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Below is the letter of Ang Kapatiran Party to Senator Chiz Escudero in his capacity as co-
chairman of the congressional oversight committee on automated elections (see attached pdf copy
of the letter received by the Office of Sen. Escudero on June 1, 2010).

30 May 2010

Senator Francis G. Escudero

Senate of the Philippines


Dear Senator Escudero,

There is an ongoing national canvassing and, in parallel, a hearing on numerous complaints

concerning the conduct of the Automated Election System by the House Committee on Suffrage
and Electoral Reforms chaired by House Rep. Teodoro Locsin, the Senate counterpart of which is
chaired by your good self.

We write this letter to bring to your urgent attention the following:

1. The filing in the Supreme Court of a TRO against the Comelec in its plan to
destroy the 76,000 Compact Flash Cards that were found to be defective and said to
have been recalled and replaced. This was filed by Senator Jamby Madrigal, JC de los
Reyes, and Nicanor Perlas – reference G.R. No. 192063, filed 17 May 2010, and to-
date has no ruling yet from the Supreme Court.

2. The filing in the Supreme Court of a TRO for the unfinished/ongoing Random
Manual Audit (RMA) being conducted primarily by the Comelec and the PPCRV and
of MANDAMUS for the implementing parties to be directed to redo the RMA
following strictly the rules of immediate and non-stop completion of audit of each
selected precinct/PCOS machine as per Comelec Resolution Nos. 8837 and 8898 –
reference G.R. No. 192143, filed 24 May 2010, and to-date has no ruling yet from the
Supreme Court.

3. The matter of the 60 PCOS machines that were found in Antipolo and are the
subject of protest by Congressman Angelito Gatlabayan, who claims that the machines
were used in the illegal transmission of results on a large scale basis, thus affecting not
only the votes for the contested mayoralty position that Congressman Gatlabayan ran
for, but also the votes for the national positions of President, Vice-President, and
Senators. The 60 PCOS machines were delivered to and received by Senate President
Juan Ponce Enrile and are therefore officially under custody by the Senate.

As Co-Chairman of the Congressional Oversight Committee on Automated Elections, your role is

crucial in determining the true result of the elections and nothing less.

You were among the lawmakers most critical of the decision of Congress to fully automate the
2010 national and local elections. You were very cynical of the assurance of Comelec and
Smartmatic that the PCOS machines could not be hacked and fearful of digital cheating on a
massive scale taking place.

Hence, when alarming reports of fraud and inaccurate election results caused by malfunctioning
PCOS machines, failed electronic transmission of results, allegedly tampered CF cards, and
fabrication of election returns, you are expected by the public to spearhead the probe of these
anomalies in your capacity as co-chair of the oversight committee.

True, there is an ongoing investigation, but you opted not to have any role in it. Your counterpart
from the House, Makati Rep. Teodoro Locsin, the co-chair of the oversight committee, is single-
handedly steering the investigation.

You were asked by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to look into the allegation that 60 PCOS
machines in possession of a Smartmatic technician were used in cheating operations. The
machines were kept for days after the polls at the technician’s residence in Antipolo City instead
of being turned in to a Comelec-Smartmatic depot. But you did not seem to lift a finger to look
into the complaint. In the presence of Antipolo leaders and volunteers, Senator Jamby Madrigal,
Nicanor Perlas, JC De Los Reyes, Retired Gen. Jovito Palparan, and Ang Kapatiran Party
officials, among others, Senator Enrile spoke to you over the phone and after your conversation
he told us and we quote: "Chiz seems not interested to be involved as it would affect the national

It is a shame to have this kind of attitude from a co-chair of the oversight committee.

We hope that you will prove us wrong by being passionately involved in the pursuit of truths
behind the defective CF cards, the much delayed and therefore questionable RMA, and the 60
PCOS machines that to this very minute remain shrouded in darkness.

We look forward to your urgent and immediate response to this letter along with your written
commitment to help us all in defending our precious democracy and electoral system.

God Bless us all!

Eric B. Manalang Reynaldo “Nandy” Pacheco Manuel K. Dayrit

President Founder and Chairman Emeritus Chairman


cc: Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

Senator Jamby Madrigal