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Company Details:C.E.O. = Mukul Bansal

Director Finance = Aniket Agarwal
Director Technical = Nancy Goyal
Director Marketing = Naman Humane

Product Description:A tandem rotor helicopter goes with a mechanism of

dual equally powered rotors to take flight. It elevating
mechanism provides with the ability of lifting heavy loads,
such as heavy artilleries. Further due to its optimum size
it can also be used for various military campaigns and
military resupply.
The current models of such design have very
successfully performed on land, now we as our project
want to widen its use.

OUR INNOVATION:We have heavy lift helicopters. We have helicopters

floating on water surface. But our innovation is to try to
combine these two features in our idea.
A heavy lift helicopter has a bigger chassis with
powerful motors and a floating helicopter is of small size,
thus cant transport heavy machinaries.
We aim to provide this design with an ability to
successfully land and take off the water surface, and also
be capable of lifting heavy loads.

The idea which we bring forth is of augmenting this

design with a wider base and also a different chamber
beneath its docking area. The aforesaid part is the part
labelled 4(Flotation Chamber) would have a nozzle so that
the gas filled in the chamber can be replaced by a lighter
gas than air as per the requirement.
Thus by this modification our design would be helpful
in transportation on water surface and could also play a
crucial part in providing relief to disaster stricken zones.

Product Name:MANN-4

Major Dimensions:Fuselage LengthHeightWidthRotor Diameter-

Targeted Customers/Buyers:
This helicopter are mainly used by1.

Indian army


NDRF (National Disaster Relief Force)

As a utility helicopter MANN-3 can act either as an

armys armed force or as relief vehicle for disaster areas.
Hence we target different agencies which could utilize it.

Rostvertol MI26- A heavy lift cargo helicopter used by
the indian army for transportation purposes.But,
many times it suffers takeoff and landing problem
even sometimes a short runway is also required.

HAL Dhruv- hal dhruv is a utility helicopter used by

NDRF for disaster relief but due to its low lifting
capacity many of the victims can be treated/helped
at once. It also requires stable ground for landing too.

Responsibilities For Parts Designing:Mukul Bansal = 4/7/8

Aniket Agrawal= 1/3/9
Nancy Goyal = 2/6
Naman Humane = 5/10

Movable Parts:Back Door (09)

Fans (01)
Wheels (08)

Parts Processes:1. Sheet Metal

2. Moulding/ Sheet Metal
3. Moulding
4. Sheet Metal
5. Sheet Metal
6. Sheet Metal
7. Moulding/ Sheet Metal
8. Moulding
9. Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal