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Task: Handling Pallets Safely

Potential Hazards to worker:



Risk for injury

Awkward / sustained postures-bending or


Personal protective equipment / devices

required / other safety considerations


Excessive force-lifting bulky or heavy loads

Repetitive movements-repetitive lifting
Sharp points or edges-wood splinters
Pinch points-when gripping & stacking objects
Material falling-pallets could drop
Surfaces causing slips/trips/falls
Moving Machinery
Chemicals/fumes/hazardous substances
Biological hazards
Electrical currents
Extreme heat or cold
Combustibles or flammables

Gloves when carrying rough or splintered material

Steel toe footwear

Other Considerations

Beware of any pinch points or splinters when handling pallets

If you must slide pallets closer or away from you, try to keep your back
straight and weight shift with your whole body rather than using only your

When loading pallets to be moved by pallet jack or motorized lift truck,

ensure the material is balanced / secured to prevent falling

Pallets in storage areas and on the shipping / receiving docks are to be

stacked no more than 8 feet high

Pallets that will be manually removed from the pile are to be stacked no
more than 8 pallets high

Any stack over 8 pallets high requires a lift to remove a pallet

Training / Reference information

Safe Manual Materials Handling Training

Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Regulations, M.R. 217/2006:
Part 8, Musculoskeletal Injuries.

Note: Common signs & symptoms of a musculoskeletal injury (MSI) can include pain, burning, swelling, stiffness,
numbness/tingling &/or loss of movement or strength in a body part. Report these to your supervisor.

Steps to perform this task safely to control above risks:

Pallets being removed from a pile 8 high or less are to be removed in the following manner:
1. Slowly push the pallet away from you or pull it toward you over the pallet beneath it
2. Continue sliding the pallet while tilting the side that is furthest off the pallet toward the ground
3. Keep your hands and feet away from pinch points and when bending over, maintain a wide stance, bend your
knees & hips while keeping your back straight
4. Lower the side of the pallet toward you till it is on the ground. Use proper lifting procedure as per MMH
5. Once the pallet touches the ground, tilt up the other side and, move behind or beside it and slide it to move it

No pallet should be lifted from the ground by one person. If a pallet has to be lifted manually a minimum of
2 people are required
To lift a pallet with 2 people, each are on opposite ends and bend their knees and hips to reach the pallet.
Each person grasps a pallet cross brace with both hands. On a designated count by one person, both
persons lift the pallet by pushing through the legs while keeping their backs as straight as possible and
shoulders back
Do not twist your body when carrying a pallet-take small steps to turn.

-TRAINING DOCUMENTATIONI have reviewed this Safe Work Procedure. I understand that this procedure is to be used to comply with [Insert Facility
Name] Safety & Health Policies as well as the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and its Regulations.

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