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Prom Fashion Show

-Boys and girls

-gender swap?
-pay to watch
-people from like years 10 to 13
ps4 tournament
-charge the participants for playing
-winner gets a prize
Balloon Bouquets
-valentines day?
-so basically this is gonna be be balloons with small
cute messages inside (personalized or not doesnt
matter) and they can be delivered during homeroom
or in the morning
24 hour dance marathon!... ORRRRR so you think you can
-okay okay not 24 hours; maybe clubs? Or lunchtime?
-participants pay to play
-winner gets a prize
-all we need: music,speaker,gitahall LOL
-dancers can also get sponsorships from their frends
so more money
Football tournament?
Guess the song
-pay to play(like 200? Idk)
-pay to watch(like 150)
-soo we play a part of a song for like 5or so seconds
and they guess the song. Winner with most gets a
-play in teams? So each team member has to pay
Mr. high school
-basically a spin off of miss America

-contestants pay, audience pays to watch
-JUDGING! Winner gets a prize or cheap gift voucher
The wacky world of fashion!
-parents/teachers donate old funky clothes or
-kk now theres 2 parts to this idea
1. wacky fashion show with clashy
outfits, back-to-front, 80s, oldies, party on top, mullets
2. its a competition! Each contestant
has to rummage through the pile of clothes and
accessories and come up with an outfit in a certain time
period. Then they walk down the runway and the best gets
a prize.
The ones who arent dressed in time cant walk the
runway so cant win LOLLLL!
Then as usual contestants and audience will pay!
aaand the besstttttttt:
-the headmaster will pick 5 teachers (or it can be a
raffle like students will vote for like 10 teachers then
the names will be put into a draw)
-each is assigned a torturous activity. They can swap
amongst themselves but they have to PAY EXTRA! :D
-the teachers will the have jars with their activity
written on it. The ones with the least money collected
have to do their activities and ther will be a PUBLIC