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Database Status:

As per frequency set Checks for connectivity and availability of all

configured Data Bases and collects the following information with
supporting details by using the Shell Scripts/oracle procedures with database
links and through scheduled Jobs on time to time and stores the same on to
the Database for further reporting.
Status Time:
Date and Time at which time the status along with other details are captured.
DB Name:
If we click on Database name we will get Dynamic status of that Database.
Number of sessions available in that Database at the time of Database Status
Availability and accessibility Status of Database and displays
OK if it is accessible else displays DB Down
Old Logins
Number of sessions logged on to the Database at time of DB Status
gathered. As and when completing the work the user has to log out, but
several sessions are in the Database which were logged on prior to 24 Hrs
may lock certain resources without any purpose. Such sessions are to be
monitored and advice the user to logout or kill the session if required.
Invalid Objects
Number of objects with Invalid Status in the Database at time of DB Status
gathered. If the Object is in invalid status, the user gets error while accessing
that object. To avoid such type of errors, monitor the Object status and act

Tablespaces with Less Free Space

Number of tablespaces with free space less than 10% in the Database at time
of DB Status gathered. Data file is to be added to that tablespace. As the
available storage is limited, as and when required data file cannot be added
to the tablespace. If free space of any tablespace is < 10 % additional
archiving or dropping of temporary data is to be worked out.
Invalid Indexes
Number of indexes with Invalid Status in the Database at time of DB Status
gathered. Indexes which are in Unusable State causes Performance issue,
such type of Indexes are to be re-created or re-build.

Consolidated Status:
Archive Log File System
Displays consolidated status of Archive Log File System of all Databases. If
archive log file system is 100% full then all the Database activities will be
halted. To avoid this situation we have to monitor archive log file system
periodically and release the space by taking backup if required.
Product and Admin File Systems
Displays consolidated status of Product and Admin File Systems of all
Databases. If product/Admin file systems are 100% full then the Database
cannot accept new logins and unable to write log files and trace files etc, so
we have to monitor the space periodically and release the space if required.
Enqueue Holders
Displays consolidated status of Enqueue Holders of all Databases. If one user
holds any object and other waiting for that object it is a enqueue holder. If we
click on number of enqueue holders we get session details. Clicking on SID we
get other details along with the terminal and query.