wear on your feet,shoes,protective - with toe caps,
for,function word that shows objective or time,used to - during,for removal - for you - for 3 hours,
forecast,a calculation about the future,projection - plan - estimation,weather forecast - economic
forecast,word building
foreign object damage,damage caused by objects that hit the aircraft,FOD - ingestion impacts,inspect the engine intakes for FOD,damage
forward,nearer to the front,front,forward attendant panel,location
fourth,ordinal number,4th,fourth stage,
free,that can move without limits,clear - loose,static-free - moves freely,
freely,that can move without limits,without obstruction - easily,make sure the shaft moves freely,
how you work
fully,to the maximum travel - length or quantity,completely - entirely - totally,make sure that the
flaps are fully extended, how you work
funnel ,conical object used to drain fluids,,drain - oil,
furnishings,cabin accessories,fittings - decor,cabin,
gage,an instrument that shows values,indicator,direct reading gage,
gap,distance between two objects,space - distance,measure the gap,
garments,what you wear on your body,clothes,protective,
gasket,a flat metal or paper seal,seal - packing,metal - cylinder head,hardware
gate,a point of entry or change of direction,logic switch - door - stand,AND gate - gate 27,
gearbox,a casing that contains gearwheels,transmission,accessory gearbox,
get,to obtain - to come into a condition,have - become,the brakes can get very hot,actions
give,to transfer possession,provide,the CRT gives information,
glareshield,panel between windshield and instruments,,autopilot - cockpit,
glass,transparent material made with silicates,,windshield - glass cockpit,description
gloves,protection for your hands,,hands,tools
go off,to stop operation for a light,go out - extinguish,when the temperature reaches its normal
value the light goes off,actions
go away,to be no longer - to stop,disappear,Make sure that all evidence of fretting has gone away,
goggles,protective glasses,face mask,eyes,tools
gold,precious yellow metal,Au,gold components - gold filament,
gouge,deep impact damage,nick,damage - impact ,damage
grade,a position on a scale,type - level,high grade - grade III,
gradually,progressively - continually,slowly - step by step,gradually increase the pressure,how you
greater,larger than,more than ,at low speed rudder deflection is greater than at high
groove,a long narrow channel,,grooved bearing,hardware

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

Page 9

ground,to connect to electrical ground,bond- earth,the aircraft is grounded during refueling ground/flight logic,actions
growth,the action of increasing in size,increase - expansion,crack growth - economic growth,
guard,a protection over a control,cover,switch guard - red guard,
guidelines,data for use,instructions,manufacturers,
gun,pneumatic tool,spray - hammer - machine tools,paint - riveting,
half,one of two equal parts,50%,half full,description
hammer ,tool to hit,tap - mallet,gently,tools
hand,the end of your arm,,hand tighten - put gloves on your hands,warnings
handle,to move by hand,touch ,with care - carrying handle,
hang,to attach to something above,suspend - attach,the projector hangs from the ceiling - hung
hard,not easy to cut - go into or go through,resistant - inflexible - tough - difficult,leave the varnish
to dry until it is hard,description
hardness,the cohesion of particles,stiffness - rigidity,,description
hardware,attachment items - computer equipment,attachment fittings ,computers printers etc. and
software - nuts and bolts,hardware
harmful,that can cause death or injury,dangerous,solvents are harmful,
harness,group of wires - flexible attachment device,wiring - strap,electrical harness - shoulder
haul,transport of passengers and cargo,carriage - range,long haul - long range,
have,to possess as a part or a quality,possess,the A340 has a lower deck crew rest area,
have to,verb of necessity,must - shall,you have to inspect the tire pressure every day,modals
hazard,a potential danger,risk,fire hazard - health hazard,hazards
head,the top of the body or a part,top,headset - overhead - head up display,warnings
heading,direction of flight,,navigation - course - direction,
heat,energy caused by movement of molecules,make hot - thermal energy,heat shield - heat
heat sink,a device to decrease heat,exchanger - radiator - cooler,brakes - electronic unit,
heavy,with weight,,450 tonnes,description
height,vertical distance,elevation,height - length - width - thickness - depth,description
hereafter,later in a document,below,see the steps described hereafter,
high,with height,,high pressure,description
hinge,articulate fitting,,door - flap,hardware
hit,to touch suddenly and heavily,strike,do not hit the fitting with a hammer,actions
hoist,a device to lift items,crane ,max load,
hold,to have or to keep in a position,maintain - retain - grip - grasp - wait - compartment,hold the
handrail - altitude hold,verbs-vocab
holddown,that holds in position,attachment - securing,holddown points - holddown rings,
holder,a part that holds another part,receptacle - socket, lamp-holder - map-holder - glassholder,compounds
hole,an empty space in a solid object,aperture - port - opening,insert the safety pin into the hole,
hollow,with air in the middle,,tube - pipe - solid,Description
honeycomb,composite sandwich structure,,honeycomb panels - core - weight saving,description
hook,curved attachment part,,attach the hook to the hoisting lug,hardware
hose,flexible pipe,,hydraulic fluid is supplied in pipes and hoses,hardware
housing,a part that contains another, case - casing,bearing housing - spring housing,
how,by which procedure,in what way,show me how to use the CD ROM,
however,in spite of that,but-nevertheless,It is damaged. However it can be repaired,linking
hub,the middle of a wheel etc.,center,wheel hub - hub and spoke,
hung start,engine start without full acceleration,,wet start - shut down,
hurt,to cause injury,injure,sharp objects can hurt you,Hazards
idle,minimum engine speed,,engine rating - flight/ground idle,
ignore,not to think about something,disregard,ignore these error messages,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

