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By Stephen Ojo
There is no cut-and-dried definition to who "a real man" is.
Therefore, a definition will be dispensed with since
"A real man" have relative and contextual meanings.
It is said "definitions are proverbially dangerous and
Expose the danger of particularism." to avert taking
This dangerous path of particularism and bias, the
qualities of a real man which Will be listed shall serve
as tips to the definition.
It might interest you to know that being a man is
not only dependent on the fact that you were born
as a boy with testicles and a penis and that you
will automatically grow up to become a man.
A real man is not an automatic status. it takes much more
than natural or structural pointers to be a real man.
Things that make a man a man
There are certain factors that help make a man a
real man and the following are some of the
important factors that combine to help make a
man a real man:
1. COURAGE: one of the factors that will help you
to be a real man is the factor of courage. A real
man is a man that is courageous in all that he
does that is, he does not allow his fears to stop
him from doing what he ought to do neither does
he allow his inability to do a thing to stop him
from trying to do something he knows that he
ought to try doing. A real man is always bold to
take steps towards his advancement and the
advancement of his loved ones in life.
2. RESILIENCE: a real man is always resilient and
this is shown by the way that he bounces back to
life no matter the negative situation or
circumstance that comes across his way. It is
equally important for you to know that a man that
is resilient is known by the way he forges on in
life no matter how many times that he falls in life.
The negative situation that comes across a real
mans way is always used as a form of catalyst to
strengthen a real man to move ahead in life.
3. EMOTIONALY STABLE: a real man is always
emotionally stable that is a real man will always

know how to balance his emotions at every point

in time as this is what will help him know how best
to go about handling a matter without allowing his
emotions to becloud his better sense of judgment.
A real man is not afraid to speak what is in his
heart neither does he hide his feelings of
sadness, happiness and anger. But in the case of
anger, a real man knows how best to manage his
anger mood.
4. ADDS VALUE: a real man will always know how to
add some sense of value to the society and to the
people around him because a real man is a man
that does not live only to make some money but he
lives to make sure that he adds some sense of
value to the people around him to help them
become better than they used to be.
An unfinished man who is a real man will have
these basic factors as part of his attributes.
He knows being straight forward and upfront is the
right thing to do. He is faithful and respectful when it
comes to managing his relationships (business and
He thinks before he acts, making sure all the details and
specifics are in order so when he does make a move,
its a confident and determined one. He makes decisions
while considering and valuing the input of others and
those closest to him.
In conclusion, the qualities of a real man like I
Mentioned yesterday in the church, are inexhaustible.
The combined effect of the above qualities will
Serve as a catalyst to being a real man. All men are born
But real men are made. Choose the path of a real man and be great.