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Please read carefully all the information in this pack, which includes particular details about the testing
centre where your child will be tested, together with your childs invitation.
Make sure you bring the invitation and this pack with you on the test days.
If you no longer wish your child to take the Transfer Test, please let the Admissions & Transport
Team know immediately. Each year children are registered for the test and later withdrawn at short
notice. To avoid unnecessary costs, please be sure you definitely want your child to sit the test. To
withdraw your child from the test, please contact the Admissions & Transport Team details below.
If your child has a diagnosed chronic condition that may require you, the parent, to administer medical
treatment during the course of a test, you must notify us in advance. Your child will need to bring any
medication they may need to take during the test and we may decide that it will be necessary for you
to remain at the school whilst your child is tested.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Test times and venues cannot be changed.
What should my child bring to the Preparation Test 13 September 2016?
The invitation to help speed up the registration process. Two sharp HB pencils, a pencil
sharpener and an eraser (rubber) in a see-through bag.
A carton of juice or a bottle of water and a small snack to have during the break between the
tests please do not send your child with fizzy drinks.
Your child may wear a wristwatch (but this must not be a smart watch or a watch with an
alarm), but this is not essential as there will be a clock in the hall and time reminders are
given in the tests.
What should my child bring to the Transfer Test 15 September 2016?
All of the items needed for the Preparation Test
The Identification and Fit for Transfer Testing form with the photograph securely attached.
Without this form, it will not be possible for a child to take the Transfer Test. No alternative
test date will be offered.
What must my child not bring on 13 & 15 September?
Mobile phone or any other kind of electronic device including smart watches and watches with
alarms, plus any other personal items.
Some testing centres have given instructions about not bringing coats make sure you check
the particular testing centre information in this pack.
What will happen on the testing days?
Children will be called into the hall in groups.
Before going into the hall they will be reminded about the need to go to the toilet before the
test begins.
In the hall, each desk will have a name card. Your child will sit at the desk with their name on
it. They will be helped to find their desk. Desks are arranged alphabetically by surname.
The fire alarm arrangements will be explained to them.
If they have forgotten their pencils, rubbers or their snack/drink there is no need to worry as
these will be provided by the testing centre if needed.
For the Transfer Test, the childs details will be pre-printed on the answer sheets.
Children will be given clear instructions as they go through the test, but it is essential that your
child has been shown the Familiarisation booklet so they understand the symbols that will be
used in the tests and how to complete the answer sheets.
Each test paper is administered using a CD which provides detailed instructions and takes
children through practice questions at the beginning of each section (time is allowed for this).
Once a child has started a new section, she/he is not allowed to return to an earlier section or
move forward to the next until told to do so.
There is no need for rough paper as writing (rough working) is allowed in the question book
and there is plenty of space for this purpose.

When should we arrive?

The registration arrival times are in the testing centre details in this pack. Check carefully as
the times may be different for each day. You should also be aware that the Transfer Test
is longer than the Preparation Test. Please ensure that your child arrives during the
registration period. Late arrival will mean that your child cannot enter the hall to start the
test. In this instance, please contact the Admissions & Transport Team to explain the reason
for your late arrival. Only in very exceptional circumstance will an alternative test date be
Please arrive on time and park ONLY in the designated areas (where parking is permitted) or
arrive at the drop-off points at the appropriate time. Testing is taking place during the school
day and the school that is the testing centre will arrange to welcome your child and take them
to a waiting area. If the school permits parking you will not be able to wait with your child after
they have been registered.
Please show consideration and do not park in surrounding residential areas or on grass
Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the school site.

What is the testing process like?

On each day, two test papers will be taken with a short (approximately 20 minute) break
between. Please remember to provide your child with a still (non-fizzy) drink and a small
Attendance at the Preparation Day is not compulsory but it is strongly recommended.
As the Preparation Test is not compulsory, if your child is ill on the day of the Preparation Test
they should still take the Transfer Test as planned.
Failure to attend the Preparation Test is not on its own sufficient reason for delaying the
Transfer Test to a later date.

When should I collect my child?

The collection times are in the testing centre details in this pack. Please do not be late in
collecting your child as this can be very distressing for them.
Make sure that your child knows they must not wander away from the school building, or
from staff monitoring children being collected, if they cannot immediately see you.

What if my child is ill before the test?

If your child is unwell on the day of the Transfer Test, please do not take them to the
testing session. Notify the Admissions & Transport Team, in advance if possible or by 10am
on the morning of the test, who will tell the invigilators at the testing centre that your child will
not attend. You should provide (by 23 September) a medical certificate or other third party
medical information to confirm why your child has not been able to take the Transfer Test.
Other than the illness of the child, only serious personal circumstances that might affect a
childs performance on the day of the test (such as the death or serious illness of a close
family member) will lead to one alternative test date being offered. This does not include a
family holiday or a test for another school.
If your child does not attend the Transfer Test, and you do not let us know why, we will
withdraw your child from the Transfer Testing process and we will not contact you again. In
this case, do not put a Buckinghamshire grammar school on your secondary school
application as it will not be considered because your child will not have taken the test.

What if my child is ill during the test?

If your child leaves the first testing session through illness then they can sit the second part of
the test on another day when they are well. A child cannot re-sit a test they have already
The invigilators will keep a record of this and any other incidents that may occur during the
test. This can be referred to at a later date if necessary.
How can I contact the Admissions & Transport Team?
Contact Us form
Telephone 01296 383250

The invigilators will keep a record of this and any other incidents that may occur during the
test. This can be referred to at a later date if necessary.


SCHOOL ADDRESS: Walton Road, Aylesbury HP21 7RP
9.00am - 9.30am
9.00am - 9.30am
Please read this pack carefully. It includes lots of helpful information about the
tests and particular details about the school where your child will be tested.
Make sure you bring the invitation and this pack with you on the test days.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Aylesbury Grammar School:
Due to Health & Safety considerations there will be absolutely no vehicular
access onto the school site. The drive is narrow and constantly in use. There
will be no actual parking on site for the duration of the test.
Parents will need to park elsewhere and walk to the school to drop off/pick up
children. The school is close to Aylesbury town centre & Tesco which are both
within walking distance.
There will be clear signage on the site and there will be on foot drop
off/registration points on the main playground area.

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