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Sunday Morning at Martin United Methodist

Sunday Morning at Martin United Methodist

Bedford, Texas, Sunday, May 2, 2010.

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It was a delight to share and learn with the attentive and receptive members of the Martin United
Methodist Church in Bedford, Texas. Ann Garner, my friend who invited me to speak chose the
topic “understanding Islam”.

I moved from generalities of creation, evolution, big bang to existence, and the idea of co-
existence that gave birth to religion, as an expression of love by the creator to provide guidance
to his/her/it’s creation.

The essence of Islam can be summed up in one word; Justice. Justice brings a sense of security
to the people, knowing that every action has a reaction and that no one escapes the accountability
makes one feel secure which germinates into peace for the individual and the society.

Islam is the word that describes one’s submission to God’s will, and what is God’s will? It is no
different than a parent’s desire for their children to do well and get along amicably. Islam is
about Justice and responsibility to be good, and to do well.
There is no such thing as a Muslim God or
Christian God, God is simply the creator of the universe, the one and only creator. Monotheism
at a macro level means raising our little gods to be one single God that is everything to every
one, an all embracing, all encompassing God. It is the idea of removing conflicts between people
by elevating all of us from individual selves to a universal self.

As in governance, politics, civil socieites and your own work place, the guidelines are usually
written to be just to every one, most people get it and follow it, some don't. Same goes with
religion, not all Christians follow the example of Christ, not all Muslims follow the just
principles laid down in Islam, not all Hindus follow the basic tenets of co-existence embedded in
Hinduism or Jews follow the idea of justice focus in their own religion. The problem is not
religion, it is the individuals who don't get it.

The motivation of the Neocons* (the frightened souls in every faith) is to control others, they
operate out of fear and not love. Look at the actions of those rascals and the majority of people -
all of us in all traditions and faiths want to get along with each other and mind our own business
- a few don't. Let's focus on them and help them get out of the trenches rather than look to blame
their religion.

The Qur'an stresses repeatedly the fact that, "had He so willed, He would have guided you all
aright" (6:149) - the obvious implication being that He has willed it otherwise: namely, that He
has given man the freedom to choose between right and wrong, thus raising him to the status of a
moral being

[2:148] Each of you chooses the direction to follow; you shall race towards righteousness.
Wherever you may be, GOD will summon you all. GOD is Omnipotent.

[10:99] had your Lord willed, all the people on earth would have believed. Do you want to force
the people to become believers?
2:148 (Asad) for, every community faces a direction of its own, of which He is the focal point.
[123] Vie, therefore, with one another in doing good works. Wherever you may be, God will
gather you all unto Himself: for, verily, God has the power to will anything.

[2:256] “The Quran states very clearly that there is no compulsion in religion. There is no need
for compulsion, since the truth is elf evident

[5:48] For each (community) among you have We have appointed a way of providence (in
conduct.)( Shir'ah=a way to a watering-place/ path where everything meets/gets nourishment)
and way of life (minhaj=open road, path of life). And if God had so willed, He could surely have
made you all one single community: but [He willed it otherwise] in order to test you by means of
what He has vouchsafed unto, you. So, outdo one another in doing good to the society. To God
you will all return, and He will then make you understand wherein you differed.

The Quraan further guarantees the mankind, when you do good (harmony, balance and peace) to
people around you and the environment you will earn God's grace (a place in paradise). By the
way the very first and last verses of Quraan are addressed to humanity and not any particular
group including Muslims.

I went over the basics that makes one a Muslim, the principles laid down in the form of rituals to
create that environs of peace, togetherness, humility and a sense of responsibility for the self and
others around us.

As usual, we as the people have not taken the time to understand each others faiths…whatever
we have learned, we have learned the perceived or cooked up negatives about the other. That
goes against the very basic of religion, every religion; to bring peace to oneself and what
surrounds one; life and matter.

The Question and Answers were very much of intellectual in nature from the inquiring minds.

My personal mission of life is to mitigate conflicts and nurture goodwill, that’s what my mentors
Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, MLK and a many of the great souls did.
Every religion is beautiful and works for the believer.

I humbly state that my religion is beautiful to me and works for me, as yours works for you. I
will not claim my faith to be superior to any, it amounts to arrogance and God knows, arrogance
is the root cause of all conflicts and it is averse to the very idea of Islam; Peace. I will be happy
to speak in your place of work, church or social gatherings about Islam, Pluralism, peace, civil
societies and co-existence.

I thank Pastor Steve, Ann Garner and the dear members of the church who made our exchange
meaningful and peaceful.

I also want to thank the members of the Church for pronouncing the name "Memnosyne
Foundation" in unison.

May God continue to open our hearts and minds towards each other. Amen.


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Mike Ghouse is a frequent guest at the media offering
pluralistic solutions to issues of the day. He is a thinker, writer, speaker, optimist and an activist
of Pluralism, Interfaith, Co-existence, Peace, Islam, India and Civil Societies. He Presides the
Foundation for Pluralism and the World Muslim Congress and Co-Chairs the Center for
Interfaith inquiry. He is a board member of the Dallas Peace Center and Memnosyne Foundation
and a former commissioner at the City of Carrollton. Mike is a Dallasite for three decades and
Carrollton is his home town.

His life mission is to open people's hearts and minds towards fellow beings by mitigating
conflicts and nurturing goodwill. He is a peace maker and an educator with two Masters degrees
and working on his doctorate in Psychology. He has two books on the horizon; Pluralism 101, it
is all about respecting the otherness of other and Basic Islam- everything you wanted to know
about Islam. He has authored over 800 articles on the subjects, many of them are published in the
newspapers and magazines around the world. His work is reflected at 3 Websites & 22 Blogs
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