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Methods of Use Peyote The peyote cactus contains buttons that can be cut from the root and

dried. The buttons can either be chewed or soaked in water to produce an ingestible liquid.12
Peyote buttons may also be ground into a powder and then smoked with a leaf material, such as
cannabis or tobacco.13

Through the peyote peregrination the Huichol Indians repeat their ancestors experiences: their
journey from the Pacific Ocean to the Wirikuta desert, which is located in the state of San Lus
Potos. The participants in this peregrination wear special clothing and are
called peyoteros (hikuritamete). In the Wirikuta desert, they recollect the peyote (Lophophora
Williamsii) which is a psychotropic cactus called by the Huicol people hikuli.