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success is not simply theory. successful that require to action.

life [is] activity network which we

[do/conduct] every day. if lazy feeling, [do] not discipline, [do] not dare to act, hesitate, hesitatingly, and
nature of other negativity which [is] our menguasaidiri, of course ugly chance [is] we to earn.
as human being which have been bestowed [by] the infinite leh with whole excess , we have to dare to
develop x'self for berfikir , to acting, learn and struggle.
if bouncing independence we which have have is not sissy in face of difficulty of life, and also dare to
learn in each;every action which we take, hence surely chance we will change and can reach for proud
successfulness [is] at the most [at] a few/little simple discipline which practiced every day. discipline
secret [is] motivation, if someone enough motivat discipline will be formed [by] xself.
success will not come for the man who only awaiting without [doing/conducting] something , but for the
man who always try to realize its dream, success will come.
become if trust you can reach for your dream, hence continuing to try . efficacy will give priceless bliss
become don't surender when which [is] wanted not yet can be got, because valuable something that
usually [do] not easy to to be reached for.

be really try, spirit [of] accompanied [by] intention and prayer and be confidence [at] yourself that you can
become one who [is] success.

I hope all of you can become one who [is] success, can pride upon old fellow, can pride upon your