Page 10

improve,to increase quality,make better,fly by wire improves response time,verbs-vocab

in,function word that shows location - condition - time,inside,in the radome - in flight-in
in progress,about a present action,underway - current,work in progress,
inadvertently,a result of inattention,accidentally,cause injury or damage - mistake,how you work
inboard,nearer the centerline,inner,inboard flaps - move the part inboard,location
increase,to make or become larger,rise,the booster increases the air pressure,verbs-vocab
inefficient,that does not operate well,ineffective,Carbon brakes are more inefficient when they are
injury,damage to a person,hurt,cut - burn - fracture - graze,
inlet,location where a fluid goes in,intake,ram air inlet - inlet valve,
inner,nearer to the center of an object,inboard,inner flap,location
inoperative,that does not operate,unserviceable - faulty - INOP - U/S,after the lightning strike the
antenna was inoperative,description
integral,which is part of,built-in - incorporated,integral lighting - integral part,
input,the data or power put into a system etc.,order - signal - data,computer input - mechanical
intake,part of the engine where the air goes in,inlet,air - engine,
issue,to publish or provide a document,distribute - edition,a new revision will be issued in
its,that belongs to a thing,that belongs to an object,remove the sensor and its wiring,their
jack,a device that lifts - gives power or connects,actuator,screwjack - ballnut jack - headset
jacket,clothing for the top of the body,sleeve - vest,life,
jack-up,to lift with a jack,lift,jack up the aircraft,
jagged,with a rough edge,rough - sharp,edge - deburr,description
jam,when a part can not move,seizure,servo jam,damage
jig,a workshop device to hold a part in position ,support,put the module on a jig,tools
job,a procedure or work to be done,task - work,job card,
keep,to continue to have or do,retain,remove and keep the attachment parts,verbs-vocab
key,a button you push,pushbutton,push - punch,keyboard
keyboard,a set of computer keys,,alphanumeric, key
kill,to cause death,to be fatal,accident - mortal injury - fatality - warning - hazard,
knee,central articulation of the leg,,,warnings
knob,a button that turns,rotary button,turn the cabin rate knob,
know,to be sure of data,,know the regulations,
lack,insufficient quantity,,there is a lack of lubrication,
ladder,a device to go up or down,steps,climb,
lamp,a source of light,bulb - light,replace the bulb if it is burnt out,
lamp holder,a device to hold a bulb,socket,bulb ,
lanyard,a line or rope to attach an item,cord,oxygen mask - escape slide,
large,with more than usual dimensions,big,small - medium - large,description
last,to continue - that comes at the end,take time - previous - ultimate,it lasts 10 minutes - do the
last step again,
latch,to engage ,lock - secure,the fasteners are latched,actions
laundered,washed - made clean,cleaned,clothes - fabric,
lay,to install flat,put,lay the carpet along the aisle,
layer,one thickness of material,coat,one layer of top coat,
layout,the configuration of equipment,version,cabin layout,word building
lead,to go to - an electrical cable,cause - result in - flex - cable,overheat leads to damage,leading
leading edge,the front edge of a wing or blade,front,wing - blade - airfoil,location
leak,a crack that lets fluid out,seep - seepage - loss of fluid,oil - hydraulic,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

Page 11

leakage,the quantity of fluid that goes through a leak,leak - seepage,inspect for signs of fuel
leave,to cause to remain in a condition ,do not move - quit - go away,leave the switch in this
leg,lower member - part of a flight,support - stand - foot,last leg report - landing gear leg,warnings
length,longitudinal distance,,height - width - depth - length of the runway,description
lens,glass that adjusts the direction of light,glass,light - camera,
less,with a smaller quantity,below,less than 3 liters,quantities
let,to permit an action to occur,permit - allow,let the paint dry at room temperature,
level with,at the same level as,flush with,door level with the fuselage,description
lever,a hinged control bar,handle,flap lever-door lever,
life,the time an item can be used,existence - duration - lifetime,shelf life - active life,
lift,to move to a higher position - vertical force,to move up - raise - elevator,lift the handle - cart lift
- thrust - weight and drag,actions
light,with small weight - force etc.,,light weight - light green - reading light,description
light-off,the moment combustion occurs,light-up,engine start - ignition,
likely,that should occur,probable,turn on the anti-icing when icing conditions are likely,
limit switch,microswitch that is sensitive to movement,end of travel microswitch,actuator limit
line,any electrical - fuel - air wiring or pipe,pipe - cable,the inside is lined with Teflon - fuel line,
lining,a part that is inside another,liner - sleeve - furnishing,door lining - cabin lining,
link,a data or mechanical connection,connection - rod,torque/data/up,linking
lint-free,without fibers,,cloth,
load,put a force or weight on an object - the force,enter - place a weight,load cargo - load data generator load,
location,the place where an item is,position,damage location,
lock,a device to hold something closed,latch - close with a key etc. - block,door-nut - wheel - wire,
lock out,to stop operation or separate an item,isolate,a mechanism locks out the low speed
lockwasher,a disk that stops nut movement, tabwasher - nut retainer,nut and
lockwire,a wire that stops movement,safety wire,cut and discard the lockwire,hardware
logbook,a record of technical incidents and work,tech log,make an entry and sign the logbook,
look for,to use your eyes to find something,search,look for signs of corrosion,look at
look at,to use your eyes to see something,inspect - view,look at the scale,actions
loom,a group of wires,bundle - harness,wire loom,hardware
loop,a circular line,,fire detection,
loose,not attached correctly - without tension,not tight - undone - unsecured,fitting harness,description
loosen,to cause something to become loose,unscrew - untighten,loosen the nut and remove the
lose,not to keep,not have - mislay,put the parts in a bag so as not to lose them,hazards
loss,a failure - a decrease,reduction - missing,loss of power,
loudspeaker,it broadcasts announcements and music,,passenger address,
low,small quantity or height,small quantity or height,low level - low speed,description
lower,in a position under - to move down,bottom,lower deck ,location
LRU,line replaceable unit,,computer - during turnaround,
lug,a part with a hole for connection ,attachment point,terminal/hoisting,Hardware
magnet,metal part that attracts other metals,,generator - coil - core,
main,the most important - primary,major,main landing gear,
make sure,to make certain,ensure - assure - check,make sure that the area is clear,verbs-vocab
mandatory,that which you must do,compulsory - obligatory,this modification is mandatory,
maneuver,a movement of the aircraft,operate - control - move,turn - bank - climb,
manifold,distribution point or duct,,bleed manifold,
map,plan that gives geographical data,chart,map-holder - map light,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

