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Earn rewards.

Earn respect.

for the Petroleum Engineering Masters program

Earn support.


Earn support.

Make energy your future.

Achieve a masters degree.
Stay focused.
You will need all the support
you can get on this mission.
Get ready for one of the greatest challenges of
our time: the future of energy provision. Get support
for your education with the OMV Scholarship for the
Petroleum Engineering Masters program in Leoben.
Do you already have a Bachelors degree in Petroleum
Engineering or an equivalent engineering degree,
and are you one of the best? Then take advantage of
your chance to get an OMV scholarship to fully cover
all of your study and living expenses, an exclusive
internship and support from your OMV mentor.
Apply for the OMV Masters Scholarship
today and take your first step towards
the perfect career!

10 reasons to apply
for the OMV scholarship.
1. Allowance for living costs and meals

for the entire year
2. Allowance for accommodation expenses
3. University tuition fees paid in full
4. Further educational expenses (books etc.)
5. Laptop
6. Travel expenses for international students
7. Support from your OMV mentor
8. Guaranteed exclusive internship place
9. Close industry contact throughout your studies
10. A bright, bright future

Earn respect.

Trust your skills.

Learn from the best.
Become a master.
Become a petroleum engineering expert:
with the Masters course at the
Montanuniversitt Leoben.
The latest discovery by OMV: with the MPM, the Montanuniversitt Leoben offers a postgraduate course at the
highest international level, with the best networking in the
professional world and above-average earnings potential.
A course that helps to secure the future of energy provision.
For OMV, this is a good reason to support the best of
the best and to form an elite group from them: with the
OMV scholarship. Are you ready to face this challenge?
Study locally.
Leoben offers a modern campus, numerous halls of
residence and a wide range of sport and leisure facilities,
fit for even the customs of the mining industry.
Students from over 75 countries currently call Leoben
home that alone promises plenty of variety.
Work globally.
No other university is so closely linked to industry
and the economy. With internships at home and abroad
and projects with companies, students are incorporated
into a network early on, which will facilitate the start of
their future careers. At present, the demand for Leoben
graduates can scarcely be met this is the perfect basis
for professional opportunities all over the world.
Earn well.
From the exploration and production of raw materials
and their subsequent processing into various materials,
to the development and recycling of products the
Montanuniversitt Leoben prepares you for the challenges
of the future. What you need: curiosity and passion.
What you get: unique jobs with high appreciation.

10 reasons
to come to Leoben.
1. Pleasantly small university.
With around 3,400 students.
2. Women in technology.
Approx. 25 % women in total.
3. No entrance restrictions.
Only high-school leaving
examination required.
4. Common first year of studies.
Common basic education.
5. No waiting lists.
Plenty of space for exercises.
6. Functioning tutorials.
Supervision by more senior students.
7. Modern campus.
Excellent research infrastructure.
8. Excellent job prospects.
At a national and international level.
9. International students.
Over 75 countries represented.
10. Outstanding reputation.
Top positions in numerous rankings.

OMV is looking for around 1,600 additional employees

for the exploration and production of crude oil and
natural gas by 2016. Are you one of them?
OMV is always looking for outstanding employees because they
are the ones who get more done. Recognizing and developing talent
not only has a long tradition for the global player in energy provision,
it is also a top priority: graduates of the Petroleum Engineering
Masters program take precedence there.
Integrated Graduate Development
As part of the IGD program, graduates of the Petroleum Engineering
Masters program will be prepared for a dynamic future in the field
of Exploration & Production (E&P), the fastest growing business
sector at OMV. As a result, they not only learn about the internal
processes from the ground up, but also have the opportunity
to gradually expand their personal network of contacts.
Because it doesnt matter how much technology the work
of a company like OMV is built upon its the
people who work with it that count.

70 20 10 method
70 % training
on the job.
20 % training close
to the workplace in terms
of geographic location,
time and content, with
support from mentors,
as well as the opportunity
to gain expert knowledge
from experienced
10 % theoretical

Earn rewards.

Expand your network.

Travel the world.
Lead a team.

The challenges of the future

are hard. Just like the facts:


The new masters program is designed

to be completed over 4 terms/semesters.

Comprehensive scholarship

1st term:
Advanced fundamentals
2nd & 3rd term:
(well construction, reservoir
engineering, production engineering)
4th term:
Practical experience (includes intern ship, project work, masters thesis)

Preparatory Summer Course

at Montan University Leoben
for graduates with an equivalent
qualification in Engineering
for entry to the Petroleum
Engineering Masters program

First-class internship in
one of OMVs operational
E&P business units
Mentoring by OMV experts


Bachelors degree in Petroleum

Engineering or an equivalent
engineering degree (finishing
July 2015): Technical Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Technical
Chemistry, Process Engineering,
Electrical Engineering, Building
and Construction Engineering

Good academic achievements in

the chosen course of study to date
Excellent English skills

An educational initiative of OMV Resourcefulness.

Career opportunity in
OMV E&P world with early
international assignments

Apply now: