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In accomplishing the provision of this course, the researchers have

chosen Alekzandra Skin Essentials to study. The System Development Life
Cycle (SDLC) was used by the researcher in conducting their study, where it
is defined as the overall process for developing information systems from
planning and analysis through implementation and maintenance. It begins
with a business need, followed by an assessment of the functions a system
must have to satisfy the need, and ends when the benefits of the system no
longer outweigh its maintenance costs.
Planning Phase
The planning phase involves establishing a high-level plan of the
intended project and determining project goals. The researchers first step
was to decide what type of accounting system to study and then choose a
company that is confronted with problems in terms of their existing system.
The researchers made a list of possible companies, and then the researchers
prepared a set of interview questions to be asked to the owner. The
researchers visited them and conducted interview with the owner who is
directly involved in the inventories.
For additional information, researchers visited the business site and
observed how the owner attends to the customers needs, how she displays
the products and the process of recoding the inventory.

Analysis Phase
The analysis phase involves analyzing end-user business requirements
and refining project goals into defined functions and operations of the
intended system. A good start is essential and the organization must spend
as much time, energy, and resources necessary to perform a detailed,
accurate analysis. It is in this phase of the study where the processes
involved in the existing system are being traced, data are collected, problems
are identified and realistic suggestions for improving the system operation
are recommended.
Interviews, observations and research were used to gather information about
the business process of Alekzandra Skin Essentials. The researchers were
able to identify the problems occurring in the existing system and able to
understand the users needs and requirements.

Design Phase
The design phase involves describing the desired features and
operations of the system including screen layouts, business rules, process
diagrams, pseudo code and other documentation.
In this phase, the researchers were able to come up with database
designs and network design including the security aspect to be integrated in
the proposed computerized inventory system of Alekzandra Skin Essentials.

Implementation Phase
The implementation phase involves placing the system into production
so users can begin to perform actual business operations with the system. If
the management has chosen to implement the proposed system, and it is
tested to ensure that the actual outcomes are compared with the predicted
and desired outcomes. The researchers will provide an instruction manual for
the management that details how to use the system.

Support Phase
Once when the customers starts using the developed system then the
actual problems comes up and needs to be solved from time to time.This
process where the care is taken for the developed product is known as
The researchers monitor the system to ensure the system is meeting
the requested business requirements. When and after the proposed system
has been implemented, the programmer together with the researchers shall
be monitoring the progress and solve possible issue that may arise during the
use of the system.

Data Gathering Tools and Techniques


The researchers conducted a conversational interview with the owner

of the company to collect data about the companys operations and
background. It is a technique that involves a face-to-face encounter, the
interviewee responds freely and openly to the set of questions asked by
the interviewers.
The observation method was used in gathering data about how the
company conducts its operations. The researchers walked through and
observed the staff who operate their inventory, how they display their
products and respond to their customers needs.

This includes the study of previous researchers works, which were
comparable to the case at hand, and the visit of information from other
reference materials.
Using these data gathering techniques, the researchers collected the
needed data and information for their proposal. After gathering, sorting
and comparing such information, the problems being encountered by
Alekzandra Skin Essentials. were determined and possible solutions and
alternatives are identified.