Page 12

matching,that are the same or go together,corresponding,wires - mismatch,

mating,that are attached together,joining - junction - coupling,mating surfaces,
mean,a middle value,average,mean value - mean aerodynamic chord,
meet,to be in conformity with,comply with - satisfy,meet specifications,actions
metering,that contols a flow,regulating,valve,
midway,in the middle,halfway - center,midway between the two ends,location
miscellaneous,of different types,different - various,circuit breakers,
mismatch,an incorrect connection or assembly,not corresponding,make identification marks to
avoid mismatches,word building
missing,that is not there,lacking - absent,three static dischargers are missing,
MLG,main landing gear,,MLG and NLG doors,compounds
moisture,liquid in another substance,with water or liquid - dampness,moisture may accumulate on
the window,
moisture-resistant,that is protected against liquids,dampproof - protection against water,treatment
- protection - material - leak - seepage - wet,
monitor,to look at the operation during a time,watch,monitor engine parameters,actions
more,with a larger number or quantity,greater than,250 knots is more than 250 mph,quantities
MOS,metal oxide semiconductor,,printed circuit,
most,the largest number or quantity,majority,most of the airplane is in aluminum - the most
efficient, quantities
motion,a change in position,movement,body - mass - force - momentum,
mount,an installation fitting,install - attachment,wing-mounted - APU mount - shock mount,
mouth,used to speak and eat with - a hole,,do not put them in your mouth - Bellmouth,
near,at a short distance or time from,approach - close to,,location
nearly,near the limit,almost,390: nearly 400,
neck,between the body and the head - narrow part,,neck of the bottle,
network,a group of lines and connections,circuit - system - web,aircraft electrical network - airline
network - computer network,compounds
new,not used before,recent - not old - not used,install new seals,description
nick,a small cut,gouge,damage - impact,damage
nipple,a hole for an oil or air connection,fitting,grease nipple,
nitrogen,78% of the atmosphere - an inert gas,inert gas,only inflate the tires with nitrogen,
noise,something you can hear,sound - parasites,noise abatement - amplifier noise,
nominal,of a theoretical value,standard - normal - theoretical,voltage - value,
notch,an indentation on an edge ,detent - position - slot,Kruger flap - lever position,
note,to write data,record,note the parameters,
nozzle,a part that sprays or adjusts the flow of fluid,spray,fuel - air - exhaust,
nut,it holds a bolt in position,,bolt nut and washer,Hardware
obey,to do what procedures tell you,follow - respect - comply with,obey the manufacturers
occur,to come to be ,happen,injury may occur,actions
odd,not regular - planned or paired,uneven - unusual,1-3-5-7 ,description
of,function word that shows from - belonging to etc.,'s-s',type of turbine - length of the cable,
omit,to ignore,not do ,do not omit to read the instructions,
on,in contact with - in operation,in contact - energized - active,on the ceiling - on board - set the
switch to on,location
once,one time only - when,one time - as soon as,the light goes off once all the doors are closed
and locked,linking
one,1,a - a single,there is only one radar antenna,quantities
only,nothing more or different,just - simply,use only lint-free cloth,how you work
operation,the state when a machine is active,running - workiing - functioning,Description and
Operation - System Operation - Drilling Operation - Flight Operations,
operate,to be in action,run - actuate,the APU operates on the ground,
other,that which is not the same,different - contrary,move the wheel in the other direction,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

