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1. Explain terms of Outline Pane, Slide Pane , Note Pane and significant diference.
PowerPoint has three types of pane which is Outline Pane and Slides Pane and Note Pane.
There is twin-tabbed pane (Slides and Outline Pane) for PowerPoint 2007, which is located on
the left of PowerPoint interface. As in PowerPoint 2013, there is no longer Outline Pane as it
had removed and only Slide Pane that is exist in that area.
In Slides Pane, you can move slides easily from one to another by dragging and dropping the
slides easily. If the presentation has more slides than the length of the pane can display, there
is a scroll bar to move up and down. You can select any slides within the Slides Pane. Any
edits can be done at this time such as deleting the slide, copying and pasting slides,
rearranging slides.
For Outline Pane, it shows title and the text content of every slide. By right-hand click
anywhere in the outline tab, it will show just similar edit option in the context menu. As in
PowerPoint 2013, open View tab from the Ribbon and click the Outline View button.
The Note Pane is located below of the PowerPoint interface. Note Pane is an advantage for
presenters as it provides space for any format of notes and it improves their presenting
performance. Each slides has its own notes.
The significant difference between them is any edits options regarding slides and animations
can be controlled from Slide and Outline Pane, while any notes that is written in Note Pane
are not effected to any slides and animation in it.

2.Explain normal view, outline view, slide view, slide sorter view and slide show view.
Normal view is the default PowerPoint view which displays one slide is shown at a time,
Slide Pane on the left side, if you are using PowerPoint 2007, thers is both Slide and Outline
Pane at the left side. Slides can be navigated from Normal View by scrolling vertical scrollbar
on Slide Pane.Normally, this view is used to create and edit your presentation.
Secondly, Outline View is shown through in Outline Pane in PowerPoint 2007. It will show
all the outlining options, list of the slides title and their text content in an outline format.
Outlining toolbar also can be obtained by right-hand click at any space in the Outline Pane.
However, Outline View is found in PowerPoint 2013 by opening View tab from the Ribbon
and click the button Outline View.
Moreover, Slides View shows a single slide. In Slide View, you work one slide at a time. Here
you can type slide your title and body, add other text to the slide, draw shapes, insert clip arts,
choose a colour scheme and make a graph and more.

Furthermore, Slide Sorter View displays thumbnail sized presentation of all slide that makes
you easier an quick to reorder, duplicate, delete slides and it shows any hidden slides in it.
Slides in Slide Sorter View can controlled multiple slides during editings to make it quicker.
Finally, Slide Show View shows a fullscreen resolution slide and during this time, any edits
cannot be done because it is shown as display view. This is a way to check how is your
presentation is going on. There are many ways to control the slides. Press spacebar, Enter key
or Page Down Key to open the next page, and press Backspace Key or Page Up Key to open
previous page.