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You know how they say style and clothes affect your overall confidence? We think it’s true. of not being good enough. and fly. So next time you reach for the slouchier or stiffer pair of jeans. or of falling flat on your face? All these fears. how does that make you feel? What is it telling the world about you today? Your outfit doesn’t just affect your confidence level. think again. While they put on masks or capes to establish and affirm their identity. Check your fears at the /freegojeans @freegojeans . Ask yourself. For all you know. It helps you jump through hoops. It works for you when you’re feeling adventurous. It’s flexible for everyday wear. take off. and dark Hyper Clean. easy to pack. heck. It doesn’t budge and stays in tiptop shape no matter how much work it’s put through. put on a pair of hyper flexible and ultra comfortable jeans. Freego Hyperflex Jeans is finally here. the boss. Available in department stores nationwide. and give it a shot. You can’t help but feel just as unlimited. you’ll find your wings. or stretching your own limits. when you mean business. medium tone Hyper Wave. Freego Hyperflex Jeans holds its ground.W hat’s holding you back? A fear of uncertainty. Now get up. We have vast universes of superheroes to prove it. or even the buds take you seriously. even climb mountains (figuratively and literally)–all with ease and comfort. you’re bound to overcome with just a little confidence boost. You don’t have to worry about hearing a rip when you’re rushing out the door. resilient. And when the girls. it boosts your self-esteem and propels you to the top. get dressed. And after a long day of saving the day–in more ways than one–kicking off your shoes and putting your legs on the table for a relaxing moment is just as effortless. and don’t give up. Freego Hyperflex Jeans comes in three stylish shades: light Hyper Sand. and other special occasions. Follow Freego Jeans online freegojeans. it can affect how others see you. dance the night away. and has 98% fabric recovery so that it automatically retains its shape. too. active wear. in taking the leap. you can choose clothes that give you power. or when you’re going for comfort. Dressing the part can really alter the way you carry yourself. Start with a change of clothes. and flexible as Freego Hyperflex Jeans. Its super elasticity lets you experience a full range of movement. It’s lightweight.


R O N A L D B AT O D E L A ROSA Real talk with the Philippine’s top cop 74 K I D S W H O CRIME Should we be lowering the age that we can send them to jail? 78 M E D I C A L MAR I J UANA Let’s (puff-puff)pass a bill for it already. Manila . here’s why 82 2 3 W O R S T DECISIONS You’d want to score low on this checklist PHOTOGRAPHY: XANDER ANGELES 88 J A N E Y B She's here to brighten up your day COVE R STORY J E S SY M E N D I O L A Mendiola.September 2016 CONTENTS F E AT U R E S 68 G E N .

it doesn't include being good at trashtalk 1 9 COMICS: RAINING CATS AND DOGS And another problem that comes with it GENT PULSE FITS 34 D I N N E R D A T E Have her eating out of your hand in no time 20 P O K E M O N G O One man’s journey to . that escalated quickly 25 S T R A N G E R THINGS Here comes the 80’s all over again with better special effects 26 B E A B E N E D ICTO Let’s us into her house of fun at last 32 W H I S K E Y Decoding the dadliest of drinks 98 O F F D U T Y Medals dangling around your neck are optional BOOST 1 05 S E L F D E FE N S E Sparring partner not included 1 08 W I N E A N D CH E E S E C O M B I N AT I O N Pinkies out and feast like the bourgeoisie 1 1 0 M O T O R : BY D That’s “Build Your Dreams” by the way 112 C A S A REGINA Mi casa.September 2016 CONTENTS 14 E L I T E V S . ARTU NEPOMUCENO VERGE . MASSES Stories from both sides of the fence 18 W H AT GAMERS ARE MADE OF No.childhood 9 4 D E N I M D AY S Creating a rotation out of the best basics 36 WHAT I KNOW ABOUT WOMEN: BIG SHOW The WWE star has some advice for all you husky boys out there 24 R O C K B A R S Real bars where the music never died 96 S T O R E GUIDE Hotspots of the north and south 38 S E x DOSSIER Well. su casa ese 116 P A G E ENDER: THIS I S W H AT YO U CAM E F OR A final ode to the finest in the land PHOTOGRAPHY: JAKE VERZOSA...



Misogyny. n. A hatred of women
That is the dictionary definition of a word that, by its implications, almost directly points
to its perpetrators as exclusively men. Feminists say men are misogynists because, come
on, who else can it be? Maybe they’re right, in so far as those dicks who hurt women
physically are concerned; wrong because the majority of us worship and adore women—
definitely, we don’t hate them.
But here’s a thought: if “misogyny” means hating women, can women be
We’d have to answer yes.
And it’s not even a clever remark to absolve us of any fault. It’s what we had seen
Jessy Mendiola go through the moment she was declared this year’s Sexiest in the Land.
The hate she endured online was enormous and terrifying. And a lot of it came from
women. Truth is, I don’t get it. Most of the hate Jessy got was focused on her physical
flaws. Well, let me tell you what I find sexy about Jessy, and it has nothing to do with
body parts: I find her voice sexy.
Those of my age will understand this: remember back in the day when we could talk
with a girl for hours on the phone (landline)? It’s 4 a.m., we’ve been at it for six hours,
and we’re still going, kept alive by that voice on the other end sounding so sweet, so soft
like silk, the sexiest we’d ever heard—and we hadn’t even seen her face because she was
just a random number we called?
That was what I was thinking the first time I met her and listened to her speak. She
sounded both fragile and carefree. I loved it. I wish there was a
way you could listen to her voice as you read her cover profile.
How do you capture sexiness like that in a picture? You can’t.
And maybe that’s the whole point of this year’s 100 Sexiest List:
it's a celebration of women’s qualities both seen and unseen.
Sorry if I sound a bit self-absorbed. It’s just that this issue
has taken on a whole new sense of purpose. Apart from Jessy’s
story, we got an exclusive interview with PNP Chief Director
General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa and many tough questions were
answered. There are real issues here, gentlemen. Real big issues—
and you’re reading it on FHM.

What FHMers
have been up to
this month
We had the honor of interviewing the
immovable rock of the PNP forces,
the Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa. The
chief said a lot of memorable stuff
during our talk but what really stuck
the most was his parting inquiry, “O,
kailan kayo susuko?”

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September 2016



I really loved your pictorial with Solenn
Heussaff. If I had to guess, probably one
of your art directors really loved Game of
Thrones? Ha ha! Anyway, Solenn looked
amazing as always and I’ll be sure to buy
every issue you put her on! Looking forward
to more badass and slightly geeky shoots!
Kara dela Cruz, via email


My girlfriend and I are avid collectors of your
magazine since 2008. We’re still looking for
earlier issues that aren’t widely available in
stores anymore. I would love to see my photo
in your next issue to surprise her. Thank you
very much and more power to you guys!
Siegfred Knoxville marahay, via


A collaborative effort by: Emhil Abesamis
Zamora, Cardson Salatan, Jeff Kwok, Nikko
Lumakin, Aljer Evangelista, Marjon Guiquing,
Romar Ortega, Marjorine Saquillo
marjorine Sequillo, via Facebook




I really hope Ely can save OPM. Other people
might say OPM is still alive because bands
are still playing gigs but no one actually goes
to see the good bands. As you can see wala
namang malalaking concert na ginagawa ang
mga local artists and if there are, maliit na
portion lang of them can. But foreign acts are
always so popular–halos laging dinudumog
kahit sunod-sunod ang mga concert. Masakit
mang aminin, namamatay na talaga ang OPM.
Francis Amparo Nasinlac, via

We would like to apologize for forgetting to include the
complete credits for our hair stylist, MJ Rone for Cynos
Inside Hair Care in our “Teach Her to Take the Perfect
Selfie” feature found in our August 2016 issue.

@fhmphilofficial •

/fhmphil •



6f & 7f Robinsons
cybeRgate centeR
toWeR 3 pioneeR
complex, pioneeR
st., mandaluyong
city 1550


tiMberland HeiGHts. san Mateo. Wikipedia coMMons. Flickr special tHanks to bMW car club oF tHe pHilippines reGina apiGo and patrick apiGo oF casa .casareginatimberland. riZalhttp://www.EXPLAI N E R Both sides of the story FHM talks to tHe people really aFFected by tHe country’s pertinent issues Words: cHise alcantara pHotos: Getty iMaGes.

ph no one really cares about your opinion. because you voted for duterte. every smartass because you had a good life during Martial law. Filipinos are so angry with one another because even though we live in the same country. we’re sure that everything you have to say is “misinformed” or is “uneducated” because you’re a yellowtard. no one actually reads the article because everything you need to know is already in the title. We asked people from different walks of life to share their stories to try to understand where they’re coming from.V Verge HOW TO SOU N D R EAL SMART Edited by CHISE ALCANTARA chise. let's just try to hear each other out . our perspectives. is just a way for people to project their own beliefs upon yours. For once. every violent reaction. our understanding of what’s happening to us as a people just seems like they’re from different worlds. We get angry because you don’t know what we’ve gone through.

While there have been programs by the Department of Interior and Local Government to provide housing. president of bMW car club of the philippines Have-nots: Ano na’ng gagawin naming mga matatanda? Paano kami maghahanap ng trabaho eh hindi nga kami tinatanggap? antonio kampanyero. I would share my experiences with my students. ericson ang.Verge EVE BASWEL W H A T W O U L D H A P P E N T O Y O U I F W E T A K E A W AY T H E J E E P N E Y S The LFTRB has been pushing to phase-out public utility vehicles that have been in commission for 15 years and longer to decongest traffic in the metro. 65 years old. Haves: In all honesty. Fr. the assistance given will most likely take time before it is felt by the masses.fhm. we had no choice but to build the wall to separate the two communities because of overwhelming complaints from . but ever since the wall was built. an assistant professor in a well-known university in Quezon city who was an informal settler before moving into the convent of his religious order www. it’s been a lot easier for the community to develop the land and in general. jeepney driver for over two decades MARK JESALVA A R E I N F O R M A L S E T T L E R S J U S T INCONVENIENCIES? 16 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 facebook. In their most recent population count in 2010. In more ‘civilized’ • fhmphilofficial Squatting has been a problem of the Philippines for more than half a century • twitter. hindi lang ‘matigas ang ulo’ ng mga ‘skwaters’ kaya ayaw nilang umalis sa bahay nila. it has worried groups like Alliance of Concerned Transport Organizations (ACTO). While this proposition is only in its drafting stage and has no probably date of implementation. feel safer knowing there won’t be any more incidences of drunks walking in the streets at night. Every year. the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has estimated that there are 2. I believe that the use of jeepneys as one of the major modes of transportation has outlived its usefulness. which have held multiple strikes to protest the proposition. Most of the time people like us don’t really have a choice. we could never find a place. Not to sound like Donald Trump. atty. I want them to understand that sometimes. alex* Member of the board of Homeowners in his subdivision Have-nots: We tried applying for government funded housing organizations but because of the size of my family (there were 12 of them).com. isaac*. Haves: The public transportation here in the Philippines has to be remodeled.8 million informal settlers in Metro Manila. I’d rather just take out my car on weekends and take the subway going to work if public transport was only safer and more convenient. more than half of the population uses the train systems and most of them even just walk to the stations most of the

For now. a part-time teacher at a wellknown all-boys school Have-nots: Binoto ko si Duterte dahil sa pangako niyang alisin ang contractualization.fhm. bigger companies are allowed to have only 20% of its workforce be contractual. I’m glad we have family in the US that are willing to take us in because I know “they” are coming for my parents facebook. mas magkakaroon pa sila ng inspiration para maglingkod nang mabuti sa aming paaralan dahil hindi na sila matatakot • twitter. nora*. it’s easier to fight for those rights if you were blessed with a good college degree. Kung mapaisatupad ito. Jose delos reyes. a philosophy graduate from ateneo de Manila university is from a family of drug dealers. I've seen armed men lurking outside our house allan*.com/FHM. elmer sanchez. he found out that he himself was a part of the “list” of suspected drug dealers in his barangay. a mother filing a sexualharassment complaint against their neighbor who was a suspected drug pusher in their neighborhood. Have-nots: Dapat naman talaga mamatay yang mga adik na yan para maging ligtas sa lugar namin. a total of 2. but luckily for most millennials. sobrang makakatulong ito sa mga baguhan naming mga guard at sa tingin ko. through his connections in the pnp.49 billion pesos worth of drugs has been confiscated by PNP representatives. Haves: “People move from one job to another to build a stronger more diverse resume and gather more professional skills nowadays. There have been at least 756 killed drug suspects in the first 54 days of the current government administration. currently head of security in a well-known private school in san Juan * as per request of some of our interviewees. The sad thing about contractualization is the possibility of being abused by employers by taking away an employee’s Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello fully supports what the administration is doing. Haves: I’ve known about it since I was in highschool. I hate my parents for bringing me and my siblings into this fucking mess. The labor department already has a resolution in the works to help completely eradicate contractualization. their names have been changed to protect their • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 17 . www.S T R E E T S F E E L According to Senator Allan Peter Cayatano’s opening statement in the Senate Probe session on Extrajudicial Killings. I’ve never touched the stuff because I've seen what they can do. Hindi naman sa gusto kong may mamatay pero may magagawa pa ba kami? Ang tagal-tagal na niyang nakatira sa amin at nanggugulo pero binabayaran lang daw nila yung pulis para pabayaan sila. MARK JESALVA D O T H E R E A L LY S A F E R ? S H O U L D T H E C O N T R AC T UA L I Z AT I O N O F J O B S B E S TO P P E D ? One of the current administration’s promises during its campaign was to stop contratualization of jobs.

Every gamer has at one point in their lives considered going pro.fhm. who literally spends 8-10 hours a day personally dealing with pro-gamers and all their loveable quirks! Here’s our chance to get a more intimate look at how Pinoy pro-gamers are… K I L L Welcome to the big leagues Do you HavE WHat It takEs to BEcomE a PInoy PRo-GamER? PUTTI N G I N TH E HOURS our gaming overlords “in korea. most people think Pinoy pro-gamers as glorified tambays but is that really the case? Do we really know what Pinoy pro-gamers lives are like? We interview e-sports executive. the company that brought League of Legends.” shares Lim. getting paid to do something you love is #lifegoals. fastfried goodies available in the market. us. T H E PAYO F F the number everyone’s been waiting for. of Garena Philippines.” says Lim. “many of my foreign gamer friends actually know a few of tagalog curse words. being a pro-gamer requires you to be as efficient as any nine to five suit when it comes to nutrition. Luckily. “nothing that is messy on the hands. “you do not want your keyboard and mouse to get all grimy. showcasing the legit bling from sponsors (or sponsors sana) separates the hardcore gamers from the casual ones. FOOD FOR TH E GODLI KE Like all on-the-go WORDS: CHISE ALCANTARA. Franco Lozada Lim. facebook. limited gaming peripherals.000 at the least. teams are usually brought together by sponsors and play together only for a few months before being entered into tournaments.” advices Lim. and limited in-game items they spend approximately P15. Garena Philippines. and in Eu [have] gaming houses where they can practice 10-12 hours a day [as a team]… [while Pinoy pros] are limited to about 8-10 hours [on their own].” says • fhmphilofficial www. But in reality. only a few teams like IPt (Imperium Pro team) have gaming houses.000 a month) which will be implemented January 2017 to each of their pro players along with prize money they win from tournaments (fvirst place teams get up to • twitter. While different companies invest differently.000 and above). our gaming spots are well-stocked with all the instant-cooked. and this is not because they visited the Philippines it is because they had their own experiences of playing with Filipinos. “For hardcore gamers who usually purchase limited game licenses. Because really. P I N OY GAM I N G VO CA B U L ARY Pinoy gamers are known to be quite the poets when they communicate with other players.” 18 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 TECH I E B LI NG While anyone can just save up for a good Pc. the world’s most played moBa (multiplayer online Battle arena) is slowly taking that track by providing pro gamer salary (P15. ILLUSTRATION: LOUIS ARENAS S . • fhmphilofficial SEPtEMBEr 2016 FH M 19 • twitter. unless #6 Story: CHISE ALCANTARA Cats and Dogs Cabin fever FH M COM ICS Art: MELVIN CALINGO everyday's a holiday when you're in team work-from-home.

com. Fans just uploaded a screenshot of Pokémon GO gameplay on Facebook. an installer from outside the safety 20 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 facebook. some of my more ingenious friends were able to play it with an Android application package (APK)– basically. the thought of living in a world where actual Pokémon roam lit a fire under us fans of the beloved franchise. New Zealand. and the United States that day. A quick afternoon stroll around the neighborhood got me a Krabby and a Pidgey. although I doubt picking him despite how cute the sprite was.” I told myself. As much as I wanted to bring out my bike and go about the next city.P Pulse YO U R G U I D E tO EVERYtHING tRENDING Edited by PONG M. “This is it. PROLOGUE I couldn’t believe it. looked the most Still. The catching mechanics were so • fhmphilofficial of the official app store. An official announcement on the augmentedreality game’s launch date was yet to be made by its developers. At 25 years old— employed and all—I was ready to begin my [virtual] Pokémon journey. CASTILLO pong. I immediately corrected Ash’s mistake and chose Charmander as my starter Pokemon because its final evolution. Inc. duh. boasting their newly caught Pokémon. I didn’t even weigh the pros and cons of those dubious links. With social media blowing up. It only got better when the Game Boy and the trading card games subsequently made its way to the • CAtCH’ EM ALL! Fantasy fulfilled You’d understand the hype if you grew up at the time Ash Ketchum and Pikachu was first introduced to the Filipino consciousness via the animé series in 1999 on GMA. since I was a puny eight-year-old.castillo@summitmedia. but there they were.. . this wasn’t a matter of phone security—I’ve long waited for the closest thing to realizing a dream. Apparently. Niantic.fhm. Enter Pokémon GO. Back then. all those years spent tossing paper balls into the trash bin finally paid off. Pokémon GO was released in Australia. other than GB games and trading cards. You could only imagine how my face lit up when the app worked and the GPS started mapping out the nearby streets in our area. I decided to take a break from playing and www. I wasn’t aware of the starter Pikachu Easter egg. After


I had to wait another month to resume the hunt. Boni—before the game. My cousin. Aside from the possibility of catching Pokémon along the way. Even the office has a way better turnout rate compared to our rather obscure abode. my Pokémon journey had to wait. after all. L O CAt I O N It’s been three days and all I’ve caught are Spearows. Go above the 15 kph limit and the game will say you can't play while moving that fast. his son and daughter. my cute godkid shrieked upon the sight of a Jigglypuff I caught earlier.. Imagine my surprise when Niantic “paused” the game in regions outside the original three due to server issues. Jeez.. Imagine how envious I got when he told stories of Bonifacio High Street teeming with trainers. who is my godchild. and the proverbial Pidgeys. Pokémon spawn better based on a location’s draw of warm bodies and the feasibility of businesses. just like their mom and dad. But the move backfired because instead of resetting my speed. Rattatas. While we were eating. including the occasional biggies.fhm. In front of a telco building that has 24/7 Lure. “Ganito. MARk jESAlvA KIDs KNOw bEt tE R The game’s official release in the Philippine coincided with my father’s birthday. and I. Due to the heavy downpour. The catch: you really have to walk. though. slightly drenched and a Squirtle better. another feature of the game is egg-hatching. however. Apparently. and stay upstairs to read about the game since it was pouring outside. here in the country. my nephew asked “ Marunong kang mag-Incense?” “Huh?” I innocently shot back. L O CAt I O N . were already into the game. While us here along the Marcos Highway area run in circles to catch a Zubat. Can’t wait for our Nuvali trip.” He grabbed my phone and used the item that increased the spawn rate of Pokémon. which requires a trainer to cover various distances before getting a random Poké Meanwhile. I was planning to be anti-social that No wonder that in just a couple of days. Eastwood. • fhmphilofficial www. or any place that has multiple watering holes. I've thought of rebooting every time the game cautions me to take things slow. it might just be working. t R A F F I C N O t s O FAtA L Someone joked about the boom of Pokémon GO as the government’s solution to the worsening gridlock in the metro. Seriously. To cheat the system. his wife. someone has to do something about that eternal rush hour. which is actually a bad thing (meaning the traffic there is the worst). L O CAt I O N . A cruel joke for somebody who loves the game and a stark reminder of the reason I was there. The best Pokémon I got from my everyday grind? A Magmar with a combat power (CP) of 1064 that I chanced upon along EDSAOrtigas on the way home. prepared myself for a night walk. . Unfortunately. while Ortigas Avenue Extension ensures quality incubation. Considering how I dread my daily commute—from Cainta to 22 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 b OY F R I E N D D U t I E s My girlfriend and I often had arguments about facebook. oh. malls and commercial developments were holding “Lure Parties”—an item called a Lure Module is activated at a PokéStop (where you get training essentials) to do what exactly it says on the tin: lure Pokémon. certain parts of the Summit headquarters are blessed with an unfair spawn ratio. One of the attendees was my cousin who lives in Bonifacio Global City. I had to entertain guests at Dad's party. get you a day’s worth of • twitter. Growing up in a tech-savvy household. Edsa has multiple PokéStops—only if you’re quick enough to swipe—and some decent Pokémon. trainers in BGC. ended up circling our little neighborhood. it doesn’t extend to the FHM side (particularly the website staff’s) of the workplace. the video production team gets the chance to throw Poké Balls at something every five minutes. it only emptied my battery faster and caused my phone to overheat.Pulse instead.

while I shot occasional glances at my phone. The dude seated beside me must’ve noticed. but I’m just getting Charizard facebook.caramel beer).. It may sound cheesy. Safe to say my attempt at converting her was a success. What came next was probably the biggest decision I ever made in our almost four-year relationship. I’ve already brought down a couple of gyms (although it’s quite hard to defend one with stronger trainers and Pokémon abound) and hatched a handful of eggs. It will take some time before Filipinos learn to casually talk to each other. w H O ’ s t H At P O K é M O N ? As far as Pokémon GO being a social tool. I’d coax her to download the game. I was lucky to have this one experience wherein a Magmar sprang in front of me while I was crammed inside a UV Express at Robinsons Metro • twitter. their brainchild was embedded into the hearts of dreamers like him’ keeping phones down during dates. and we swapped stories about work. Even though we’re known for being hospitable to foreigners. especially with no reported Charmander nests yet in the country. FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 23 . for fear of being addicted to it. I wasn’t surprised with my actual love’s first line upon seeing me: “ Baka naman puro Pokémon ka pag magkasama tayo ah!” I made sure that wasn’t the case. Having talked about my unbridled love of the game through text. I’m even seriously considering buying a Nintendo 3DS for the arrival of Pokemon Sun and Moon. the same cannot be said about our behavior towards one another. which got me my strongest Pokémon. only to be drawn out again through Pokémon GO. I find myself watching gameplay video blogs of Pokémon GO (MoreAlia) and replays of Pokémon episodes (Charizard vs Magmar FTW). vEEPEE AldABA ‘tajiri’s penchant for catching bugs evolved into something far more complex than just catching and training. With the game signaling a Pokémon nearby. local closet trainers would rather bury their hands in their phones to avoid such social exchanges. a lowly 1190-CP (combat power) Pinsir. Tajiri’s penchant for catching bugs evolved into something far more complex than just catching and training. I just reached level 20 in the We even transferred to a pub which had activated Lure (Good thing she was also craving for www.fhm. It was our scheduled date (since we live on opposite sides of the region) and she wanted to grab a couple of beers in Kapitolyo. I’m still 112 Charmander candies away from a mighty Charizard. the game reflects the attitude of most Filipinos in making new friends.. As if only one of them has the chance to catch that Pinsir that just spawned. although you’d be wrong to think that I would stop there. but that particular episode is a good • fhmphilofficial A L OV E R E K I N D L E D Suddenly. Their brainchild was embedded into the hearts of dreamers like him. she was already gloating about her haul and was waiting for the next one. though. Of the possible 151 Pokémon currently available in the game. just halfway through to the pinnacle 40. Such thoughts bring back memories of the time when we would take turns on our Gold Gameboy Advance console and save up for Eveready batteries for lack of rechargeable ones. The creator (Satoshi Tajiri) and illustrator (Ken Sugimori. Once in a while. first 151) of Pokémon couldn’t have imagined the cultural impact of these pocket monsters when they first came up with the idea. It’s been a while since we’ve had those kind of verbal exchanges. We had to wait every Friday for a new episode of Pokémon. While people in other countries have no qualms about asking a fellow player where to find I’ve only caught 67. After a few failed attempts. She isn’t too keen on the idea. I let her catch it. Pokémon GO couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. The task seems daunting. murmured something then brought out his phone. and the ones behind us followed suit. just to see Ash lose and win a badge after befriending the Gym Leader.

.ph BanDS PLaYInG: Reggae Mistress. Smoothies! WheRe: Westlife Building.m.Pulse M USIC HUB Rock this joint FHM bar crawls to several Haunts still cHaMpioning tHe live scene You could say EDM is killing our rock BanDS PLaYInG: Blue Jean Junkies. there are a handful of underrated and low-key spots that offer fine original music. Sucat.m. and sleek new joints like 12 Monkeys where original local rock acts play.m. WheRe: SM By The Bay. Bad Hair Day fhmphilofficial www. if it ain't your song.fhm. They have smoothies. rock. and shake with real rock ‘n’ roll. A mural of the biggest music icons? Neat! WheRe: MetroStar zilieatery BanDS PLaYInG: • twitter. 831 2719/ www. but if you're still looking for other places to enjoy live music. we say. It's also a sports bar.m. pound. Crew hospitality? Check. Makati City houRS: Always open ContaCt: (02) 898 1976/ BKBarXCafe BanDS PLaYInG: Tanya Markova. Markus Highway 5 Black Kings Bar x Café Independent and unsigned acts of any genre play at BKBarXCafe. 4 p. And did we mention steaks? WheRe: 31 Polaris St.m. ContaCt: sarah. Quezon City houRS: Mon-Sun. Affordable menu options? You got it. pHotogr apHY: paul Mondok 3 Checkpoint Rock Bar Described as the go-to place for gigs in the South. 1900 Cainta Hours: Mon-Sun. often intermingled in a single set. 5 p. – 3 a. margaritad@gmail. which hosts daily gigs and regular productions.facebook. – 3 a. if you're into that as well. From established artists to up-andcoming acts. ContaCt: 0905 556 6964/ www. there are still good ol' places like ’70s Bistro. theroadhousemanilabay. but the rule is. 1700 Parañaque houRS: Wed-Sat. Bel-Air – 3 a.m. Tempestuous Jones 4 ZILI Nasi Goreng Feels like Kamikazee guitarist Jomal Linao hasn’t left the scene because of this bistro he co-owns with his wife. The • 1 Handlebar Manila Handlebar has a rocking atmosphere thanks to the superb slew of rock acts. Checkpoint is not only home to local popular and aspiring bands.facebook. but that cozy feel also extends to its checkpointbar BanDS PLaYInG: Typecast. – 4 a. of the rebel lifestyle. and motorcycles. 6 p. 6 p. 24 FH M septeMber 2016 5 1 4 2 3 facebook. these places continue to buzz. Moonstar 88 2 The RoadHouse Manila Bay The RoadHouse is built on blues. you're not a real band. but now they're bigger and armed for a full-band setup. ContaCt: (02) 836 7382. What were once clubs and crowds shaking to the fresh sound of the most exciting bands are now drowned out by remixes and strobe lights. Aguirre ContaCt: 0921 610 8004/ www. Some days they're good to watch.handlebar.m. Pasay City houRS: Mon-Sun. And then there are the late-night watering holes where the house bands are show bands. They cover everything from the current hits to the cheesiest classics. BF Homes.facebook. Used to be they only had unplugged www. Razorback . 107 West Avenue. WheRe: Felix Avenue. Mall Of Asia. To be words: JoHn paulo aguiler a.

club memberships are a salute to geeks and nerds everywhere. the telekinetic young girl who is the subject of a sketchy government experiment.O. but for the long-lost and muchmissed art of horror movie clichés. Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas). Tupperware included. Even Herbert Bautista’s bespectacled Douglas. The series opens with the strange disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and how an entire town is pretty much turned upside down by bizarre events that follow. she surprises Will with Poltergeist tickets. In fact. Despite having potential to get stuck up in its own Upside Down with a continuous • fhmphilofficial septeMber 2016 FH M 25 . played by the timeless Winona Ryder. down. The ‘80s spirit is fully invoked in the show’s imagery. and Roll not only for the novel idea of finding closure in the story.V.T. the show keeps its focus on the plot and moves along to a satisfying facebook. The show is an exquisite collage of Hollywood horror as the creators themselves (Duffer Brothers) admit to being huge fans of the works they reference. Netflix original Stranger Things is what happens when you marry horror tropes with Stand By Me. Its first season doesn’t drag the audience through prolonged puzzles. His friends lead the search when they run into Eleven. finds a hero’s tribute in Stranger Things’ adolescent protagonists. Toto’s “Africa” comes on during a kissing scene so you know all bases are covered.B. C H r I S T M a S I N T H e U P S I d e d o w N S e e M e d V e rY d I F F e r e NT "S I G HTI N G S S a I d P I K a C H U w o U l d b e H e r e ” www. without being tasteless. and the boys’ A. Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin). This goes for the unapologetic placement of eerie music and gooey monsters. The whole series is a hat tip to’ The mythology of Dungeons and Dragons also plays a key role in the Nostalgic folk would rave about Winona Ryder’s superb performance as Will’s mom. and Millie Bobby Brown (El). as well as The Thing in Michael’s basement during your re-watch.M E NTAL! Strangely familiar words: anne Mari ronquillo tHe new netFlix Hit stranger tHings is Fast Making ‘80s-inspired tHrillers our new old binge-watcH genre oF cHoice A new wave of horror is creeping into our small screens. as well as working sexually charged teenagers into the plot. but the real gems in the series are newcomers Finn Wolfhard (Mike). but most of the elements on this show are pretty much ‘Familiar Things. Stranger Things is dense in film references while nailing the ‘80s flick vibe down to the last prop. from 1984’s Manananggal SR&R episode. Stranger Things also does what every member of a horror movie audience always thinks of: it gets everybody working together to bring that S. It didn’t ruin anyone’s childhood. A lot of modern horror pieces work hard to be original by injecting elaborate backstories to increase scare factor. Rattle. In a flashback from Joyce Byers. the show enhanced it. This should be appreciated by fans of • twitter. Peep a Bowie poster in Jonathan Byers’ room. causing us to become the stubborn poltergeists haunting our own couches.