Page 13

otherwise,differently,if not,unless otherwise indicated,

outer,farther from the centerline,outboard,outer aileron,location
outflow,discharge of air,outlet,pressurization - outflow valve,
outlet,location where a fluid goes out,egress - exit,outlet port - oil - drain,
output,data or energy that comes out of a system etc.,order - signal,electrical - electronic - shaft,
overall,from one end to the other,total,overall fuselage length,
overhaul,to examine and repair fully,heavy maintenance,D check - overhaul manual,
overhead,above your head,ceiling,panel,word building
overheat,too high a temperature,too hot,warning,word building
overlap,to extend over a part of another object,cover partially - partly superimposed,the panels
override,to have priority over,take over,manual override,
oversized,with a larger dimension,larger - too large,hole,word building
own,that belongs to itself - built-in,specific - dedicated,each unit has its own power supply,
pack,device to cool bleed air,air cycle machine,air conditioning pack,
packing,small part that makes a connection tight,seal,replace the packing,hardware
pad,a surface used for installation,base - support - mount,support ,
paint,a chemical used for protection and color,top coat - primer - put on paint,,the way you work
pair,two things together,couple,a pair of seats,
part,an item of an assembly,component - portion,part number,
past,at the farther side of - elapsed,further - beyond - over,do not go past this point,
path,a sequence of positions - a course,route - track,flight path - escape path markings,
pattern,a model - design - configuration,shape - repeated line - form or action,striped pattern holding pattern - screen pattern - pattern of behaviour,
peak,the highest point,high - maximum,peak to peak - peak current,
pedestal,structure between the two pilots,control stand,center pedestal - thrust levers,
per,in conformity with,according to - by,do the test per AMM 34-12-00,how you work
perform,to do a procedure etc.,do - carry out - accomplish,perform the inspection,
pick-off,a sensing device that finds movement etc.,pick-up-sensor,asymmetry position,word
pin,a small thin metal part,shaft,safety - feeder - cotter - programming,hardware
pintle,a pivot pin,pin - spindle,valve,
pipe,a tube used to transfer a fluid,line - duct,stainless steel pipe,
plate,a smooth flat thin piece of material,,Cadmium-plated - retaining plate,
play,free movement,out of tolerance,play a recording - clearance - gap,
plentiful,in a large quantity,much ,quantity - amount,
plenum,space where air pressure is more than atmospheric,,APU plenum chamber,
plug,an item used to fill a hole or socket,cap - connector,magnetic - blanking - electrical,hardware
point,to put something in a specified direction,face,point North - point to zero,
poisonous,that can kill you if you eat or drink it,harmful,materials - MEK,
poor,incorrect - of bad quality,bad,poor reception - poor quality,description
port,a hole for a fluid,aperture - hole ,static port - refill port - parallel port ,
portion,a piece of an item,part,,
powder,material in the form of very fine particles,,talcum - deposit,
power plant,aircraft engine and accessories,engine,ATA 72,
power,it can be made into energy,supply - feed,power-up test - pneumatic power,
prerequisite,what is necessary before you do something,requirement,need - require,
pressure relief,the reduction of high pressure,overpressure,pressure relief valve,compounds
prevent,to make sure that something does not occur,avoid - stop,a check valve prevents inverse
previous,before in time,prior - before,previous page-flight,hazards
printer,a machine to print,,center pedestal - laser,word building
prior to,at an earlier time,before,prior to take off,
probably,without much doubt,likely,the discoloration was probably caused by a leaking hot air
duct,the way you work

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

Page 14

probe,a device that senses and sends data,sensor,probe heat - pitot - TAT-boroscope,
process,to put together and use data,handle - treat - manage,data - data processing,
proper,specified - applicable,correct,use the proper tools,how you work
protruding,to be higher than - not level with,extended - jutting out,pop out pin - mechanical
provide,to make available - to give - to supply,ensure - enable - achieve,two loops provide fire
provided,on condition that,if - providing that,you can use the network provided you have electrical
puddle,pool of liquid on the ground,,leakage - oil - water - on the ground,
pull,to move in the direction of the force applied,draw,pull the handle towards you,verbs-vocab
pulley,a wheel on a cable run,,cable run - bellcrank,
purpose,the reason for an action,aim - function - reason,the purpose of the removal,
put,to cause something to be in a specified position,place,put the assembly in position,verbsvocab
QAD,a device to attach quickly,quick attach detach - fastener,ring - clamp, hardware
quadrant,a device with the shape of a quarter circle,bellcrank,flight controls - rod - cable run,
quarter,one of four equal parts,25%,a quarter turn,quantities
quick-disconnect,a device to atttach quickly,QAD - fastener,instrument panels,Hardware
radius,half a diameter,,circle - diameter,description
raise,to move something up,lift-increase-hoist,raise the gear with a jack,verbs-vocab
ragged,with rough edges,jagged - sharp - burred - torn,ragged edges - deburr,Description
random,in any sequence - with equal probability,chance,RAM: random access memory,
range,the distance between two ends, arc - band,green range - product range - maximum range,
rate,a measurement of frequency or change,speed - degree of variation,rate of climb feet/minute, quantities
rather than,and not - to the contrary,in place of - instead of,use solvent rather than water,
rating,operating limit or estimate - qualification,speed - specification,engine rating - type rating,
ratio,relationship of quantity between two things,scale - relation,1:10,
reach,to get to,arrive at - go to ,when the temperature reaches 65C,actions
readout,data shown on a screen,display - indication,parameters,
rear,at or to the tail of the aircraft,aft - back,rear passenger door,location
recess,an indentation in a surface,cavity-hollow,the table folds into a recess,
recoil,a reverse or rearward movement ,reaction,spring - shock absorber,
record,to make a note,note,inspect and record any damage,
reduce,to decrease the quantity,decrease-fall-drop,shock mounts reduce vibrations,verbs-vocab
refer to,to look somewhere for data,see,AMM 23-11-00,actions
regardless,that ignores - in spite of,whatever - irrespective of,regardless of the cost,linking
related,that has a relation,relevant - corresponding,install the valve and its related drive,endings
release,to make free - to let go,remove,release the push-button - release brakes - release the
reliability,operational efficiency,,MTBF - MTBUR - dispatch,
remain,to continue to stay,stay,the elevator remains in the same position,
remote,at or from a distance,,remote control,
remove,to take or move away,de-install - dismantle - disassemble,removal and installation,verbsvocab
repair,to make an item serviceable,fix - remove damage or failure,repair the failure,the way you
replenish,to add until full,top up,oil level,hazards
report,to give data to someone,tell - advise,report any missing parts for replacement,hazards
request,to ask for formally,ask for,request start-up clearance,hazards
require,to be necessary,need,this requires external power,actions
requirement,what is necessary,need,special requirements,
reroll,to put around a cylinder,coil - wind ,cable - tape,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

