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According to Finn and Louviere (1996) shopping malls are playing key role in modern
retailing and marketing system, furthermore they still dominate the distribution system of
goods. In the modern world a consumer expecting best service within a short time and under
one shelter. Shopping malls full fill this requirement of the consumer. These shopping malls
not only containing shops but also providing other important services such as bank and
libraries. Nowadays a modern shopping mall provides the vast range of entertainment for the
consumer such as restaurants and cinemas (NCSC, 2009).
In simple word, shopping mall is basically a shopping building complex joined by
walkways. The walkways are escalators, lifts and comfortable stairs that connects all type of
shops at one roof. It provides shopping and entertainment both. Shopping mall offers
customers options of different brands for same type of product. The food items are usually of
superior qualities. Now, shopping with comfort of air-conditioned cool air become possible
due to shopping malls culture.
These days the malls have become a good source of entertainment for everyone.
Shopping mall have made shopping more convenient as they could get almost everything
under one same roof. These shopping malls are constructed beautifully to attract more and
more customers.
For this assignment, we are assigned to make comparison between two shopping
malls and review the details and elements what make both shopping mall a good and less
favourable one.
I chose to make comparison between Setia City Mall and Plaza Alam Central, both
located in Klang Valley area. The reason I chose these two shopping mall is because they
are both very different with one another in many aspects.

Setia City Mall
One of Setia Mall's biggest advantages is a great location in the Klang Valley. Around
35 minutes drive to the west of central Kuala Lumpur. It's an integral part of the new
township of Setia Alam, a thriving residential center, connected to numerous nearby
townships - all with quick and easy road access. thanks to the New Klang Valley

Plaza Alam Sentral

Plaza Alam Sentral commonly called as PAS by locals is located Seksyen 14, Shah
Alam. The location of this mall is quite hidden compare to any other of its companion.
However, a variety of hotels can be found near Plaza Alam Sentral, such as New Wave
Shah Alam Hotel and Grand Blue Wave Hotel Shah Alam.

Size of the shopping mall

Setia City Mall
I think SCM has its own charms as compared to other malls. It is decently sized, you
can find a lot of different shops that carter to different needs based on preference, gender
and age groups. It has the right amount of famous brands in Malaysia (Uniqlo, H&M, Zara,
Mango, Nichii, Kitschen, Cotton On, Bonita, MAC, Padini Concept Store etc) that is able to
attract a wide variety of shoppers
as well as few quirky shops that
sell interesting stuffs as well. The
shops, brands offered in this mall
are equivalent to other big malls in
Klang Valley or Kuala Lumpur, but
it is usually here not too crowded
as it is in KL sometimes.

Plaza Alam Sentral

Compared to SCM, Plaza Alam Sentral is rather small in size. My first impression for
this shopping mall was that it has been in operation for a long time judging from its aging
decorations and design. This is definitely considered a lower end shopping mall compared to
SCM. It holds plenty of local retailers rather than branded item retailers as well as
mobile/computer gadget stores. In fact, the whole top floor consist of mobile phone stores
and tech gadget stores. This mall is famous as the place to look for traditional Wear, Baju
Raya and Wedding Dress. The retailer shop inside is more to small shop lot, and you can
bargain on the price. That is one of the very few plus points I think.

Setia City Mall
This mall is spacious and less crowded during weekends compared to other
shopping malls in Klang Valley, I would say that it helps to create comfortable and relax vibe
to its atmosphere. As a frequent visitor myself, I think that SCM has good environment with
many seats placing at many places for your
tired legs. This is a plus sign for a friendly
atmosphere especially for the senior
citizens, children, as well as shoppers.
Other contributing factor for its
comfortability, the mall has a lot of air and
light which make it pleasant to walk through
while you are shopping.

Plaza Alam Sentral

Plaza Alam Sentral was a celebrated mall years ago until some other areas nearby
build new modern malls that much much better than this one. Thus, it is kind of getting
unpopular for the shoppers. The ambience is a bit dark and boring which do not help to keep
the shoppers in the mall. The ventilation system inside the mall is poor which explain the
warm and sticky air flows in the mall. However, like SCM, this mall also provides a number of
chairs for shoppers to rest their legs.

Parking Space
Setia City Mall
One of many good sides of SCM is its parking space. The parking space is ample
which why it is not that hard to find a parking spot for your car. It could be rather dragging to
drive around for an hour to find a parking spot.
It is cheap too in fact the parking ticket is free
for the first 3 hours. You do not have to worry
for the safety of your car while youre shopping
since the mall has security guards to supervise
the parking area and ensure the security of

Plaza Alam Sentral

Plaza Alam Sentral on the other side, has very poor parking space facility for the
customers. The space is limited and usually, it is quite hard to find a parking spot, it easily
became congested. Unlike SCM, the parking space rarely has security guards to monitor the
safety of the place. The parking place is the mirror image of the interior side of the building; it
is as gloomy, dark and kind of scary for a woman to walk alone. The parking rate is quite
unusual; weekdays will be charged by hours but weekends charge flat rate which is only
RM3 per entry.

Setia City Mall
In term of cleanliness, there are always room for improvements for both malls. For
SCM, the cleanliness of interior and exterior of the building is moderate. For washrooms,
there are reasonably clean but could be cleaner and sometimes the cleanliness of the
washrooms is not constant in every level.

Plaza Alam Sentral

Frankly, the cleanliness and standard of the washroom facilities at Plaza Alam
Sentral is quite poor. The washrooms are dirty and pretty smelly. Other than that, elevators
and escalators of this mall sometimes are not working which is not at all convenient for the

Setia City Mall
For entertainment, there is a bowling alley on 4th floor for you to swing your arms at
and what's a good mall without a cinema, right? There are about 12 cinema halls at the GSC
here and there's a wide selection of
latest movies and some old ones
as well. And while you're at the 4th
floor, you can check out the
petshop located nearby for some
free visual therapy looking at cute

Plaza Alam Sentral

The only entertainments at Plaza Alam Sentral are bowling alley and a karaoke
centre on the fourth floor. For me, I prefer to just go there to get what I want and go hang out
at nearby shopping mall. Plaza Alam Sentral is definitely not a fun place to hang out and
having a good time.
However, Plaza Alam
Sentral is unique for being
the only shopping mall to
house a broadcasting and
recording studio, Sri Pentas
2 where it held many
famous tv shows, singing
competition in Malaysia .


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