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In every state of engineering practice for the social development the contributions of engineering
personalities are remarkable and ways forward to the future. Engineers gain their real knowledge
only through good practice. Many good practices make engineers senior in terms of age,
experiences and knowledge. In general, very few of senior engineers report their achievements in
its own community except some in personal discussions. It is very much essential to know and
preserve the experiences of senior engineers addressing engineering in field during their services
full of success and failures. Both the stories of success and failures might be instrumental to
achieve next level of success by the next engineers in the society. There may be several reasons
from their side of not reporting their good works in written forms but actually the present young,
working and budding engineers are really missing their stories which could be the great essence
in future works. The budding, young and working engineers may take the reference of any of
their stories in addressing their field activities and may further upgrade or conclude it with
remarks. It is extremely needful to preserve the thoughts, experiences and knowledge of senior
engineers by making them ease in reporting the stories in a suitable platform like the IE(I)
Tripura State Center and archive all these in website with the copyright for future use of any.
The methodology of submission of written technical stories by the senior engineers shall be
made ease. Like many journals, proceedings, conferences, periodical it should not be so
complicated that one will avoid because of many writing hassles. Let them allow their style of
writing and information as the way they think proper to disseminate. The written papers may be
collected by e-mails or hard copies and simply uploaded to the website with a copyright to the
author of the story. A moderator may be kept just to handle simple issues with the submitted
The selected submitted stories may be discussed quarterly in a year by conducting seminars for
further dissemination of the knowledge gained from the stories.
Any story may have claimed by other engineers too in exceptional cases. Appropriate measures
may be thought to address such situation if arise.

Guidelines to the Authors

i) The story must be related to addressing technical, managerial, financial and socio-engineering
ii) Every story must have an appropriate title.
iii)The story must tells about the period when it was experienced.
iv)It is better not to quote any persons name in the story until the consent of the person or
persons survivor is not accompanied. Mentioning designations shall be okay in the writings.
v) Computer typed in MS Word formats or even a hand written manuscripts may be allowed.
vi)Every author might provide a properly formatted undertaken about the genuineness of his
vii)References might be there at the end of the paper as suit the story.
viii)A committee (Two Sr. Engineers, two practicing engineer and one young engineer) will be
given responsibility with a guideline to accept or keep in hold about any story submitted and
decision of the committee is to be treated as final and applicable to authors too.

i) A platform can be generated for the senior engineers where their thoughts and experiences can
be preserved and recorded for engineering use.
ii) The success of their works will be known to others and chances of failures being uninformed
could be stopped in similar nature of works whereas failure of some works will have the more
essence in any repeated mistakes due to any reason in future by other engineers in field.
iii) Many field problems will come out as research problems and researchers will be able to find
research topics containing the interests of the state and its people rather serving the purpose of
publishing journals of interests of reached countries and their agenda. The outcome as a topic
will directly address the situation of the state and its livelihoods of its common people.
iv) It is expected that many citations and acknowledgements of their stories would be there in the
works of future engineers which will enhance the dignity of engineering practice.