Page 15

restrainer,an item that stops movement,lock - retainer,,

retainer,an item that holds in position,circlip - retaining ring,blade - assembly,
retract,to reduce the length - to pull in,stow - compress,landing gear - flaps,actions
rework,to repair material for more use,repair - hone,distortion - deformation,the way you work
rigging,adjustment of cables and linkages,adjustment,rigging pin - rigging hole,
ring,to make a bell operate - circular band,sound - seal,a bell rings - O ring,
rippling,small undulations,deformation - wave effect,skin,damage
rise,to go up,increase - climb,temperature rise - push for rise,
rod,a long thin piece of metal,bar ,hold-open rod - tie-rod, hardware
roller,a rotating cylinder,,tracks - bearings - carriage,
rough,not smooth,abrasive,surfaces - edges,description
roughness,surface irregularity,abrasiveness,surface roughness,description
route,to install cables etc. in specified locations,lay,route the cables,
routing,the specified path of cables - pipes etc.,racetrack,wiring - lines - cables-piping - plumbing,
row,transversal line,,seat row - row of keys,
rub,to move along a surface with pressure,fret,the blade tips rub against the abradable
rubber,a flexible substance made from latex,,tires - O-ring - seal,description
run,to move quickly - to operate,operate - work,with one engine running - runaway - runway "run-ran-run",Verbs-Vocab. - Word Build.
runaway,uncontrolled movement,,thermal-mechanical,
rupture,when material breaks,failure - breakage,structure - member,
safety lock,a device that stops accidental movement,safety - ground lock,install the gear safetylocks, compounds
same,agrees in all details,equal - identical,value A must be the same as value B, quantities
scale,a series of marks at equal intervals,graduations - counter,glide - speed - attitude,
scan,to look from side to side and up and down,sweep,scan the horizon - radar scan - scanning
schedule,to plan for a specified time,timetable ,maintenance schedule,
scrap,not to keep,discard,scrap the consumable parts,
scratch,long narrow cut that is not deep,,cuts nicks and scratches,damage
screen,a surface to show data - a filter,CRT - display unit - filter,radar screen - wire mesh screen inlet screen,
scroll,to move a text up and down,,text - page,
seal,a device to prevent leaks,O-ring - packing,lubricate - labyrinth,hardware
sealant,a substance to prevent leaks,compound,apply a bead of sealant,
seat,the surface something is put on,place,valve seat - passenger seat,
secure,to stop movement - attach,fasten - maintain,secure the load ,
securely,that can not be loosened easily,tightly,fastened,secure
seepage,slow leak,,fuel tanks - pipes,
seizing,failure when a part can not move,jamming,piston - actuator,
self-explanatory,easy to understand,evident - obvious - clear ,the term access door is selfexplanatory, compounds
send,to cause to go,dispatch,send a message, actions
sense,to get an input - to feel,detect - detection,sense line - sensing element,sensor
sensor,a device to detect a condition,pick-up - detector - probe,temperature,
serial,in series,,serial number - serial link,
series,a sequence of items ,batch - range - group - set,connected in series - a series of
set,to put an item in a specified position,put - select - group,set the switch to ON - set the altitude
- a set of tools, actions/hardware
setting,adjustment or selection,position - calibration,thrust levers -microswitch,
set-up,work to prepare a procedure,prerequisite - preparation,job set-up, endings
severe,bad - dangerous,serious - extensive,damage - icing,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