Since we’re on the subject of online fandom. it’s quite surprising to learn that Bea actually suffers from stage fright. Bea Benedicto comes off as warm. please. she uses the third-person point of view to explain it: “Bea is the one who’s there to kind of balance all the testosterone—there’s really too much. so parang.” The only downside is that she’s also catching up on her co-anchors’ “tito” “I have a fear of speaking in public. You can’t get any more charismatic than him. is a genius. Wow!” She hilariously reveals being “forced to be (as) smart” as the four whenever she’s around them. he brings his books before we • twitter. and is the only female anchor that initially presented the much lighter side of news in TV5’s Kontrabando. “Dati nagpi-philosophical musings ang armpits ko. a minute span wouldn’t be complete without her cracking up after a joke or two.Rarely will you see her without a smile. if not a welcoming presence. hate has no place in her The only thing she should be afraid of now is how big she’s going to get in terms of stardom after being able to fully come out of her shell. A way to build a sense of self-certainty is to surround yourself with the most confident people. sometimes he just says random things na sabaw lang talaga. FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 27 . she says she sees it as also a way for her to reach facebook. I know that my following is like 90 percent boys. Now. Turning serious.” Don’t get her wrong. Ramon— swabe boy. deep down the social media star is actually the opposite. she and RA Rivera manage Bea Bee’s Kili-kili on Twitter. And whenever something negative comes her way. Bea is still clueless on who has such a fixation to her tootsies that that person even put up a wikiFeet page. that’s their fault! Ha ha!” Bea has come a long way since her coy student days. and RA. kausapin ko na kayo. all of whom she only has good words for. Even during the interview. As comfortable as she may seem in front of people. I don’t like recitation! Pag prayer leader nga ako nase-stress na ako eh. She played the fresh-faced Lilibeth in the now-defunct web series Tanods. Try googling “Bea Benedicto feet” and @beabeekilikili. Twitter.” To put it succinctly. And a crowd couldn’t get any more confident than the one Bea is currently in. Lourd. With style blogging and horror vlogging among her other hobbies. Ramon Bautista. which includes Lourd De Veyra. although I do that for a living. Her print ads and TV commercials usually have her jumping for joy and flashing her pearly whites. You wouldn’t want to do • fhmphilofficial out to her almost 190k-strong social media following (Facebook.” she says in jest. her fans are relatively tame…until a basher starts to mess with Bea. nagba-blog ako. ‘Bea. Bea actually expected this upon joining the group. She has gotten used to and adopted the sometimes “green” but still intelligent brand of humor. as she is usually portrayed as a little ball of happiness. “Kaya nagiging bayaw na ko eh. Case in point: spending time with the quickwitted bunch has improved her improv skills. from being a self-confessed scaredy cat. ha ha!” Other than that particular hint of weirdness. “I’ve always been really shy growing up. pero that’s why I love him. she has really outdone herself appearing on FHM. Jun Sabayton. Who would’ve thought? “YOLO. With all the mature jokes being thrown around. My mom follows him on Instagram and whenever she sees. though. “Jun is a character. As for her role in the male-dominated news program. “I’ll be super pragmatic about it. Instagram). On the other hand. ‘Oh Eto ako. you see him study all the time.” Bea quips when asked why she decided to finally do it. tignan mo yung post ni Ramon!’ RA.fhm. she either blocks or ignores them. the statement above is a [literally] gross exaggeration. follow niyo naman para hindi ako maging taong-grasa. I wish I was more like him. “These are just bored people. He doesn’t know how smart he is. www. she does read comments. for fear of being swarmed with what she calls her “Bea Bee Defenders”: “I didn’t even have to do anything—at least I know that they’re there.” It wasn’t until after college that she mustered enough courage to accept a hosting gig (she even nonchalantly admits that the extra dough was a factor) and eventually made a career out of it.’ ha ha!” Clearly. name another celebrity whose feet and armpits have social media accounts.

kausapin ko na kayo. so • fhmphilofficial • .com/FHM.” 28 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 facebook. I know that my following is like 90 percent boys. Eto ako.Pulse “I’ll be super pragmatic about it. ‘Oh

bed weather. PREMIERE ERE ULTRA THIN HIN Ultra thin condoms ms for a more sensitive e feel.Wet weather. .

com/fhmphil • fhmphilofficial .fhm.30 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 • • • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 31 .

and that’s when you can recognize the right spirit of your [5] Laphroaig 10 Of these five whiskies. This fhmphilofficial homey taste is something novices can start with and experienced connoisseurs can still look forward to woRds: JuJu baluYot. you taste dark plums and cinnamon (yes. we are the third heaviest drinkers in the world. and muscovado. [3] The Macallan 12 You sip this highland malt whisky and you taste hints of vanilla. consider this gentler and subtler whisky.fhm. and tequila. lambanog. . er. www. [4] The Glenlivet 12 The opposite of the Auchentoshan 12. Here are five whiskies that Lee recommends to spirit novices. we see a growing cult of whisky drinkers in the scene now. this whisky has a more fruity scent to it. You can saY no to bodY shots once in a while. eh? Your first sip of whisky is just to prepare your tongue and palate for some good drinking. sure. next to Russia and South Korea. rhum. Whether or not you love it or hate it. But the secret way to better identify the taste of your whisky. • [2] Auchentoshan 12 If you don’t want to shock yourself. letting all parts of your tongue taste it before swallowing. is by spreading it in your mouth on your second sip. gin. PhotoGR aPhY: KuRt alVaReZ [1] The Yamazaki Although Scotland is known as the hotbed of single malt whisky. It’s something you’d do well to offer your girl. You are. It even smells like your grandpop’s precious wooden study. according to Lee Watson. Japan is not far behind. That’s some adequate non-Scotch whisky right there. and You should We are a nation of food lovers. It’s that fine. The only way to know why whisky is booming like crazy is to have a sip for yourself. if she likes her whisky sweet. You’re in good glass. that level of fruitiness). a brown paper • twitter. With its murky taste. the burning sensation is gone. man. There’s so much flavor in here as a result of the traditional tripledistilling of lowland malts.Pulse DR I N K TO THAT Drink like a gentleman Yes. On your third sip. the whisky only wants a noble night with you. According to an international survey by Euromonitor. the Laphroaig 10 is the one that leaves you wondering what it really is. 32 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 facebook. the Yamazaki has that punch that whisky connoisseurs love to grow into. With the first sip. Our taste for poison must finally have come of age. man. It smells like a mix of seawater. spiritual advisor of the Mandalay Whisky and Cigar honey. leather. but we are also big in getting our guts full with alcoholic drinks. And while we love our beer. But its saltysmoky aroma promises to please despite the complexity in its taste.


com/ .com/fhmphil • fhmphilofficial • twitter.fhm. SAmSon 34 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 d a T i n G Deliver the goods This is a public service announcemenT To all men who Think sharing cup noodles in 7-11 wiTh Their girl counTs as a daTe WORDS: KARLo n.G Gent B e l ad i es’ a Man Edited by CECILE JUSI-BALTASAR cecilebaltasar@gmail.

of course. Set the mood with something you know she’ll agree with. inviting her over to your man cave expecting to have sex on a La-Z-Boy while your GI Joe collection stands guard just won’t cut it. then you may as well just rub one out on the toilet. (That’s why Trojan makes Magnums. then allow you to work slowly. however. teach yourself how to give a damn good one. Whatever happened to making an effort? To putting your best foot forward? To going out of your way to make a girl feel really special? It’s probably not because we’re lazy. But let’s step off our high horse for a while. There is no bonus reward for being lazy. the lowest hanging fruit. does this adage work in love. even. a state of maintenance. high reward. If you want to make an effort. video-on-demand. so if you’ve established this from the The big question is. what does a woman want? If you can ask her we go for the lowest common denominator. In the pursuit of the expedient. but much to be gained for effort. too. including relationships. just that we’re conditioned by a fast food culture that values a happy meal over a painstakingly prepared dinner for two.fhm. if you remember to suckle hard on the turgid teat of life rather than mop up the drippings on the floor. then dear sir. Maybe she’ll let you work on those calf muscles. you may treat her with something small but unexpected. you are a better man than most. though. If you know she loves a good foot rub. after all. that’s when deals are made and acts consummated. Things are okay. D E LI G h T Th E CU STom E R So you’ve established your baseline and know each other’s needs. wants. there are two basic things to keep in mind. Whisk her away to a quaint B&B in Tagaytay instead. A status quo is nothing but a comfortable vanilla. Does she know what you expect when you toss her a box of bananaflavored rubbers or Chromecast your latest Kayden Kross porno on the big TV? Well. everything should be good as long as you have a safeword. That’s great. you and your prospect may have less complicated needs and wants. infinitely richer than we can usually imagine. a standard against which you can measure your efforts. that series can be raunchy). and many such modern things. so it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Could be as easy as playing key episodes from Outlander’s Season 1 (man. Alternatively. Maybe do both. You can either level up your intensity or work out your timing. What’s that saying investment bankers live by? High risk. not if you want to keep things interesting. fast food is entirely okay. specific expectations will vary from person to person. it is important to remember that life is bigger. Or a six-inch strap-on if you know she’ll appreciate your trust. complacency is a crime. www. stranger. Not every relationship demands chivalry or bespoke vacations or manners straight out of Downton Abbey. of course she • twitter. In a healthy relationship. Maybe. that communication should flow both ways.) As mentioned earlier. but that shouldn’t prevent you from doing your own thing. if the budget can take it. and get the best returns in the process. too. simultaneous movie premieres. Remember. However. Now. However. Farther. 24/7 connectivity. but you can do facebook. sensually upwards. maybe a well-planned surprise lunch on a Wednesday. signals and perversions. then by all means. *gags* To play this dating-and-relationships game smart. For some. Communication is the basis of a good relationship. We’re rooting for you. so. then kudos to you. That is. boredom is the enemy.It’s an instant gratification world we live in: drive-thru Starbucks. As long as you’re on the same page. We expect fast forward convenience in everything. the minimum effort with unrealistic expectations. Sige na nga sex isn’t ever something you should aspire for. man. kink-wise. but does she want it? When expectations on both sides are met. but it’s not • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 35 . As in finance. E S TAB LI S h E x p E CTATI on S Why is this important? Establishing a baseline gives you a goal. Say she expects a Labor Day staycation with you in Makati. if delivery falls short of expectations. Get moving to raise that dating bar.

fhm. and who has a lot of compassion to be a good CATC H WW E L i v E M ANi LA ON S EPTEM B ER 9 AT THE M AL L OF AS i A ARENA 36 FH M AUGUST 2016 facebook. Know your priorities and always communicate. The only time that size is an issue is when you truly don’t understand the person you’re with. If you’re a big though. short. Still. you need a strong partner. went out dancing. Then I said a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t take back and that was pretty much the end of that relationship. Someone who can handle the day-to-day stuff. www. had some drinks. Size is not an issue. And no. [your partner] has to be a strong and confident person. You’ve got to take care of your home life. Don’t bring your work home with you. the better it is for everybody. We had gone out the night before. For LDRs to work. I was dating a young lady for a while. That is the difference between success and failure: communication. someone who is not insecure. that makes all the rest of it better. we still made sure to ask nicely. fat. the standard missionary is probably not going to get it • fhmphilofficial sounding board for you. The man dubbed as “the world’s largest athlete” towers over the average Pinoy even when he’s sitting down. even though Big Show can chokeslam you with just his pinky finger. In the same way. size matters. don’t bring your home life to work with you. either. AnD kEEPIng A WomAn SATISfIED When you’re seven feet tall and weigh over 400 pounds. skinny— understanding your partner and having communication. Anybody who has ever had really amazing sex knows it’s because they connected with the person. you’ve got to make sure they know you love them and you’re on their mind. You better give them one. had a great movie. it’s not just size that matters. Being fit is always a good thing. If you’ve got arms that are big enough to defy gravity. which was literally over a candy bar. and is happily married despite living the rockstar life of a pro wrestler. tall. The better cardio you have in wrestling. Home is first. Get your facts straight before you react.WHAT I KNOW ABOUT WOMEN The entertainer WWE SuPErSTAr BIg SHoW knoWS A THIng or TWo ABouT SIzE. The next morning I got up and I thought she had crapped the bed but actually she had a candy bar that she left on the bed. LDrS. has had his share of bumps and bruises. Big Show has learned some even bigger lessons about women and relationships that he was more than happy to share with us. little. don’t be afraid to experiment. But in the end. He’s also a man with a lot of experience. they’re with you because they want an amusement park ride. He has been in the wrasslin’ business for over 20 years and along the way has flown many miles. then defy gravity. Anybody who’s on the road a lot and has a partner at • If you’re a big guy and you’re single and you’re out there with a hot young lady. Separate your professional life from your personal PHOTOGRAPHY MARK JESALVA. to be a successful professional. As bro-some as he is. he puts you at ease with his bearded smile and deadpan delivery. the better cardio you have in your love life. Cardio is very important. They’re not with you ‘cos you’re handsome. It’s a team effort. you’ve got to take care and communicate with everybody. INTERVIEW JASON TULIO Gent . If you’re only seeing your kids once a week. [Whether you’re] big. I did not eat the candy bar. had a really wild night before we went back to the apartment. Leave your job at the door when you walk into your home.


took his hand. prying his hands away. but I pushed him back down on the bed. my chest. I licked all the way up his shaft and around the tip before taking the whole thing in my mouth. turned around. knelt on the floor. To paraphrase a pop song: No regrets. He quickly undid my bra and cupped both breasts in his hands. Tonight. “I just have one question before I ride your brains out. you are such a freak!” he said. He would still text me every few days. baby. going faster and faster. naked except for his socks. but I went into it with eyes wide open. you’re killing me. He was thrusting his hips toward me. I unbuttoned my shirt as I swayed. . “Just enjoy. “No touching!” I said again. and around his cock. surprised—I never made the first move. “You know you really should change the password on your phone. He looked at me. licking my neck. “Baby. my lips hovering above his. twitter.” he said. baby. and ran my hands down my body as I danced in front of him.” I told him calmly.m. “Krissy?” I heard Nathan walk across the living area and stop right outside his bedroom door. I got on all fours and crawled toward him. greedy for the finish. 22 Makati 7:30 p. I crawled back on top of him.” he said. took the roses and set them down on the floor before planting a passionate kiss on his lips. where I had taped a sign: “Your anniv surprise awaits. “Baby no!” he protested. his • fhmphilofficial www. I pushed him and he fell backwards. then I crawled on top of him. But seeing my boyfriend excited made me a little bolder. I’ll leave the key for Jet to find. trying to push my head toward his • “Ahh!” he moaned.” “At this point.” “Baby. this is a side of you I’ve never seen!” he said excitedly. and licked my way down his neck. just lust. I knew he would cum soon. “Baby. nothing but my thong between us. I licked all around his crotch area. “I told Jet to grab a drink before heading home. straining against the handcuffs. “I have another surprise. clearly enjoying it. rubbing his hard-on through his pants. pushing my thong out of the way. and he gamely complied. stockings. removed his shirt. and heels. “Who the hell is Pia?” His expression changed from arousal to confusion to understanding in the span of a second. running his hot tongue across the tops of my breasts. “And no touching. I stood up and removed my shirt. “Okay then. this time kissing my way up his torso to his lips. “Not until I say so. smiling wickedly. “That feels fucking amazing!” I worked my way up and down. “No talking. a pencil skirt. ready to ram into me. He groaned as I ran my mouth over his crotch.” I said.” I said. then gently took his boys in my mouth. He let go of my breasts and sat up. I lowered myself onto his lap and ground my hips against him.” I reached for the handcuffs I had hidden and dangled them in front of him. “No talking!” I kissed him again before stepping back and playing some “No touching—and that includes yourself!” I said sternly. feeling a little selfconscious at first. His tongue was ravenous. He groaned in frustration. I knew things would change after that.” I started moving my hips from side to side. restrained in his own bed. I took his hand and made him sit down on the chair. I turned to face him.” I said. as I straddled him. so I stopped abruptly. baby.” I told him.” He opened the door to find me sitting on a chair. “Please baby. I want you so bad!” he pleaded. hitched it around his neck. I pulled back. you’re so hot!” he referring to his roommate. “Hey. I turned around and took in the sight of him. which turned into every few weeks.” he begged again. “You can’t fucking leave me like this!” “Happy anniversary. “Fuck. you can ask me anything!” he replied. I stood up. you do exactly as I say. uncovered by my black lace thong. unzipped his pants. I slapped his hand away. “Don’t you ever fuck with me again. and led him to the bed. Krissy. Happy anniversary. then removed his shoes. 38 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 facebook. which dwindled into nothing. “This is the hardest I’ve ever seen you. I picked up my clothes and started to walk toward the door.fhm. I gave him another kiss. missing the attention. until my face was right in front of his crotch.” And I walked out of the room. a bouquet of roses in hand. And again I put a finger on his lips. legs crossed and wearing a white button-down shirt. “Baby. sucking each one in turn. I was a little sad when it was over. Just when I could feel him squirming. then turned around and unzipped my skirt. you can’t leave me like this! She’s just some bitch who keeps texting me!” he shouted. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” he yelled. baby!” he said.Gent Sex DO S S IER BORG SIBANAN Happy anniversary One girl gives her man a special surprise Krissy Cunanan. but I could tell he was loving this.” I said. rolling off him and getting off the bed. I stood up. bending over to give him a long look at my butt. “What took you so long to come out and play?” I just gave him a seductive smile before putting the handcuffs around the wrought-iron grills on the bed and around his wrists. “God baby. I gave him a deep kiss. and pulled him closer to my boobs.” I said. overflowing in my bra. “Happy anniversary. “Lick!” I commanded. and pulled them off. “So we can make all the noise we want!” I put a finger over his lips to shush him.


