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Assignment - Digital Photography Module 2016/17


Make a diptych that includes a self-portrait and
the contents of your bag or what feels personal to
you. This should tell a story about who you are.
You can present this portrait or landscape.

Jason Travis -

Diptych - A diptych (pronounced diptik) was

originally a pair of paintings hinged together. In

modern art the diptych is often just a pair of images
which reflect a common story or theme in each image.
In photography the diptych has become a popular
format. Pairs of closely associated portraits, images or
themed pictures are often used to off-set one another.
In photographic presentation a pair of pictures are
often put together in the same actual image. As a
format, one image file with two pictures is a diptych.

Self-Portrait - a photographic portrait of yourself.

This also needs to be taken by yourself - camera
self-timer, reflection.

Look at the work of Jason Travis and his Persona
project. Things Organised Neatly book.
Self-Portrait photographers include Robert
Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, Nan Goldin,
Vivian Maier and Lee Friedlander.

Things Organised Neatly -

Peta Pixel Archives -

Important to make your personality come
through. How can you frame the shot, pick a
location, style and arrangement that informs
the viewer who you are? look at abstract
angles and placement of
subject / location.
TIMESCALE - Hand-in Wednesday 29th March
2017 by 3pm. CT Admin Office
Tutorials will cover examples, lighting and

These Assignments are designed to help you during this module.

They will help you gain confidence and start to build up a library of images to work with for your final hand-in.