Page 16

shaft,an item that transmits movement,arbor - spindle - axle,drive shaft - crankshaft - splined
shall,shows what is mandatory,must - have to - is to be,obligation -regulations, modals
sharp,with an edge or a point that cuts,jagged - cutting - pointed,object - blade - knife,description
sheet,item thin in relation to length and width,page - panel,sheet 2/3 - metal sheet,
shelf,a surface used for storage,rack,on the shelf - stores - shelf life,
shield,a device to protect,protection,windshield - heatshield - glareshield,
shielded,with protection,shrouded - protected,wiring - piping,shield
shiny,that causes a reflection of light,glossy ,steel - Chromium plating - PVC, description
shipping,transportation of parts,dispatch - transport,shipping container - shipping date,
shock absorber,a device to decrease vibrations,damper - snubber - shock strut,main landing gear
shock absorber,
shop,a place where you work on components,workshop,shop manual - return to the shop,
short,that has small length,,wiring,description
shorten,to make shorter,shrink - compress,landing gear leg,lengthening - widening - thickening
should,it is recommended,ought to,recommendation, modals
shoulder,part of your body on each side of your neck,,shoulder harness,warnings
show,to cause to be seen,display - indicate,the gage shows a low level,
shroud,material that goes around a component,shielding - sheath - panel,engine - casing abradable - piping,
shutdown,the end of engine operation,stop,auto shutdown,
shutoff,the action that stops a supply,cutoff - isolation,shutoff valve, endings
side,a specified surface or limit,lateral,left hand side - side wall- sidestick, location
sight-glass,a device to see a liquid level,sight gage - direct reading gage,read the level in the
sight glass, endings
signal,data sent - to control,order - indicate,the computer signals the actuator to extend,
single,with only one part etc.,one - alone,single engine, quantities
size,the dimensions of an object,dimension,all sizes - small - medium - large,
skin,the outer surface of the body or the aircraft,fuselage,body - panels ,
sleeve,cylindrical part,,hold-open rod locking sleeve, hardware
slide,to move smoothly along a surface ,translate - chute,escape slide,
sliding,that moves smoothly,translating - moving sideways,sliding window,
slightly,with or by a small quantity,lightly - a little,slightly damaged, how you work
slot,a rectangular hole for an object,notch,position - insert,
slow,with low speed,,rate - speed - increase - progress,description
smoothly,with a continuous uniform movement,gently - regularly,the shaft must rotate smoothly,
how you work
snug,installed without any play,tight,snug fit - fits and clearances,
so,function word that shows a consequence,thus - therefore,the part is damaged so remove it,
socket,a part that holds something,receptacle,light - wrench,
soft,not hard or resistant,flexible - pliable - smooth - not resistant,cloth - software,description
solder,to connect by heating a soft metal,,wiring - electronic components, actions
spacer,item that makes or fills a space,ring-collar,fittings - bolt - washer,
spacing,distance between two things,clearance - layout ,ring - spacer,
spar,longitudinal beam in forward and rear wing,,front spar - rear spar - false spar - ribs - root - tip
- fuel tanks,
spark,a particle of fire,flash,igniter - explosion,
spill,to flow out of,overflow,refueling - oil,
spline,a thin metal rib or strip,,splines of the shaft - splined shaft,Hardware
splined,with ribs and channels,grooved - ribbed - serrated,drive shaft,
split,cut in two,separate - separation,split in two halves,
spool,cylindrical wiring rotor and shaft,coil ,wire - winding - N2 ,
spray,to send small particles of liquid,vaporize - atomize,the nozzle sprays oil onto the bearings,
spread,to put in a layer - to increase,grow - growth - scatter,corrosion spreads - crack spread,
spring ,elastic metal part,,spring-loaded, hardware

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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spring-loaded,with automatic recall,,spring-loaded switch, hardware/compounds