STANDING her GROUND Now we know the kind of spirit buoying Jessy Mendiola. Her confidence resonates. it makes the title ‘Sexiest in the Land’ hold more meaning interview KARA ORTIGA photography XANDER ANGELES of Edge of Light Studios . making sure that nothing can bring her down.





“Dun na pumasok yung mga bashers and haters kasi I think nung time na yun. She was so casual in her beaming sexuality. “Not even in my dreams. it’s honesty. her face aglow. JESSY MENDIOLA WASN’T EVEN TRYING. as well as the title role in the afternoon show.” It was the intimacy of the photo that had everyone abuzz. bakit parang sobrang ingay’. only that the list has been dominated by familiar personalities for the past few years that it took everyone by surprise when Jessy shot up the ranks from no. showing off assets that she knew she had but didn’t really make an effort to show off. faint trace of freckles dotting her cheeks. and it wasn’t even connected to this [FHM 100 Sexiest]. because it’s so overwhelming. “Yun yung pinaka-nag-viral daw.” There is a casualness with the way Jessy talks that might cause one to mistake her indifference with being aloof.” says Jessy. she had also. beguiling with her sheepish grin. I just posted a picture. bigla akong nag-zoom up sa polls. Sabel. caused uproar among women who began to attack the actress’s physicality. on the beach. . She was luring viewers in. but really. 1. “I always post swimsuit pictures. 23 last year. But she is still perplexed. I wasn't even campaigning. and if you saw it. but completely self-aware in the seductive way she preened.THE FUNNY THING IS. “I took it lightly lang kasi I wasn’t even rooting for myself. made them whimper and weak in the knees. like she wanted you to be there.” She has inklings as to how it may have happened: it was probably that Boracay photo she posted on Instagram last summer. “Of course I am very happy. you’d have easily given in to the urge to linger. she says. The actress’ steady rise to fame landed her roles such as the lead in the 2013 remake of the 1992 Mexican telenovela Maria Mercedes. The one that captured the actress in a red string bikini. It’s not like she surreptitiously worked her way to the top. Her reign as FHM’s Sexiest happened almost accidentally. lahat sobrang ‘Wow. the summer sun gently touching her fair skin. that helped push her up the ranks. I’m always on the go. for some reason. to this year’s no. it feels like it’s still not happening. It feels so unreal. but carry a more serious tone when she wants to stress on real concerns. There she was tantalizing. It’s so normal for people to see me in a swimsuit bakit ngayon na pinost ko ’to. inviting.” Jessy says of the photo. But while the photo had captured the attention of men. She is honest and funny and she’ll tackle the “controversial issues” with lighthearted jest. Kaya nagiging candid na lang ako about it.” says the 23-year-old actress of the unimaginable circumstance of it all.










pointing out that there’s something wrong with her “thunder thighs.” she jokes. But Jessy says no.we all crumble when we pull each other down. because a woman is so confident. bewildered.” that she has no talent except “taking her clothes off.” is her most popular critique. thunder thighs. . the irony being that she is vilified by her own kind. “Don’t we already live in the year 2016?. “Can you not look at it in a very superficial way?.” that she “isn’t humble” because she openly acknowledges her self-worth and beauty. and hazards a guess that some of them may be mothers who have daughters as old as she is. ‘Grabe parang panlalaki yung legs niya. noting that people nowadays even criticize the bodies of gymnasts. which is the odd part).” she prods on..“YOU KNOW THE WORST PART ABOUT IT. “Survey says. that fans are fans. ‘Pata!’ Top answer!. “MOST OF THEM ARE WOMEN. It’s just. jealousy.” she grieves.” SHE SAYS OF HER HATERS. It’s quite embarrassing for us women. she doesn’t think of the backlash as some kind of testament to our culture of quick judgments. calling her “fat”.” Jessy asks. even when pushed to corner of vulnerability.” Jessy is caught between the adulation and ire of men and women. Pata. and that’s that. “Pata. and they bring you up.” she insists. na kung titingnan mo..’” she enumerates. “Why do we want to pull other people down instead of helping each other up. But what is it about her that has drawn such an adverse reaction from haters? We can come up with a few theories: they are frightened of a woman who is so comfortable with her sensuality and is not afraid to work with it. and especially among women?. mga lalaki pa yung nag-rerespect sa’yo. “What happened to the “change” that everyone says is coming? Let’s make it happen. denigrating her legs. castigating women (not men. Yun yung nakakihiya. We are very strong. pata queen. and that a men’s magazine would lead the way to open discussion on how we approach standards of beauty. they are threatened by a woman who speaks her mind.” Many of them are perfectly capable adults. And some are young girls. she says. She simply chalks it up to fanaticism. “Women talaga are really strong.

I’m just blessed to have legs! Bash all you want but uhm—I have legs!” When people decried that she didn’t deserve to be FHM’s Sexiest. One or two bad comments. if they want to wear that damn swimsuit then wear it! There are all types of confidence. She’ll retort to a “fat” comment with another stunning photo of her in a two-piece suit.’ Ganun ka-grabe yung overwhelming feeling. “When you analyze what I said.That’s the good thing about Jessy—she handles everything with an unapologetic candor.” So despite the backlash and unnecessary rage. ang ibig sabihin ko kasi nun parang. because now she stands up for the women who are atypically considered sexy. and braved the critical public who once again became furious with her when she pointed out amusingly that she ranked higher than Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. maybe even 10 or 20. When disparaged for having thick thighs. But a thousand—sometimes it gets too much. I mean. sobra yung pagiging importante ko sa inyo na parang feeling ko ako si Pia ngayong gabi. hello?” And while she does admit that sometimes the negativity gets to her. but she continues to practice it for fitness). I can walk. and look at the people around you. I can even kick. I do pole dancing for crying out loud (Jessy started pole dancing for a role in Maalala Mo Kaya. So siguro I’m carrying other women [with me] too. But then you plant yourself on the ground again. “Siguro [what gives me strength] is the dream of sending a message across. “Okay lang. So yun lang yung ibig ko sabihin nun. I can take it. I can sprint. and FHM made that possible. I can jump. which makes her all the more alluring. I just felt so happy and important. “It’s really hard when you’re in this industry. Parang nakikita mo yung words. Jessy continues to speak out because she feels she needs to stand her ground. that’s where I get my strength.” she clarifies. And I think for me. I don’t even see myself as the sexiest. I do Muay Thai (she has the bruises and friction burns to prove it). they all float in your head and in front of you. she walked down the ramp of the awarding party anyway. ‘Grabe kayo ha.” . they’re functional. and they tell you your strengths instead of your weaknesses. who are there to support you. but people wanted me to be here. Kumbaga. it only takes a moment of reassessment before she continues to keep charging on. all types of sexiness we just have different ways of showing it. she’ll quip. “Nung night na yun. they build you up again. Because who can compare with Miss Universe? I mean. that the responsibility of being The Sexiest in the Land has actually become more substantial. Jessy woke up the next day to find she was all over the news.






Her mom shares that her daughter was never really one who needed to be the center of attention. her beauty was too evident to ignore. or sexy—the main reason. And I’m strong this way. And this. It shows. she doesn’t do it for the boys. She sees herself as one of the boys. even when they think she leads as the sexiest. “Dahil sasabihin nila ‘sexiest’ ka. or dapat mas maliit yung ganito mo or mas maliit yung ganyan. and she sure as hell didn’t mean to piss so many girls off. or vain. The first and only reason why you should strive to be fit. they have this image of you na dapat fit ka. coupled with her innate sex appeal. she does for herself: she didn’t do it for the list.JESSY SUGGESTS THAT SHE ISN’T A COOKIE-CUTTER BABE. the fact that she has valid things to stand up for in the first place—all of these things build up to a woman that maybe we’ve all been waiting for. her back slightly hunched. the radiance with which it seduces. Her mother. And maybe finally. And the best part is that in everything she does. who is on the set to shower her with support. it’s about time a girl is recognized by men-or womenfor exactly that. is because you want it for yourself. Without the perfectly coiffed poise expected of a girly girl. or for what they want you to do but for yourself.” Jessy Mendiola could care less about what anyone thinks. as a young girl. that the middle-child out of three is more insouciant to the fame. agrees: she recalls that Jessy never wanted to be an actress anyway. or healthy. kahit ano gawin ko.” she says exasperatingly gesturing toward her thighs. which is probably also why blunders like backlash are something she can easily brush off. “Hindi talaga siya mawawala. the only reason you should do those things. too: when she throws on an oversized camo t-shirt in between layouts. But maybe even then. as she unguardedly snacks on a banana mid-interview. FHM . or maybe we all need. ganyan siya eh. not for what they say. her feisty conviction. Not for anyone else. when she sits with her legs uncrossed. which she thinks is one of the facets of her charm. she wanted to be a pilot. Ako kasi. the blithe way with which she carries herself is the same kind of carefree demeanor you will see of her on the news.






68 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 • •


PNP chief director
geNeral roNald
"Bato" dela rosa
talks to fhm
aBout imPortaNt
thiNgs: who are
the vigilaNtes
out to kill? are
they frieNds or
eNemies? are the
Police to Be Praised
or feared?
why the rhetoric
of killiNg? has
he ever tried
drugs himself?
NothiNg was left










this interview was done on august 1, 2016, three weeks before the senate hearing on extra-judicial
killings chaired by sen. leila de lima, one of president rodrigo duterte's most vocal critic of the
death toll on our current war on drugs. some of the questions here were asked at the senate inquiry
as well, confirming them as national concerns. you saw the pnp chief slog it through two grueling
days of explaining and justifying the actions of the police as well as their efforts to resolve “deaths
under investigation” (the use of the term “extra-judicial killing” had been a thorny issue right at the
beginning of the hearing).
he was true to form at the senate—brawny, not one to mince words, sometimes funny. the same man we
saw at his office in camp crame, and funnier by several notches. but maybe not as mythic as people make
him out to be. he was all too human when we saw him—in the course of the interview, he was coughing
sick. inside his mammoth chest, common viruses were eating him up. “halos wala na akong tulog,” he
complained of the stress of the job.
still, you knew he was the rock.
First off, we want to re-introduce you to our young
when you were a teenager?
readers. So sir, who are you?
To tell you frankly, buong pagkaestudyante ko, high school
Ako ay isang pulis probinsya, ordinaryong tao, at walang
to college, sa college lang ako nakatikim ng marijuana.
ibang hangarin kundi makatulong para sa pagbabago. At
Nakatikim ako ng marijuana—twice. Dalawang gabi, yun
yun nga, ang ating bansa ngayon ay lugmok sa droga,
lang. Yun lang experience ko with drugs— marijuana,
kriminalidad at korupsyon, at sana ang isang pulis
twice, dalawang gabi. Pupula yung mata mo pagkatapos mo
probinsya na andito ngayon sa harapan n’yo ay makatulong
maghithit ng marijuana, pagkatapos kakanta ng folk song
para sa pagbabago ng bansa.
dun sa dormitory, mga Neil Young
Is there a difference between a
(breaks into song), “Four strong
pulis probinsya and one from
winds that go lonely…” Yun lang.
Neil Young—astig! So that’s all you
Magiging bias ako ‘no, [pero] sa
were into—music. Apart from those
aking paningin, nakikita po natin
two nights on weed…
na yung pulis probinsya, siya
Oo, music.
po yung pulis na totoong nagWere you already bent on joining
aalagad, nagseserbisyo, at malinis
the police force back then?
yung kalooban at puso. Kasi pag
Hindi pa. Ang pangarap ko talaga,
pulis sa syudad—marami kasing
mag-sundalo. Kaya ako napasok
kasalanan na nangyayari rito sa
sa PMA. Elementary pa lang ako
syudad di ba? Andito yung mga
pangarap ko nang maging sundalo.
vices, maraming bisyo, andito
What made you want to become a
yung mga sugal, maraming droga.
Most likely—hindi naman natin
Maliit pa lang ako nasa kalooban ko
nilalahat—pero malaking tendency
nang magserbisyo, makipag-gyera
talaga na yung pulis natin ma-taint
sa masasamang tao. Maliit pa lang
yung kanyang reputasyon dahil sa
ako gustung-gusto ko na yung mga
operational environment na kanyang
war stories—makikipag-gyera ka sa
mga invader ng iyong bansa, sa mga
Do you mind if we ask you how old
masasamang tao.
you are?
Were you like Captain America—a
54 years old. Do I look that old?
reed-thin military recruit who
Yun nga sir, we were just trying
became a specimen of perfect
to establish the fact that you are
manhood? Payatot ka ba dati, sir?
a very young top PNP official.
Oo. Tingnan mo yung mga picture ko
We’d like to know how you were
nung maliit pa ako—actually hindi
as a teenager. This would be in
naman gaano ka-malnourished, pero
the mid-‘70s—di ba sir nung time
minsan once a day lang makakain
na yun usung-uso ang mga drugs
dahil mahirap talaga kami. Kasi
ronald dela rosa, Pma Batch '86
like marijuana and drinking cough
sa amin sa Brgy. Bato (Santa Cruz,
syrup?! So sir, what were you up to
Davao Del Sur), although wala

