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Tittle: Current situation of noise pollution in Dong Quang Thai Nguyen market

I: Introduction
1.1 Background
1.1.1 Definition: Noise pollution is disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the activity or balance
of human life.
1.1.2 Types of noise: follow noise placement is classified two kinds: external noise (industrial noise,
transport noise, neighborhood noise) and noise inside of the house (Noise impact, television, fan,
washing machine)
1.1.3Cause of noise pollution: public or private transportation, public hi-way, loud speaker, big event, use
huge equipment, noise in industry and production.
1.2 Rational of study
1.2.1 Harmful: Noise affects to people work, ear, body organ system, life behavior, cardiovascular
disease, amnesia
1.2.2 Solution : have some number of measures to reduce noise pollution like installation of the
equipment needed reduced noise and enhanced measures to reduce noise artificially, raising awareness of
construction workers in the fight against noise
1.2.3 Reason research: we want to contribute and find solutions to reduce noise
pollution for people. These people live in the Dong Quang market
1.3 Hypothesis
Noise pollution it does not affect the work, life, health and morale these people live at Dong Quang Thai
Nguyen market.
1.4 Objective
To our understand how the sound pollution effect to people health, life, work and recommend some
solution to improve the noise pollution
1.5 Scope and limitation
1.5.1 Scope
- Area: outside Dong Quang market Thai Nguyen city
- Time: .
- Survey: .
1.5.2 Limitation: when study we may have some difficulties as communication skills,language ,time to
research and lack of experience in study.