spur,a gear with radial teeth parallel to its axis,,spur gear,
spurious,incorrect - accidental,unwanted - false,message-data,
square,rectangular figure with 4 equal sides,,square meter-square root - RMS,description
squat switch,microswitch that closes at landing,ground/flight microswitch,shock absorber,
squib,an explosive device to discharge a bottle,cartridge,fire extinguisher squib,
stagger,not to install at the same location,shift - offset,working hours - baffle - vanes,
stain,discoloration or dirt,mark,coffee stains - toilet fluid stains,damage
stainless,without corrosion,,stainless steel,word building
stand,structure between the two pilots,center pedestal,control stand,
standby,for use in an emergency,alternate - backup,system - frequency,
status,current configuration,condition - state,status message,
stay,to continue to be without change,remain - strut,the valve closes and stays closed - side stay lockstay, actions
steady,without change,constant,light - not flashing - progress -flight,description
steel,treated iron alloy,,stainless,description
steering,movement of wheels to change direction,,nose wheel - tiller - nose gear - cylinder - lockout,removal and installation
step,movement of the foot - an item in a procedure,walk-action,no step - go up the steps - this
task comprises 7 steps,
stick,to attach with chemicals,bond - seize - sidestick,bonding agent - flight controls,
stickshaker,stall warning that moves the control column,,stall warning,
stiff,rigid - hard to move,hard - hard point,lever - linkage - controls,description
still,function word that shows that an action continues,now - currently,make sure the pointer is still
in the green range, how you work
stop,to make an end to a movement or operation,terminate movement - restraint,mechanical stop
- door stop - retractable stop, hardware
storage,the action that keeps parts or data,memory,data - fuel - water,
stowage,putting in a compartment,compartment,emergency equipment - oxygen,
straight,without curves or bends,rectilinear,line - ahead, description
straightedge,a straight bar ,ruler,flight controls - adjustment,straight edge
straighten,to make straight,rectify - flatten - unbend,straighten the bent blade, description
strain,force or load on structure,stress - load,strain gage - failure - distortion - structure,
strainer,a device to catch solid particles in a flow,filter - mesh - grid,oil - clog,
strap,a band or thick wire,harness - wiring - braid - belt,bonding strap, hardware
strength,power to resist force,resistance,materials,
strip,a long thin piece of material,to bare - tape,strip the wire - anti-fretting strip,
stroke,one movement of a piston etc.,travel - movement,4-stroke engine - up-stroke,
strong,with power or concentration,resistant - tough,structure,description
strut,a metal part that gives strength and rigidity,stay,drag/side strut,
stud,a screw with threads at each end,dowel - pin,stud thread - mounting stud, actions
sub-assembly,part of an assembly,,NHA - components,word building
subsequent,that follows in time,later - after,subsequent action,
such,of the type - that gives an example,for example - e.g; - like,wide bodies such as the 747 777
and 340,
suction,pulling a liquid by negative air pressure,drawing - pulling,hydraulic suction line,
sufficiently,not less than necessary,enough,sufficiently protected - (NB protected enough), how
you work
suitable,that is correct - well adapted,applicable - relevant - corresponding,tools - materials,
sum ,the result of added numbers,add - total,the sum of all the values,
sump,bottom of a casing - the part that contains oil,pan - low point,engine oil,
supply,to give something that is necessary - power,feed - power,to supply fuel - power supply,
susceptible,able to - subject to,likely - that may - exposed/prone to,susceptible to failure,
swage,to connect by a compression force,crimp,swaging tool,the way you work
sweep,to move in an arc - to clean,scan,the wiper sweeps an arc of 69,
swell,to increase in size,expand - inflate,heat - wet ,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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switch,to move to another electrical circuit,transfer - selector,switching panel - micro-pressure thermal - proximity,
tab,a small flap,tang - bracket,trim tab,
tab washer,a washer that locks a nut,lock washer,nut and tab-washer,tab
tag,to attach a marker for identification or warning,label,open safety and tag these circuit
tap,to hit lightly - to bleed - a valve,hit - faucet,tap test - wash basin,
tape,a long thin flexible material,strip,double sided - aluminum,
target,what you try to get - part hit,goal - aim - objective,proximity detector,
task,specified work or procedure,job,task number,
teeth,projections on a gear wheel etc.,splines,gear - gearwheel - mesh - pinion,tooth
tell,to use words to give data to someone,report - advise - inform - order,tell Engineering if you
see any damage,actions
terminal,electrical connection distribution point,,terminal block - cover - studs - loom,hardware
terminal block,a group of terminals,,cover - harness,
that,function word that shows person/thing referred to,which,remove the screws that hold the
bracket to the panel,
the,definite article,,the ENG 2 master lever,
their,belonging to more than one object or person,,install the panels and tighten their fasteners,its
- his - your
there,function word that starts a sentence ,,there is one APU.-there are 4 wheels. They are
mounted on bogies,
therefore,because of that,so - thus - as a result,the part is U/S therefore replace it,linking
these,objects or things referred to,,follow these instructions :,this - that - those
they,function word that replaces objects/persons,,there are 4 wheels. They are mounted on
thick,with large thickness,,layer - coat ,description
thickness,distance from one side of material to the other,,height - width - length - thick - thin,
thin,has small thickness,,layer - coat,description thickness
third,ordinal number after second,3rd,first - second - third - fourth - fifth - sixth - seventh - eighth ninth - tenth,
this,function word that shows person/thing referred to,the following,do this procedure,these
thorough,done fully - complete,in depth - detailed,inspection - check,
thread,the helical ribbed part of a screw etc.,pitch,inspect the threads of the bolts,hardware
threshold,the point of entry or change,sill - entry,lights - value,
throughout,in every part - all the time,everywhere,throughout the aircraft - throughout the flight,
thru,to and including,,3 thru 17,location
thrust,the force supplied by an engine,power - pressure,thrust lever/plate,
thus,as a result of,so - therefore - consequently,,linking
tie,to attach - a cord used to attach wires etc.,secure - join - link - connection,cable - busbar - rod,
tie-rod,a rigid metal connection,link,connection - adjustment,
tight,that permits no motion or flow,sealed - secured,the screws are tight - airtight, loose
tighten,to cause to become tight,screw - do up - increase tightness,tighten the nuts,loosen/tight
tiller,a control to turn the nose wheels,handwheel,nose wheel steering,
tilt,to cause to be at an angle,incline,radar - seat,
tip,a pointed end,point - end - advice,wing tip - blade tip - practical tips,
to,in the direction of,towards,set the switch to off - connect the pipe to the union,
toe-cap,reinforced end of shoe,,safety precautions - clothing - injury,
toggle switch,conventional two-position switch,switch,ON/OFF - set,
too,to an excessive degree - also,excessively - also,too much - replace the filter and seal too,
tool,an instrument used to do work,,wrench - screwdriver,
tooth,angular part of a gear or tool,spline - sprocket - cog,gear tooth (NB pl. teeth ),
top,the highest point,cover - upper,top of the stairs - top of climb - top shelf,location
top up,to add until full,replenish,oil - hydraulic,verbs-vocab
torque-wrench,a tool used to apply a torque,torque meter,,tools