70 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 • •


Pero yung cellphone ko. We’d like to start with the issue of vigilantism. accounts of the duterte binigyan nila ng supply ng drugs. On cue. sino ang mas heneral. So. however. Pero ngayon. kang umakyat sa niyog para kumuha ng niyog at kainin. ramdam nila na niloloko lang nitong na caricature ng kalbong pulis. steady income ang pamilya mo. isang Ronald Dela Rosa at yung Sige. maraming naglabasan na Facebook accounts using my name. pang public na Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa. the correction officers. babasahin ko. in return administration’s war on from 1. So dalawa ang possible diyan: pure rosa. matutulog hindi nakapagbayad. pero pag lumabas ka agad. You can survive kahit walang Si Misis.200 bababa ng mga 900. Kung may kailangan vigilantes—your enemies—to justice? akong i-address. appearing on our feeds. Wala na sa kanilang high school. na nakatayo. Chief PNP na ako.fhm. Ang isa naming possible na suspek ay iyong mga engage in Facebook. I had all the time to na ito. 1. mga ilang libong messages na maraming mga ka-kompetensya. sila may-ari. yun yung personal ko. punta ka sa likod. nilang mabayaran yung mga members like pulis. Balak niyang mag-abroad. Malaki na mga anak ko.” magluluto ako. ayun ipapapatay nila drugs. may mangga. Tapos yung isa naman. bigyan natin ng warning yung mga taong magbabasa. ako yun. sila may hawak ng cellphone ko nga lang hindi ko ma-open sa drugs. na ako matulog. may makita kang saging baka merong magtext doon na “tsup tsup tsup I miss you!”.200 messages. wala ng time. sir. we wonder if there is someone managing your social media accounts. mga higaan” I-fi-fix ko yung higaan. Sabihin nun sir? “magluto ka. Yung drawing lang talagang frustrated. baka mabasa ng anak ko. wala hindi vigilantes. lagi akong nagbo-boxing tuwing hapon diyan sa gym Are they in public service as well? ng Crame. fiscals. nung hindi pa ako Chief ng PNP. Is boxing still your regular workout regimen? Do you still Dalawang graduate na babae at isang graduating ng college. Yung kabila kompetensya nila. getty images ON BIG ISSUES • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 71 . gawa-gawa na yung iba. Dalawa lang ang mga drug personalities. Tapos Because a lot of funny pictures with you in it are yung facebook. may mga niyog. isang yun hindi ko they call my attention Imbestigahan. Dalawa lang yan. Kasi fans ko dun. Patay ako sa misis ko. yung anak ko ang being looked into. firm that he does not hindi ko mabasa yung kanilang • twitter. remains naman ulit! Nagagalit na yung iba dahil vigilante or criminal syndicate. either s’ya ay totoong vigilante. RONALD ‘BATO’ DELA ROSA kayong pagkain dun sa hapag-kainan. So are you active on Facebook? judges. member ng syndicate grim images of cardboard naman—Smart tsaka Globe yun eh—bago justice have filled news mismo. pwede ganon. Dalawa lang yan. na hindi makapag-remit ng pera. ikaw o si Mam? Ganon ang buhay namin noon. yun ako yun. nasa real estate business. so frustrated itong mga tao Noon. What steps are you taking to bring these tumitingin doon. What is your official stand on vigilantes: condone vigilantism and Why don’t you hire a social media manager? kakampi ba sila o kalaban? that all cases of “deaths Paminsan-minsan yung anak ko. sa bahay niyo. bayabas. sir. galit na. PNP chief dela ako. Ay ano.200 na yun. Eh yung syudad. Yung Kalaban. nurse. public. How is your typical day at home. on a weekend? So how did you beef up like that? Paano kayo naging Bato Maghihintay ako ng iuutos ni misis sa‘kin. ini-eliminate nila yung mga kaisang araw. i-o-open ko. interschool competition ng boxing. itong ating justice system. Sabihin nun “i-fix mo yung Nung high school na kasi ako sumasali ako ng boxing. so this is the part where we ask the big questions. Who are Sir. dun nag-start mag-build Are your kids all grown up? up ang aking katawan. yung may hawak. paggising ko kinabukasan 1. Actually dalawa lang yung akin diyan— yung akin na pang personal talaga tsaka yung akin na pang Okay. na yung caricature.GEN. Yung eldest ko. Well. Although we hate the same enemy. yung mga member talaga ng mga criminal have time for it? youngest ko na lalaki. na kaya sa‘kin. Galit na nga yung mga syndicates na involved sa droga. under investigation” are public ko na Facebook. say. is the public account the one where you’re holding a gun? these people behind the extra-judicial killings? Oo.

it’s either madagdagan 72 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 facebook. he said there was none. fueling their ardor to arrest people (and might lead to false arrests and mistaken identity). We just enforce the law kapag meron na. On the drug watchlist: there are reports of people who have not been involved in drugs— either as a user or a pusher—whose names end up on the list. it’s as though the police have got too much power on their hands. agresibo lang ang mga pulis natin against drugs. and [the police] have to face the charges.000. ilalagay ng pulis • fhmphilofficial as of this • twitter. not the power of the police but the power of the military. I presume always the regularity of our duty. Martial Law [in the ‘70s] and today is very different. [Although at the senate hearing. Otherwise. Kailangan yung totohanan na kaya binavalidate namin yan. Kung gawin man ng congress ng batas na legal yan. Some say they ended up on the list because they knew someone or were related to someone who was involved in drugs. So pag na-validate ng pulis. At sa police station naman. Noon maraming sibilyan ang nasasaktan. But the PNP did set a goal: 1. the numbers are staggering. Noong Martial Law grabe yung power n’yan. We wonder if you gave barangays a quota—like. Pag nakita naman ng pulis na meron palang personality doon na kababata pala ni Kapitan kaya hindi isinama sa watch list. Ngayon naman [we don’t have] Martial Law. you should act to be in control. Kaya lang ang ating advice na gagawin nila. ano mang batas yan. was taken up—ed. an Inquisition. Kami ganun ang aking pamamaraan. we are law enforcers.fhm. We are not the lawmakers. pag hindi niyo maprove yan. the number of drug users and pushers who have surrendered have reached 700.THE NATIONAL AGENDA or mabawasan. What is your stand on the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes? I’ll leave it to the congress. Depende na sa congress yan kung anong gagawin nila. Sinaktan at binugbog ang father ko. Military ang naghahari noon. Eh ngayon meron bang case ng sibilyan na binugbog ng pulis? Very rare. I will follow the law. who were allegedly beaten up and killed inside the Pasay City Police Station. the case of suspected drug personalities Renato and Jaypee Bertes. getty images On the issue of mistaken identity: there are reports of people being killed allegedly for involvement in drugs. but stories from relatives. friends. www. They need to prove it. and people who knew some of those killed say they were innocent.8 million surrenderees in six months. harapin nila yun kung nagkamali sila. Well. ang father ko mismo biktima ng military abuse during Martial Law. So iba po ang sitwasyon. That’s the process. honestly. These “innocent” people are forced to go to barangays to clear their names. hindi pwedeng we present ourselves as meek as a lamb. it prompted fhm to ask general Bato if there was a “quota” set per barangay. so be it. kinakatakutan ka dapat kasi you are talking about crimes. I presume na ang ginagawa ng ating kapulisan ay regular. that’s a grave injustice on their part. The way the war on drugs is going. i-validate nila yan. Some sectors feel that it’s like a witch . Hindi. kasi minsan baka kagalit lang nung nag-report kaya nalagay sa listahan.] why the violent rhetoric? it’s a strategy to extend fear sa mga criminals—that’s the only language they know. What is your take? Ganon lang yun. They have to prove na talagang mistaken identity yon. Do you think it is right for some people to fear the police? For some. is pumunta sa barangay mismo at presinto na nakakakilala sa mga drug addicts at hindi. and there is a sense of unease. they have to produce a certain number of people on the watch list because. Minsan barangay kapitan mismo ang may makasarili na pag-iisip kaya kailangan talaga bina-validate. it eerily reminds them of Martial Law in the ‘70s.

” Kung pusher ba yan na nagva-violate ng batas.FH M twitter. tungkol diyan. kung hindi niya pag-iinterasan ang buhay ni Chief Bato. That’s self sa’min kasi walang masyadong galunggong. ewan ko kung magkano ang galunggong dito. Joowie Salabao Sir paano palambutin ang bato? Paano ba? Pakitaan mo ng multo. work out palagi. Hindi pwedeng when we talk a bout crime. marami pang dadating dyan na matitino at bibigyan ka ng magandang companionship. after drugs what’s next? galunggong? di naman ako namamalengke kasi nagluluto lang ako. Mali yun. kung di mo siya papatayin. In the process. davao del This question is on behalf of those who have kids: What will they say to their children when they watch you on TV and you declare that “papatayin ko yung mga sangkot sa iligal na droga”? What if the kids themselves say “papatayin ko yan” when they see an alleged pusher in the news? Do we say “that is the right thing to do”? No. dito tinitinda yung galunggong. Pag may multo. hindi masyadong kinakain. tilapia? galunggong? wala yan sa amin doon.fhm. illegal gambling. Ipaliwanag mo sa kanila na “Anak.GEN. hulihin mo para harapin nila yung kanilang ginawang offense sa batas. sabi nila “si bato!” kasi solid na solid yung katawan ko pagka-graduate ko. ang daming lalaki sa mundo. Kinakatakutan ka dapat kasi you are talking about crimes. RONALD ‘BATO’ DELA ROSA Dan Gerald Ano ang nakahandang programa ng gobyerno para sa mga adik na sumuko? WEB ASKS BATO We took to Facebook to get FHM Nation to ask their own questions for the PNP chief sa ngayon. meron tayong batas na sinusunod. Hulihin in a sense • mo siyang patayin. hindi ka pwedeng palamya-lamya na pulis. hindi yan mapapatay. sobrang busy. kaya na carry over na kaya hanggang ngayon Bato na ang tawag sakin. darating sa punto na yan talagang kinakailangan www. we will be there to present ourselves as meek as a lamb. iba yung isda namin doon. dun ako pinanganak at dun ako lumaki kaya Brgy. paano po magkaroon ng braso ng katulad sa inyo? work out. i-reform yung dapat • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 73 . pag report ko dun sa davao. ikaw ang papatayin niya—hahantong kayo sa ganon. John navarro General. sta. Bato yung aming lugar. Manli lyn lang Sir. hulihin mo. Ganun ang aking pamamaraan. and in danger yung buhay mo. di ka mauubusan ng lalaki. cruz. so may programa na ang doh. doon sa amin inii-snob yan. na parang harmless ka na tao. buhay pa rin kaya ang destiny ko? O baka nadali na din o patay na ng hindi ko pa nakikilala? sabihin mo don’t worry. you have to defend your life. sa dami ng nabaril at napatay ngayon ng mga pulis at ng mga vigilante. hindi kinakain yung galunggong sa davao. matatakot yung bato. then you have to decide kung kaninong buhay ang ipe-preserve mo. buhay ng kriminal o buhay mo? So you have to preserve your own life. You should act to be in control. meron kaming ginagawa na inter-agency task force for drugs kasama ang doh. Ipaliwanag mo na “papatayin yan ni Chief Bato kapag yan ay lumaban. So why the violent rhetoric? It’s my strategy to extend fear sa mga criminals—that’s the only language they facebook. eh ngayon hindi na ko naka work out eh dahil wala na. It’s illegal. tapos nagkataon din na ako’y taga Bato. yung mga first class na masasarap. hinuhuli mo tapos lumaban. or i-counseling yung dapat i-counseling lang. pagkita ko sa mga senior officers doon. wag ka manghinayang dun sa mga drug addicts at drug pushers na namamatay. meron silang programa dyan para i-rehabilitate yung mga dapat i-rehabilitate. it’s immoral. Otherwise kung hindi lalaban yan. Sabihin mong hindi yan sasaktan ni Chief Bato kung hindi yan manlalaban. huhulihin niya lamang yan. Alex legaspi Fernandez Magkano ho ang kilo ng galunggong? Jasim Murad Sir. tenshi Manahan Bakit po Bato ang nickname nyo? Pag graduate ko kasi sa Pma.

ph • • fhmphilofficial .com/ WHO CRIME 74 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 facebook.


papasok dun sa presinto mga bata. bata yan.” states Oco. What the duty-bearer should do is still investigate the crime. If passed.” Lowering the age of criminal liability. Pwede kang makulong. wrong. as in the example stated above regarding punks roaming the streets of the metropolis? www. i-turnover lang nila sa parents. is exactly the knee-jerk reaction that has us mired in criminality in the first place. This is the reason why everybody feels so much animosity towards a certain law that many supposes allow children to escape accountability. Our situation before was that 9-year old children can be prosecuted. should undergo an intensive rehabilitation intervention program in Bahay Pag-asa (a halfway house facility for juvenile delinquents).” 76 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 IMPURITY The often used argument against RA 9344 is that it allows children in conflict with the law to escape criminal • twitter. And if you look at our records a lot of them went to jail for petty crimes. . an all too frequent occurrence in our daily commute. In fact.” SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES Part of the problem it seems is the perception that the public has regarding minors committing crimes. Pabalik-balik lang ang problema. That is the outrage the Filipino general public feel about juvenile delinquents when we see or hear about them in the media. mga sindikato happy. parricide.” Under RA 9344. That means they will be institutionalized for a minimum of one year. its effect has had the opposite effect—the pampering of youthful offenders who commit crimes knowing they can get away with it. You raise this simple scenario.” So. “Nangyayari.fhm. RA 9344. “While the intent of protection of the Filipino youth may be highly like murder. signalling ‘no’. You don’t have change to spare. “Nagagamit talaga ng mga sindikato ang mga bata.” Alvarez said in his explanatory note in filing said bill. juveniles aged 15 years old up to 17 years old may be filed cases as long as discernment of crime committed is established.THE NATIONAL AGENDA You wait for the traffic light to turn green when some punk splashes watered detergent on Your windshield. “We received a lot of complaints from law enforcement agencies tungkol dun sa mga minors na hindi pwedeng i-charge. Any juvenile aged below 15 facebook. is RA 9344 to blame for the seemingly rising number of kids who crime in the country? “Ang pinakamalaking balakid namin sa batas ay yung misunderstanding. Why is there something inherently infuriating about kids getting away unpunished. and multiply it a thousand fold. and subject these children to intensive program.” Oco insists that this is just another matter of misunderstanding of the law.” counters Tricia Oco.” current Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Ronald Dela Rosa succinctly points out. which is absolutely. “Sa ngayon. Pagdating sa DSWD. Hindi totoong papabayaan mo na lang sila. everybody is happy—mga bata happy. You knock on Your window to signal him to stop. pabayaan mo na lang’ pwede kang kasuhan sa RA 9344. or the Juvenile Justice Law. monitor. “If you do that you are actually violating the law. “That does not mean we should just leave them be. executive secretary of the Juvenile Justice Welfare Council (JJWC). she says. It all comes to a head when current House Speaker and Davao del Norte Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez filed a bill seeking to lower the minimum age of criminal liability among minors. “Nagagamit talaga ang mga bata sa krimen. “We have to address that. kung ikaw yung government official at sinabi mo ‘ay. “If you look at the studies—indeed if you look at how we were before RA 9344—many children are coming into conflict with the law because precisely the age was lowered. as the light turns green and You rev to move forward. Maraming kabataan din ang umaabuso sa batas na • fhmphilofficial years old may not be prosecuted.” says PNP Chief Dela Rosa. this will revert the current minimum age of criminal liability of 15 years old back to as young as nine years old. has become the favorite punching bag of public officials and spokespersons. a policymaking body tasked to coordinate. “Even sa social media may nakikita akong comment na ‘mga 14-year-old puwede nang pumatay”. “These children who commit serious crimes enumerated in the law.” House Speaker Alvarez said in a press conference. and it takes utmost effort not to stop Your car and give the kid his comeuppance. turnover namin sa DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development). the punk Yells at You ‘tang ina mo!’. and ultimately ensure the implementation of RA 9344.” She adds: “Siguro tingnan na muna natin ang situation before there was RA 9344. This is where parties come fiercely at odds.

