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Dont just spec it...

NEW Corzan HP pipe and fittings work
better under you dont have to.
25% better, as a matter of fact.* So why just specify
ordinary non-metallic piping when theres a more reliable alternative?
Used in combination with Corzan HP fittingsthe only pressure-rated
Schedule 40/80 fittings on the markethigh-performance Corzan HP
piping provides added peace of mind. Plus, you get all the benefits of
traditional Corzan piping, including certification to the higher cell class
rating of 24448. Specify with confidence.

Corzan HP

Piping Systems

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The Lubrizol Corporation 2010, all rights reserved. Corzan is a registered trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation.
* The pressure rating of Corzan HP pipe is 25% higher than standard CPVC at 180F.

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