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

Page 19

tough,resistant to impacts and wear,strong,tires,

tow,to pull an aircraft,,tow-bar,
toward,in the direction of,to - towards,the pointer moves toward 0,location
track,to follow a route - metal guide - magnetic band,follow - route - rail,beacon - channel - tape flap track fairing - seat,
trailing,the rear edge,aft - rear,trailing edge,leading
trap,a device to catch things,channel - gully,water trap,
travel,movement inside limits,stroke - deflection,rudder travel - end of travel,
trend,general direction of movement,tendency,speed trend arrow,
trim,to adjust position - angle or temperature,balance - finish - deburr,flight controls - furnishing structure,
troubleshooting,a procedure to find the cause of a failure,fault isolation,failure - TSM - FIM - flow
trunnion,a part on which an item turns,pivot - journal,landing gear,
try,to make an effort to do something,attempt,try to keep the nozzle at 45,
turn off,to stop the operation of lights etc.,switch off - extinguish,turn off the lights,actions
turn on,to start the operation of lights etc.,switch on - energize,lights - power,verbs-vocab
twice,on two occasions,two times,,how you work
twin,with two related parts,double,twin engine,description
twist,to change the shape of something by turning,wind - braid - coil,twisted wires,
under,at a lower point,below,under your seat - underfloor compartment,location
uneven,not smooth or symmetrical,rough - irregular,surface - curve,description
union,a device to connect pipes,coupling,hydraulic - elbow,hardware
unlatch,to cause to become free,unlock - disengage,the clip is unlatched,
unless,except - on the condition that,if not,do not remove unless it is U/S,linking
unscheduled,not planned,not planned,removal,word building
unserviceable,that can not operate correctly,inoperative-faulty,component,word building
until,up to the time that,up to - as long as,the light remains on until the speed is normal,linking
unwanted,accidental - foreign,spurious - inadvertent,unwanted message ,
up to,as far as,until,up to 10000 feet,
upper,the higher,top,upper deck,location
upstream,against the direction of flow,,upstream of the manifold,location
usually,that occurs in most cases,generally - normally,leaks are usually detected during the
walkaround,how you work
vacuum,a pressure below atmospheric pressure,suction - negative pressure,chamber - cleaner,
vane,a device that changes the flow of air ,airfoil,outlet guide vanes - stator vanes,
various,of different types,miscellaneous,items,
varnish,a protective coating,,transparent - protective - coat,
vendor,a component manufacturer,supplier,IPC - IPL - Lucas Aerospace - Daimler Benz Goodrich - General Electric,
vent,to connect to the atmosphere,,surge vent tank,
vicinity,an area that is at a short distance,near,in the vicinity of,location
view,to look at - the visual range,see ,display - inspection,
vise,a tool to hold a part in position,,tighten - hold,tools
wall,a separation between two compartments,partition - bulkhead,side wall - cabin,
waste,discarded material,trash,water - tank - lavatory - drain,
wear,to become damaged by rubbing,fretting - decay,inspect for wear,damage
weight,force of gravity that acts as a mass,mass,ZFW - MTOW - kg,
weld,to cause a connecion of metals by heat,connect by fusion,arc /acetylene,how you work
well,a gear compartment - to a high degree,bay - correctly,wheel well - inspect the fittinigs well,
wet,with liquid,moist - damp,paint-water,description
wetting,an action that causes to be wet,damping - soaking,spraying - washing,

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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when,at the time that,while-as soon as,be careful when you operate the flaps on the
whenever,at any time,each time - when - if,whenever necessary,linking
whereas,on the contrary,whilst - but,Airbus makes the A320 whereas Boeing makes the
whether,function word to show an alternative used with or,if,whether the valve is open or
which,the thing or things that,that,replace all parts which are missing,
while,at the same time,whilst - during,do not enter the area while the engine is running,linking
whole,complete - with all its parts,entire,the whole fuselage is insulated with glass wool
wide,with a large width,broad,the fuselage is 222in wide,description
width,the measurement at 90 to the length,breadth ,the width of the fuselage is 222 in - height length - thickness - depth, description
winding,an electrical wire around an object,coil ,armature - inertia reel - drum,
windshield,windows in front of the pilots,windscreen,windshield wiper,compounds
wing-bolt,a bolt with two tabs to turn it,butteryfly bolt,,
wipe,to rub wih a cloth etc.,clean - sweep,cloth - windshield wipers - cleaning,
wiper,rubber blade to clear the windshield,,windshield wiper,endings
wire,a long thin metal thread or line,cable - wiring,lockwire - conductor,
with,function word that shows association,using,clean the surface with a lintfree cloth,
within,in the limits of ,in - inside,within tolerance,location
without,that does not have,not with,the shaft must turn without excessive effort,
workshop,a place where you work on components,shop,engine workshop - electronics workshop
- composite materials,description - wear
worn,with surface material removed by rubbing,,surface - brakes,description wear - damage
wrap,to put around,pack,paper - protection - parcel - shipping,
wrench,a tool used to tighten nuts and bolts,spanner,torque wrench - socket wrench,tools
wrist strap,anti-static device used by people,,electronic components,tools
write down,to make a note of,record - note - fill in - fill out,write down the values,Verbs-Vocab.
X - no entries

yoke,a control or attachment in the shape of a U,clevis - control wheel,linkage - attachment spherical bearing,
Z - no entries

Collected by: Tariq Ahmad Alhlayel

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