“We all want a peaceful society. Oco recounted a case wherein a 14-year-old girl was institutionalized for stealing chocolates. hindi mo makikita kaagad yung return of investment. diyan sang-ayon ako. “Restorative justice is a concept that will take years to understand. and abandoned by her parents. “It is this . She would have been turned over to her parents because she was below the age of criminal liability. that is the extent of what people see. Most police would put in their blotters even those just accused of crimes. was molested. nagagalit din ako. the possibility of that child resorting to criminal activity would be zero. “Therein lies the resistance: The law sees the children in conflict with the law as a victim.” Dela Rosa says. Oco cautions FHM on citing data from the PNP regarding juvenile delinquents. let’s face it. “Before we were colonized. it could make a lot of difference in how he will become in the future.” She admits that generally. for example. If media would base their reports on this data.” RESTORATIVE JUSTICE Minuscule percentage notwithstanding. and education. punitive justice is still the popular mindset among Filipinos today. this is the justice system being employed currently. “Lalong matututo ng katarantaduhan mga iyan dun. But that is the essence of RA 9344. She says that indigenous people still resort to restorative justice. Pundits argue that although restorative justice is an ideal. We don’t necessarily feel it. you would not see it that way. But even with one child spending one day in prison.” laments Oco. Indeed.KIDS WHO CRIME Oco believes the general public’s frustration regarding impunity is simply boiling over juvenile delinquents. for sure. that sells. “We may feed the media countless data and facts but several factors come into play before something gets • fhmphilofficial in cases involving heinous crimes.01 percent account for heinous crimes committed by juveniles. wherein integration back into society of the juvenile delinquent is the goal. it would seem that kids who crime are increasing. it is an ideal nonetheless that society must inevitably move towards. “The JJWC has been in existence for eight years. Although RA 9344 states that reparation for victims and their families must be made.” Oco says.” As an example. especially if you are the victim. more than half are crimes against property. “Our goal with RA 9344 is to prevent crimes from happening. especially with a sitting president and a chief PNP who are hard-hitting and aggressive in going after criminals. About . and politicians have been dancing to for the past eight years. “When children weren’t put to jail anymore alongside hardened criminals. “She was a criminal. but she did not have parents or any relative in the facebook. Advocates of the Juvenile Justice Law argue that exposing juveniles at an early age to hardened criminals will more than likely turn them into criminals in the future. “Hindi dapat ihalo sa mga kriminal ang mga • twitter. it’s still a difficult pill to swallow for a society that thinks corporal punishment should still be the norm in upbringing morally upright citizens. FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 77 .com/FHM. For now. the PNP. Of this. “Kahit naman ako pag nakikita ko sa balita na madaming krimen. She says. She was trafficked. For an ordinary citizen.01 percent that gets highlighted in the media because. it’s really hard to make an objective discussion regarding the minimum age of criminal liability because the Filipino people. Kapag yung bata hindi nakukulong.” Oco says.fhm. and I think legitimately so. her agency braces for the possibility that the minimum age of criminal liability will be lowered. “But it became apparent as we checked her background that she herself was a victim. What Oco provided us instead was percentage of total crimes committed in the country by adults and those committed by juveniles.” she says. restorative justice was the norm. This fact is something that Oco accedes to. it is hard to wrap our minds around the fact that Chief PNP Dela Rosa does not argue this point. It would set the council back several notches from what they have built the past eight years. are really sick of crimes happening all around. shelter. Parties would go to the barangay and settle things there before the matter goes to court. “If you look at our situation.” Oco adds that this is an all-too familiar refrain in a song that her council.” Oco argues that if society would provide children with the basic necessities of food. But I am positive na mababago ang mindset. Hopefully within the next two years we would be able to change people’s perception about restorative justice.” she says. Here only 2 percent of crimes committed in the country involve juvenile delinquents. that millions of pesos spent on educational materials to disseminate to police officers for their guidance in implementing RA 9344 would be laid to waste should there be any amendments made to the law.” The JJWC has a steep mountain to climb since Filipinos are clamoring for punitive justice more than the kind of justice the council wishes Pinoys would espouse— restorative.” Media sensationalism also contributes to perpetuating the established perception about kids who crime. Essentially it is a concept of restorative justice.” She adds that whenever a heinous crime committed by a juvenile gets highlighted the minimum age of criminal liability is usually pinpointed as a flaw in the law. in the barangay level. juvenile delinquents will get a relatively light sentence than their adult counterparts. But this only creates a chicken and egg scenario.” says Oco.” she says. “It is an ambitious timeline. it has a huge impact on these kids. • fhmphilofficial www.RX WEED 78 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 facebook.BALTASAR .ph • WO R DS CECILE JUSI.fhm.

Marijuana is an illegal substance in the PhiliPPines and is Part of President rodrigo duterte’s intense war on drugs. so the debate rages: to legalize for Medicinal use or continue to outlaw www. froM rheuMatisM to • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 79 . it also helPs Manage Pain for a diverse list of • twitter.fhm. but. as Many Medical studies have established.

institutions such as the university of california center for Medicinal cannabis research. groups against legalizing cannabis for any purpose say all that will do is endanger Filipinos. about 1. which include the use of dangerous drugs. no doubt.THE NATIONAL AGENDA A month and a half into President Rodrigo Duterte’s term. Filip in o s hav e been “ u n offic ially ” using i t fo r ye a rs w ithout pu t t in g it on the rec o rd . and pushing for clearer definitions for what should be outlawed. particularly the youth. which former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed into law in January 2002.800 people have been killed in relation to the drug war.000 drug users and pushers surrendered to the Philippine National Police. This bloody context puts the issue of medical cannabis use in the Philippines on rather sensitive ground.” as recent as three generations ago. ‘Pumitas ka lang ng dahon diyan at pakuluan mo. started the medical cannabis regulation ball rolling. at least in this part of the world. ra 9165’s section 2 promises On the other • fhmphilofficial www. “the government shall… aim to achieve a balance in the national drug control program so that people with legitimate medical needs are not prevented from being treated with adequate amounts of appropriate . so far: A lt h ou g h there aren’ t an y o ffic ial records desc rib in g the use of me d ical cannabis. Advocates swear by the medical benefits of cannabis. a growing voice is clamoring for a rethinking of the status of medical cannabis.fhm. The Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (RA 9165). etc. davao. these studies say that medical cannabis is especially effective in cases that are caused by inflammation: cancer. we’re curious. have actually proven that cannabis does ease pain and inflammation. Except there was no specific mention of cannabis. Cannabis—whether used for medical or recreational purposes—is illegal in the Philippines. filipinos in some provinces treated stomachaches by taking cannabis leaves like how your grandmother takes her pito-pito “tea. chronic problems in the nervous system. 700. triggered by Duterte’s single-minded war on drugs.) Here’s what we know. rheumatism. Unfortunately.” says chuck Manansala. It is counted among the dangerous drugs that the government is up in arms • twitter. Studies by independent groups back up this seemingly simplistic and random tummy ache treatment. This unprecedented voluntary submission was. the elders would tell someone who had a stomachache. However. What do these advocates see—particularly the Philippine Compassionate Cannabis Society—that they’re willing to risk getting caught up in the Philippines’ war against drugs? (FHM attempted to reach groups that are against the legalization of medical cannabis in the Philippines. founder of Medical cannabis research center in the Philippines. iloilo.” “based on reports from isabela. 80 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 facebook. the growth of tumors. none had confirmed interviews as we went to press. Now. Three months after he was proclaimed president. and the cordilleras.

Presidential communications office secretary Martin andanar attributed this drop to duterte’s tough stance against drugs: “ito ay isang pagbabagong nararamdaman ng Pilipino saan man silang sulok ng bansa hanggang sa pinakaliblib na barangay kung saan may droga at krimen. it isn’ facebook. that’s a different story. and in a concentrated form that is usually used for epileptic patients. but decriminalized it instead. if you smoke [weed] and drive. “Portugal has seen a big reduction in heroin use. “Sleep it off and it’s gone when you wake up. dionardo carlos. dizziness. Studies done by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse have found that our body has its own endocannabinoid system. Isabela Representative Rodolfo would be nausea.” www.” Our body actually has its own natural supply of cannabinoids—the compounds found in cannabis that bring that • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 81 .” case in point: Portugal did not legalize drug use. and management of specified symptoms.817 recorded crimes) compared to the period of july 2015 (with 56. according to research.8 percent drop in crime volume (with 50. • No. richard branson. treatment. it is. Yes. “we examined the war on drugs over the last 40 years and came to the conclusion it has failed. capsules.” says Manansala. M edi cal cannabi s does n’t com e i n the f orm of j oi nts . according to research. in a form that can easily be vaporized. available medical cannabis prescribed by a registered physician in cases where cannabis has been found to be effective in prevention. are so mild that a nap can supposedly take them away. and in drug-related break-ins…” says branson. giant pot sessions aren’t how medical cannabis is administered. President duterte stands firm on his campaign promise: to wipe out drug users and pushers one way or another. and to clarify vague issues in the existing drug laws. “Cannabinoids can calm down an overactive immune system. THE WAR ON DRuGs: fuTILE OR EffEcTIvE? amid domestic and international humanitarian calls to stop the wave of killing. branson said. rehabilitating the users. and management of specified symptoms. believes decriminalizing drug use—not punishing it—is the solution. in an interview with radyo ng bayan in early august. that’s a different story. instead. retired commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.” begins this house bill. Now. affordable. Albano III has refiled the Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act (or House Bill 180) in the 17th Congress. Hindi nakamamatay ang paggamit ng cannabis on its own.” says Manansala. If you smoke [weed] then drink alcohol. and diseases. available medical cannabis prescribed by a registered physician in cases where cannabis has been found to be effective in prevention. the government used the money they saved from supporting prisoners for. What this system does is it creates homeostasis. “an act providing compassionate and right of access to medical cannabis and expanding research into its medicinal properties. FH M twitter. and paranoia—or the fear of being though? you be the judge.339 recorded crimes). house bill 180 goes on to explain: “its objective is for the patient to have access to safe. treatment. member of the global commission on drugs Policy. and diseases. diversion of the plant. or a state of balance. affordable.” the bill also plans to create an id system where patients in need of medical cannabis are given their choice of treatment in a safe and affordable setting. and. getting the health department to help regulate. “The worst that can happen to you [if you use cannabis]. it comes in the form of oil. suppositories. Manansala simplifies it for us: “whatever [systems] exist for morphine will be applicable for medical cannabis under this bill…it intends to create a controlled environment where planting [cannabis] is [done] under a controlled environment with high security to prevent pilferage.RX WEED Encouraged by President Duterte’s openness to the use of medical cannabis. illnesses.fhm. instead.” Much as many would like to assume. The side effects of cannabis. in a debate with ian blair. theft.” house bill 180 goes on to explain: “its objective is for the patient to have access to safe. july 2016 saw a 9. and strengthen it if it is weak. and also an entrepreneur. is it working. according to a report done by Philippine national Police (PnP) oic Public information officer Police senior supt.

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there’s stretching. and enemas involved. and may even cause death in some cases. think again. the experts fear that in the not-toodistant future the likes of herpes and gonorrhea will become untreatable. so he bet that he could make said ladies happy for 12 hours. And if you think loading up on supplements that supply much-needed vitamins and minerals to the body is safe. that you might consider doing anything to get your hands on some dinero. working • 5 TRYING TO HACK YOUR WAY TO GOOD HEALTH Getting healthy is a long-term commitment that you can’t hack like a video game. Any self-respecting adult will tell you that. But at best. that means having to live with them rest of your life. they’re temporary. motor vehicle accidents. Having two kidneys doesn’t make one of them a spare. really bad. we hate to be the friends to tell you this. unless.Life is hard. of course. 4 SELLING ONE OF YOUR KIDNEYS (EVEN IF IT ISN’T TO FUND YOUR DRUG HABIT) Look. AS I N. They might even make it appear that you’re in the pink of health. heart. hero or fool. listen up. 3 D OI N G D R U G S The world is full of stories of people just like yourself—college students. we bet you’re savvy enough not to have made these really bad decisions: (WAIT. So don’t do drugs. The good news is that if you’re a smoker. and . you’re sergey turganov. fathers. 12 B E C O M I N G A C O LLE CTO R (except if it’s copies of F H M . venereal diseases or stds are starting to become immune to antibiotics. alcohol use. fall on your knees. even superficial. aside from the risk of contracting hiV. and you can’t help but raise your fist up to the heavens (sometimes both fists. and we’re not just talking about risking an unwanted pregnancy here. D I D N’T YOU?) 1 TAKING UP SMOKING Movies and TV have shown us how cool smoking is. fasting. Look. but you should put that cigarette down right now. athletes. and curse the life you’re leading. just forget about asking to go through her backdoor. even). But we’re here to tell that however bad your life is right now. It’s something real men do. and firearm-related incidents combined. she offers. in fact. turganov did win the bet. D. celebrities— whose lives were upended by the drug habit. bro) is just risky business in this day and age. it gets a little too tough. we know that sometimes you need money badly. right now) will normalize your blood pressure and pulse rate within eight hours of your last cigarette. or worse. Sure. he saw the opportunity to not only bone two ladies at once but also make some paper. You might have the money now to buy all the toys you were denied as a child. and iron can actually lead to permanent damage to your kidneys.fhm. it isn’t possible. If you sell one of them. TH I S S E CON 8 HAVING SEX F O R 12 H O U R S STR A I G HT Whatever bullshit sting says about tantric sex. We’re talking about diseases both for you and your lady friends. there are procedures and drugs out there that might help you along the way. Quitting smoking cold turkey (meaning. of course) if you are not a collector of fhM and if you are collecting beyond your means. but this is fhmphilofficial apparently not true. porn stars who take it up the b-hole actually prepare themselves rigorously— and for a long-time—before shooting said scenes. You might be in a financial position to own all the comic books you only could ever borrow www. So badly. 7 ASKING S O M E O N E TO TA K E IT U P TH E B UT T porn makes it look fun and Well. But selling your kidneys to the black market is not the way to go. and we mean. congratulated himself for making a fine life decision. in which case you better hope she didn’t have a spicy dish for lunch. 84 FH M septeMber 2016 facebook. your blood pressure and pulse rate will normalize eight hours after you smoked. smoking is bad for you. We know it causes cancer (and not just in the lungs) and increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.. YOU S K I PPE D TH E PR EVI OU S E NTRY. This can lead to a lot of health complications that might even result in death. Do the work instead. But sometimes. 6 HAVING SEX W ITH O UT P R OTE CTI O N sure. B6. illegal drug use. of course. 2 N OT QU ITTI N G S M OK I N G I M M E D IATE LY. then promptly died of a heart attack because of the bottle of Viagra he had consumed to win the bet. A study by the American Centers for Disease Control estimates that more people in the US die of smoking-related illness every year than HIV. So take it easy with the supplements and skip the surgery. that means your remaining kidney will have to work overtime to compensate. you decide. but having unprotected sex (this means without a condom. But it takes your body around 20 years to fully recover from your smoking habit. it isn’t too late. An overdose of Vitamins A. a modern-day russian “hero” whose antics proved to be a very bad decision. Your body actually uses both of them to filter waste and excess fluids out of your body. Period. • twitter. You don’t give a shit? Then we have two words for you: President Duterte. Yes. so the next time you find yourself with a fine lady who’s feeling frisky. there’s nothing quite like the feeling of your gopher spelunking in the nude.

