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Name: Oscar Veloz Segarra (senior 2)

My Character Traits
Im responsible when I comply my obligations on time.
I could be better at leading working teams.
I show honesty by telling to others the whole true, as long as that
doesnt harm them, but I really need to improve my skills for dealing
with problems related to disagreements between partners.
Im cooperative when I take the initiative helping to others, but to
improve, I could ask them if they want I help them.
I show respect by listening to others and respecting their opinions,
but I need to remember to people that sometimes I dont share their
point of view.
Im very helpful when firstly I think how can I help to some persons
but I could be more helpful without hindering them.
I care about others, I show it by being aware of the work
performance of the others.
I will strive to be more conciliator to get more synergy with others.
My very best trait is my patience and tolerance because I can
manage my bad emotions like the angry when other people behave
impolite with me.