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Your partner for the

design, development
and production of
unique solutions

Company Presentation

Kontech provides engineering design, prototyping and

manufacturing of special purpose equipment and technologies that
enable its customers - production environments to produce
innovative, high-value products.

Company kon-tech, Ltd. was founded in 2006 when it started providing engineering
design work within the manufacturing industry. Over time, the company started
designing and manufacturing dedicated equipment for the automotive and banking
industry. In 2009, the company has expanded its operations to the Russian market
by designing and manufacturing banking equipment. Currently, the companys main
focus is the development and implementation of functional prototypes, special
purpose equipment and process automation integration. As it is mostly preferred by
the customer the company is able to provide turnkey products i.e. it starts with a
solution proposal for the problem, next is the manufacturing process all the way to
its final stage - installation at the customers premises. In case of a requirement, the
company is able to provide a low-volume production of a custom product. At the
beginning of 2015, the company was successfully certified for Quality Management
System ISO 9001 also for environmental management system ISO 14001 in order to
prove its credibility to the customer and to show its environmental awareness. All
these positive attributes make Kontech a modern, fast paced a fast growing
engineering company.

Company Chronology

Formation of the company with a goal to provide engineering design work

within manufacturing industry
Company operations expanded to designing and producing dedicated
equipment for the automotive and banking industry
Company business expanded to Russia
Company business expanded to further EU countries
Started business relationship with Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia
Started business relationship with VOLKSWAGEN SLOVAKIA, a.s.
Started business relationship with KODA AUTO a.s.
Started business relationship with AUDI AG Ingolstad
Formation of the subsidiary company Kontech RUS Moskva
Developed and producted first prototype of a electrical handling trolley for
the Central Bank of Russia

Kontech delivers a range of solutions and engineering services to its industrial

- development and implementation of working prototypes
- development of welding, assembly, measuring and testing fixtures for the
production environment
- development of cutting/die tools
- suppling automated workstations, automation of production processes
- development of programmed robots for material handling, positioning and pallete
handling and its implementation to production lines
- development of equipment for logistics within the production such as handling
systems, conveyor systems, transportation systems, specialized dedicated (single
purpose equipment)
- laser cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, welding, surface treatment
- milling, drilling, grinding
- development of banking and safety equipment

- development and production of a measuring and

testing fixture for front car seats

- development and production of a measuring and

testing fixture for back car seats

- measuring fixture for airflow ventilation system

- welding fixture for welding operations performed
on a car exhaust

- development and production of cutting/die tools

for metal shelves
- development and production of cutting/die tools
for the holes in a metal rack

- development and production of a semiautomatic workstation for screwing in place a

decorative plate
- production of a workstation for car braking
system installation

- development and production of an equipment

used to rotate a package of wood boards 180
degrees during a painting process at a Slovak
furniture manufacturer

- design and implementation of welding, material

handling, painting and other robots in
manufacturing using KUKA robots

- development and production of special conveyor

system for Bentley SUV Bentayga with transport
and storage capabilities
- development and production of universal trolleys
for transportation of pallets

- material cutting on a computer-controlled laser

machine, water jet cutting
- Welding of metallic materials using MMA, MIG,
MAG, TIG, flame, spot welding for automotive,
electrical and furniture industry

- machining, grinding
- tolling production, coating using PVD, CVD and
PA methods

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