just completed her PhD early this year. But ask anyone who’s holding down a 9-to-5 job and they’ll tell you that flunking out of school will ruin your Unlike academia. which you can do on your own thanks to DIY websites and instructional they might not fire you. The good thing is. Learning new skills. it’s enough to have a job and earn a living. doing what you do. dropping out of school is one of those bad decisions you can actually make up for however old you are. one that is hard to maintain when no one can take you C O LLE CTI O N B E CA U S E YO U R W I F E (O R G I R LF R I E N D) D E M A N D S IT so you’re already a collector. 14 E ATI N G COCKROACHES FOR FUN some experts say that in the future. people fall into certain roles in the office environment. 10 B E COM I N G TH E OFFI CE CLOWN In many ways. this kind → fhmphilofficial septeMber 2016 FH M 85 . either. and the hottie. There’s also a chance you might end up like Garry Hoy. the teachers are slave drivers. given the scarcity of resources. do you even have space for your horde? 13 S E LLI N G O F F YO U R P R E C I O U S www. You have to be there for most of the day. hold on to it! Who knows if in the future one of the things in your collection might be able to pay for your children’s college tuition? (it probably won’t. It also keeps your mind sharp. do not under any circumstances. not knowing how to do anything else. and not for the faint of heart and shallow of pockets. to have such a collection. the bad boy. sure. 11 N OT U P G RAD I N G YOU R S K I LLS For many people. gives you the opportunity to move up in the world. give in and sell off your collection. You have designated lunch hours. But with today’s volatile economy. Okay. something the ladies appreciate. but the glass popped out of the frame when Hoy hit it too hard. some people are even calling insects superfood because these leggy creatures pack a ton of nutrients that we lack in our everyday diet. working in most offices is like going to school. The classes are boring. she might feel that you’re giving your babies all the attention you used to give to her. from your older cousin. which was supposed to be unbreakable. The job market isn’t too large for people who don’t finish their • twitter. incidentally. That would be you sitting in your cubicle. facebook. a Canadian lawyer who fell to his death from the 24th floor when he repeatedly. the work place demands a certain level of professionalism. And like school. jokingly threw himself against his office window. But they won’t move you up the ladder. but beware: sooner or • And then there’s the office clown. there’s no telling when and how you might end up a redundancy that can be easily let go. humans might actually turn to eating bugs for much needed dietary protein. man. It was. Whatever the case may be. tell her that. The crush ng bayan.9 D R OPPI N G OUT OF S CH OOL School sucks. fine.fhm. but honestly. but does that mean you have to buy all the toys and comic books in the world? collecting is an expensive hobby. even if you don’t want to. Colette Bourlier. ask the masters—don’t get into it. or you have rich parents who’ll give you a job at the family company regardless of your (lack of) academic accomplishments. you need a hobby. So unless you’re okay being a low-level employee your whole life. There’s hope for you yet. such as yourself. You have to wear a mandated uniform. if you don’t know the game—and collecting is serious game. which you should never aspire to become. she might think that it’s immature for a grownup. your precious collection of toys or comic books (or fhM issues!) could be caught in your partner’s cross-hairs.) but damn it. you should probably rough it out and finish that degree. A 91-year old Frenchwoman.

a german. we actually said it! Because the question that possibly every man getting married asks himself the night before the big day is: Am I making the worst decision of my life? Okay. however. a filipino family of four—that means • fhmphilofficial so maybe you already made some of the worst mistakes you could ever make. A pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to marry the person you’re having the child with. sushi. like bernd brandes. keep it casual. it was later revealed that brandes actually agreed to becoming Miewes’ source of protein. and your life sucks. because really. You might think it could be some takeshi’s castle knock-off. the females are right about this compatibility thing. who confessed to the crime after he was caught. 18 CHAS I N G AFTE R LAD I E S WH O LOVE TH E V AS M U CH AS YOU D O Life is not a porn video. women who like women as much as you do. In a country without divorce (in fact the only country where divorce isn’t available). don’t believe us? Just go to Youtube and squirm. and manga. Man and woman get hot and heavy. Marrying is probably the worst decision you can make in your life. Oftentimes. don’t want to be anywhere near your penis. but hear this out: according to a recent study. twitter. say no. If you can’t see eye to eye about most things. Save yourself the grief. anime. If you date someone smarter than you. if your balls just retracted from fear. It’s also one of the biggest mistakes you can actually make in your life. and right now. running away from a problem would be the worst decision you could ever make in your life. Maybe you’re thinking that getting on the next tricycle or jeepney and never looking back is the best thing you can do at this moment. 23 R U N N I N G A W AY F R O M YO U R LI F E R I G HT N O W 17 DATING SOMEONE YOU’RE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Admit it. we still have cows and pigs to slaughter and feast upon. Nine months later. it’s cruel. who. 19 MAR RYI N G S OM E ON E B E CAU S E YOU G OT TH E M PR E G NANT It’s a classic story. when she does? What if she becomes the breadwinner of the family instead of me? If you feel hopeless after asking yourself those questions.000 a month to lead a good. You can still be a responsible father without putting a ring on it. Whatever mistakes you did to end up where you are now pale in comparison to not facing life head-on. If you date someone who hates everything that you love or vice versa. marriage isn’t something you do lightly. it’s kind of telling you’ll likely end up hating each being eaten by their pets. too. but you would be wrong. or worse. they’re 86 FH M septeMber 2016 facebook. You have to accept that’s how they’re built. 16 M A K I N G F R I E N D S W I TH A CA N N I B A L if you make friends with a cannibal. It’s true. comfortable life. what happens when you grow old? You might end up like one of those guys who die in their apartments and isn’t found until months later. and even had some of his own flesh as his last supper. or worse. you could actually end up in a quiz show where the penalty of getting the wrong answer is having your team member’s taint rubbed in your face. and clueless. No amount of charm or wit will turn that tide. let’s run through a couple things. and are too into it to pause and get a condom. in 2001.of future is far off yet. But only if she’s into that. not getting married doesn’t mean you’re not owning up to the child that you fathered. Have you asked yourself these as well: what if I fall out of love with her? What happens when we get old or sick. 20 G ETTI N G MAR R I E D Oh man. We’re serious bro. if you ever find yourself in Japan and you’re invited to join a tV game show. If you date someone dumber. then yes. Anyway. father and two kids—needs at least p120. and you’re thinking of spawning? are you kidding?! 15 J O I N I N G A J A PA N E S E G A M E SHOW there are so many things that we have Japan to thank for: ramen. Better look to other shores to dock on. 22 STAYI N G S I N G LE FOREVER then again. answered a personal newspaper ad from a • pregnant. Looks can only go so far when you’re dating someone.fhm. married. you could end up resenting them. FH M www. you could end up being bored to tears. but in reality. then you’re literally dead meat. so why not leave the bugs alone? 21 HAVING CHILDREN We know. brandes was killed and then butchered by armin Miewes. Maria . too.

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PhotograPhy Yves HuY Truong

in which case you’ll understand when we say this girl can definitely light up a room with her presence. is there? But what you’ve most likely seen is this dusky goddess’s body of work. Despite being one of the hottest models in the scene of fast cars. There’s nothing. —Ash Mahinay . and everything else men love. can anyone keep secrets anymore? Janey B can. MMA. flash clubs. Go ahead and try Googling it to find out.In the age of social media and overexposure. this proud Filipina slayer has kept her last name a mystery.


ph • twitter.92 FH M JULY 2016 • fhmphilofficial . • • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 93 .ph

ph .MASTE R YO U R L O O K Edited by ASH MAHINAY summitmedia.

two shirts… they could be all you have but it will get you through. trust us.499 Gray shirt. But the struggle is not real however. if you’ve copped the right jeans to stack everything on. two jackets.399 All items from Freego . They are the building blocks to make your weekly rotation a sure hit–so make sure to nail that fit and everything else will follow and all is well in the world. they will have to do slave work for you. P2. P1. P699 Bomber jacket. two pairs of shoes. Of course.Words ASH MAHINAY Photogr aPy RIA REGINO OF FAT CAT STUDIO st yLing BADj GENATO grooming AMANDA PADILLA modeL GUILHERME OF LVX D I LE M MA S The daily grind Let your denim do the heavy Lifting Two pairs of jeans. Hyperflex jeans. P1.799 Chambray button down shirt.

the lack of a real “home team” at the MOA Arena also means it lacks a major draw: the merch shop. Mall of Asia Complex. The Titan team has picked up the slack though.645 STOR E LI ST Field guide Sporting the goodS from the north and South TITAN CONRAD #230-231 S Maison. P7.995 Under Armour Curry • fhmphilofficial p8. Even if you’re just here to look around. Pasay 96 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 WordS ASH MAHINAY photogr aphy KURT ALVAREZ illuStr ationS MADY MARCELINO Unlike arenas abroad. facebook. that's Conrad hotel.fhm. p5. Brandblack Ether × .5 • twitter. head up to the 2nd floor and you've made it. Gilas swag is ready for the taking alongside a mouthwatering and wallet-slaying lineup of all the basketball shoes that matter. 2F Conrad Hotel Manila. And there’s Titan’s full-featured barbeshop. with the opening of their newest branch at the swanky Conrad Hotel Manila next door. to complete a day of spending on your happiness. of course. Marina Nike KD9 Pre Heat.fits head to moa arena via your conveyance of choice and look for the big white modern building that looks kind of like a boat. it’s fun to talk shop (and shoes) with the staff.

P2. Katipunan • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 97 . look up and you’re there We’re not exactly chasing the European tracksuit gangster look. the “Shoebase” serves as the centerpiece and inspiration as you facebook. P1. Quezon City The Three Stripes launches a new concept with the Homecourt stores. which focus on their performance line. Climachill Tee. enter through the Balara entrance and go inside the mall across from h&m. • twitter. It’s the cozy athletic clothing that we really dig HOMECOURT 2F UP Town Center. P3.895 Heavy Terry Crew. but shacking up in adidas’ hybrid training yet “panlabas” gear is one of the best moves for our weather nowadays.895 the up town Center Complex is huge.595 Heather Pants. to get your adidas fix quickly. Aside from being our new shoe rack goal.

Teresa Santos moDeL Cristiano d’Angelo shoT on LocaTion aT VicToria park. podium finishes phoToGraphy Doc Marlon Pecjo canon crusaDer of LiGhT for eos DiGiTaL sTyLinG Joel Ramos GroominG Ma. honG konG .Off Duty Athletics chill performances.

(opening page) Bomber jacket Zara man Shirt and pants h&m Sneakers nike (this page) Navy jacket G2000 Shirt Grab-a-Tee at robinson’s Department store Sneakers nike .

Black jacket onesimus Hoodie 21 men Trousers folded & hung .

Gray suit G2000 White shirt portside at robinson’s Department store Gold eyewear Gentle monster Cap folded & hung .

Blue jacket he by mango Orange shirt h&m Printed shorts h&m Cap 21 men .

Hoodie factorie Bomber jacket Zara man Joggers h&m Sneakers nike .


you MiGhT BE aBlE To do ThE SaME. com/ S K I L L Fight like a chief ThE BaRon GEiSlERS and KiKo MaToSES in ThiS woRld will havE noThinG on you oncE you BEcoME ThE fiGhTinG ExPERT you’vE lonG dREaMEd of BEcoMinG. wiTh ThE RiGhT TRaininG. SaNTOS Photography KUrT aLVarEZ learn more at: http://www. wE GivE you a hand To juMPSTaRT youR dESTiny—wE’ll Show you how a PRacTiTionER of an anciEnT filiPino fiGhTinG aRT waRdS off an www. words MarI-aN C.yuli-romo. com/ facebook. hERE.facebook.LIFE ON THE U PSWI NG Edited by CECILE JUSI-BALTASAR • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 105 • twitter.

With your left arm. Adefuin. For FHM. Training for this art is done one-on-one: Romo. “You [just] need to be exact and use the laws of physics. facebook. push his right arm down and clipped to your torso. “You don’t need strength or speed to fight in Bahad Zu’bu. This combative art is practiced in close range and sometimes. Romo was the one who conceptualized Bahad Zu’ . Get down on your right knee so that his right arm is clipped tightly against your body and twist his hand to disarm. and your right hand still clutching his left shoulder. Neither does it use padded “accessories” like boxing. Do not attempt the self-defense tactics below without proper • fhmphilofficial www. we assume that your dominant side is the right. 106 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 4 5 Keep his right arm against your body and bend your left knee so there is no room for his arm to move. Until then. Norman Adefuin learned from Grandmaster Yuli Romo. to teach eager students in Baguio City. It is intuitive and natural rather than repetitive. your elbow bent at 90 degrees. It’s not rigid like karate or noisy like taekwondo.” Adefuin explains. Adefuin demonstrated three scenarios that you can use on the street for self-defense.Boost S K I L L N ot to be confused with Philippine martial arts. 48. Rest your left elbow on your left knee. Lift your left hand overhead. push his left shoulder back and grip his right wrist with your left hand. In the reenactments. and your right hand gripping his right forearm as well.” Adefuin. (Remember: Norman Adefuin and Namli Romo are trained in Bahad Zu’ 67. trains in Manila. This fighting art draws from various Filipino fighting arts to come up with a highly effective method of But he was eventually encouraged by Romo to learn from others and subsequently. Keep a firm grip with your right hand. who in turn learned just by watching and observing the late escrimador Tatang Illustrisimo. trains in Baguio. started out as a selfdefense enthusiast. who has trained with Romo for more than three • twitter. Bahad Zu’bu can be traced to the lost Philippine fighting art of Bali Al’ho (reverse stick fighting) that dates back to our pre-Hispanic ancestors. You also need proper understanding of how the body moves. with a bladed weapon. yes?) 1 2 3 4 5 S C E NAR IO 1 Someone comes at you with a knife/blade/sharp object 1 2 3 With your right hand. leave the blade at home. Bahad Zu’bu is an ancient Filipino fighting art. Turn to your right to push the flat side of the blade on your back. gripping his right wrist. you can disarm push his arm down swiftly and swing your torso with your elbow up and out. S C E NAR IO 3 Someone sticks a bladed weapon at you from behind 1 1 www. Still gripping his wrist and with your left arm on top of his right. your hand on his left hip and left hand ready to grab his head.fhm. hit his chin with the full force of your right elbow. facebook. Still gripping his right wrist and keeping him within range. and clipping both his arms with your right • fhmphilofficial 3 3 Push down his head. Stand perpendicular to his • 2 2 Swiftly turn to face him. twitter. so that he is unable to move them. pushing your forefinger and middle finger against his nose (or eyes). SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 107 .1 2 3 S C E NAR IO 2 Someone comes at you unarmed 1 2 3 Move your body to the side and “catch” his right fist with your left.

com/ • twitter. The result: your tongue perfectly lubricated.Boost C R Otti N d E C H av i g N O L P O u Li g NyS ai Nt-Pi E R R E N e N u pHar tO m m E d E B R E B i S au P i m E Nt d 'E S P E L EttE F o o D Perfect match mOR B i E R ClaSS uP youR aCT wiTh a liTTlE vino-fRoMagE PaiRing know-how M i M o leTTe To M M e B rû l ée apart from sounding gentlemanly snooty when ordering them at a french restaurant. making you salivate more. wine helps bind and control the saliva because of the chemical components present in it. which makes food taste a whole lot better. what makes wine and cheese click anyway? apparently. he brought along a wide selection of their premium cheeses and taught us a few things about finding the right glass of vintage for your fromage (that's snooty talk for cheese).fhm. it has something to do with satisfying your palette. 108 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 B Ou L EttE d ’av E S N E S woRDS ria eSGuerra PhoTogRaPhy MarK JeSalVa SPECial ThankS To SoFiTel pHilippiNe plaza MaNila aND FroMaGerie BeilleVaire facebook. Cheese connoisseur Colin Chandaras of renowned french cheese company fromagerie Beillevaire recently dropped by Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila as part of the hotel’s french Month Cheese has fats that coat your • fhmphilofficial .

a. tomme de BreBis au pimeNt d'espelette vino Pick: Red According to • twitter. The best way to enjoy nibbling on a slice of mimolette? While sipping a bold glass of red wine. the Tomme de Brebis au Piment d’ Espelette is a sheep’s milk cheese. of course. The earthy flavor of a PessacLéognan red wine will go well with a slice or two of this classier and notquite-spreadable version of the cheese facebook. to m m e B rûlée vino Pick: Red Brûlée means burned. the mimolette was produced to imitate the flavor of queso de bola. dry. Probably. “the producer was looking to make the strongest cheese of France. go for red wine.” Keep those flavors in check by pairing with a glass of nice. it’ll be like fireworks in your mouth. creamy cheeses go for white wine. Minus the hazards. go for sweet white wine. vino Pick: Red A creamy and nutty goat cheese with a bitter bite like Pouligny-Saint-Pierre could very much benefit from the elegant sexiness of Pinot noir. For soft.k. (No worries.) And for that. hard cheese which contains notes of walnuts and chestnuts. This particular cheese. It’s what gives the cheese its stench and distinctive taste. morBier vino Pick: Red This cheese literally vino Pick: White This cheese has a definitive taste and is coated with paprika for added punch. use “tart” to describe your wine for instant 100 pogi points) will complement the cheese’s nutty flavor. and is perfectly safe to eat. Master Sommelier Madeline Triffon has dubbed Pinot noir as “sex in a glass. reBloChoN vino Pick: White “Reblocher in French means: to milk the cow a second time. crisp white wine. Try Clos des Verdots– Côtes de Bergerac Moelleux. p o u l i g Ny-s a i Ntpierre second milking of the cow is very creamy and a little chewy with a nice earthy aroma and a rich hazelnut taste. WH i t E (S WE E t ) F O u R m E ttE CR Oi x d E C Ha z E LLE GENERAL QUICK TIP For strong-tasting cheeses. If you ask us (given that very vivid and memorable description). and tarragon flavor this cow cheese. He recommends pairing this creamy and milky blue cheese with a sweet white wine for an interesting “flavored with the specialty of [the southwestern French] region—chilli pepper from Espelette. Chandaras recommends a bold Pommard with its blueberry and gooseberry aroma and hints of chocolate-y and leathery flavors. So when you partner it with the leathery and cherry notes of a Bordeaux • fhmphilofficial SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 109 .fhm. solid wheel.R E B LO C H O N NéN u p h a r vino Pick: Red Juniper berries.” and it comes in a” explains Chandaras. contains a hint of ash in its center. WH i t E REd CrottiN de ChavigNol vino Pick: Red Chandaras singles out Pinot noir for pairing with this old. we think anything and everything can probably benefit from being paired with a glass of Pinot noir. when it was first created. F o u r m e t te C r o ix de Chazelle vino Pick: Sweet white The blue spots on this wheel of dairy come from a mold called penicillium roqueforti. notes Chandaras. bro! It’s vegetable ash that’s perfectly edible. m i m o lette B o u l e t te d’av e s N e s vino Pick: Red Remember queso de bola a. chives. The rind of this cheese is torched to give it a smoky taste. For hard cheeses. As Chandaras put it. Edam cheese? As Chandaras tells it. A medium-bodied and highly acidic Saumur red made from Cabernet Franc grapes will enhance the flavors of those herbs and spices. The tartness of white wine (yes. and creme isn’t the only thing that tastes great when kissed by fire. back when the French borders were closed off to the Netherlands—the birthplace of Edam cheese. made from the www.” That’s enough reason for us to give this combo a try. parsley.

fhm.Boost M OTOR eDiteD BY ALLAN • This car has 300 horsepower under the hood—and a 220V plug BYD’s Qin plug-in hYBriD sports saloon is a true step into the future WorDs: allan p.hernandez • fhmphilofficial www. hernanDeZ 110 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 .com/FHM. HERNANDEZ allan.

com/FHM. So what if it’s made in China? Sure. whiplash. The socket is located at the trunk lid. You get a proprietary charging pack that plugs into any AC outlet. A practical note: if you live in a condo. or a Subaru WRX STI.488. right. backward. BYD is selling the Qin in the Philippines and we test drove it for a week. You could get a Eurocar for that price (or add some pocket change). they will not have our side of the West Philippine Sea. This is what the Qin is— It is the future. no plug)—register at 107. You have to try it to believe it.000 power under the hood. and might justify the price. baby! all-electric or hybrid technology (but in the case of the current Prius.000). a bit. the car can run on remote control. In Hybrid mode. which it should.BYD’s Qin DRivEs LikE a silencer.4 million the choice opens up real wide. hybrid give you 150 hp. at full charge. honestly. on sport BYD is a Chinese carmaker that entered the Philippine automotive market three years ago. Press forward. Hardware stores don’t stock up on extension cords that long. they say you can go from 0 to 100 km in 5. and this is also where we begin to list its other features: On pure EV mode. But BYD is no Ponzi scheme. is a bit uncool for a futuristic car because it sounds more like the name of a multi-level marketing company. The letters mean “Build Your Dreams”. but no plug. this is what we would say: This is not a new car. you could run the Qin entirely on electricity. bet on BYD and its electric vehicles by buying a 10 percent stake in the company for a quarter of a billion dollars. or a normal night’s sleep.000). The Nissan Leaf. and Toyota Prius—three of the most popular cars with either www. remote control. But BYD Philippines report good sales for the Qin. we should say. they’re a legitimate player whose game since 2008 has been to take a lead in the electric vehicle segment. so we figure there are enthusiasts who understand the potential of the Qin. On paper. you can cover in a distance of 70 km under normal driving conditions. they have. like build a car with the specs of a Qin. Let’s discuss the price later because that is a crucial part of our review. They’re flush with money and they’re using it to make cars for when oil runs out for good. Total time for a full charge: 8 hours. Your key is a control key with an engine start and arrows that go for-ward/backward/ left/right. The car is a frickin’ toy (we tried to think of a practical application. here in the country we are thus far acquainted with BYD through their cheap cars—the wee F0 hatchback (P548. In the meantime. This is the new car. you will not be able to plug in. because it’s the battery running). respectively. Regular cars. they say you can go 50km/l. electric buses are BYD. Chevrolet Volt. It doesn’t look like the future. 149. FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 FH M 111 . and 121 horsepower. We never got to try it legally. In China. That could well translate to your daily commute.2 trillion of US debt— meaning. Warren Buffett. the Tesla S so it would be more desirable? It just seemed unfair for the car to have 300 horses and cost that much and not look it means it.000). it goes. but it • fhmphilofficial LOOks LikE a subaru. and a disservice to BYD if they’re all we care to know because they have this: the Qin (say it: Chin). This car has 300 horsepower under its hood—and a 220v plug. But not a tesla s.fhm. but you can feel it’s possible to have all that facebook. And obviously. In theory. The Porsche 911 starts out with 370 horses. This is what we think it means for you to own a Qin. call the car out from the parking lot. Why didn’t BYD just turn it into a sporty car like. Because at 2. We mentioned that it doesn’t look like the future. Left.168. Might. We know driverless cars are happening in the future—with the Qin it’s happening now. Press start and the car comes to life (you won’t even hear it. on the 30th floor. car goes. you will never have to gas up again. and only have parking slot in the basement. the engine wholly takes over and you get both the hp of EV and Hybrid— that’s the 300 hp. but they own $1. which. and the S6 SUV (P1. Korean electronics giant Samsung poured in half a billion dollars into BYD just this year. finally: P2. BUY AT they can do what they want. and we thought “groceries. Remote control range is 20 meters. In sport FEELs LikE the future of driverless cars has • twitter. That last feature should keep you amused for a while.488. If we were selling the Qin.9 seconds.000. You can see the steering wheel turn with no one doing it.” Walk out in the rain. say. Paltry. On paper. on electric. the third richest person in the world. and let it come to you). the engine and the battery work together to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. the F3 sedan (P698. Pure batteries give you 150 hp.

in most cases. Although probably almost everyone on your feed has posted their own version of this suffocating sight. A sandy shore. you could always put your own spin on your shot. or on a kayak in the middle of a downpour (waterproof your camera with paranoia). And who wouldn’t date an environment-friendly dude? Try this place.) www.” Being vaguely witty adds to the charm of your photos. facebook. Here are four locations you need to immortalize in your photo bank. Because why not? You might as well do something slightly productive while being stuck in traffic for three • twitter. We feel your desperation. The jump shot on a crowded beach has been used ad infinitum. Quezon is practically deserted during the rainy season). Carmageddon on • The concrete jungle. Posing in front of miles and miles of trees immediately tells your social media friends that you’re an earth lover. School. Be different.) And if you realize some oldfashioned houses would be perfect in the background. Injecting a modern look into your photos is as easy as looking for a swatch of skyscrapers on a quiet cement road. and captioning your photo of your squad. a pokemon gym. “Hot. where you take your shots can make or break your photos. That’s what makes this backdrop exciting: the challenge of making it different from everyone else’s. (Just don’t do anything bordering on stupidity that might cause an accident or you spending the night in jail. as well. There’s something to be said about the stark and raw grayness of concrete.Boost T R A V E L Hack your photos LET youR SnaPShoTS TELL a SToRy WoRDS CECILE JUSI-BALTASAR Wouldn’t it be awesome if your photo bank were filled with images that looked like they were taken by a professional photographer and not by. well. The capiz windows go perfectly well with lush greenery. you? Just . Look for a secluded part of the beach— perhaps a beach-side cave (Kuwebang Lampas in fhmphilofficial Pagbilao. but that’s beside the point. (It’s also got a pool. SMH. young. with your beautiful photos. So let us help you out. As many photographers might tell you. you can find that at Casa Regina. just 15 minutes from Quezon City (on a good day): Casa Regina in Timberland Heights. Instagram filters. or any of those app-tastic photo-makeover tools. apart from normal-size It’s got more than a hundred bonsai trees. on a hilltop. you’d have no need for Snapseed.fhm. Boracay at dawn (if you don’t mind drunken figures lying prostrate in the background). 112 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 Greenery. in our humble opinion. Edsa at rush hour—these “backdrops” for your photos add to the story of your snapshot. and rich.

Download the app now! http://bit. .ly/fhm-android using the account you create for the FHM Philippines App. You can access http://bit.NOW YOU CAN TAKE THE BABES EVERYWHERE YOU GO! Get on your smartphone or *Powered by .

Celebrating the New Definition of Sexy WELCOME TO THE NEW ERA OF HOTNESS. The show kicked off with a surprise appearance by FHM Philippines’ very first Pinay cover girl. Sixteen years after FHM Philippines’ first issue redefined “sexy” for millions of Filipinos. and Kim • fhmphilofficial Valkyrie was packed with a crowd eager to celebrate the night's lovely winners. then took turns dazzling the audience with their turns on the stage. Jessy celebrates a much-deserved victory on her throne. Rachel Anne Daquis. The newly-crowned Sexiest Woman of 2016. looking every bit as gorgeous as she did in 2000. Hosts (and proud members of 2016’s 100 sexiest list) Roxee B and Rizza Diaz got the party started by introducing performances from the event’s sponsors before giving way to the evening’s highlight: the women voted as the nation’s sexiest. 2016 at Valkyrie Night Club. Fan favorites Daiana • twitter. The magazine brought full attention to its classier–but no less sexy–rebranding. Three-time winner Marian Rivera made a special appearance as the first-ever inductee of the FHM Hall of Fame. Three-time winner Marian Rivera was awarded the first spot in the FHM Philippines Hall of Fame facebook. . Even the ladies love FHM's new brand of sexy. the magazine once again shook things up at the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World Victory Party last July 26. among many others. Sunshine Cruz.

fhmphilofficial . I N C O OP E R AT I ON : CO -PR E S E NTE D: O F F I C I A L A P PA R E L S PON SOR OFFICIAL DR I N K S PON SOR twitter. Dawn Chang and Arny Ross tease the audience with a playful little dance number. The women of RRJ in a street-themed strut-off. The sexiest scents were on full display at the Blackwater booth.Two-time Sexiest Woman Sam Pinto graces the FHM stage. tasteful. Capping off the show was the moment everyone was waiting for: the coronation of this year’s winner. The geishas of Okamoto hosted a playfully naughty game. July 2016 cover girl Rhian Ramos. Rhian Ramos making a fan's day at an autograph signing for her cover issue. and undeniably sexy. She. FHM guaranteed that red-blooded Filipinos have a lot to look forward to–and appreciate–in the years to • A lucky guest poses for an unforgettable photo op with Rogin-E's Bangs Garcia and Daiana Menezes. S P ECI A L T H A N K S : O F F I C I A L M U LT I V I TA M I N S S PON SOR facebook. Jessy Mendiola. like all the beautiful members of the list. made sure that her appearance was well worth the wait. In an evening that was as much about the future as it was celebrating the • Two-time winner Sam Pinto made a strong case for her own potential induction with her alluring walk down the runway. The beautiful women of Tanduay wowing the crowd in their flirty swimsuits. Seeing double with the Lady Lucks of Petron's roulette booth. Host Roxee B had all eyes on her as she kept the evening's energy up. was given a plaque and bouquet of appreciation before returning backstage. who FHM courted for years. 2016’s Sexiest Woman embodied everything about FHM’s new direction: Sunshine Cruz proved that sexiness knows no age.

Some women can do that to you. She said it was surreal to be standing there as the country’s sexiest.fhm. EVENT PHOTOS: MAJOY SIAZON B O O K E N D E R “This is whaT you came for. and we catch that moment in our imagination and we sigh to • fhmphilofficial www. this year’s Queen of Sexy. acknowledged her adoring public who assembled at Valkyrie for the 2016 FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party. I don’t know about that because to me. She didn’t think she fit the mold (whatever that means). ‘Wow. I knew where she was coming from and I understood. Jessy being the sexiest in the land is real. She was exactly what everyone came for. HERNANDEZ The lyrics off the Calvin Harris/Rihanna collab flashed on a huge screen onstage as Jessy Mendiola.” WORDS ALLAN . it could be everything about her—beyond the That is why when Jessy also said she was proof that everyone can be sexy.’ It could be anything about her.ILLUSTRATION: • trapped in a template of a body—it’s women just being. We’ve celebrated women for the last 16 years and now we know better that sexy is no longer about a fantasy or the unattainable. in a tempting sheer red ensemble. just like that. They do what they do. twitter. and us men catch their sensual appeal in the things that they do. she’s so sexy. 116 FH M SEPTEMBER 2016 facebook. I had stood next to her only a couple of times and I felt it. but there was something in her that felt electric.

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